whisky review happy New Year 2015



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Information whisky review happy New Year 2015

Title : whisky review happy New Year 2015

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Description whisky review happy New Year 2015

whisky review happy New Year 2015

whisky review happy New Year 2015

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Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 months ago

Ralfy - what's this music please?

Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 months ago

Ralphy, what's this beautiful music?

Diggerless 2 months ago

Anyone know what the music track is?

Dave Smith
Dave Smith 2 months ago

What's the music Ralphy?

amutlu67 2 months ago

Very soothing and heartwarming.  I am a little out of synch with all your videos but a happy belated new year to you too, Ralfy.  I hope it is a happy, healthy one with all your loved ones beside you.

darnsmall 2 months ago

thanks for the tip Ralfy, this will be my 1st Whisky purchased based solely on your recommendation. Cant wait to try it out tomorrow eve after I finish shooting it down at the beach 1st


Pete 2 months ago

Beautiful video Ralfy.You are indeed King of The Malts!
All the very best from WhiskeyPete.

PoweredbyPlants 2 months ago

Wonderful!  Happy New Year Malt Master!

Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson 2 months ago

Have a great 2015 Ralfy!

Dean 2 months ago

Happy New Year to you too Ralfy. I spent Christmas and New Year on a motorhome tour of the West coast of Scotland, then over the Glenmore and had a wonderful time sampling many lovely whiskies. Unfortunately many of the distilleries had shut for the holidays, but managed to have a look around Talisker. Looking forward to more of your whisky reviews and musings on life in 2015!

Simon Chadwick
Simon Chadwick 2 months ago

Hi Ralfy,

Discovering your videos was a wonderful way to start 2015! I have learned so much from you already, and really enjoy your style and enthusiasm.

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge about whisky and your beautiful country!

Cheers from California!

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch 2 months ago

I sat down with malt in hand and linked up my new chrome cast to watch your usual ramblings only to see something different. Beautiful hd Picturesque place that looks untouched. Felt like i was having a drink there. Happy new year fantastic.

rick 2 months ago

happy new year ralfy ! It's always an extraordinary pleasure to watch your videos. Glad to see you're still there year after year and that we'll spend 2015 with ya. Best wishes from France.

Burt Ford
Burt Ford 2 months ago

Happy New Year! From Dallas/Ft Worth Texas, just the sight of beautiful, tranquil, UNdeveloped countryside puts me at a peace and ease that is hard to come by in our concrete jungles. Even here in northeast Texas undeveloped country is becoming increasingly hard to come by.

Wade W
Wade W 2 months ago

Just beautiful, and makes me happy to be part of it all. Happy new year from New York to all.

Golden whisky cave
Golden whisky cave 2 months ago

happy new year from belgium i love your video's 

YorkshireFellowship oftheStill

Thank you Ralfy for all your time and passionate work throughout the past year (and previous years as well). Your reviews continue to be a fundamental reference to all of us aspiring malt-mates. May your health never desert you and may your spirit stay strong. Full glass wishes for you this year 2015!


Yorkshire Fellowship of the Still

John G
John G 2 months ago

I want to be there...maybe someday from this guy in the US :)

Γιάννης Μ.
Γιάννης Μ. 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Trikala, Greece :)

Welcome to ClownWorld

Happy new year Ralfy! Even if I'm 5 days late.

Rodrigo Masis
Rodrigo Masis 2 months ago

Happy new year from Costa Rica.

ScreaminEmu 2 months ago

Hey Ralfy, thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with us! Looking forward to exploring some new malts with you in 2015!

Eric Cunliffe
Eric Cunliffe 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Kincardine, Ontario, Canada Ralfy! Thank you for another entertaining and informative year. A Deep bow to you brother from across the ocean. Hope your dear Mum is well too. 
This video is exquisite and magnificently meditative. 
In fact dare I make a Malt Mention suggestion of "Majestic Meditative Malt Moments" ? 
Was this filmed on the Isle of Man?
Many thanks.

luc137 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Brazil!!! And thanks for the Whiskypedia.

borismorrison 2 months ago

Happy NY Ralf...cheers from Montenegro

Anthony Seta
Anthony Seta 2 months ago

Beautiful video, Happy New Year, good sir!

