How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)


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Information How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

Title : How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

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Frames How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

Description How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

How to Install Landscape Lighting (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

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jelie2k 2 months ago

Cutting up the driveway for landscape lighting is some next level stuff. I enjoyed the video, but I don’t know if this is DIY.

Chad Loon
Chad Loon 2 months ago

No thanks

Alambe727 2 months ago

Man the lady that’s doing all the talking makes you want to turn the video off

K B 2 months ago

For the sidewalk flower beds, would it have been easier to use the sidewalk channels instead of digging underneath?

gorak9000 2 months ago

Best advice is if you're installing sprinklers, and ever think you're going to install lighting in the future, run the wire for the lights along side the sprinkler pipes, and just pop up to the surface with loops of wire where you think you'll put lights later. Dig once, buy the wire at the same time, and cry once!

Crystal Rich
Crystal Rich 2 months ago

Ok solar it is 🤷

mister me
mister me 2 months ago

As someone who edges a lawn, running the wire along the edge of the sidewalk might cause trouble if someone runs an edger or a trimmer along the edge of the lawn. I would've moved that wire run a few inches away from the sidewalk. My humble opinion. Love the video.

Jeff Passage
Jeff Passage 2 months ago

Ok now I just need wheel barrow, spade shovel, masonry saw, galvanized pipe, pick axe, electrical tools and a friend who isn’t busy the next few saturdays 😝

Jamey Matheny
Jamey Matheny 2 months ago

I did learn a couple of things that will help me do my project.
Here is a tip for connecting the wires to the control transformed on the post.
Use a piece of PVC conduit to put the wires inside of.
This will "clean up" the visual of the wires.
Doing this will make it so you don't even see the wires coming up the pole to the transformer and it won't look so much like a rat's nest.

bridgecross 2 months ago

I've been researching transformers and wiring. One thing I can't figure out is the control system. I know some transformers have timers, and also photocells, so the lights turn on/off on a schedule, and when the light level is low. But how do I do manual control? What if there is an evening I don't want the lights on, do I really have to go outside and hit the master switch? Then remember to turn it on the next day? There should be a switching option for inside the home.

Elma Requenez
Elma Requenez 2 months ago

I love love love dusk to dawn bulbs. I am looking for street lighting that is solar powered dusk to dawn...not motion sensored

Mahiuddin Haroonur Rashid

I think installing transformers in 2 or 3 locations will be better solutions rather than pulling long cables.

turtle & cat
turtle & cat 2 months ago

Solar. You don't plug.

Grand Fury
Grand Fury 2 months ago

It never goes that smooth. Lol! Always account for variables

J Wayne
J Wayne 2 months ago

I have solar lights. Less than 5 minutes to install. lol

John Bedell
John Bedell 2 months ago

Gotta to be careful about running wire along edge of walkway.

At some point you’ll want to run an edger or string trimmer and you may strike the wire.

Thomas Abeyta
Thomas Abeyta 2 months ago

Good video but why is this chick talking about landscaping when there is a professional right next to her. She obviously doesn’t do this professionally.

Silvia Toneli
Silvia Toneli 2 months ago

Woow beautiful

Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago

If you have extra money, mine as well do it right by adding PVC to protect all your electrical wire to make sure that there is problems with your lighting...

Peggy Asprey
Peggy Asprey 2 months ago

Low voltage is SAFER! And required in most towns

AJ Hubbell
AJ Hubbell 2 months ago

As skilled and capable as the host would have been nice to have heard the lighting professional actually teach us about lighting, instead of her speaking most of the time. (Is that not the purpose of bringing in an expert?)
Thank you.

Mohammed Qutu
Mohammed Qutu 2 months ago

Electric bill 100000000

Dat Ha
Dat Ha 2 months ago

How much does it cost to hire someone again 🤣

Adam Loveless
Adam Loveless 2 months ago

Do we need an electrician qualification to do this and do we need to contact local council for permission

Ross P.
Ross P. 2 months ago

I purchased this kit from Lowes and will install 8 total lights, do you think 12 Guage wire is ok? Or should I use 16 guage?

NARS BEAUTY 2 months ago

Monica.please help me out too.we brought house in B.C .how we can contact her..any suggestions?

M Lopez
M Lopez 2 months ago

Solar options?

Leonid K
Leonid K 2 months ago

Super video!! Thank you

Tricia Osborn
Tricia Osborn 2 months ago

Lovely that I see this is doable....but some things are just worth paying someone else to do. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Especially since I am in love with needs to be 110% on point. That's what the professionals are for. Whew...I'm exhausted just watching this!

Jason A
Jason A 2 months ago

my solar works way better than wire.

Antoine G
Antoine G 2 months ago

Steve is the one line king! Lol

bogboy 2 months ago

“It needs to be balanced” - in front of a side-heavy McMansion monstrosity.

Harvester_ 0f_S0rr0w
Harvester_ 0f_S0rr0w 2 months ago


craigzilla100 2 months ago

This series is amazing!!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 months ago

Why would u cut ur driveway?

