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Soul & Jazz & Blues Experience

Soul Christmas Songs 2021 - Soul Christmas Music - Best Soul Christmas Songs Ever

Talika Mock
Talika Mock 2 months ago

Who sings Oh Holy Night after Baby, Please Come Home?

ma oean marajo
ma oean marajo 2 months ago

Bless Us Dear God

Marrr Jems
Marrr Jems 2 months ago

It’s still too late. BUY NOW! We will deliver the order on time before Christmas.
SISIGAD hoverboard.

Terri Ann Hollis
Terri Ann Hollis 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020

Terri Ann Hollis
Terri Ann Hollis 2 months ago

I'm so bless
I am 56 and the oldest of my mama kids
But every Christmas I think of my two sisters they are deceased and one of my sisters is not she's born in December I have December 13th December 14th December 16th I think of my mom when Christmas come every year she plays her Christmas music and at that time it was on a 45 if anybody know what that is and I listen to her sing while she makes all of the Christmas gifts for all her kids she had eight kids at that time I thought you was the greatest Mom ever I know everyone always say they mom is the greatest Mom but my mom was truly a great mom so every year I look for this music just to play even though I'm sad I just want to feel I love and affection for Christmas may God keep us all strong and bless us with the greatness I know is 20/20 and everyone is spaced out but longest they have YouTube with this music to keep us all blessed and strong I know there is a God up above some may not believe in God I just want happiness and blessedness through all the whole world amen thank you youTube it all the Christmas artist that makes this music so wonderful thank you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dana Coleman
Dana Coleman 2 months ago

Wud be nice if there wasn't a commercial thru each and every song 🤦🏼‍♀

Charles Paul
Charles Paul 2 months ago

Very good.

Tessa Carter
Tessa Carter 2 months ago

R. Kelly Christmas album

Tessa Carter
Tessa Carter 2 months ago

R. Kelly Christmas music

Patricia Bryant
Patricia Bryant 2 months ago

I love soul xmas songs it great music i will listening over and over god bless you and your family and merry xmas and happt new year and bring 2021 with jesus christ our daddy and friend go with love peace love love peace peace always

Vangie Diaz
Vangie Diaz 2 months ago

Love the cd, it's just like Christmas 🎄

Abena Williams
Abena Williams 2 months ago

Found this just now. So good.

Debra Lutz
Debra Lutz 2 months ago

I Love You ❤️❤️💕❤️ My CMB Always and Forever Mine