DutchLiam84 2 months ago

Happy new year from the flattest country in the world!

bivmvideo 2 months ago

Happy New Year from New York City mate! Thank you for this mater class into the world of sprits. I owe a debt of gratitude to your expertise and value your opinions.

Charles Hunt
Charles Hunt 2 months ago

Happy New Year to you, also, Ralfy.  From Davis, California.  Although this is the midst of the Wine Country, malts are big here, as well.  You have a BIG following with the Arochem Symposium Society here, at UC Davis.  Cheers!

Skill et
Skill et 2 months ago

Congrats on 50,000 subs Ralfy!

Allen Anderson
Allen Anderson 2 months ago

When it is that beautiful no words are needed

ToastyRoland 2 months ago

Well done Ralfy. Happy New Year sir. Cheers.

kelly j
kelly j 2 months ago

Happy new year! Ohio here

Rmulberger 2 months ago

Hello Ralfy, I was wondering if you might be able to do a video on preserving whiskey.  I have seen your video regarding storing them is a cool, dark place...but I was hoping for a bit more.  I'm about to try wax sealing my collection.  My concern of course would be ruing the labels on the top of the bottles as well as making them hard to open.  Do you have an ideas that you could share in a video? Malt Mate of Michigan.  

Fernando Serrano Garrido

That's all?  water, stones and trees?  where is the whisky?

Billy Hughes
Billy Hughes 2 months ago

Beautiful video and accompanying music.  Happy New Year from Reston, VA, right outside of D.C.  Looking forward to another year of interesting reviews, your knowledge and commentary.  Cheers!

Tyler Vrooman
Tyler Vrooman 2 months ago


Stephen Green
Stephen Green 2 months ago

What a beautiful place, no wonder you always seem so content with your lot.  Certainly put's my own abode in SE London into perspective.  Happy New Year to you!

spinycrayfish 2 months ago

Nice! Have you considered a full day in time lapse for one of these videos? A slightly wide angled lens could capture sunrise through to sunset at your latitude this time of year. You'd just have to choose the scenery you want to share.

Heavy Distortion
Heavy Distortion 2 months ago

very nice ralfy. happy malt moments from San Francisco.

Malt454 2 months ago

Happy New Year, Ralfy! All the best!

Nyx Nax
Nyx Nax 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Portland Oregon!! What a absolutely beautiful place, lovely rainbow as well, just spectacular. Thank you for all your whiskey reviews!
I'm curious, you did a review of McCarthys a long time ago, i'd love to see a re-review, or maybe Westward single malt, both of these are from Portland Oregon. 

Cheers to an amazing 2015!!

BigWhisky27 2 months ago

Hows the winter dram?

gaaarp1 2 months ago

Happy new year, Ralfy! Thanks for another great year of vlogs. I'll be in Scotland this summer, and while I won't make it to Isle of Man, if you happen to show up on Islay or in Edinburgh while I'm there, the first dram is on me. Cheers, mate!

Steven Calwas
Steven Calwas 2 months ago

Happy New Year! Question: Does your new policy on no NAS reviews pertain to blends, too? Just wondering. Second: Does an age statement on a blend relate to both the malt and the grain spirits or only to the malt? Cheers!

Walter Dixon
Walter Dixon 2 months ago

You outdid yourself  with this one.  HAPPY NEW YEAR RALFY!

mrueck 2 months ago

Happy New Years from Boston, Ralfy! Keep up the fantastic work!

Sanjay Sharma
Sanjay Sharma 2 months ago

Majestic malty view

Truthspoon 2 months ago

Very nice Ralfy.... what a beautiful world we live in..... sometimes we forget that.

Admiral George Rodney

really need to go to the Isle of Man one day..

Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray 2 months ago

Thank You Ralfy!!

smoothswinging14 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Sao Paulo, Brazil Ralfy!

