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Christmas Treats Filled With Holiday Goodness • Tasty

Christmas Treats Filled With Holiday Goodness • Tasty

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Yes Sir
Yes Sir 2 months ago

1:35 (personal use😉)

KARLEIGH JAMES 2 months ago

i am msfdffddvfvf

Lun Sky
Lun Sky 2 months ago

Comment if you at least made one because I keep finding comments where they say they watch it for fun

kcanded 2 months ago

There's probably about an hour of Nutcracker music. It's some of my favorite music. Why the hell didn't you play more than the one piece?? I had to mute it. Thanks for nothing.

HMD S. 2 months ago

Cool recipes! Look really good. The strawberry Santas look kinda like inbred gnomes though.

Ximena Benites
Ximena Benites 2 months ago


Ximena Benites
Ximena Benites 2 months ago


Ben Cheung
Ben Cheung 2 months ago

The spiffy text provisionally contain because tablecloth trivially explode to a sticky pvc. wrong, blue drink

Frederikke A
Frederikke A 2 months ago

Really good video, but i dont like the music👍

Garth Vader
Garth Vader 2 months ago

Loving the 'cornflake holly wreaths' subliminal messaging at 0:41. Or maybe that was just an editing error after you cut out a particularly shitey recipe - who knows. But I think it was the first one. Yep, definitely the first one.

SHA FOODHAVEN 2 months ago

I like the song you put and all the food lo koi’s so yummy


it looks like they doesnt make an effort on the first recipe...

Laura Mer Len
Laura Mer Len 2 months ago

Don't mind me I just wanted to remember this recipe, sorry

HxneybPLAYZ 2 months ago

POV:you came here from your online christmas calender

Neha Saxena
Neha Saxena 2 months ago

1:50 ..can i make this with milk rather then egg..??

Daily Kitchen Supply
Daily Kitchen Supply 2 months ago

Looks Yummy

Eamon Wright Home
Eamon Wright Home 2 months ago

the video 🎄 🎅 the sound 🎭

Freja Hirst
Freja Hirst 2 months ago

Visual glitch at 0:41

I wanted to be that Anomaly

Hey, you do know that there are a lot of content farms trying to copy you but with fake recipes? Cough a channel called "So yummy" Cough

Rosé 2 months ago

Throwback to this time when we all weren't in quarantine

Julia Mountainstream
Julia Mountainstream 2 months ago

For the gingerbread dough, can I switch out molasses for treacle?

Laura Richards
Laura Richards 2 months ago

I love the Music even if it repeated its self I also like everything you made thank you

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Sofia Landry
Sofia Landry 2 months ago

YUMMYYYY 🎄🎄🎄❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maria Oldenburg
Maria Oldenburg 2 months ago

I’m sorry but, strawberries in December?

Tvisha Nagar
Tvisha Nagar 2 months ago

Good recipes, it don’t get me started on the music they put.

I am very annoyed 🙄🙄😒😒

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HBC_VIBEZ 2 months ago

Imma steal the secret formula

Youngster Official
Youngster Official 2 months ago

Anyone watching in October 2020?

Lisa Fongwen
Lisa Fongwen 2 months ago

love your christmas food today they are amazing and tasty to eat yummy bye see you later just looking at your videos

I can't think of a good name

I love that you used the Nutcracker overture. It's one of my favorite pieces from the show

Elisabeth Clark
Elisabeth Clark 2 months ago

I think this is the first one I’ve seen that actually played music somewhat relevant to the video😂

peyton diggory
peyton diggory 2 months ago

I watch these all the time

😵‍💫 cassidy i guess

who else is watching this even though it's not even december yet LOL

Dayna Arvanitis
Dayna Arvanitis 2 months ago

i just know that the liquid part of the 3d gingerbread cookies were ✨S P I C Y ✨

Chloe Cordero
Chloe Cordero 2 months ago

Are those cookies with icing yummy or is it just aesthetically pleasing?


im in june and im watching christmas recipes, im dedicated.

JoshKeatonFan 2 months ago

That music on loop along with the ending on the 3D gingerbread cookies could not have been better! Well done! This video should get 20,000,000 views!

trini 2 months ago

I only wanted to see the xmas cookies.

PiñataDeBurro 2 months ago

Alone this Christmas! Ll spend time watching this!!

Talin Tube fan
Talin Tube fan 2 months ago

ليلة عيد joyeu noel

Corina Yanes
Corina Yanes 2 months ago

Do the editors know that there’s more nutcracker music after the overture. We noticed you keep repeating it. Play something else!

