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Casual Friday is Cancelled - The Office US

Casual Friday is Cancelled - The Office US

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hemlok krunch
hemlok krunch 2 months ago

Season 6

Pokeminer Draws I guess

what's wrong with Andy's outfit though?

A1sausie 2 months ago

1:50 Kevin “No” 🤣

SilverBullet 2 months ago

Thats why they stopped casual friday at my office😋😋😋
Ladies think its a night club on friday🤣

Marcy Stetzer
Marcy Stetzer 2 months ago

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pray 4 harper
pray 4 harper 2 months ago

I'm still trying to figure out how someone as young as pam would see that outfit and go "yeah" .

DaTiger45 2 months ago

Toby grew a pair after standing up to Dwight

Hydrian Shield
Hydrian Shield 2 months ago

If my job would've have a casual Friday, then I will wear a suit.

Andy Bernard
Andy Bernard 2 months ago

I don’t understand when Toby said that he had the only appropriate outfit I was fine in a T Shirt and khaki shorts

Tangy Centipédè
Tangy Centipédè 2 months ago

Now you know why you miss Micheal

JA BC 2 months ago

Eventually, Oscar telling Meredith that her breast is showing makes a lot more sense when you know Oscar is gay...If you pay attention he was the only man who raised his voice at Meredith...maybe cause the rest were just staring. This does not take away from Oscar’s nature as a true gentleman though.


I’m surprised that Pam and Phyllis didn’t start screaming at each other for wearing the same clothes

MrBurns 2 months ago

All of the wrong people are naked.

Magic is Midoriya.
Magic is Midoriya. 2 months ago

1:38 Kevin is hilarious, “no no” 😭

Dub 2 months ago

Meredith had some plump thighs

Sania Singhania
Sania Singhania 2 months ago

Why is no one talking about how sweetly Erin complimented Kelly? She actually looked like JLo!

That Gamer 1227
That Gamer 1227 2 months ago

You should never verbally attack Pam

Lucas Moore
Lucas Moore 2 months ago

The only time we ever see the fire in Toby

Alpha Red
Alpha Red 2 months ago

So no I wouldn’t say I have a passion for HR...

The Zealot
The Zealot 2 months ago

2:34 angela is holding the urge to laugh lol

Aashnaa Shah
Aashnaa Shah 2 months ago

Am I the only one bothered that not all of the outfits are bad? But he said all except mine are inappropriate

not even river
not even river 2 months ago

i'd give toby a good time tbh, he's such a daddy

Douwe STR
Douwe STR 2 months ago

i hate phyllis

Sealdude 2 months ago

Toby is my favorite character, quite honestly

Patricia Anne
Patricia Anne 2 months ago

Get ‘em Toby! 😂

Abhishek Atri
Abhishek Atri 2 months ago

Angela : excuse me
Angela karen mode activated

Jeb Garcia
Jeb Garcia 2 months ago

Meredith, mm? 🤨

April Xo
April Xo 2 months ago

This explains tobys patience .. he was going to be a priest lol

Jayson Todd
Jayson Todd 2 months ago

Poor Toby

Felipe Villanueva
Felipe Villanueva 2 months ago

Bunch of prudes.

Adam Eaton
Adam Eaton 2 months ago


DRAGON 865 2 months ago

Dwight actually looks pretty good without a tie.

Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 2 months ago

Angela's racism is so irritating

Tiffaney Teague
Tiffaney Teague 2 months ago

OMG to far To FAR!!!!!........good job

RedNationBlogga !
RedNationBlogga ! 2 months ago

Kevin with his “no! no!” 😭

amita gadkari
amita gadkari 2 months ago

Kelly’s outfit is honestly amazing

Pere Domènech
Pere Domènech 2 months ago

The way Kevin says: "No, no!" kills me every time 😂

Abinash Panigrahi
Abinash Panigrahi 2 months ago

Dwight's version of casual Friday was just not wearing a tie. 🤣🤣🤣

Snake Eyes 420
Snake Eyes 420 2 months ago


Ryan S
Ryan S 2 months ago

9 seasons of this show and I always felt bad for Toby everyone hates him lol

Duy Hòa Nguyễn
Duy Hòa Nguyễn 2 months ago

I just noticed that Toby shirt hint Costarica

Beautifully Kayla
Beautifully Kayla 2 months ago

Why are not talking about how cute Kelly’s outfit was?

Be1smaht 2 months ago

So against casual friday

Be1smaht 2 months ago


Be1smaht 2 months ago

I. Hate angela

Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo 2 months ago

Andy's face is pure gold. 1:48

Nami Fujita
Nami Fujita 2 months ago

funny thing is Toby was right

CM-Money54 2 months ago

0:49 not sure why but this made me laugh

Jean Carlo Mercado Ponce de León

I love that as soons a Toby raised his voice and told Dwight to sit down he was back at his chair the next frame

burt sangalang
burt sangalang 2 months ago

Merideth bends over
Merideths Goodies: Oh, hi, hello....


burt sangalang
burt sangalang 2 months ago

You're welcome, everyone.

burt sangalang
burt sangalang 2 months ago

Kelly: damnit Merideth, where are your panties?
Merideth: It's casual day.


