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Anesiaa Balaan
Anesiaa Balaan 2 months ago

Why does in every december IN A GOOD SINGLE YEAR theres gonna be have a new virus

John Paul Villarin
John Paul Villarin 2 months ago

Corona virus, pull the uno reverse card

Fresh Delice
Fresh Delice 2 months ago

I have a feeling that we are in a Cold War and only God can protect us . Don’t trust no news no more

Md Ashraful Islam
Md Ashraful Islam 2 months ago

Come COVID-19 come. I am enjoying the vacation very much. From Bangladesh. Got redemption from painful way of education. And Allah is almighty for me. I will die with Allah's wish

Amir Jutt
Amir Jutt 2 months ago

Nothing is covid-19 and nothing is covid-20 , it's only normal flu nothing more

Maunster! 2 months ago

I think it is doubtful that our Government is smart enough to raise
the drawbridge of Canada yet.

Freedom & Whiskey
Freedom & Whiskey 2 months ago

Can you call 📞 all the gods including " Hanuman Ram, Krishna, Durga, Aiyappa, Vishnu, Ganesh ji etc..etc. Tell them National Emergency and we need them now then ever. We will take care of their food and accommodation. Ohh tell them to pick up .. Allah and Jesus on the way, they shouldn't left alone 🙏 🙏 🙌

smurf 2 months ago

Something not right with the bold gnome fellow.He has to keep the charade up follow the money.

abii aman
abii aman 2 months ago

all those deported from uk is so greatful nOW

Tahmid 2 months ago

What this??
First we had Covid 19
Now we have Covid 19 plus
Next will be Covid 19 plus X
Then will be Covid 19 plus X max
Then will be Covid 19 plus X max extra
Then will be Covid 19 plus X max extra large

blah blah blah
blah blah blah 2 months ago

Blah blah blah.... just be scared.. be very scared 👻👻👻👻 boo!

MrIroncrusher 2 months ago

These guys are looking nice and red faced, drinking the guilt away are we

Mohammad Hashem
Mohammad Hashem 2 months ago

Welcome to 2021 ladies and gentlemen

Golden Wings
Golden Wings 2 months ago

the british mutated the corona , 😆 what wouldnt mutate there ?

frankbatista4guitar 2 months ago

the vaccine does not work,,,,for different covid 19.....that is what he does not want to say directly the whole world is screw....this virus is a act from god, we are being punish,,,

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 2 months ago

Vacine stock crash scenario

applehead252 2 months ago

Get back to work I guess cause all these vaccines are gonna be worthless similar to flu vaccine!

MNE DHO 2 months ago

IS Canada waiting for that to come to Canada or Canada stopped all international and local flights immediately to not to spread in Canada.

James Hines
James Hines 2 months ago

So when will it stop mutating its like resident evil apocalypse. Does a vaccine still help. And its strange how this new variant has been found since vaccines have been given out. In Wales and London.

Cathy Zimmerman
Cathy Zimmerman 2 months ago

Called VUI so far "variant under investigation" Not more deadly but more contagious. " European countries responded by suspending travel links. The U.S. doesn’t need to take that step for now, a member of the White House virus task force said, but Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed concern that untested passengers from the U.K. could be carrying the mutation to New York." quoting Bloomberg News. Will we never learn??????????????? UK announced lockdown as people flocked to trains and airports to leave omg lol. God help us. Our stupidity and greed are more deadly than any virus.

Fulguro Geek
Fulguro Geek 2 months ago

I was listenting to many viroligist earlier this year and they were saying that when a virus is mutation to become more contagious, normally it decrease on the strengh of the symptoms and become less dangerous when we catch it but in that case seems that the virus is at the same level of dangerosity but is 70% more contagious... maybe anothe proof that this virus did not come from an animal but from a lab!

Fajer 2 months ago

Covid 19 plus
Covid 19 X
Covid 19 we all gonna die 🙂
2020 please come onnnnnnnn

Rasta Zilion
Rasta Zilion 2 months ago

the world is screwed

Jay Binks
Jay Binks 2 months ago

This "variant" was actually discovered in September according to the official government slide presentation and actually on the graph it was rapidly increasing in October and November and they've only just told us about it near THE END OF DECEMBER. How irresponsible can this government be? How do we know that in reality it may be a completely different virus and covid now is nearly nonexistent in the UK? If so, will it now be the default policy of the UK government to create restrictions and lockdowns when a lot of people are ill now? Interesting that most of those who don't have the virus haven't got a cold or anything at the moment. Isn't the percentage of those infected a bit smaller than that of those who have been ill in general in any given year? And who are these scientists? How can we trust them when they don't reveal EVERYTHING? Isn't the reason for a greater spread because of us being in winter now?!?!

