Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating


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Information Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

Title : Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

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Frames Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

Description Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

Christmas Village Display - How To Set Up A Christmas Village - Christmas Decorating

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Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 2 months ago

So beautiful

Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 2 months ago

So beautiful.

Rose Kettelson
Rose Kettelson 2 months ago

Beautiful village and smile ❤️. You are talented.

Maria Cappellari
Maria Cappellari 2 months ago

Molto bello bravo

Daniela Giardina
Daniela Giardina 2 months ago

Wow 😀

Kim Gurley
Kim Gurley 2 months ago

I'm LOVING how there ISN'T a snow-blanket base!!! Gorgeous display!!!!

loroluvsmakeup 2 months ago


masguapoako 2 months ago

My neighbor just gave me a bunch of ceramic Christmas Village , time to decorate.

Debbie Livingston
Debbie Livingston 2 months ago


Артем Чернов

Я тоже начала заниматься домиками это классно как же я без них жила

A, kumar
A, kumar 2 months ago

Tumhara video dekhkar har christmas par main bhi aisa banane ki koshis karta hu i like 💞👍,, i am in,, 🇮🇳 👃

ironlung 2 months ago


1970Catatau 2 months ago

Loved it Christopher. Its very pretty. Never thought about use the books as platform. Cool. :)

Houmama 2 months ago

Yours is the best Christmas Town. I enjoyed the music and video very much. Great job! 🎄☃️❄

Sonya Dyson
Sonya Dyson 2 months ago

I've shared this one with my family. Can't wait to copy it this weekend! pause ⏸ play lol. such a charming village

mark preman
mark preman 2 months ago

I’ve been doing these for years, good idea with the books...

Bertha Sanchez
Bertha Sanchez 2 months ago

Chris, it’s so beautiful you are so talented!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sofia A
Sofia A 2 months ago


Gina Swanger
Gina Swanger 2 months ago


Zoltan Gremsperger
Zoltan Gremsperger 2 months ago

great vid! greetings from 2020 😷

Mark Frank
Mark Frank 2 months ago

I felt the same as Pamela Green but was pleased with the end result; excellent work certainly gave me some ideas for mine. Many thanks, Christopher. Thank you for considering others, you could have enjoyed this without guests, but I am glad you shared.

Deb Waterson
Deb Waterson 2 months ago

I had tears in my eyes ... it's truly beautiful Chris, congrats mate ... Merry Christmas from Down Under

Anya Catanzaro
Anya Catanzaro 2 months ago

È un vero incanto il tuo villaggio! Meraviglioso!!!!

Deise Rebel
Deise Rebel 2 months ago

I’ve nearly the exact same shelving note I’m inspired, thank you so much, the little touches are the best

Ahmie Abad
Ahmie Abad 2 months ago

cannot wait to make my own! thank you for sharing

Karen P
Karen P 2 months ago

I loved everything about this video. You’re a true artist, it was almost like watching you painting a picture.

Heidi M
Heidi M 2 months ago

I can never get enough of watching this video. It’s so cute and I do a large display every year but this is just right......

Josefa González Pérez

Le ha quedado muy bello.
Hay mucha delicadeza en su trabajo.
Un cordial saludo desde Mataro-Barcelona España

Tracey Szostek
Tracey Szostek 2 months ago

I absolutely LOVE your decorations!!!! I love watching your videos!!!! ❤️

Lindsay Packer
Lindsay Packer 2 months ago

I wasn’t sure about the old books application at first, then when I saw how you brought it all together in the end it turned out quite charming. Kind of like an old Shakespeare type xmas display - if that’s even a thing I don’t know, lol....but I like it.

Nancy Barta
Nancy Barta 2 months ago

Its very pretty........but no I prefer the cotton matting!

