11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations


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Information 11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

Title : 11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

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Frames 11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

Description 11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

11 Easy DIY Gatefold Card Tutorials For Cards And Invitations

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yazmin hub
yazmin hub 2 months ago

What's the name of this machine

yazmin hub
yazmin hub 2 months ago

What's the name of this card

Purple 2 months ago

Can you show some Eid card ideas?

Raju Gamit
Raju Gamit 2 months ago

its super smart

Farahwani 2 months ago

can i use ur video for education, miss?

Sumita Debnath
Sumita Debnath 2 months ago

Pls send me a beautiful birthday card

Holly Hold
Holly Hold 2 months ago

PLEASE record at higher volume?? This looks wonderful, but, is a true struggle to hear...:( Thx for the video, nevertheless!!

Lamont McCaskel
Lamont McCaskel 2 months ago

Hey J.D. I have been watching a couple of your videos for gatefold, vellum and belly bands I could watch them all day Haven’t seen you around YT lately so I hope all is well with you and see when get back. Thanks again for all of your great tutorials!

rachael art11
rachael art11 2 months ago

Can u make mother's Day cards

OldMumma Roo
OldMumma Roo 2 months ago

Omg! Love you & your awesome vids, you explain things so clearly, your sense of humour is just so cool ... so glad I found your vids :) addicted to them now :) cheers from OZ!

Rose Greenbank
Rose Greenbank 2 months ago

Hi JD, I have just come across your tube tutorials, and found them absolutely inspiring. Now I know it's no more available, but what die did you use, I found the diagonal corner die beautiful. Do you know who sells them?
Ta. Rose

Ser Jeeptea
Ser Jeeptea 2 months ago

hi madam, can i ask if what is the name of the cutter?

Aarti Modi
Aarti Modi 2 months ago

It’s amazing, but very hard

Sakina Shah
Sakina Shah 2 months ago

How can i buy the cutting tools nd machine where ??? Pls Tell me 😳

Puja Dubey
Puja Dubey 2 months ago

It's just the craft of the machine 😁

moira smith
moira smith 2 months ago

wow great tips

Bernie Sapong
Bernie Sapong 2 months ago

Hello Jd! what kind of machine you used to create such unique designs?

Aviyanka Senanayake
Aviyanka Senanayake 2 months ago

I just like to buy that pepper cutting thing

Donna Mae Embile
Donna Mae Embile 2 months ago

Wow ! Amazing ! Thank you for sharing your ideas

Liliya Kamala
Liliya Kamala 2 months ago

May I ask what electrical machine did you order? What machines did you consider? I’m thinking of getting one because I have issues with my Bigshot but can’t find /haven’t found one that is to my liking yet.

howard montessori
howard montessori 2 months ago

Fascinated watching this video, how I just hope I can do the same, only I cannot afford to buy such materials

Stampers Secret
Stampers Secret 2 months ago

Hello from Dallas, J.D. I know you’re always looking for new ways to make cards and organize. I sent you a message on IG regarding a tool my husband made for me. I have an Etsy shop and left the link there. Stay safe, J.D.

Mac & Eii
Mac & Eii 2 months ago

What machine you are using mam?😊

Xplicit X5
Xplicit X5 2 months ago

Hey I am trying to propose and use cards as part of it. I am in need of help and willing to pay for your help with this.

Lisa Rauch
Lisa Rauch 2 months ago

Wish you could go a little slower. I have to keep pausing to take notes. And then I'm more confused!

Ro Im
Ro Im 2 months ago

I like the fourth one, the black one with triangle on all its side, but can i know where i can get those paper cutting pattern?

Pretty Devil
Pretty Devil 2 months ago

Can you make a BTS light stick with paper

manish jain
manish jain 2 months ago

Aapka idea bahut achha hai kya yah dai and dai press crezing board mil sakta hai kya. Ple . Send detail.

Saqib Ansari
Saqib Ansari 2 months ago

Never gonna make anything except paper planes,still watching this

Mark Cedrick Amora
Mark Cedrick Amora 2 months ago

Where can I buy the machine you use?

