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Title : New Halloween DIY Decorations

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New Halloween DIY Decorations

New Halloween DIY Decorations

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Janet Klein
Janet Klein 2 months ago

Lo💀💀e all yr Halloween diy”s. The cat was a extra bonus lol 😆. Am going to be trying out some of these diy”s to add to my Halloween decor. Thks so much for sharing yr diy”s with us. Happy Halloween 🎃💀👻👁👀

Crazy 4 Bananas
Crazy 4 Bananas 2 months ago

New subbie! fun and creative stuff! nice work!!!

G G 2 months ago

Pozdrav Suzan-Beograd imate izuzetan rad vrlo mastovit i na jeziv nacin sarmantan Halloween je jedan od mojih omiljenih praznika i uvek se trudimo da imamo nesto novo i ljupko na nacin starih filmova iz tridesetih godina ili poput Adams family podrske za dalje i bice mi zaista zadovoljstvo da i dalje pratim vas rad ,postovanje.

Michelle MonDragon
Michelle MonDragon 2 months ago

Duuuude, your sound effects are way too loud!!! The rest of the video is great though, nice job!

Helen Hancock
Helen Hancock 2 months ago

Luv the scull dome and candle

Kiana Kristensen
Kiana Kristensen 2 months ago

im here now- because i love halloween and im already ready for halloween, im going all out this year! this will def help making it easier and cheaper, thanks, love its appreciated <3

Lilly E
Lilly E 2 months ago

Just subscribed to ur channel loved ur Halloween diys nice job. TFS.

Kimberly Garrett
Kimberly Garrett 2 months ago

I, too, have experienced the horror of my emailed coupon disappearing at the Michael’s store.. it’s like I stepped into the Twilight Zone. Haha! Great video, can’t wait for your next one!

Susan Tootsie Tucker Creative Adventures

These turned out great! I just found you and love Halloween! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos! Big hugs and blessings!

Debbie VanHorn
Debbie VanHorn 2 months ago

The Michael’s app always has coupons, FYI. I’m surprised that the cashier didn’t give you a coupon, my store always does. Love the candles.

Nancy C
Nancy C 2 months ago

Good job! Nvr thought of the napkins for a background to a shadow type box! I subscribed :)

Candace Mccommons
Candace Mccommons 2 months ago

That candle turned out so cool!! The kids love the scary story hahaha!

Becky Giles
Becky Giles 2 months ago

Really love your intro and your crafts!

Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller 2 months ago

Awesome video!

Bonnie Overman
Bonnie Overman 2 months ago

Really liked your intro, music and DIYs!!! Love Halloween!!!!!!!🕸🎃💀🦇

ninergirl 2 months ago

OMG!!! I love love your intro AND your DIY's

Geizel Verali
Geizel Verali 2 months ago

Hello! Hope your having a great weekend!! Oh Halloween is around the corner and so excited because this is the first year decorating for Halloween!! The boxes are so cute!! The candle look great!! These are cool for Halloween party decorations!! 👻👻