Jennifer Davies
Jennifer Davies 2 months ago

Hi there, your village is very pretty and reminds me of my grandma’s. I’m doing my first Christmas village this year. Thank you for posting this. :)

BloxKing Plays Roblox

Very nice

sonal patel
sonal patel 2 months ago


Barry Parks
Barry Parks 2 months ago

Looks great

Jorge Tamayo
Jorge Tamayo 2 months ago


Isoldemichmawaschen Grauer Riese

Sehr hübsch 😍

Areli Tello
Areli Tello 2 months ago

Hi 👋🏻 Chris Where did you buy the Village Houses? I love the farm and the Cabin!😍🥰

Nikki Gomez
Nikki Gomez 2 months ago

I use boxes instead of books to give it that look of houses on a hill

Matthew D. Hileman
Matthew D. Hileman 2 months ago

Who are these weird people who click "dislike"? What's not to like?

Hershey Vegah
Hershey Vegah 2 months ago

Next Christmas I Love simple and maybe Budget Friendly

BevsArtsandCrafts 2 months ago

Wow! 😍

Tony Gerow
Tony Gerow 2 months ago

Amazing. Truly amazing.

Mara Jacobson
Mara Jacobson 2 months ago

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents and not being a snooty designer who think Christmas villages are lame!

Jane Fleet
Jane Fleet 2 months ago

Some of the houses look so real, so well done.

jennifer mancinelli
jennifer mancinelli 2 months ago

Wow!!! Soooo pretty!!! 🎄 🥰🎄

Cathline Johnson
Cathline Johnson 2 months ago

Oh my GOSH! That is gorgeous! I loved your book stacks and the fact that you staggered them some so that the snow would be on different levels. This is one of the prettiest displays I’ve seen. I’m doing my first Village this year 2020. I’m so excited! Thank you for sharing!

AVSC 2 months ago

I'm just wondering if you will start having tutorial how to make front door garlands.! Classic gold, red..

Roberta Pdjs
Roberta Pdjs 2 months ago

Muito lindo arrasou..

Michael Block
Michael Block 2 months ago

The books complete the storybook fairytale effect. It might be a well known displaty practice, for the little I know, but for me it was a pleasant surprise. nice display!

Eveliny Almeida
Eveliny Almeida 2 months ago


Paul Donoghue
Paul Donoghue 2 months ago

Had me at the start...i didn't think it was going to work.....but it looked great in the end....🙂🎄

Nina Rose
Nina Rose 2 months ago


Nina Rose
Nina Rose 2 months ago

Oh c'est magnifique, merci merci

Snapepet 2 months ago

Thank you! I watch this at the end of June...but I have had a terrible, terrible night...and this helped to cheer me up. I'm stunned the books worked so well! Brilliant! You did a wonderful job. I hope you don't mind my saying you are a very handsome young man!

Yaz 2 months ago


Nikhil Nevrekar
Nikhil Nevrekar 2 months ago

Love this video ❤️❤️❤️

hlat9318 2 months ago

This display looks really cozy

Lois McCarl
Lois McCarl 2 months ago

Very nice presentation, but you are showing 11 houses, I have over 40, current display on floor is about 20 ft and three levels, Ideas?

Stacy Medina
Stacy Medina 2 months ago

I LOVE seeing various options for display-- I think yours is lovely! Nicely done. Loved the video start to finish.... TFS and Blessings to you from the Great Pacific Northwest, Lakewood, WA! (think south of Seattle-- and BETTER!)

ça va
ça va 2 months ago

How to set up a Christmas village
Step 1: be a millionaire to buy this toys...

slras 2 months ago

I like this video, but in my village the lights go through the bottom of the pieces. Also my cord has a much shorter space between bulbs. Also I use different colored clear bulbs in my pieces. Give a nice effect.

Sara T-M
Sara T-M 2 months ago

Thanks for this; you just solved a couple of problems for me! I’m also working with limited space, bookshelves, and just realize I can make more room for the village by using the vintage books already in the shelf as building bases. Now I won’t have to deal with a snow blanket either.

