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Claire Hall
Claire Hall 2 months ago

This made my cry with sadness

Eleanor Hogan
Eleanor Hogan 2 months ago

When I first saw this I thought at first it was an advert for Marks and Spencer's but it turned out to be a pif for dog's trust.

Suki-tan Hatsune {初音スキたん}

0:34 why does everything get sad and scary the moment the singer sings the word "happy"? 🤔🤔🤔

Berta Medina
Berta Medina 2 months ago

I’m crying 😭

Golden 2 months ago

i liek doggo :0

Pandora8 2 months ago


The Blurred Pixel
The Blurred Pixel 2 months ago


Matthew Plampton
Matthew Plampton 2 months ago

Never once had a reply from Dog Trust when I've offered to adopt. And people wonder why we go to breeders.

Archie SHEPHERD 2 months ago

Dogs Trust Christmas Advert 2019

Galaxy_wolf05 2 months ago

If I got a dog for Christmas, I would treat it as if I got it at any different time if the year. I got my puppy during Lockdown, and I love her to bits. I still would have loved her the same if I got her for Christmas.

JOHNNY Walker 2 months ago

i hate people doing thing like to dog put in the bin I would like to be animal cruelty people killer >:-(

Jhianry Wincha
Jhianry Wincha 2 months ago

Lusy Hognaston
Lusy Hognaston 2 months ago

When I first saw this, I first thought it was an advert for Marks and Spencer's but it turned out to be a dog's trust PIF, very good dog's trust and you used cheerful music.

155chipmunkz 2 months ago

Of course his name is freaking Corky...

Kevin Pask
Kevin Pask 2 months ago

Anyone who abounds a dog doesn't have a heart 😥😥

anni3 Puxzle
anni3 Puxzle 2 months ago

I actually watched this at school and it’s so sad and watching it again I want to cry

alexastock2 2 months ago

If you get a pet, you are committing to taking care of it for life. It just pisses me off that people think animals are just props they can throw away once they get bored of them. They have feelings and it just hurts to know people don’t seem to care about that.

Ludmila Krepelka
Ludmila Krepelka 2 months ago

Para mim deveria ser proibida a venda de cães e gatos. É uma tristeza a exploração das fêmeas. Existem animais a .milhares oara serem adotados sem custo algum. Os que vendem do que compram são responsáveis pelo enorme abandono...

Donna Grasis
Donna Grasis 2 months ago

Finally I didn't cry at this

Trần Thế
Trần Thế 2 months ago

Im so happy they got adopted together! Now they will be living together forever 3:19

Trần Thế
Trần Thế 2 months ago

1:05 she says "look at this one its a corpse!!" as in he is sleeping so deeply he ded hahaha 4:39

Trần Thế

Kelsey Berryman
Kelsey Berryman 2 months ago

I'm a teacher and my students were studying ads and one came to me after watching this and asked if I could make a class rule that everybody had to adopt dogs from shelters...

Trần Thế
Trần Thế 2 months ago

when the lazy one was climbing things it gave me anxiety 2:24

Discontinued Account
Discontinued Account 2 months ago

If I had a dog I’d make sure it knew it was loved.

Everything In One Channel

I watched this at my school so I watched it now it was quite happy at the start and then next morning it was so sad that they threw him away but he has a better home now.They can look after him,I have a dog what looks exactly the same.His name is Archie.

ItsZurich 2 months ago

This made me cry and confused at the same time this is very sad😢😢😢

XjwsXgaming 2 months ago

Boils my blood this does. Happens every year. People do not think at all. Need to be punished.

Usamah Hussain
Usamah Hussain 2 months ago


savioba1 2 months ago

Just seen this for the first time on Xmas day 2019. Absolutely brilliant. It was jolly and festive but had a meaningful message and hit home the reason why dogs are for life and not just for Xmas. Full marks to the ad campaign creators.

Katakana Cristatus
Katakana Cristatus 2 months ago

Aww poor corky I was crying :'( How could anyone be so cruel? Let's see how this person likes to be thrown in the bin in the cold!