Gabriela Garcia
Gabriela Garcia 2 months ago

Can you tell me the name of the machinese please?

بحب الله in Love of Allah نحيا we live

I'd like to buy these devices from where I get them.

بحب الله in Love of Allah نحيا we live

What kind of paper is that?

Madara Piyadigamage
Madara Piyadigamage 2 months ago

what we need for that like names of instruments please

Yolanda Sanchez
Yolanda Sanchez 2 months ago

Thanks so much for this video! Where can I get that machine?

trikkinikki Biatch
trikkinikki Biatch 2 months ago

Thought!Just seen this video on a play store cardmaking app

angelica laurilla
angelica laurilla 2 months ago

Hi! are you giving trainings for this? invitation making?

Lori G
Lori G 2 months ago

I’m not new to die cutting, but WOW! You ga e ideas I never thought of! Thanks so much JD! I love your faces too!

Concetta's Bean to Bar Confections LLC

Just fabulous! Thank you for this wonderfully narrated lesson. Can't wait to see more! You capture people not only with your skill, but with your charm! Enjoyed it much!

Wanda Hernandez
Wanda Hernandez 2 months ago

Id love to make design on paper flowers how do i purchase those

rebeccawong1 2 months ago

U r great JD 👍🏻

melc Just
melc Just 2 months ago

hello JD, what was the name of your corner die? the triangle one?

Marisol Rodríguez
Marisol Rodríguez 2 months ago

Quiero esa maquina,para mis invitaciones de boda

Peachy Queen Tell
Peachy Queen Tell 2 months ago

Just happened upon your channel im a new subscriber you make it seem easy , loving all your techniques

Dj gammers
Dj gammers 2 months ago

Hey how can I get these instruments

호시aimi 2 months ago

I have a friend who'll have her debut Birthday this coming December 29 but I don't a money to buy something. So, thank god I saw this

Heather Ramsey
Heather Ramsey 2 months ago

Oh my goodness you're so creatively brilliant. The technique with the shadow dye cut looked amazing.

Alissa Vero
Alissa Vero 2 months ago

What tools do you use?

M.Anton Ranesha Perera

Where can I buy the stencils? Are there with the machines?

The Event Master
The Event Master 2 months ago

Wow so nice. I make Table Skirting and Balloon Decoration as well. Hope you guys could check it out. Will do tutorials real soon.

Kiran Kheruka
Kiran Kheruka 2 months ago


Amber Long
Amber Long 2 months ago

jd i love your video

Debra Knape
Debra Knape 2 months ago

I can’t find neat Edging dies for the sizzix. Are any dies compatible with the sizzix? I have the Super Shot Plus

Akila _Akhila
Akila _Akhila 2 months ago

Measure twice cut once !

Reniel Oños
Reniel Oños 2 months ago

may i ask how much for die cut machine ???

edith gerber
edith gerber 2 months ago

Waaaauuu tool

Vismaya Devan
Vismaya Devan 2 months ago

How much, needs to buy this die cutter?

torkko50 2 months ago

Are you still making videos? I miss you!

Hanini Suhaila
Hanini Suhaila 2 months ago

what is the name of machine. puterizamrud@gmail.com

Art & Craft Ideas
Art & Craft Ideas 2 months ago


Cassy 2 months ago

Oh wow! Thanks for the great technique tuts. Can you do them on your cricut?

Keysla Altieri
Keysla Altieri 2 months ago

Love it😍

Gladys Garcia
Gladys Garcia 2 months ago

Muy buena maquina me encantó,gracias por enceñar como usarla

Journal Crafts
Journal Crafts 2 months ago

A tiny journal watch 👈👀 you love it

Funiey_S Mukwevho
Funiey_S Mukwevho 2 months ago

Would you leave names of the machines you using and pics please so I can get them for myself, thank you

Kandice Zaffarano
Kandice Zaffarano 2 months ago

Miss your videos.

Isiah Mey Abad
Isiah Mey Abad 2 months ago

are you filipino?