Donna Thompson
Donna Thompson 2 months ago

Fantastic. Very talented you are. You have a beautiful soul and brilliant mind. Thank you for going through the trouble to do this. You have inspired me!!! God bless you.

James Allen
James Allen 2 months ago

Now I'm inspired to use my many, many books! Thank you!

Sonia Franco Rivera
Sonia Franco Rivera 2 months ago

Te quedó hermoso

Peggy Gilbertsen
Peggy Gilbertsen 2 months ago

Lovely . Where did you get the white cord lights?

Chris Litts
Chris Litts 2 months ago

Cool giving me ideas for next year.

Irene Orellana
Irene Orellana 2 months ago

Maravilloso, muy muy genial 🎄👌

Pamela Green
Pamela Green 2 months ago

I was skeptical when I realized you didn’t have a white blanket to cover the books, but I was wrong ! It is so pretty!

Gay Alvaro
Gay Alvaro 2 months ago

Just found your site and I LOVE everything you do. Been binge watching and now a subscriber. Just beautiful music along with the demonstration and in such a short time! Then the beautiful TA-DA moment of the finished look! Your SO talented and many thanks for sharing.

Sue Sykes
Sue Sykes 2 months ago

A pity he didn’t cover the books, shelves and the top of the chest of drawers with fleece to give an all over snowy look. Otherwise very good

Patty Marshall
Patty Marshall 2 months ago

Awesome job! Love, love, love it!

David Federici
David Federici 2 months ago


Kristal Price
Kristal Price 2 months ago

Some lady was gaveing her village away and some was broke I wish I new how to save the brock ones help

Sandra Rivera
Sandra Rivera 2 months ago

So cute! Love the idea of the books

B 2 months ago

That multi-bulb cord looks to be a life saver! I have a village and I hate all the cords coming out and being plugged into one giant extension cord (I’m always trying to hide it). I will definitely be buying one of those cords... also when you put the books down I wasn’t nuts about it, but seeing the finished product the books look great covered in snow!

Denny 2 months ago

Looks nice, but I don't really like the books. Other than that it's pretty!

RitaBugg Thomas
RitaBugg Thomas 2 months ago


James G
James G 2 months ago

Any tips on getting your partner to stop moaning about your collection as I get occasional grief and it ruins the whole thing.

Sherry Lee
Sherry Lee 2 months ago


Гюльшан Иманова

Красивая спина у парня. И больше ничего не видно) все равно лайк)

Lari Kipe
Lari Kipe 2 months ago

Christopher, that is very lovely.

Star Anna
Star Anna 2 months ago

Mine is prettier...but good job!
I put way less effort but I've collected for 30/40 yrs & I use Fluff snow..less mess! And mini lights....

Elsi Cruz
Elsi Cruz 2 months ago

me encantó

Tammy Augustus
Tammy Augustus 2 months ago

I love this!

hershey bee
hershey bee 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful Christopher!

Patricia Parada
Patricia Parada 2 months ago

Beautyfull,thanks for sharing🌲😊

jeffs1000 2 months ago

Wow, the books look awesome! What a great idea.

Jackie Spence
Jackie Spence 2 months ago


Richard Schnell
Richard Schnell 2 months ago

Ok, this is absolutely the no fun way to set up yer Christmas village.

Lorraine Crumley
Lorraine Crumley 2 months ago

Well that was awesome did a terrific job. 👍

Angel 2 months ago

Super!!! 😁👍🎄🎅

Olguita Marrero
Olguita Marrero 2 months ago


дневная фурия

Вы волшебник?

Paz Pelaez
Paz Pelaez 2 months ago

Precioso trabajo

Wanda Goncalves
Wanda Goncalves 2 months ago

Hi Christopher, another fabulous job thank you for sharing.

Valerie Infranco
Valerie Infranco 2 months ago

This is amazing ! Was going to bring my village to consignment end the torture. Am going to give the Village another year. What is brand name of Cord you purchased.