Creaa Tiive
Creaa Tiive 2 months ago

bunch of liars

Mindy T
Mindy T 2 months ago

So right after they administer the vaccine, a new variant strain began to spread, 70 times faster. Coincidence? Can we afford to be gullible or naive?

Eriphoor 2 months ago

More lockdowns for a virus that is so deadly you have to be tested to find out if you have it.

Nahha Nırbat
Nahha Nırbat 2 months ago

Oh no, quick!,give me the vaccine!

Adriana Bonita Aziz
Adriana Bonita Aziz 2 months ago

They wil not leave us alone . We can expect , corona 3 , corona 4 , corona 5..... 😧 Why I am not surprised?

James 2 months ago

Reports of wildlife around the world catching Covid.

VriendRick 2 months ago

We have a vaccin
NO we do NOT return to normal life.
We have a NEW VIRUS
How convenient

Welcome in EU dictatorship.
Brexit or not EU is for life.
(Hotel California
You can check in But you can never leave)

NYYankees0802 2 months ago

Here we go again, covid 20 then lockdown for another year.... then covid 21, 22, 23 and go on. 😭😭😭

Gaza West
Gaza West 2 months ago

Did they just say "blah blah blah" when trying to explain the different variance of the new Covid Strain, seriously not convincing answers to whether there's data to back this claim up that it spread 70% faster?!

Sam Lines
Sam Lines 2 months ago

COVID 19 will mutate to COVID 21. Wait...

James Brandon
James Brandon 2 months ago

Is this natural wonder as its mutating to quickly .

tony o'connor
tony o'connor 2 months ago

99.7% survival rate.

David 135
David 135 2 months ago

Just in time to beat the vaccine! How convenient.

No Name
No Name 2 months ago

So vaccines are not gonna work, stop this performance and manipulation...

Mr. Makaveli
Mr. Makaveli 2 months ago

Bill Gates just updated the Covid19

Shahan Naseer
Shahan Naseer 2 months ago

The Way this Government has handled Covid 19 is Shocking . They have no idea what they are doing - 65,000 people dead and still do not have a strategy for England on testing and tracing . What is Roadmap - It end 2020 and looking like Covid 19 is growing again - IF this goes on we going approaching 100,000 dead before get this under control . Whats this start stop start half baked plans - SICK OFF the TORIES

Sol Anon
Sol Anon 2 months ago

No one cares golum

K C 2 months ago

Biotech products will be no different than other "smart" technologies. Constant upgrading and more complexity for the end user (gov, medical system, us). And like a certain OS maybe every year we'll have to pay a fee in perpetuity to a monopoly and forced to use their product. Just like the computer world, the end user trapped between the virus and anti-virus makers.

Nickname 42
Nickname 42 2 months ago

Special monkey island Covid-19 mutation. No wonder everything in the cesspool is becoming more resistant and adapted to incest.

pbruh 2 months ago

People in this comment section probably think 5g towers are behind the US elections

A K 2 months ago

What about the vaccine?

chris doe
chris doe 2 months ago

Covid 21 on the way ...
References to new strain in london.
Didnt Bill say cov 21 would get our attention .. very early in NY .

wolvenar 2 months ago

So.. Vaccine comes out and magically there is a new varient..
This sounds EXACTLY what would happen if say, this was all a weaponized virus being used as an excuse to make massive moves to control the population.
Who knows right...

