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Terry Mcintosh
Terry Mcintosh 2 months ago

This the greatest app i have thankyou

Damira Cyanus Segetum

Merry Christmas from Germany ( 23.12,2012) !!!!!!!!! <3

Redcheesehead 2 months ago

The musical is one of the best he ever maked and when I was in a war with Christmas I song this song and my thoug was going back to the musical and Bing

anna lasso
anna lasso 2 months ago

16 days... I'm dreaming of a white christmas too=) this song..classic<3<3

jedimoon22 2 months ago

its July, but I love this song so much that its great any time of the year!!!

chris ch
chris ch 2 months ago


Olesja Petrova
Olesja Petrova 2 months ago

@CyareMordmin to impress the lady.

crystal20ak 2 months ago

i like how this has the video and the lyrics :)

CyareMordmin 2 months ago

Why is he pretending to play the piano?

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