5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable



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Information 5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

Title : 5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

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Frames 5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

Description 5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

5 Holiday Organizing Tips 🎄Bonus🎄 Free Gift Giving and Cleaning Routine Printable

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Mar kor
Mar kor 2 months ago

Just wanted to say again, the end part of your vids are as great as all the other parts. I live for these Cass! Thank you so much for putting all your stories. Can empathise with so many of them. Especially the one about not taking out the rubbish!! What a bizarre period that was. I've overcome it now but the temptation to just chuck the trash outta the kitchen window towards the bin was there! Or to build a shute from mwindow to outside wheelie bin was also there! 😆😆. How did I deal with this issue? : I pay my kid weekly allowance todo it daily ! 😉😉. I'm hapoy. He's happy. The house us clean !! 😎😎 Have a great day !!

Jewels5241 2 months ago

I’m so happy I watched this video today... I was just thinking tonight that I really need to do something nice for my husband because I tend to neglect him now that we have two babes... I just downloaded 12 days of Christmas tags and I’m going to do some special little somethings for him... ❤️

Tina Pike
Tina Pike 2 months ago

LOL, I am a Christmas nut!! That being said things have to be done "right". This drives my hubby crazy!!!! My wrapping paper, bows, and tags all have to match. The ornaments on my tree have to be in the "correct" place. This makes me happy but not so much the hubz. I decorate the tree myself except for the lights and angel and I do all the wrapping. Throughout the season I am constantly tweaking ornaments and making tags to match the paper. I spend hours making tags with multiple layers suited for the recipient, that of course match the paper, I also make my cards. Ok, so the reason I shared this is, My husband gets so uptight because people just throw them away and he doesn't see why each ornament has a particular spot. I enjoy these things but not how stressed it makes him. any ideas on how I can make him a bee? LOL!!! Not really, unless it can be done, lol. How can I make it less stressful for him? BTW, love your videos!!

Simone Castro
Simone Castro 2 months ago

I do a load of laundry a day, I fill the dishwasher before I go to bed and empty it when I wake up, I sweep all the floors and I clear the sofa where my 12 year old leave EVERYTHING, the bathroom is always clean but the house is a mess :-( I have done 30 day declutter, but it doesn't stick.... heeeeeelp? getting married in 90 days, where am I going to put all his stuff?.

Lori Moghadam
Lori Moghadam 2 months ago

I have peekers. LOL

Ryland Chapman
Ryland Chapman 2 months ago

I wish I could give more than one thumbs up!

gasparinha 2 months ago

Literally started tidying watching this video. Love the idea of extra TLC for your special one!

Julia Perry
Julia Perry 2 months ago

Two weeks before Christmas I deep clean my frig-freezers and the rest of the kitchen. I maintain it for maybe 15 minutes a day until Christmas for storing all those items I will be cooking in greater amounts than usual. Don't forget to tidy the pantry or clean the trashcan and oven before starting. It saves so much time to just maintain! God bless. Thanks!

Anjelica Ocampo
Anjelica Ocampo 2 months ago

Love all your videos! Love how you are so organized!

Maria René Hansen
Maria René Hansen 2 months ago

THANK YOU!! This was launched on my birthday, all though I saw it now one week late I will look at it as a nice birthday present! Because I think this video just saved my holiday. At least it got my motivation up! It's my first morning of the holiday now and I had already given up, and I've just been awake for about 2 hours. 2 hours is plenty enough time to create a lot of negative thoughts about that your small apartment is way out of control and there is no way I can fix this and no, no, no way I could keep it clean the whole holiday. But I will give it a shot now, motivation is back!
Also, the stuff you cook on the stove, with clementines and cinnamon or something, is it some kind of mix to make the house smell nice? Any tip/recipe? :D

Stacey Harvey
Stacey Harvey 2 months ago

Just discovered you and love your videos. You are so smart. And beautiful!! Great suggestion about being kind of spouse Thank you!

Spring Giddinessify
Spring Giddinessify 2 months ago

I love the challenge idea so much. Thank you !

Maria Castillo
Maria Castillo 2 months ago

Hi Cass. Thank you for tips BTW nice scarf. Can’t remember who sent it but I remember it was as a collab. Looks great!!!

Yaritzabel Jimenez
Yaritzabel Jimenez 2 months ago

Count me in for the challenge!! My husband deserves a little bit of love 😍

nvaranavage 2 months ago

I love tip #1!!!!! Such a great idea that I seriously never thought about doing.