Olivia Cunningham
Olivia Cunningham 2 months ago

I have a dog had her for 3 years

Kairen Jamieson
Kairen Jamieson 2 months ago

A man walks into a shelter looking for a new family member
As he walks past the cages he sees the fear in their eyes...the hopelessness and confusion of why their family abandoned them.
With a hurting heart he turns his face towards the heavens and with tears in his eyes he calls out ...
"why God...why have you done nothing to help these animals?"
God was silent for a moment
Then he quietly answered....
"I Have...I sent you!"

Man In Shorts Jane
Man In Shorts Jane 2 months ago

What Is That Song Called for This Advert?

ty smokes
ty smokes 2 months ago

What's the name of this song?

david chester
david chester 2 months ago

My dog was given to the dogs trust not abandoned as such but he was an 8 year old rottweiler. Literally the best dog ever. Such a sweet boy and passed away a couple of months ago. I had the best year of my life with him. Teach your kids about second chances, seeing deeper and caring this year. There are so many good dogs there or at local shelters.

Galaxy_wolf05 2 months ago

I’m watching this in my Business Studies class and I’m bawling.
The dog in the advert is absolutely beautiful and it’s cruel that this happens a lot, especially after Christmas.
People buy dogs and they don’t realise how much had work they are and end up throwing them out. This leads to loads of Animal Rescue Centre’s being full and some of the new ones that come in end up being put to sleep because there’s no room.

If you’re thinking of getting a dog this Christmas, make sure you give it all of the love and affection and care it deserves. Dogs are our friends, not presents.

Toby does the Internet

How is this sad 😂

Ken Terry
Ken Terry 2 months ago

A lot of people will bark (no pun intended) about their right to buy whatever they like for "the kiddies"
When 101 dalmatians came out in the 90s, Battersea had to make room as all the divorced dads were buying dalmatian puppies for Christmas.

Klobmiester 2 months ago

The dog in the advert is identical age and look as mine, got to be a brother or sister got him from a farm near Blackpool

rodenthideout 2 months ago

My god that made me tear up is so true

kinah keenah
kinah keenah 2 months ago

What's the song called please, anyone? Thank you

Emily Stevens
Emily Stevens 2 months ago

This is heartbreaking, how could anyone do that? Love my fur babies so much ❤️

Nathalie Grieves
Nathalie Grieves 2 months ago

This is sad ☹️

Charles Key
Charles Key 2 months ago

We are great fans of Dogs Trust, they are so awesome in their care for homeless dogs not so much a charity more of a mission to help the homeless pupster who like this advert are really thrown out with the post Christmas trash, what you see in this advert happens every year to puppies and store bought pets they truly become unwanted pets, if it wasn't for Dogs Trust and other rescue charities, these poor souls would be left to roam the streets as in other countries, when you see this advert remember this is happening ever year to 100s of dog at who become unwanted gifts. This Christmas is you are thinking of offering a pet a home think very carefully, its a huge responsibility, Do consider fostering this gives you a great chance to take in a pet and see how they will fit into your life style as they are being fostered to you there is no permanent commitment, you will be helping to relieve the pressure to the shelter on their busiest intake time of year, many foster families become "foster fails" which means the family loves their ward so much they adopt it, Dogs Trust are always very happy to help and advise you and do their very best to match the pupster with their perfect human, this is why their moto is A DOG ID FOR LIFE NOT JUST CHRISTMAS. We love Dogs Trust their adverts are always spot on as well as being quite brilliant yet simple in their message, again an other brilliant well done advert, you No1 paw fans Pippin & Ollie

Jill B
Jill B 2 months ago

I had to cuddle my dog even more closely after that. Heartbreaking.

I Sea Anemone 7007
I Sea Anemone 7007 2 months ago

Excellent, thought provoking advert. DON’T BUY PUPPIES OR KITTENS FOR XMAS!

Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith 2 months ago

I cried watching this.It is now my most hated ad but sadly it's very true this time of year.