Cpen Eyes
Cpen Eyes 2 months ago

*****Trump started operation warp speed, like the virus was real, but many times has called it a fake. Trump's propaganda minister Alex Jones, says that Bill Gates was going to force the vaccine on Americans and the world. Bill Gates does not run the American government. Like the Whitehouse spokesperson mentions, Trump authorized operation warp speed. Trump was pretending the virus was a fake in public, but behind the scenes, he authorized operation warp speed. Trump's entire group went around with no masks and not social distancing. Trump supposedly got corona virus, when his campaign manager was arrested, and then made a miraculous recovery with out the isolation, like the rest of us. Trump, at times would not answer questions about the virus or what he was doing, because he said we were at war. No one realized the war was on us(US). They have been setting up a scenario, where the Democrats and Bill Gates would take the blame for the deaths, from a forced vaccine. People that Trump is at war with have been getting radiated, with electromagnetic waves. These waves cause your head to get hot and swell. Your stomach becomes bloated. Your mucous membranes become effected. Your ears ring. Your heart beat excellerates. There is also lung weakening, and on account of the bloating your diaphragm is not able to move as well, and you have breathing difficulties. When you go to a testing or makeshift hospital site, the evidence I have seen so far points to military nurses putting people to death, and then prisoners of the judicial system deal with the dead bodies. When dealing with this scheme, the experts over seeing it have said make sure no competent medical staff are around. Those military nurses, whether knowingly or unknowingly are guilty of extra judicial murder. Is that why there were executions at Fort Hood Texas, where 14 leaders including a General were let go? Some older people have died from breathing related problems, and people with those problems have been moved from hospitals to private nursing homes. They have been exaggerating this so they could lock you down. Start thinking and looking around at what is really going on. The US Government and other Governments of the world are doing a Nazi like extermination. Hitler rounded up and exterminated people under the guise of a typhus epidemic, but Trump and others are doing it under the guise of a corona virus pandemic. Learn about the Catholic Adolph Hitler and world war two, to understand what is going on. The Magna Carta treaty has been said, to be the basis of modern rights and freedoms, but it is the exact opposite. The Magna Carta Treaty, is a document of the Pope of Rome's dealings with the subordinate nations of the Roman Empire. It mentions, that if people rebel against the Roman Empire and Church, that they should take away all rights, so that people can not even leave their home, and exterminate them. It talks how the Pope will repay them for the expense of doing that. It is not a document of rights, but of unrights and death. How did the Pope get this control? Let us see! To make a long story short, the Roman Emperor forced a falsified religious system on the Roman Empire. They decreed the death penalty for any one observing the Biblical Sabbath or Passover. 1260 Biblically prophesied years passed with Rome totally dominating the world, until the birth of the United States and the French revolution, which signalled the end of complete world domination. How was the Roman Empire doing it? The Magna Carta Treaty documents, that if a group of people should rebel against the Church, that they would take away all their rights, so that they could not even leave their homes. The Pope controls all the nations of the Roman Empire. These nations are, or have been Britain, France, Germany , Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and others, and the nations these conquered. The Pope is the puppet master. He is the man that governs the City that Rides the Roman Empire. He is the King of the Vatican City State. He has a flag and crown. In fact, on his triple tiered(3 layers) crown is written in Latin the number 666. He's the man sitting in the Temple(counterfeit temple). Revelation/Apocalypse 17, 18 describes his system. They are clothed in scarlet(Catholic Cardinals) and purple(Catholic Bishops). The King has a City riding on the Kings of the world's Empires(Vatican City State, is the only City/Country, that controls any other nations(Kings), and definitely no other city controls the Roman Countries. The Pope got in his position by deception. He says that he is the successor to Peter. He says that he is celibate(doesn't have sex) because Peter was celibate, but that is not Biblically accurate. Jesus healed Peter's mother in law of a disease. If Peter had a mother in law, he had a wife. There is no other way to have a mother in law, than to have a wife. The Bible says, call no man your father on earth, but the priests of the Catholic Chutch call themselves Fathers. This directly contradicts God's word, as written in the Bible. The Church/Empire has been locking people down and exterminating them for a long time. People just hear, that there was a plague, or some thing like that. The entire planet could be a paradise, where every one could have a home and property, but this empire has been exterminating people, when they find out about the deception, so no one can ever be free. They kill in secret, so no one can understand what is happening. Every one must know about the false Church/Empire, so that they can not kill in secret any more. Revelation/Apocalypse 18 says, in this organization, is found the blood of the prophets(John the Baptist, Jesus(Yeshua)), Holy ones, and all exterminated from the earth(Peoples of the Americas, Catholic Hitler's exterminations during world war two, Rwanda, children of Bethlehem (Roman ruler of Judea(Herod)), and all others. Revelation/Apocalypse 18 mentions that they came only to kill and steal and destroy. God tells you how you can end the plagues. He says, come out of it, if you don't want to receive her plagues. Revelation/Apocalypse 17,18 is like a fingerprint, that only fits the Roman Catholic Church. The earth belongs to all the peoples of the earth collectively. It has been usurped by criminals and liars for their benefit. The Bible says, that the early followers of Jesus(Yeshua is his real name) sold all their possessions, and had all things in common. That is a form of communism. The reason the Church hates communism so much is because it came only to kill, steal and destroy, (dominate). When all people have a right to life, property, food, then you have peace and harmony. No one can easily enslave you, when you have those things. So people have let a counterfeit system divide and conquer you. Peacefully withdraw all support from all organizations that oppose God. Come out of her, MY PEOPLE! Please watch the videos "Will Trump Bring About Genocide and World War" part1, 2.
********Please pray for me!********