Rhonda Squires
Rhonda Squires 2 months ago

Very informative!💕thx

Kez THE FAM 2 months ago

Hi I’m from Australia I love this video and I love your ideas.
I’ve been searching for an automatic machine too just wondering which one you chose ? Thanks 😊

Thérèse Ramette
Thérèse Ramette 2 months ago

Magnifique et bien expliquée.

Varsha Bhatt
Varsha Bhatt 2 months ago

What's the price of that? Can u tell plzz it's urgent nd from where u buy that

Janet Nieves
Janet Nieves 2 months ago

Gr8 ideas,tfs🤗😊🤗

Lia Santos
Lia Santos 2 months ago

What are tools you are using?

Thérèse Ramette
Thérèse Ramette 2 months ago


Vaye S
Vaye S 2 months ago

Awesome video.... Great ideas.
I saw someone do a card with kinds of a curved opening but can't find the video now....☹️

Renee Townsend
Renee Townsend 2 months ago

What a great surprise!! Found you via svg.com!! Subscribed immediately & following you on Pinterest & FB! Love these gatefold cards! Thanks for all of your useful resources/links!!

bakala dotcom
bakala dotcom 2 months ago

What kind or name of die cutting machine you used?

Tamil padi
Tamil padi 2 months ago

Very Nice

Kathyrn Bish
Kathyrn Bish 2 months ago

Love those ideas😊

Liane Walker
Liane Walker 2 months ago

Very informative!

Jane Jarve
Jane Jarve 2 months ago

Absolutely super! Great to learn so many techniques from a single video. Thank you for sharing! 💌

MaryDgo E
MaryDgo E 2 months ago


Api korean GIA
Api korean GIA 2 months ago

I have beautiful dising....how I sell

satavisha rakshit
satavisha rakshit 2 months ago

I want your cutter

Renia creates
Renia creates 2 months ago

Full watching so wonderful artwork and amazing tutorial very big like and let's by friends and stay connected 👍💖😉

Inspirational Quotes And Designs

I really appreciate your talent madam. I hope other people also my talent in Lettering just like you.

Shraddha s
Shraddha s 2 months ago

Which Paper u use please

Haslelponie Herbert
Haslelponie Herbert 2 months ago

Hi JD love your tutorial....

Judith Sigler
Judith Sigler 2 months ago

HEY JD! ANOTHER COOL VIDEO w/TONS of TERRIFIC IDEAS all in one spot! LOVE IT, LOVE IT! :-) I’ve done Gatefold cards myself in the past but Girl, YOU taught me a few new ones, too! YAY! LOVE your CLEVER “outside the box” thinking!! :-). Hahaha! I’m an “eyeball creator”, too! (And DO have to do more than one cut at times!! Haha!) TFS your Creativity n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! Lookin’ forward to more of your videos! Sending SMILES from Madison, WI! :-)))))). Now off to watch how you brought THESE GATEFOLDS to completion! :-)

Stacey Price
Stacey Price 2 months ago

My favourite cardmaker! 🧡

Yahweh shammah Zidkenu

Hi madam I'm interested to do this but I did not have material by God grave I'm doing in paper

nandhini devi
nandhini devi 2 months ago

sister your work was good...please tell me the equipment names

Carole Mitchell
Carole Mitchell 2 months ago

You are very creative and I'm glad I got to watch this. You gave me soooo many good ideas. Thanks a bunch.

udeshi aluthgedara
udeshi aluthgedara 2 months ago

Im sri lankan girl...so i like this one...can you help me...to buy this one for me

yemafo arnaud officiel

Hello am in Cameroon Africa how can I get the machine?

Norayyah Saeed
Norayyah Saeed 2 months ago

Hi can I ask what materials you used?

Carmen Alegre
Carmen Alegre 2 months ago

Great lovely

Becca L
Becca L 2 months ago

I just bought a mini die machine but it’s only use 3inch paper :(

Ann-Marie Pare
Ann-Marie Pare 2 months ago

Thank you

ASHWINI RAUT 2 months ago

Hello jd can u tell me which kind off instrument you used in this video??