Adam Ross
Adam Ross 2 months ago

Check out Lola a beagle we rescued last week her instagram page is lolabeagle16

Lenmar Fox
Lenmar Fox 2 months ago

This advert had me in extreme distress and upset.

Ellie Turner
Ellie Turner 2 months ago

Crying so much right now 😭😭😭

John Can-Am Spyder UK

Hope people watch and listen

MasterOneLew 2 months ago

This is so sad. People need to have a dog for life. Just because it isn’t Christmas and it isn’t a puppy anymore doesn’t mean that you get rid of it. Such a lovely advert.

playtendo power
playtendo power 2 months ago

I would of kept corky

Alana Gorman
Alana Gorman 2 months ago

This Christmas is going to be my first Christmas without my big beautiful chocolate Labrador. {We lost him over the summer to liver failure} I always cry over these kinds of ads but this one just hit way worse :(

Bronwyn Kemp
Bronwyn Kemp 2 months ago

This literally made me cry 😭

TheSaintsNo1 2 months ago


Sorcha Payne
Sorcha Payne 2 months ago

I wanted to start crying after seeing the dog getting thrown into the bin like that 😭 that’s just rude.

Helena Kegg
Helena Kegg 2 months ago

I love my dog and I always will 🐶💖💕

Elaine Johnson
Elaine Johnson 2 months ago

💌 woof 🐾fur🌠 Ever 🎄PROMISE🐶🐾🍀

amazing amy
amazing amy 2 months ago

This advert isnt nice.. Yeah he may only b a dog made outta cork.. But its tasteless and u cud of advertised dogs trust differently. Its sad..

Z Ka
Z Ka 2 months ago

I wish this adverb would be in every country

Keira Jackson
Keira Jackson 2 months ago

I actually carnt stand the thoret of this ever happening and i just saw it on the tv 📺 and i was just sat on the sofa and it came on and i just started to cry 😢

Bryn Dowsett
Bryn Dowsett 2 months ago

Love the advert but he's crucifying this song :-(

Vucumprá 2 months ago

Good advert with an important message but I hate that dreadful kind of homosinging why does there have to be so many pansies on TV ?

Rosalind 2 months ago

A dog is apart of your family, not just for life 😭😭😭

Alexandra Abraham
Alexandra Abraham 2 months ago

Sorry Dogs Trust, I think you missed an opportunity here. You need to create an advert that BEGINS at Christmas, but then progressively shows the dog and family over a 6-month period, as the duty of total care for the dog - feeding, grooming, walking, taking to the vet, cleaning up the mess - falls to one person so that, come the Summer - when families want to go on holiday - the dog is neglected, abandoned and given to a shelter, if it's lucky. The most significant time of abandonment isn't Christmas. It's the summer, where one pet is abandoned every 6 minutes. THAT'S ehat you need to focus on. Not Christmas. The aftermath.

Lily Strong
Lily Strong 2 months ago

Awwww why do people do this? Getting a dog as a present and getting rid of it when you've gone off them. If you buy dog, it's a friend for life who is like family. If you aren't prepared to do that don't just excite them then return them like they don't matter. These poor baby's don't deserve us :( ❤️

Sofie Lou
Sofie Lou 2 months ago

This makes me cry and I'm 11 😭💔

William Scott
William Scott 2 months ago

Makes me feel bad about all of the livestock that will be slaughtered over the holiday so that we can eat them that no one will even give a thought to, their emotions have just as much worth as the doggos

Jane-Isobel Dennis
Jane-Isobel Dennis 2 months ago

A video that shows the worst of human nature

Galaxy _mooncat77
Galaxy _mooncat77 2 months ago

I’m getting a dog but he’s for life

AwesomeHyperSonic547 2 months ago

Awwww, that little Corky dog is so sweet.😍😍 Cried when I saw the poor adorable dog cleared off the table under the wrapping paper and in the skip.😭😢😢💔 Anyone who can do that to a animal, and not feel bad about it, is just pure evil, especially as animals give you so much love in return.😢💔💔