Veena Vandy
Veena Vandy 2 months ago

I am up for the challenge!😊

Stephanie Lawley
Stephanie Lawley 2 months ago

You inspire me!! I love how your totally keeping it real in all your videos and inspire all us moms! Your super encouraging and I love all your tips!! This mom of 4 is exhausted sometimes I just need a fresh perspective, so thank you!!

Amy Scolforo
Amy Scolforo 2 months ago

You really are an inspiration! I love your videos!

Tugba Kilicarslan
Tugba Kilicarslan 2 months ago

Great Tips!! Thanks Cass😍

Julie Ramos
Julie Ramos 2 months ago

Great Ideas! Thank you.
Happy holidays 🌲🌲🌲

Steph's LifeStyle Corner

I love the challenge and will be joining!

Sarah Savings
Sarah Savings 2 months ago

Great idea, I’ll do the same for my husband

Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas 2 months ago

your terrific Cass

amymusclow 2 months ago

I totally needed this thank you. Love the wrapping station bin under the bed such an amazing idea. Sadly I have all my wrap stacked in an empty diapers box. One day I will have my life organized. Also love the hubby idea, definitely will do this

Keeping up with Kelsey

Challenge accepted! I love this idea, he gets neglected some days!

Carla Souza
Carla Souza 2 months ago

Is time to put my ❄️ clothing away and bring the summer front and center.... in the mean time, do a declutter..... I am no excited for that.......😫😫😫😫😫

Demi Harden
Demi Harden 2 months ago

Ahhh thats so sweet. Doing a little Extra!!

Organised & In Order
Organised & In Order 2 months ago

Love your tips Cas!! So important at this time of the year :)

stephanie zahner
stephanie zahner 2 months ago

Awesome tips thanks

Cindy Carroll
Cindy Carroll 2 months ago

I pre-ordered your book from Amazon. I put my name, e-mail, & order confirmation on your website. It says I need a secret code? Not sure how I get a secret code.
So happy to see you back! Blessings to you & your family this Christmas!

blue Vortex
blue Vortex 2 months ago

Oh my god this is awesome information thanks for the upload watching this at 12am midnight

Robina's tips
Robina's tips 2 months ago

Where did you get that bin?

Jobird 1969
Jobird 1969 2 months ago

Thank you so much for another great video I am almost having a melt down. I am a hoarder and have spent the last year decluttering when it becomes too much I watch your lovely videos to motivate me x

Jennifer Wardell
Jennifer Wardell 2 months ago

Would love to see a “how to” on your under the bed gift caddy!! I love that!!

Melissa Leeuw
Melissa Leeuw 2 months ago

thats so sweet i cant wait love you xxx

Kate the Great
Kate the Great 2 months ago

Awesome tips, thank you so much!

denicekimberly 2 months ago

omg you just made me remember that I hid one of my daughter’s gifts in the garage because she was just inside the door when we got home from shopping 🤣. I mean, maybe I would have remembered by I’ll tell you this - I didn’t add it to the list of things I have purchased for her so far yesterday!

Erin D
Erin D 2 months ago

Great ideas🎄🎄🎄

just me
just me 2 months ago

I'm in on the challenge. :)

FloresitaDeDios 2 months ago

Love the gesture idea

Grandma Beverly x
Grandma Beverly x 2 months ago

watching you from the mirror on the left side ;)

Nicole Parrish
Nicole Parrish 2 months ago

These are excellent ideas. I love your videos. Your energy is really inspiring and motivating.

Gia Alvarado
Gia Alvarado 2 months ago

I'm so glad i found your channel. being a full time working mom, I feel like my house is falling apart. love your short and easy ideas.

Lana Hallock
Lana Hallock 2 months ago


Daphne Roberts
Daphne Roberts 2 months ago

Well, I am a butterfly, which comes as no surprise. Thanks for posting this Cass!

Sheila 2 months ago

I heard you book is being released earlier.......does Amazon know that and will they send them earlier?? I cant wait!!!

Lindsey Dawn Art
Lindsey Dawn Art 2 months ago

I'll take on your challenge! I love watching you. You are so happy and smiley I just enjoy watching you x

yvettrae 2 months ago

The challenge is a nice thought but I think men only care about 2 things, food and physical attention. I think if I did those 2 things on a regular and organized my crap, he’d be happy.

Lauren Wyrick
Lauren Wyrick 2 months ago

Your videos are a joy to watch. I consider myself a pretty organized person, but your videos help me to amp it up. I always love your stories as well. You seem so down to earth and you give the most practical ideas. Thank you for your work. Merry Christmas!