Dj Robi
Dj Robi 2 months ago

How u make the mummy's talk ?? It's something genius

Dj Robi
Dj Robi 2 months ago

How u forget there is God !!!

BNSF railfan
BNSF railfan 2 months ago

Covid 20 covid 21 vaccines dont work covid 22 everyone dead 2023

Huney Boss
Huney Boss 2 months ago

Covid 21 . The letter leaked and called false has nailed every step of this .

Ashraf Ali
Ashraf Ali 2 months ago

Is these variants in UK only thing???

Dav Rau
Dav Rau 2 months ago

Spread ketchup on his face

Galt Barber
Galt Barber 2 months ago

What is the name of variant?

Dugnutt Binnie
Dugnutt Binnie 2 months ago

The Government has had a lot of expert medical science to lead our way out of the Pandemic but have they had any expert social science expertise to inform the Government how people act in this crisis situation? From the fiasco so far I think that they have not.

B Wolf
B Wolf 2 months ago

So 🇬🇧 has a rushed vaccine rollout then a few days later the scientists spot an aggressive Covid varient. In a few months it'll be the new varient wiping people out and it won't have nothing to do with the vaccine!! 🙄 Are we being cullled

Timo 2 months ago

The Name is „COVID-21“ came from the Future

Beavis 2 months ago

Here we go again, Covid-20

C G 2 months ago

As usual, comments reflective our extreme lack of scientific understanding :( A national shame! Instead of spending hours learning literature and advanced math almost no one uses, we need to reform education and teach people real-applicable science and statistical analysis so that when presented with such a news, they understand what it means: evolution through billions of replicated covid19 cells have mutated the virus. It's simple evolution, and it happens regardless of politics and what humans want. That is why we needed to stop the virus because having another strain means the way to fight it might one day not work! That's the scary news, not any conspiracy theories.

Raj Kumar Ashish
Raj Kumar Ashish 2 months ago

WHO always says "we have no information we have no information " stop this and get information's

Just ME
Just ME 2 months ago

I’ve got a joke about the butter for you all.....


I can’t spread it!

Geffenleffen 2 months ago

Follow the cash, pay no attention to this theater... who is going to become wealthy from this.

Enviros 2 months ago

I though You tube was going to remove misinformation?

Chris Vee
Chris Vee 2 months ago

Man: Where are you taking me, to the hospital?
Paramedic: No sir, you need the top medical experts opinions, we're taking you directly to the youtube comments section

Peter P
Peter P 2 months ago

They want to stablish a global dictatorship, we won't be able to go out unless we are vaccinated or have an app that allows us do that. The people who are behind this never wear face masks. Do your own research.

Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson 2 months ago

Oh here we go.

Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed 2 months ago

Stay home, they said . It will all get better they said. Wear a bloody *%^÷*=& MASK 😷 they said. And then THIS. Blimey


