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09Sharkboy_fan 23
09Sharkboy_fan 23 2 months ago

Litter robot is bad for all cats! Kitty bad bed.

09Sharkboy_fan 23
09Sharkboy_fan 23 2 months ago

Cat dish nope

MidzyPlays !
MidzyPlays ! 2 months ago

3:06 the way she said that...

𝔀𝓪𝓼 𝓪𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰

Itz Luna's Edits
Itz Luna's Edits 2 months ago

my cat : aLl i WaNt fOr cHrIsTmAs iS fOoD

DivaGirl10 2 months ago

I have the last one I got in blue on Amazon. My cats love it, although there are only a few places they sleep.

riolu 2 months ago

I dont think my cat will like most of these things... he hates technology (tech that makes noise)

lamagiduneinstant76 2 months ago

Hey, cat hair container would be Great too. ~I make hats etc. from their fur. (Genius coming up with the LEGO thing, c

lamagiduneinstant76 2 months ago

I!!!!! WANT IT!!!!!!! (First one)

Louise Bass
Louise Bass 2 months ago

My cats just happy with a couple of cardboard boxes

Merita King
Merita King 2 months ago

No good for wood pellets

Cash it or Trash it
Cash it or Trash it 2 months ago

My cats love cardboard boxes,floor cushions also hard wooden surfaces to sleep on. Anything that's new never lasts.Cats basically love to own the place.

Amy Odowd
Amy Odowd 2 months ago

My kids have more fun playing in and out of boxes I don't need expensive stuff for my cats

Ayon C
Ayon C 2 months ago

Omg we've got that LitterKitty lmao, saved us a ton of time as we've got 9 cats. Still doesnt stop our dog from eating cat crap tho..

Osiris the Egyptian god

why a lego cat

Ildiko Kiraly
Ildiko Kiraly 2 months ago

Purposeless all the toys if owner not there to play and entertain the pet ,cat.

FreakOut Tech
FreakOut Tech 2 months ago

My cat just wants my soul!

Canada 2 months ago

The litter robot electrocuted my cat

Pam Kerr
Pam Kerr 2 months ago

More crap for the gullible!

Bunny L.
Bunny L. 2 months ago

buy a food tray.. cat refuses.. buy a cat bed.. cat sleeps in the box it came in.. buy cat an expensive toy.. cat still plays with a bread tie.. buy a nice litter box.. cat still poos on the floor.. THEYLL NEVER BE HAPPY.. xD

Teknos 2 months ago


Andrea Angel
Andrea Angel 2 months ago

my cat shits a on its tail💩💩💩🐸 and his butt hole and all shut stuck to his fur around it💩🐸🐽- have to give him bathe - what a good cat litter? $2200 cat Scottish fold purring machine⭐

Alpine a
Alpine a 2 months ago

0:44 that’s a weird cat

Leah Garces
Leah Garces 2 months ago

Can the long hair grooming can be use to human hair?

Rubie Boy12
Rubie Boy12 2 months ago

People cats dont need this stuff its easy give him his own mansion with some people helping the cat and go live in the mansion the cat has toys and a own bed and even a own toilet only today for 1 dollar!

Amber_ Joins_The_Game

That face.......

Angsty Goblin
Angsty Goblin 2 months ago

1:47 Cats see better in the dark -_-

Little Bad Wolf
Little Bad Wolf 2 months ago

"The Litter Robot recognizes when your cat is inside."
Yes, and robots are known for never ever disfunctioning. That thing even looks like a death trap from space. I appreciate the idea and effort, but the design is a fail. Why couldn't it at least require a human to turn a knob or something so it wouldn't be so risky but would still eliminate tne actual scooping process? I don't care for the visual design either, that would not suit my bathroom or any of my rooms.

Sienna Osborne
Sienna Osborne 2 months ago

At 6.00 why are the birds going backwards???

C-Jay Eastwood
C-Jay Eastwood 2 months ago

9:41 you're welcome.

julia hihu
julia hihu 2 months ago

i like the grooming thing

julia hihu
julia hihu 2 months ago

what? these cats must be spoiled! while my cat wants world peace!