Yvonne King
Yvonne King 2 months ago

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday and I look forward to more great videos in the new year! P.S. I hope you also take some time each day just to relax. 😊

Durriya Abdulkader Jiddawala

Loved ur idea..one small gesture goes a long way..n it's true with so many things going around our spouse does get neglected..I take up the challenge..

Finding a way
Finding a way 2 months ago

Hmmm... Should probably clean this house a bit better for a kind hubby gesture. 😉

Finding a way
Finding a way 2 months ago

Thank you man! Under the bed organizer for wrapping stuff!! Yess! That is what I need to do!!!! Started wrapping yesterday.... And the. The kids were coming home and I shoved it all in my closet. That. In sounds swell... Infact I have one in my basement!!!! That is empty!!! Score! Will be relocating it since I actually have an under my bed now with our new one.

Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones 2 months ago

That challenge sounds amazing and I can't wait to do things for my husband! ❤

Momma From Scratch
Momma From Scratch 2 months ago

I love you! Your so fun to listen to and motivate me! Haha I'm your mom I loose the gifts I buy throughout the year!

nhi van
nhi van 2 months ago

You are so smart. Thanks for helping my life is easier 😁

rubymimosa 2 months ago

What a sweet challenge!

Sing Sings
Sing Sings 2 months ago

I am so gonna try the challenge! Great idea!!!! I am so looking forward to Christmas as I know my hubby got me your first book and am then excited for the launch of your new book which I have already pre-ordered. YAY!!!

curlykiki 2 months ago

LOVE this challenge!!

Cynthia Harrison
Cynthia Harrison 2 months ago

I do nice things every day . our kids are in their twenty's. It is more challenging when your kids are young like yours cass

Mar kor
Mar kor 2 months ago

Thanks so much Cass. I always look forward to your videos and its a real joy to log on to see you have uploaded a new vid. Your tips are great and work! I've taken on your advice to tidy somethings everyday. After trying different routines, mainly like once a week tidying cleaning etc, you are sooo right, doing a daily clean really does keep it all better under control. Particulary when kids and lack of help are in the picture. Stay safe, warm and happy over the holidays. Look forward to seeing you again next year xxx

Vvpatel15 2 months ago

Very nice idea about the challenge....I am in...

Adequate Adult
Adequate Adult 2 months ago

Love the challenge!

Apostle Marissa Sharp Freeman

Wow, I reeeeeaaalllly needed this today! Starting a new job, homeschooling kids, Christmas cookie baking (I have a love-hate relationship with it), not done shopping yet....”It’s the most stressful time of the year!” (<— picture that old guy singing it, lol!). I will definitely get your printables and kick my butt to do this. Thanks for reminding us to love on our hubbies...or close loved ones. What is the reason for the season after all? Blessings❣️🎄🎁❄️

Valeria Concolato
Valeria Concolato 2 months ago

Awww you are very sweet! And how thoughtful were you about the idea of making something good to somebody every day!! I will sure do this to my daughter ❤️

Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin 2 months ago

I needed this! Thank you Cas!!

The Baby Buncher
The Baby Buncher 2 months ago

I love this challenge. I kind of already do that pretty often. A friend was criticising me pretty heavily for spoiling my husband today and they aren't entirely wrong. But I think also nobody has ever shown them that kind of love either and so they don't get that it's love, not obligation that lies behind it. As a couple we are greater than the sum of our parts. So important to support each other and be a team. Thanks Cas.

Linda Curtis
Linda Curtis 2 months ago

Love these organizing tips! Your hubby is going to be so happy and thankful! You just might be moved up Santa’s good list! 🤶🎅🎄

C Ocasio
C Ocasio 2 months ago

👍🏽 challenge idea

Nadine Frandsen
Nadine Frandsen 2 months ago

So many great ideas but I truly love the daily act of kindness for my husband. He works so hard and he deserves so much more love and appreciation💗

Leyda Leon
Leyda Leon 2 months ago

I would love to know what is ur intro music... it so makes me want to clean. Lol chi bombombom

Lynn Geiter
Lynn Geiter 2 months ago

I can't participate in the challenge (disabled & alone) but Im going to try to nightly tidy till it becomes a habit. Merry 🎄 Christmas & Happy New Year 🎉 everyone.