They will never stop the control matrix... they always have a new scheme

alec cap
alec cap 2 months ago

OK forget anything and everything that crook Farage is saying, he doesn't anything other then what someone has told him. C-19 could be the slow end to the human race, you might not get it, but the chances are high that you will due to the governments handling of the whole matter since March 2020, lock down parks so a single person walking their dog can't go but 20 people walking as a group is perfectly fine, food shop panic and empty shelfs caused through government panicking the public, school kids walking in groups no mask then going home to social mix with families only to repeat this the very next day. You don't have to work for NASA that the anti covid 19 has not been tested it only came into being less then 2 months ago, even with test rats a new drug takes months even years, now as I predicted a new strain of covid-19 which means this is actually mutating which for obviously means at some stage everyone will come down with covid-19 and possibly die. Do I get paid like Farage ? Its not what you know its who you know and my best free advice is carry on as normal using common sense

plopnow 2 months ago

As long as the elites and their controlled mainstream media never want this virus to end, it won’t. There always will be “another wave,” “new variant,” “new deaths,” and even “new viruses.” This will also mean a “new more globalized” approach to “preventing the virus” because “current separation of responses is too dangerous to the world” so sanctions will be placed on nations that aren’t completely locking down. Vaccines will be mandatory, because you won’t be able to travel or work without receiving them. Which is nonsense because the people who’ve taken it should supposedly be safe. Next big thing will be human-computer linking and biotech chipping. You buy and sell with the new normal or you don’t at all. When there’s enough globalization and borders aren’t relevant, a one world government will take over. What’s coming after that is well documented and prophesied. Wake up to this lunacy.

CouchCommander5000 2 months ago


James Q
James Q 2 months ago

Flatting the curve until we have a new variant of Covid 19, man stupidity will bring our own end.

Jamie Kennedy
Jamie Kennedy 2 months ago

Chris Whitty is a man that can't lie but seeing how red he is by the sympathetic nervous system shows a hell of a lot about what's going on it seems they have no idea what to do

Quigeeboh 2 months ago

the virus mutates - as all viruses do. We already knew this

T S 2 months ago

Get a life gobe it news!

perkyzombie 2 months ago

aww and here's me with my sleeve rolled up... thanks CCP.


song bird is about to become real when the 5g goes up to mid and high band frequencies.

Mo Uri
Mo Uri 2 months ago

After reading many of the comments here its obvious that the success of covod19 in England can be attributed to people who wrote them. Your ignorance and outright stupidity disparages the war to see off the virus.

Jan3 Sobieski
Jan3 Sobieski 2 months ago

He sounds very confident

JaybayJay 2 months ago

I'm not at all surprised at all the stupid people making comments.. Everyone with a brain knows that Virus's mutate over time, it's already mutated once. Virus's very rarely get better, only worse. Thank god that stupid comments only reflect 0.0000000000001 percent of the population and we'll ignore them like they're ignoring this virus.

Cámara Infinita
Cámara Infinita 2 months ago

Fake as the "original".

Prichard Bii
Prichard Bii 2 months ago

Probably the crap they are jabbing with people in that vaccine is killing people

Hugh Arrdum
Hugh Arrdum 2 months ago

Mm hm, how convenient.

Toothless Monster
Toothless Monster 2 months ago

They say it's happening in other countries to. 1st time I heard it. 😂

Bassmada 2 months ago

Covid 21 for Christmas?

Casius CBU
Casius CBU 2 months ago

-- 'gl_bal'
a bad subconscious insert in before and on going
it portrays utter negligence and farcical
use to be borderless world main propaganda and placards
.... dunno now
but i'll stay away from these whtvr.... click these and get entrapped* whtvr
*point algorithm and such
data war defence protect continues

S V 2 months ago

Second verse, same as the first.

Hello World
Hello World 2 months ago

The virus transforms to different variations just like Ridley Scott’s Alien!

Gokanaru 2 months ago

Global News Sucks!

Branko Matkovic
Branko Matkovic 2 months ago

What now COVID20? Then COVID21, and so on and so on...

Mental Philanthropist

Will the UK do the responsible thing and quarantine/self-isolate?

Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer 2 months ago

The common cold is a covid variant... is that what they found?

John Jylanne
John Jylanne 2 months ago

Maybe the RNA in the vaccination is the variant they are talking about. Just more smoke & mirrors to confuse & maintain cover for the controlled implosion of the economy one lock down at a time.

Daniel Dillon
Daniel Dillon 2 months ago

Well time for another lockdown, open up my laptop get some tissues 😢

Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward 2 months ago


c.a. greene
c.a. greene 2 months ago

Live in love and not fear...the wolf you feed within you will be the one that triumphs

Cassandra Morrison
Cassandra Morrison 2 months ago

Get the Russians out of the Comments Section