Munkypunky Martin
Munkypunky Martin 2 months ago

Finally, after scouring through websites and social media, there is a Christmas Cookie recipe that makes sense to me. Thanks, Everyone at Tasty. Have a Merry Christmas! 👍🏽👍🏽🎁🎁

IAN teal
IAN teal 2 months ago

I love it

Christi Crisp
Christi Crisp 2 months ago

Tasty always is the one to perfect pintrest to THE FINEST👌🏽. Like lets get the pintrest fbi but in here bc tasty has beat the pinterest system lol🤣 merry christlrr eve

72tubedmiaz 2 months ago

Love it!

Phuc Positive
Phuc Positive 2 months ago

Merry Christmas, everyone 🎄🎄🎄

Montgomery Gator
Montgomery Gator 2 months ago

21 snowmans disliked this video

Sugarholic Girl
Sugarholic Girl 2 months ago

Kids can help with that strawberry Santa

Tajik Kitchen
Tajik Kitchen 2 months ago

Hønëy Lëmøn
Hønëy Lëmøn 2 months ago

I am early 😃😃😃😃😃

Early Squad

Angelica Leguen
Angelica Leguen 2 months ago

Lindo y fácil primer comentario en español😂😂

moccabean 2 months ago

Posting this 2 days before Christmas, that’s a big yikes

john davies
john davies 2 months ago

Wow, tasty wow. Using a recipe from a year ago. Smh

randmchicken 2 months ago

I feel like some of the recipes are taken from other ppl

Abbas Busari
Abbas Busari 2 months ago

57th comment not bad !

Healthy Recipe Channel


Mom of Two Kids
Mom of Two Kids 2 months ago


Wholesaler Gal
Wholesaler Gal 2 months ago

New Living Translation
Even though Jesus was God's Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered. Hebrews 5: 8

Sweet Lew
Sweet Lew 2 months ago

Why are you guys reusing most of the same recipes for another video??? From another video you posted earlier in the day...

1 million subscribers with no videos

2,193 veiw 😂😂

Kulsum Monie
Kulsum Monie 2 months ago

Um, the Christmas tree one was on The Domestic Greek’s channel. I dont know if its a common recipe but I saw it there first.

Green Onions
Green Onions 2 months ago

Cool song

Ashviqha Parida
Ashviqha Parida 2 months ago


이다 Ida ASMR
이다 Ida ASMR 2 months ago

Wow..really so cute and looks so delicious !! 😍😍

Evianne Casey
Evianne Casey 2 months ago

I love Christmas cookies!!🍪🍪🍪

Melody's Corner
Melody's Corner 2 months ago

OMG I have to make theas!

KT 2 months ago

Merry Chrysler

وصفات up
وصفات up 2 months ago


Anfa Ellis
Anfa Ellis 2 months ago

Way to reuse a recipe, same recipes were posted 6 hours ago

Cameron 2 months ago


Tasty: mhmm we need more holiday videos..... I GOT IT let’s just copy and paste today’s brand new video into this one. Plus we can throw in more holiday recipes we have shown before!

Yuli 2 months ago

will I watch the videos? Yes. Will I make the recipes? No

Donald The Plump Duck

You found my comment...

Merry Christmas! 💕

AG 2 months ago

Guess the emojis:

Did you guess: Tasty loves Christmas food

Brean G
Brean G 2 months ago


I have a new channel Lol

happy holidays!

Louise Fenny
Louise Fenny 2 months ago

Yayyy I’m like one of the firsttt


I got something filled with goodness for you

Great fitness tips👆👆

Damonte Heudidhd
Damonte Heudidhd 2 months ago

Click here if u want him to make u something huge

A small potato
A small potato 2 months ago

If you see this comment I hope you have an awesome holiday and hope that you get some epic presents.❤️👍

Ian Jimenez
Ian Jimenez 2 months ago


Grainz 2 months ago


Jay Bro
Jay Bro 2 months ago

Who else Loves Tasty


I’m gifting my next 10 subs 😍

DW Nation
DW Nation 2 months ago

Who else Loves Tasty

I’m gifting my Next 15 subs 🥰❤️

Naruto kuuun
Naruto kuuun 2 months ago

Lol I was never so fast😂😂

And it's 12 am😂

Shabna Begum
Shabna Begum 2 months ago

No views
Wtf how are people commenting then ????

Cripz 2 months ago


LiMelon :D
LiMelon :D 2 months ago


Baya Mab.
Baya Mab. 2 months ago

I am sorted for tomorrow and Christmas!
Merry Christmas Everyone and A Happy New Year!

Scxrletz 2 months ago

I could smell it through the screen!