Sue Frelick
Sue Frelick 2 months ago

your effervescence is as inspiring as your tips, cas. merry christmas to you and your family! have a wonderful holiday. xo

freshnewday 2 months ago

I have been enjoying your inspiring videos for many years, back to the wonderful Malitose days, and you are thriving even more now! Wow, the gift planner printable you made is beautiful. Your home looks absolutely amazing. OH my goodness, and I am still struggling with my house. sigh. I just can't get it together. Thank you for showing what can be. Hats off to you and cheers!

Phoebe 2 months ago

Thank you. 😃🎄❄️
Merry Christmas. ⛄️
Awe, sweet challenge... 😃

Patricia Pena
Patricia Pena 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing! Great tips! Wonderful idea! Challenge accepted!😁

mikhail114 2 months ago

Great video! I would love to see a more detailed video of your wrapping box. I love how you have everything organized in bins on the side of the paper.

Victoria Mather
Victoria Mather 2 months ago

Damn, you have that many people to buy for?! This is not including your family! Over a $1000. Why?! Lol, this year I said I was only buying for a few people.

Trisha Pearson
Trisha Pearson 2 months ago

My problem is , I live in a small 2 room flat. I have no storage room other than under my bed and ob top of my wardrobe. I also have bad arthritis . No one has done any videos for people with tiny homes. Please please. X

jaymelynnway 2 months ago

Not sure if it's my browser or something, but the quiz is covered up by pictures on your blog, so I can't read/answer the questions.

Melissa Green
Melissa Green 2 months ago

How do you stop laundry from being Everywhere!!!! I feel like I'm always picking up. Doing and putting away laundry and it's still just everywhere. And toys are always everywhere no matter how many toy systems I've tried 😫😱

Jewell Villa
Jewell Villa 2 months ago

Challenge accepted! I need ideas though, please update the little things you will be doing along the way for inspiration.

Caras Life on the Farm

I'm going to get that gift giving guide. That will be a game changer for me!

Megan 2 months ago

Love the "small gesture" challenge idea! Will you keep us updated on how it goes for you? Like, if he notices, or is like "Why are you being so nice?! What did you break??" Lol :)

The Miller's Built Upon The Rock

I live for the end of your video stories and challenges !!! Bring it on lady !!! 🤩

Chrissy P
Chrissy P 2 months ago

I love how you organized your organizer for under the bed. Im going to use that idea!

April 2 months ago

Awww! Sweet and awesome idea! I accept your challenge and would love a follow up video on this not only to hear how it went for you, but accountability for my follow through! THX!

M. Josephine Fonzo
M. Josephine Fonzo 2 months ago


Tracy 2 months ago

Great challenge!

Jessica Bibus
Jessica Bibus 2 months ago

Such a great idea! Thx

Judi Jordan
Judi Jordan 2 months ago

What was the white thing you put on the picture frame? Where did you get it.

moncpteYoutube 2 months ago

I really love your challenge and also, your mantra"do it for yourself" THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING and the way you are doing it, sooooo different from other channels. I decided to simplify my life and went from 79 channels subscriptions (!!!!! Crazy I know) too 9 (I am not allowed to go over 10). But your channel is a keeper!

Those Girls
Those Girls 2 months ago

You are so inspiring. Thank you.

Ms. Pants
Ms. Pants 2 months ago

Great video once again. Funny story about hiding gifts all over.... Last Christmas, gifts would arrive in the mail and I’d shove them in bins, boxes and coolers in my garage and get them later to wrap when the kids weren’t around. Well this past summer my husband pulled a cooler off the top shelf and guess what he found? One of the kids gifts I forgot about 🤣 Lesson learned!! I will be participating in your spouse challenge! You’re right, hubbs do get pushed to the back burner when you are drowning in kids and a busy schedule. Great idea!! Merry Christmas 🎄

michelle B
michelle B 2 months ago

Hi, Cas, this is exactly why I watch your videos. You help me be a better wife and mom!

Sunni Sunshine
Sunni Sunshine 2 months ago

Hi Cas, you are one of my favorite youtubers. Thanks for your uplifting videos. I wish you and your family a nice christmas time.

ok J
ok J 2 months ago

Extra love ❤️ lol

What Works? This Works!

You are so very amazing!!! I love all of your ideas and organizing tips. Love, love the spouse challenge!!!!! I always try to do this!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepika Vijai
Deepika Vijai 2 months ago

Your challenge is so sweet.

Sarah Forster
Sarah Forster 2 months ago

I needed your words of wisdom today, thank you!