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Cynthia Palmer
Cynthia Palmer 2 months ago

Love love this song l listen to it every day

Cee Kapadza
Cee Kapadza 2 months ago


Hubert James
Hubert James 2 months ago

Love this song dearly ❤💕

Faye Teater
Faye Teater 2 months ago

Me I love it God bless 💘 you all

Paul Moody
Paul Moody 2 months ago

What a great song and even better with vestal and dottie God bless both these fine exceptional lady's followers of the lord!

Lorna Campbell
Lorna Campbell 2 months ago

My favorite song I can't stop listening to it.

Lois Schultz
Lois Schultz 2 months ago

Love this song.

Jermy Ennis
Jermy Ennis 2 months ago

Soothing song. I love it.

Marlyne Peart
Marlyne Peart 2 months ago

I must have listened to this song over 100 times. It's beautiful! God bless...

Monique Seargeant
Monique Seargeant 2 months ago

The best music ever ❤️🤗🌟

lyn gruen
lyn gruen 2 months ago

One day closer to the return of Jesus Christ ☝️❤️
Texas Nana 🤠

Ms. Bear.
Ms. Bear. 2 months ago

Thanks Psalm 139&34

Joe Exinia
Joe Exinia 2 months ago

Priceless!!! Thank you

Vanrohlua Renthlei
Vanrohlua Renthlei 2 months ago

What a powerful song it is! I'm really longing my eternal home!!

Blackberry Lady
Blackberry Lady 2 months ago

I loves to come here and listen to this....

- 2 months ago

"He Wouldn't Stay Dead & He won't stay gone" The Primitive Quartet. Hope at it's best.

Carole Davis
Carole Davis 2 months ago


Rosy Jane
Rosy Jane 2 months ago

Owasom my Jesus touching song l cry when l see this video

Kingster Folokwe
Kingster Folokwe 2 months ago


Anthony 😜 kalista😜


Anthony 😜 kalista😜

Am here in 2021 I love her song just fells like made yesterday

Vera Mensah
Vera Mensah 2 months ago

God bless you all

Vera Mensah
Vera Mensah 2 months ago

Amen God bless you all

Ruth Antatico
Ruth Antatico 2 months ago

Thank you Lord for the music ministry if Gaither Band. Really the spirit of God is in them as they sing. You are a blessing brothers and sisters in Christ.

faith nyakudya
faith nyakudya 2 months ago

God bless my Mother in Love and Dad in heaven 🙏❤The Hills of Home have called them

Lindamir FRAGOZO
Lindamir FRAGOZO 2 months ago

Eu não entendi muintó só sei q e muintó lindo chorei de emocao

Sherly Taek
Sherly Taek 2 months ago

2021, still my best song. GB me n my Family 😇

Connie Hahn
Connie Hahn 2 months ago

So touching....such voices....Vestal is the best....never ever be another vestal...
I have watched numerous times...when these 2 fabulous gals sing together...I just loose it....🙏

sanara roache
sanara roache 2 months ago

My all Time favourite!!!

Maria Aparecida Moraes

Linda demais 👏😍😢

Jonathan Aniceth
Jonathan Aniceth 2 months ago

Lost my cousin yesterday and this is the only song that’s keeps me sane in times of this kind of loss 😭

Kaye Emerson
Kaye Emerson 2 months ago

I'm here and will remain so long as I have life

Kaye Emerson
Kaye Emerson 2 months ago

What a blessing that I never tire of you and your faith

Heather Celise
Heather Celise 2 months ago

Love this song so much.

Mable Cox
Mable Cox 2 months ago

Very beautiful ❤️

Carmen Barracks
Carmen Barracks 2 months ago

Beautiful, beautiful singing, I'm bless. Whenever I want to hear old time singing I either watch Gaither Music or Jimmy Swaggart.

Ronnie Francisco de Paula

Que comunhão perfeita

Johnmark Sayongan
Johnmark Sayongan 2 months ago

I can't stop crying thank you Lord

Hatneichong Haokip
Hatneichong Haokip 2 months ago

Never get tired of listening this song__ the more we listen it gave me hope for that holy hills__🙏

Ritta Cooke
Ritta Cooke 2 months ago

Love this touches my heart listen to them

Elizabeth Viana
Elizabeth Viana 2 months ago

Eu gosto tanto que não consigo parar de ouvir me edifica a alma amo a voz dessa irmã . Deus abençoe a sua vida

Nawa Namitondo
Nawa Namitondo 2 months ago

Vestal will always be my favourite woman

Ernest Husselmann
Ernest Husselmann 2 months ago

Heavenly moments in the presence of these songs

Lorna Conlon
Lorna Conlon 2 months ago

Beautiful song I listen to this everyday 💓

Patricia Bowman
Patricia Bowman 2 months ago

Who would have thought that in 2021 we would still be graving to go home. Even so LORD JESUS come.....I'm home sick. Be Blessed.

Kathleen Asher
Kathleen Asher 2 months ago

I like to think God for these singers . They have been a part of my life for Many Years , there songs have Blessed me Many Many times . I pray that God Blesses there souls .

Onyinyechi - Joy Ajayi

Thank you Jesus. I love this song

Randall Pullins
Randall Pullins 2 months ago

I'm here, I just love this inspirational duet. I know the good Lord up above loves it too! AWESOME!