Jay Collins
Jay Collins 2 months ago

What’s the best lumens for the outside your home and to light under a tree?

Susan Heath
Susan Heath 2 months ago

OMG grass and dirt! Try working in the red rock country of Arizona. We have rocks, heat and drought. Really enjoy watching your videos

Catherine Spencer
Catherine Spencer 2 months ago

too many hand gestures ... very distracting

Aiyic 2 months ago

Love Monica! Hot!

wilianperdomo77 2 months ago

How many lights can I install in each zone?

Ed Bergeron
Ed Bergeron 2 months ago

Dumb question alert. So if I have a 200 watt transformer, I just have to add up all the lights I'm using and make sure it doesn't exceed the wattage, right? Just want to make sure I was overlooking anything.

420 2 months ago

I genuinely enjoyed this video showing that it isn't too daunting of a DIY, and especially how you showed multiple obstacles you may be tasked with e.g. going across the lawn, under the cement, and through the cement. Great work!

Roberto 2 months ago

The video was excellent, however I believe that mentioning how to choose the proper transformer to handle the lights voltage consumption it is very important

Edmund Kelly
Edmund Kelly 2 months ago

What if you have belgian block lining the blacktop driveway how do you get the wire through that?

Zaphnathpaaneah Fiso
Zaphnathpaaneah Fiso 2 months ago

My electricity bill after watching this video 🥴

Houston W
Houston W 2 months ago

Shouldn’t the underground wire (in the grass) be put through some sort of conduit as well?

Kenny’s Cars & Things

Best, and most professional video I’ve seen. And I can find all this at one store!

Destaye 2 months ago

Luv Monica.....come do my Lighting.

Awper Online
Awper Online 2 months ago

For the past 20 years I've always used wire loom when using wire outside on vehicles and outside of my house for added protection.

Laurence Oliva
Laurence Oliva 2 months ago

The design could use a lot of help. She missed the entire right side and second story of the home, didn't use conduit at the transformer for the exposed wires, and didn't touch on how important it is to get all the splices secure and to use proper connections. I'd give it a 5/10 at best.

Jeremy Huang
Jeremy Huang 2 months ago

What is this extra BS labor. Get some Solar landscape lights off Amazon. No digging, LED bright and call it a day after 20 mins.


Perfectly expla

YRCrew 2 months ago

You’re telling me the wire in the trench literally just goes in the trench with no protection?

Rocco Caponigro 2.0
Rocco Caponigro 2.0 2 months ago

I have a brick driveway, that was recently re-done. How would you run the wire across a brick driveway without damaging the brick work?

dan t
dan t 2 months ago

The wires that were done with one house I saw has been noted to had been breaking! As they did run them like this in the mulch ! I am so unHappy Lowe’s did show to so this instead had a small thin pipe to run it so it be double protected! Do Lowe’s supply anything like that ?

Matt Martin
Matt Martin 2 months ago

This makes me just want to get solar lights instead.

Robin Wallace
Robin Wallace 2 months ago

So pretty!

Armida Perez
Armida Perez 2 months ago

Great info 👍

VV CREI.D 2 months ago

⚡ Thank you, for reminding Builders to include Landscape Lighting while adding 🌲🌳🌹. 🌻🌻🌻

Fe Wagner
Fe Wagner 2 months ago

Amazing, beautiful.

Bat13B 2 months ago

Whats the power consumption monthly or annually of lights like this, assuming they're LEDs? I'm trying to figure out what changes to my power bill would look like if they're run all night?

Nirjhar Bhatnaagar
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar 2 months ago

nice lighting but after the lighting Now i am scared to walk in the night.!

KUYA WARREN T.V 2 months ago

Wow.. from Philippines..

Viet Truong
Viet Truong 2 months ago

May I ask what type of spruce is that? Is it colorado blue spruce?

Michael S
Michael S 2 months ago

Very well done EXCEPT - good idea to set a good example from the start - wear safety glasses also when hammering the pipe and and even though its very low voltage - good to remind everyone to have the electrical disconnected before cutting/connecting wires.

Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez 2 months ago

Great video, very informative. One thing I will recommend also is that for the trenching instead of using a shovel you and use an edger. That way the ditch will be straight and same depth. Shovel will disturb to much lawn and it would look cleaner. I did the same job on my house and I used half inch pic pipe on the ground to protect the wire. Other than that it was a very helpful video and an excellent finish product. Thanks

Jason W
Jason W 2 months ago

I'm an electrician, just throwing in my 2 cents. This video tutorial is actually done right. They did things professionally, the way I would have done it for the most part. I'm impressed... Usually when I watch videos like this it's extremely cringy to the point where you can tell the people aren't experienced and know anything about the electrical trade. This one is done right, and done the professional way. Such a nice pleasant surprise to watch a real pro do his thing. Good job.
One thing I want to note. The outlet must be GFCI protected. Either with a GFCI breaker, or the receptacle itself must be a GFCI receptacle or fed off of one. They didn't bring this up but it is something to take note of and make sure you have in place. Doesn't matter that the load side of that power pack is low voltage, you still need it. Great video though.

marco lopez
marco lopez 2 months ago

I have 4 palm trees in front of house, 2 palm trees are about 2 feet away from house and the other two about 10ft away.
I saw these wifi lights that are on a long cable and have outlets along cable to plug in more lights. This guy mounted them along the house on the wall though not on ground and they look so cool. So IAM debating between just illuminating my front yard palm trees or should I illuminate the house walls instead and should i go with low voltage lights and a transformer or just wi fi plug in lights that I can control with google or alexa?