Emma K
Emma K 2 months ago

Even though I'm late... My friend has the top 1 product :D "Kitty City" It makes her cat a lot of fun when she's gone , If you're looking forwards to a long trip you should totally think of Getting one of those!

Cute Surprise pop
Cute Surprise pop 2 months ago

Life with links —————————life with SFINX***😼😽🙀😿😾😺😸😻😹🐈🐱

Cute Surprise pop
Cute Surprise pop 2 months ago

Who wants to hug their cat now

Me me mememememmemememememememememememememememememe

Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose 2 months ago

I bort my cat a really nice bed and it was $13 and she still sleeps in my shoe box

lilbuni2004 2 months ago

#2 was stupid

TheCurseStik 2 months ago


mom5cats kyle
mom5cats kyle 2 months ago

I wonder how long it took for the cat in the litter robot to be trained to get in there? Mine absolutely will not use any box that has a covered lid - many cats feel trapped in a vulnerable position and won't use a covered box. However, no box is made with high enough sides for my one excavator to not throw all the litter out (and then have the other cats use the floor because that's where all the litter is). So, I bought a medium-sized, low-sided plastic storage box (longer, wider and a little higher than a regular litter box) and taped plain poster board around the two long sides and the back, leaving only the front open. The cats have no problem with it, as long as they are not covered overhead and have ample room to escape if need be, and my one excavator can't throw litter as high as the top of the poster board (or any tall enough cardboard).

Moumina Khan
Moumina Khan 2 months ago

DVD’s mmn

jemma wingate
jemma wingate 2 months ago

10:22 have a dog exactly like that but bigger and more muscular

Ohraider 2 months ago

Kitty ball bed = ASMR

Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga 2 months ago

Why did the first one have a dog??????

Brian Plata
Brian Plata 2 months ago


Stooley 2 months ago

Only i hear is V-Bucks

TSpider Keeper
TSpider Keeper 2 months ago

My cat is not getting nothing expensive that she don't need

Natalieee 2 months ago

I don’t even have a cat... ;-;

Mark Chadwick
Mark Chadwick 2 months ago

And what's with the 2 pieces of wood, anyone vid get from anywhere and make that...😂😂😂

Mark Chadwick
Mark Chadwick 2 months ago

I see with the cat sill thing, they couldn't get a REAL cat to leap into it, so they have to do an animated one instead..😂😂😂😂

Brain In A Jar
Brain In A Jar 2 months ago

Cat basket? Tuna sleeps on my bed and desk chair.

Desi ababa
Desi ababa 2 months ago

0:45 wait a minute I THOUGHT THIS WAS A CAT VIDEO

Jessica Williamson
Jessica Williamson 2 months ago

We have the first one and ya it does work but every time you walk past it

Shelley GE
Shelley GE 2 months ago

That cat on the ground for the ball bed ad looks just like my cat

plus 4 me daddy
plus 4 me daddy 2 months ago

Υθ Ματε τΗατs sick

Creamy The Caticorn
Creamy The Caticorn 2 months ago

What the heck the first one there was a dog this video was supposed to be about cats not dogs!!!!!!!!

hoi fellow hoomas
hoi fellow hoomas 2 months ago

Me: buys expensive cat bed
Cat: OMG ANOTHER PLAXE TO TAKE A CRAP* takes over my bed*
Me: fuck it I will just get rid if the damn litter box

Zoeeva _768
Zoeeva _768 2 months ago

500 Dollars just so your cat can shit in it!! Thanks

Fangle Animation
Fangle Animation 2 months ago

Kitty ball bed doesn't cover lions or tigers. I am unimpressed.

marvelstan34 2 months ago

i don't need to buy anything for my cat
i give her amount of food i know she all eats
she poops outside
and sleeps on my bed or on a blanket
but yes i do have a cat tree with toys and stuff

Dottie Draughan
Dottie Draughan 2 months ago

At 0:18 what if it doesn't work and the cat starts to death and dies while at your work that would be so sad now you make me want to sue the company and so the company would get sued and then it wouldn't be a good day for everyone so I wouldn't get that and just stick with my regular stuff for my cat

cheems 2 months ago

cute cats 7:20

lpsdark side
lpsdark side 2 months ago

My cat sleep on a printer with a towol

Toremilk 2 months ago


Raul Dela Cruz
Raul Dela Cruz 2 months ago


GalaxiWollf 2 months ago

8 things your cat probably won't get for Christmas

memes HD
memes HD 2 months ago

It will be hard to let your cat know what the litter robot is so me no buy cause I have normal auto litter box took 2 years for him to use it

Plant Gal
Plant Gal 2 months ago


CatytailEX 2 months ago

A cat bed?, I prefer sleeping in boxes!

Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming 2 months ago

6:38 did someone say V-Bucks

Er B
Er B 2 months ago


Er B
Er B 2 months ago

That LEGO cat though XD

Coco and Plushie
Coco and Plushie 2 months ago

I wanna buy all of this when I get my cat (including the amazon cat vids 1 & 2)

•Coffeeii •
•Coffeeii • 2 months ago

I got 5 of these thank you so much!

z0om 02
z0om 02 2 months ago

that brush one felt like a horror movie

yuugo 2 months ago

My cats sleep where they want when they want....

-HitlersFootFetish xx-

I was expecting number one to be a large box

flossie Flossie
flossie Flossie 2 months ago

These are for indoor cats really.Saying that, mine has 7 acres of paddocks and half acre of trees -comes in at night to sleep and sharpens her claws on the corner of the new sofa...Grrrrr

Ashlyn Wanderer
Ashlyn Wanderer 2 months ago

#6 doesn’t even look good, and could be made by hand, and look good with four tho legs on a base, or even a beach wicket basket on the floor. Waste of money and a crafting opportunity

Chrona 2 months ago


Lorenzo Duron
Lorenzo Duron 2 months ago

A few of these you can make on your own for like half the price, especially cardboard scratching toys, just buy a cardboard box using a template of your choosing, cut the template multiple times, stack and glue and bam, cardboard scratching area for the price of a box, glue and scissors (If you don't have glue and scissors already), also you can literally make the V-Box on your own, it is not that complicated of a design, I made a similar one for my friend and her cat and added better features like a cat tent that sat on top with velcro, used plywood for the frame, pvc pipe and rope for the scratching post, every time I go over to visit I see her cat Jack Pawson (like Jack Dawson from Titanic) sitting in it, he loves it and I had fun making it.

Christien Lancelot
Christien Lancelot 2 months ago

1:19 (trump voice) WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?

Zach Greene
Zach Greene 2 months ago

ugrh I have fur in my NOSE

Zach Greene
Zach Greene 2 months ago

I tried showing this to my cat and she made me press a different video and I just got it back on this video and now I’m all covered in SO MUCH FUR

James Bennett
James Bennett 2 months ago

I have a online pet store with lots of cool stuff if your interested check it out hear at this link

Angel Snowflakes
Angel Snowflakes 2 months ago

The last two were the worst...

Angel Snowflakes
Angel Snowflakes 2 months ago

07:44, 08:14 WTF?!

Cal 2 months ago

How much does it cost 3:23

Andrea 2 months ago

4:13 seems pretty illegal to me 😑😓

Chris Green
Chris Green 2 months ago

I don’t have a cat

KRICYLY RESHA 2 months ago

My cat is playing at the box instead of expensive things😂😂

Michael Blavet
Michael Blavet 2 months ago

I need the pin brush for my hair xD

A̷p̷p̷l̷e̷ ̷s̷e̷e̷d̷

You forgot catnip :3

Hopping Bug
Hopping Bug 2 months ago

9:46 what's going on there?

Kaylee 2 months ago

My cat won't use litter boxes with a covered top
And he would be to scared of that robot one

Sorry if it sounds like hate, because its not
My cat is just weird

Cynthia Sinclair
Cynthia Sinclair 2 months ago

I am 9 I needs litter bot

LOVE B.T.S 2 months ago


Raito赤黒 2 months ago

8:16 really n***a thats just a pile of wood

Donald Marlow
Donald Marlow 2 months ago


Katie Draws
Katie Draws 2 months ago

All my cat wanted for Christmas was paper balls, boxes, and food.

I make a vid of a Vid ok?

I liked al of them i even sent this video to my auntie has 9 cat’s

RainyDayz4Ever 2 months ago

The last 2 look made/edited by middle or high school students xD

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