Mr. Jacobs
Mr. Jacobs 2 months ago

Kevin in the background saying NO NO NO

me the animal lover
me the animal lover 2 months ago

"You're dressed like this amorphous blob of khaki!" 😂😂😂

Ephriam Winslow
Ephriam Winslow 2 months ago

tbh I like Toby

Bellamy Blake
Bellamy Blake 2 months ago

Phyllis and Pam’s outfit is FUGLY

BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee 2 months ago

Meredith!!! 😂😂😂

BeeBee Tee
BeeBee Tee 2 months ago

Toby loves 🇨🇷

Matthew Evangelista
Matthew Evangelista 2 months ago

"Ok who let the lemonhead in here?"

Chick Magnet
Chick Magnet 2 months ago

So are we gonna ignore the fact that Meredith disgust all the office?

King Henry V of England

Poor Toby

A Mondal
A Mondal 2 months ago

Where's Jim???

EnigmaDrath 2 months ago

Kelly's outfit was sponsored by the late 90s/early 2000s

Spongebob Squarepants

Really casual to me

Travis Flagler
Travis Flagler 2 months ago

Toby = 🐐

copodenieve00 2 months ago

I'm a big fan of Toby. His calm gets me!

Josh Gordon
Josh Gordon 2 months ago

Toby seem like the type to play volleyball, no offence

Matthew Ambrose
Matthew Ambrose 2 months ago

The way Toby meekly whispers "it's... it's riding up a little high" just kills me.

Shredmeister 1980
Shredmeister 1980 2 months ago

"Bunch of prudes". Meredith

BB Slayer
BB Slayer 2 months ago

Oh my god I just realised when Tony said “except mine to be honest” Oscar furiously pointed down to his sandals

SHIVAM PATEL 2 months ago

At 2:34, Angela is totally breaking character and smiling! That's adorable!! 😂😂

Chethan Kumar
Chethan Kumar 2 months ago

1:22 what's wrong with my outfit 😂😂

Joevil Estinor
Joevil Estinor 2 months ago

is creed wearing a cult outfit?

studbagl 2 months ago

Andy’s head turn lmao

Jack Knox
Jack Knox 2 months ago

Angela is such a karen

Forever18or21 2 months ago

I love everyone in this scene

“Meredith your boobs is out”
“Too far, M, Too far!!”
“Dammit M where are your panties!?”

Fucking died each time.

Pam Halpert
Pam Halpert 2 months ago

I’m not a trout!

Karl Honrada
Karl Honrada 2 months ago

i feel like there's more evil in phyllis than anyone in the office, even angela.

majibuana 2 months ago

"Hey boom guy, when you gonna boom me?" ~Meredith

Uncreative Username
Uncreative Username 2 months ago

Meredith has nothing underneath that... um... outfit.

Gustavo Picado Durán

Toby really knows how to dress! C -O -S -T -A -R -I -C -A

Victim of psychiatry
Victim of psychiatry 2 months ago

poor Toby 😂😂😂😂😂

Andres Marte
Andres Marte 2 months ago

0:38 Toby’s face is so relatable

Unorthodox Black Girl

“Can’t you just not look at his feet?”
“Excuse me!” Lmfao

Sam Adams
Sam Adams 2 months ago

Phyllis gotta be the most annoying person in the office

oldsoul 2 months ago


Ringo Charmley
Ringo Charmley 2 months ago

Andy immediately looking away had me dead XDXD

Jong-Jong Speaks
Jong-Jong Speaks 2 months ago

I remember, Toby is not even part of his own family.

Jong-Jong Speaks
Jong-Jong Speaks 2 months ago

I remember, Toby is not even part of his own family.

Lakura Chan
Lakura Chan 2 months ago

Costa Rica pura vida

Sulin Chen
Sulin Chen 2 months ago

Toby: cancels causal fridays

Meredith: "how am I able to show my rack now"

Blessed from day 1
Blessed from day 1 2 months ago

Toby most casual guy there Tbf rate the Jamaica hoodie

Selfish Stockton
Selfish Stockton 2 months ago

You’re running from the problem!

Ritwika Ghosh
Ritwika Ghosh 2 months ago

"Meredith, your boob is out."
The way Oscar says it 💀

sjoyce100 2 months ago

casual work days - an attempt to fool yourselves that your not working in an office.

Parthivbabu Kommanaboyina

This shouldve been called: Toby fights back

RO RO 2 months ago


Novel Chaser
Novel Chaser 2 months ago

Pam and Phyllis look like Smuckers grape bottles

Dianne Mann
Dianne Mann 2 months ago

Is the blond lady Also Bethany of haters back off