I really truly feel for all animals who has been abandoned like this, so upsetting and heartbreaking.😢😢 Hope little Corky finds a good loving home. #ADogIsForLife #DogsTrust

Linda Carter
Linda Carter 2 months ago

Well good advert , can’t believe it still happens

Imogen 2 months ago

Omg soooo cute and sooooo sad

tasiawful1 2 months ago

Just heartbreaking I cried when I was told about this advert and cried more actually watching it dogs are too precious souls to just discard and throughout the world in some countries they suffer terrible brutality. I hope this advert helps stop people from buying these wonderful animals without thinking it through.

Caoimhe Curran
Caoimhe Curran 2 months ago

Its 12am and im crying 😭😭

Dave Lane
Dave Lane 2 months ago

i,m sorry but any [email protected]#$%&@.that does that to a dog should be shot .that's the most heartbreakig ad I've seen. it's the look of sadness in the puppets and real dogs eyes that gets me.

Len Raby
Len Raby 2 months ago

Best Christmas advert this year and although not a Sam Smith fan, he certainly nailed this perfectly.

Jnrmerlin 2 months ago


0 2 months ago

Can't watch this got my fur baby lying next to me cuddling me no idea how people can do this

SileneUK 2 months ago

OMG... it look just like our girl!!! Her face will melt hearts... and make the point!

chloe_xo p
chloe_xo p 2 months ago

I can’t watch this again i love animals and this makes me cry and feel so sad😭

Sleepy Monsters
Sleepy Monsters 2 months ago

Dogs trust came to my school and showed me the advert like if a dog is for life not just for Christmas


james mcmillan
james mcmillan 2 months ago

This is such a touching advert I love all animals better than some humans I know

mazi jane jones
mazi jane jones 2 months ago

awwww i love this advert x

Kitty_proheadpopper gaming

You can see the tears in the dogs eyes. Thats what breaks me, we dont deserve dogs, no dog should go through this.

eXplodedGalaxy 2 months ago

Just don't show this to John Wick

Diane Harrison
Diane Harrison 2 months ago

So sad

Carolyn Haywood
Carolyn Haywood 2 months ago

My dog is family and you would never throw away a family member, Would you. She’s my best mate.

Jamie Goddard
Jamie Goddard 2 months ago

made me cry my eyes out great ad hope corky finds a lovely home

Catherine Killigrew
Catherine Killigrew 2 months ago

I love my pets so this advert makes me sad.

Scarlet Young
Scarlet Young 2 months ago

What the hell no one shouldn’t do that to a dog have the dog for Christmas and then when you’ve had enough of the dog throw it away that’s just harsh

Ghastly Dragon 10
Ghastly Dragon 10 2 months ago

I was in tears and so pissed off at this advert

LoneWanderer 2 months ago

What dog breed is Corky?

Charles Key
Charles Key 2 months ago

Yet an other great advert from Dogs Trust and a great Christmas ad to, that really brings home the message A Dog Is For Life Not Just Christmas, no one could put it any better than this, its simple yet straight to the point, I think its great we think this is going to be a great hit, its the best Christmas add on tv this year.

American Pie
American Pie 2 months ago

I'm just happy to say that Every year since 2010 I get my Xmas bonus I always donate €150 to
dogs trust 🐶 💕

Alison Louise
Alison Louise 2 months ago

And this is why I have 13 dogs 2 cats and 3 guinea pigs 😍 such a great organisation and so true a dog is for life.... my one lad is 16 I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he’s been poorly the last few months and I will be with him when he leaves us 😥hopefully he’ll stay with me forever I can’t bear to think about it😭

AuroraVioletLight 2 months ago

A heartbreaking message to shout from the rooftops. Always. Some humans show no respect at all for creatures. Bless and Protect all animals from evil hands where possible. Thanks to The Dogs Trust and other decent groups for all they do to help all animals wherever they may be. Respect to you.

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