Terri Sargent
Terri Sargent 2 months ago

Omg do I need someone like you now.

Shit Head
Shit Head 2 months ago

she always be tryn look slim wit her legs but she thiccc

NSH ELECTRIC, INC 2 months ago

VERY PROFESSIONAL ...THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO. I am an electrical contractor and purchase the step lights. great product!

R Brown
R Brown 2 months ago

Very good vid. I’d like to have heard comments on light wattages and/or lumen output (often not specified) and beam angles, which affect coverage and brightness. We already have Lightolier 12W LEDs in the eaves, which are pretty bright on the brick so what would look good on flower beds: 5W, 7W, or ??? And do we need brighter lights for well lights since some light may be lost to the sky? Color temp is another topic. I like our 3K lights but someone else might prefer 2700K.

Shadow Hound
Shadow Hound 2 months ago

bummer for anything over 12v you need to be a licensed electrition. Well this video is useless.

Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson 2 months ago

Nice job, the one thing I would do differently, isto put the wiring a foot around the sidewalk instead of along the edge in case a edger goes deep enough to strike the wiring, maybe lighting also along the driveway for the people backing out of driveway that are short, this helps alot, trust me.

Reddylion 2 months ago

solar lights !

CG ELMORE 2 months ago

I don't know if needed, but I always run electrical inside of small white plumbing tube. :-) Thanks for all of the help!

Justin Pineda
Justin Pineda 2 months ago

17:50 wires to the transformer lol for anyone wondering

d al
d al 2 months ago

I dont think nesting that wire next to the pathway will last after the 1st edging with a weed eater.

Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 2 months ago

This was such a great video. Very detailed explanation of wiring landscape lighting...definitely switching from solar to low voltage lighting.

asian butterfly
asian butterfly 2 months ago

Solar = Done

Michele Brooke
Michele Brooke 2 months ago

What are the pros and cons of putting the wire in a PVC pipe give it more protection?
Yes, we need a ton more of Monica's videos.

Anna Nicole
Anna Nicole 2 months ago

Perfect, professional presentation. No wasting time or filling video with nonsense stories. Thank you.

Brandon K
Brandon K 2 months ago

I want to see Steve talking instead of Monica.
It’s like a so demanding wife.

MRYEMAN 2 months ago

Did they get the boulder placed there or was it naturally there? I imagine it would be a bitch to transport and plant

Fancy Queen
Fancy Queen 2 months ago

Do Lowe’s help retire veterans that in a good place economy not able to fix there place

Angelica Cline
Angelica Cline 2 months ago

I personally would do solar lights for most of this simply because it's simpler and I'm lazy.

SBWE 2 months ago

If I do it this way the first time I edge it will look like Fourth of July.

Don Blackburn
Don Blackburn 2 months ago

Instead of digging a trench, use a sawzall.

Mohammed A. Abdulkareem

Amazing! I loved it 👍

ljcool17 2 months ago

What if I want it to look like a carnival? Carnivals are fun

Alexis Espejo
Alexis Espejo 2 months ago

So well done Lowes.

ashontay owens
ashontay owens 2 months ago

What I learned from this video...So Solar or go Wireless LOL. Megan did an amazing job tho and I did learn a lot

MrsBungle78 2 months ago

Looks fantastic but wow, that’s some work for some lights! You’re a legend! This would’ve taken me which point I probably would’ve given up or hired somebody!

Faysal Siddiqui
Faysal Siddiqui 2 months ago

Some of my fixtures are next to each other like a path light and a near by up light. Can I connect both fixtures to one feeder connector?? Or must they have separate connections?? Thanks

Orsolya Thomas
Orsolya Thomas 2 months ago

This is a very informative video. I had to do a lot of research to learn how to install low voltage lights and everything was explained in layman's terms. It was especially important to know how to connect the wires but I wish it was more detailed how to connect the wire to the transformer. Also, I have the same problem bringing the lights on the other side of the driveway. I would never cut the asphalt, I'm happy it's still in one piece. I would have looped it around the back of the driveway or if the run is too long, install a low capacity transformer near the garage and work around. After installing low voltage lights, I tossed all my solar lights without ever looking back. Everything I have is from Volt. Their integrated lights have lifetime warranty.

caligirl3000 2 months ago

A link for the shovel please!!!!!

Silvio Alcantara
Silvio Alcantara 2 months ago

somehow I feel my experience will differ lol

Keep it Simple Please

That was a lot of work.

Dad.0 2 months ago

Loved it, keep them coming!

PBS #007
PBS #007 2 months ago

thanks for all the info