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Kids DIY Channel
Kids DIY Channel 2 months ago

Welcome to Kids DIY Channel! We bring latest content for every occasion! 🎨✍ Please do stay connected with us by subscribing to our channel! Feel free to comment below what you liked about our video and anything that you would like to see in the future too! Thank you for watching! 💖💐

Toya+Curls 2 months ago

Love these 💛. dIy cards bring that creativity and allows you to go all out. These looked so much fun to create

Life with Becca
Life with Becca 2 months ago

This cards are so cool. I love how kid friendly they are. So I can do a bunch of these with my son. It’s perfect for the holidays. Thanks for sharing 🥰❤️

Better Us
Better Us 2 months ago

Love all of the wonderful Christmas cards you made! This is an awesome activity to do with my daughters and nephews. I’m definitely saving this to do some soon!

devesh agarwal
devesh agarwal 2 months ago

Only one word for you are amazing

Ava Being
Ava Being 2 months ago

Handmade cards are the best! I'm not crafty at all, but after watching your videos, I always feel like I can do them. You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

Do It With Rina
Do It With Rina 2 months ago

Woah just in time.. Im gonna make the first one, third one and the fourth one for the three kids at home ❤️ i love the font you used 😊

The Blush Babe
The Blush Babe 2 months ago

Greeting Cards are always a good idea on any occasion. These cards look so cute and you have kept the steps so easy to follow. Definitely making some for my family this time with gifts 😍❤️ Such a creative way to add a cherry to the gifts ❤️

Jamie Vaca
Jamie Vaca 2 months ago

I love these. I have not a single artistic bone in my body, I can’t even finish a coloring page, but this was so satisfying to watch. I’m sure it took some practice but your calligraphy is beautiful.

Courtney Co
Courtney Co 2 months ago

Love this. I will let my students try this before Christmas break. Thanks for sharing!

Ewa K
Ewa K 2 months ago

Another day I did a diy cards with my kids and they love it. I like your channel because is very inspiring and uplifting


This is so awesome my kids love to draw so they would love this video you're so talented much love hun.

Kita the Explorer
Kita the Explorer 2 months ago

I love your designs! And I love your creativity! Do you just make cards to send to people? Or do you sell any of your designs?

Healthylicious Bites
Healthylicious Bites 2 months ago

Nice craft, really creative. My favorite was the cat. That was so cute

AB Tarot
AB Tarot 2 months ago

Very cute and creative cards! I am definitely making some of these for my friends and making them with my kids. Thank you so much! I appreciate all your creativity!😊💕very beautiful drawings!

LavishSuma 2 months ago

I love handmade cards, they always feel so much more personal. These DIY Christmas card ideas are so awesome, they all looked so good and were so creative! Also, your handwriting is so nice

Casey Stout
Casey Stout 2 months ago

The cat card with the Christmas lights is my favorite. That is an adorable card. Your handwriting is beautiful too.

Nijah J
Nijah J 2 months ago

That snowman ⛄️ is super cute!!!! I like your handmade card, it’s def more personable and more meaningful to me. Very creative!

As told by Bree
As told by Bree 2 months ago

These are all so cute. I was looking for some diys to do with my kids. This is such a good option. We love putting a person touch on our gifts.

YOUNYQ WORLD 2 months ago

These were super cute and it looked like it was super fun to make.

Timpani Porshay
Timpani Porshay 2 months ago

The seasons greeting card with the Christmas lights came out really nice. I would like to try to make my own cards but it would be all stickers because I can’t draw 😂

Marissa Jonasson
Marissa Jonasson 2 months ago

I love how elegant the one with the colored christmas trees looks yet it really wasnt that hard.. ps I love your nails haha.. my neice would go crazy for the cat one!! how stinking adorable I could never do the handwriting that you do but girl this all turned out so amazing and looks easy enough for sure

Entrepreneur Mommie
Entrepreneur Mommie 2 months ago

These are super cute! And they look easy, is there a template for those? I love that they are simple but super meaningful and even elegant! Btw loved your nail polish!

The Blocker Fam
The Blocker Fam 2 months ago

I love the cat card! And how your has the star on his head. These are all so’s hard to pick my favorite one.

Prissy Ariel
Prissy Ariel 2 months ago

These are so freaking cute! The two cards with the cats on them are my favs! Side note- you have the best handwriting lol

Starfaceorganics 2 months ago

Awww I love diy cards are the best

KerryAndBerry Vlogs
KerryAndBerry Vlogs 2 months ago

That cutie cat 🐱 popping up was so cute lol

I love your writing style!! Let it snow ❄️🥰😍 that was gorgeous with the snow flakes dotted around!

Really creative and to have massive skill xx

Liza Masil calming music et al.

These are cool ideas for diy christmas cards, kids will going to have fun doing all these💖

Tatiana Kurnosova
Tatiana Kurnosova 2 months ago

Loved all of the ideas, really inspiring as always 💖I think the last card with Christmas deer is my fav, but all of them are beautiful, so it's hard to choose 😍

Serene Reflection
Serene Reflection 2 months ago

These are great ideas. I love the cat one and the snowman one!

Nikki Cole lifestyle
Nikki Cole lifestyle 2 months ago

There’s nothing like a homemade personalized card! Love them ❤️

LARRY & CILVER TV 2 months ago

These diy cards are so nice I love the font. I think the cat with the tree and candles was my fave. All of them are super cute tho!

Adarsh Mehta
Adarsh Mehta 2 months ago

Super Super Awesome ....😘😘😘🤩🤩

itsJacquie 2 months ago

These diys are so adorable and festive ! Gonna create my own christmas card this year !

Riana Anaïs
Riana Anaïs 2 months ago

My daughter and I LOVED watching this! She was glued the entire time that's saying a lot for a 2 year old. Our favorite was the cat with the star on his head lol. So cute and very curiously satisfying

Rekha Vij
Rekha Vij 2 months ago

Wow.... Amazing tutorial
Wonderful drawing
Love to watch it 👌👌👍👍🍁🍁

Fancy Nanc-ista
Fancy Nanc-ista 2 months ago

Wow!! You have such a great handwriting and these are so cute!!

Loveday Tarot and Art

How cute are these! They are something that my young sons could absolutely do! Thank you for sharing!

Alana Faucher
Alana Faucher 2 months ago

You’re so talented, I know your channel says for children but these are ideas I would do as an adult! Thank you so much for sharing and giving me creative ideas 🎄 happy holidays ✨

Kelsley Broomfield
Kelsley Broomfield 2 months ago

These are so cute! I hate buying cards because I feel like people just throw them out haha. I would feel so much better making one so I'm definitely going to try one of these

Janelli Powell
Janelli Powell 2 months ago

So creative, I'll definitely ask my 10yo daughter who's into arts and crafts to watch this. You're so talented, thanks for sharing this.

Sandeep Vij
Sandeep Vij 2 months ago

Most entertaining and enjoyable to watch...loved it really

Xailing Gaming
Xailing Gaming 2 months ago

This looks so epic and easy at the same time, keep rolling!

pallav agarwal
pallav agarwal 2 months ago

Amazing, Wonderful and super cute! I loved it!🤩❤️

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