Priscilla Muthiani
Priscilla Muthiani 2 months ago

This song brings me to tears

Dorothy Ferguson
Dorothy Ferguson 2 months ago


Nomthandazo Tshabalala

Glory to God haleluyaaaa amen 🙏🙏🖐❤

Happy Silence
Happy Silence 2 months ago

I wish i could like this song over and over again.

Isaac Mwiti
Isaac Mwiti 2 months ago

Such a lovely song ..

Gordon Nash
Gordon Nash 2 months ago

A real gift both of you have... Hearing such a song in harmony with both of you is very uplifting spiritually... It gives an intrinsic spiritual awakening...wouldn't it be wonderful to have singing in heaven...

Trina Jacobs
Trina Jacobs 2 months ago


1943Grandpa 2 months ago

They have community. They have place. They belong.

Andrene Reid
Andrene Reid 2 months ago

One of my favorite 🙏🏼

ivan linton
ivan linton 2 months ago

Could listen to this gospel song all day.

Vanlaltanpuia Khawlhring

Oh.. what a wonderful song, it pours out my tears. We willl see our Saviour when the hills of home start calling me..🙏

Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller 2 months ago

I listen just about everyday to something she sings.

Tit Tiit
Tit Tiit 2 months ago


Greta Alcindor
Greta Alcindor 2 months ago

Oh my goodness that’s what you call Singing very touching song love it ♥️

Toko Tamo
Toko Tamo 2 months ago

When I am on depression I love to hear songs

Toko Tamo
Toko Tamo 2 months ago

It would be good if we could see lyrics in the video🙏

Steve Pipenger
Steve Pipenger 2 months ago

Creepy as hell like a cult.

Elbee hmar
Elbee hmar 2 months ago

I'll sing with Vestal and Dottie when i meet them. I listen this song every day, i heard the holy hills calling me...Amen.

Ernesto Bello
Ernesto Bello 2 months ago

It blessed my soul.

Antoinette Stagg
Antoinette Stagg 2 months ago

I wish all songs would have lyrics

SimpleVision 2 months ago

Por favor, alguien puede traducir la letra de este himno?

Ron Shawver
Ron Shawver 2 months ago

So..... 5000 "downvotes"? Who gives this a "down vote?" Love to hear from you as to "why". Go ahead.....we're listening. Please!!!! Go ahead and say why you "down voted" this!!!!! Let's hear it!!!!!!!

Blackberry Lady
Blackberry Lady 2 months ago

Love love love, I'm in love with this song 🎵💕👌🏾👌🏾💯

Tara Howe
Tara Howe 2 months ago

I recently came upon this and I just can't stop listening to this song
It's a real blessing to my soul
Watching from Trinidad and Tobago

Basil Aharanwa
Basil Aharanwa 2 months ago

Vestal and Dottie came together to make this their gateway song to heaven. They are both singing with the angels in heaven now. What a glorious ending. One day, I hope to be in heaven.

Miriam Edwards
Miriam Edwards 2 months ago

This song is my anthem as it grants reassurance in these uncertain times.

Diana Miller
Diana Miller 2 months ago

Amen Amen God is good all so 😔🙏

Bad-Mutta 2 months ago


Khumoyame Koogotsitse

Vestal Goodman what a treasure

elisa masha
elisa masha 2 months ago

I love the way they worship

elisa masha
elisa masha 2 months ago

Who are these people of God where are they?

Willie Keng
Willie Keng 2 months ago

Am already in Heaven this song truly expresses my heartfelt desire 💖 ❤ 💕

Helma Baks
Helma Baks 2 months ago

Word hier heel rustig van

Itaktk Malibuktjj
Itaktk Malibuktjj 2 months ago


JOHAN ROBERTS 2 months ago

Why do you pause all the time I am done with this video

Connie Wheeler
Connie Wheeler 2 months ago

Praise god.

Carolyn Tarpley
Carolyn Tarpley 2 months ago

I play it over and over and have requested it be played when my ashes are scattered

renee mcdowell
renee mcdowell 2 months ago


Cynthia Parris
Cynthia Parris 2 months ago

Love this song. Loved MS Vestal got to see her one time. Yes this house of flesh is but a prison. But praise be to JESUS one day we 'll get a new body. Praise the LORD.

Ben Milam
Ben Milam 2 months ago

I love this song, and they do such a good job . Thank God and Gaither Music

Chanzolowera Maloya
Chanzolowera Maloya 2 months ago

I will always listen to these songs

Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris 2 months ago

Dottie Rambo, one of the best songwriters ever period.

alan smlth
alan smlth 2 months ago


Maureen Parmenter
Maureen Parmenter 2 months ago

Got me though covid

Brigitte Bienaime
Brigitte Bienaime 2 months ago

JESUS, what a day it will be to see you in heaven, i'am waiting for that glorious day.But i pray for that many souls can reach there .Amen.

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Freddie Ruth Phelan
Freddie Ruth Phelan 2 months ago


Nelson Mandila
Nelson Mandila 2 months ago

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Greg Garber
Greg Garber 2 months ago

there is over 20.6 million views of this video right now, and i think 100,000 of them are from me. i really love this song.

Jenifer 2 months ago

Wow amazing song 👍👍🙏

Gary Marcum
Gary Marcum 2 months ago

This song moves my spirt ,hallelujah hallelujah,this song really touches my heart