PeatSmokey 2 months ago

Hello Ralfy.
As a fellow novice regarding Mexican spirits will you be reviewing any Mezcals in 2015?

Andy Cigars
Andy Cigars 2 months ago

As splendid a year end video as you've ever posted!  Happy 2015 to you and all us malt mates.

Cigar Dave
Cigar Dave 2 months ago

Thank you, Ralfy
Best wishes to everyone in 2015!

Lonnie Brooks
Lonnie Brooks 2 months ago

Do you have a email, I would like to ask you a couple questions.

461dkjohnson 2 months ago

Thank You for helping us all be wiser malt-mates! Happy New Year from Carver, Minnesota!

MrKuyaJ 2 months ago

Happy New Year to you Ralfy. Wish you well in 2015 and a good dram to share with friends and family alike.

TR81 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Salzburg, Austria!

maxwellfan55 2 months ago

H.N.Y. Ralfy, keep the reviews going please and may the malts go with you!

Anthony L.
Anthony L. 2 months ago

Beautiful! Happy New Year, Ralfy! :D

foodquig 2 months ago

I really enjoy these location videos... Happy New Year!!

Grumpy Furball
Grumpy Furball 2 months ago

I don't care where that is in the world, it is seriously gorgeous.

LITJEK 2 months ago

Happy new year Ralfy! 😃 I have learned so much from your reviews. Thank you for yet another fantastic video. All the best to you and all the malt mates for 2015!

Brohan 2 months ago

Wow, couldn't have asked for a better day!

scobev 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Houston, TX. Beautiful vid.
I opened up a Mortlach 15 & enjoyed a nice dram of that earlier today!
Hopefully, next Spring, we'll be visiting Scotland. At least that's the plan! :)

JazzDeath 2 months ago

Reminds me slightly of where I was born, in front of the ocean in Halifax canada.

Thank you for sharing, absolutely gorgeous, and a lovely new year's to you ralphy, here's to many more!

Brian Hiatt
Brian Hiatt 2 months ago

Happy new year from sacramento ca!

Lorand Deka
Lorand Deka 2 months ago

and a Happy New Year to you as well Ralfy.  Raising a glass of Port to you good Sir.

Frankie-G 2 months ago

Happy New Year from CANADA Ralfy!!  I've been watching your videos for almost a year now.  I really enjoy them, and I always look forward to the next one.  I think I've watched about half of them by now!  I love your approach to whisky, to drinking and to life in general!  I've learned a lot from you.  Have a great new year!

B Basidium
B Basidium 2 months ago

I disappeared?

zeusminator 2 months ago

Is the mouth of Spey river? Happy new year Ralfy.

ragbomb 2 months ago

Ralfy, that is a beautiful piece of nature you have access to! Happy New Year to you and yours, from another beautiful part of the world, Oregon! -Ralph

paul abramovici
paul abramovici 2 months ago


lactobacillusprime 2 months ago

Wow beautiful. Happy New Year!

Anton Novozhenov
Anton Novozhenov 2 months ago

Спасибо! 2013 was my favourite until this one, really impressive. Have you caught here that bothie you are usually reviewing from? 

William Maguire
William Maguire 2 months ago

Is that your bothy Ralfy?
Happy new year to you.

Steve Freeman
Steve Freeman 2 months ago

Happy New Year Ralphy all the best for 2015

Roel Haringsma
Roel Haringsma 2 months ago

Lokkich nij jier Ralfy.

Алексей Бурмистров

Вот-вот! там и делают виски!!!
Всем - счастливого нового года!
Я буду ждать новых выпусков "Виски-Ревю".

geofpick 2 months ago

Happy 2015 Ralfy.  Thanks for the beautiful video.

gerwin pot
gerwin pot 2 months ago

happy new year Ralfy! Hope to see your smiling/laughing face a lot in 2015 with interesting vlogs!

mbarizia 2 months ago

that was heavily peated though :P happy new year

Skill et
Skill et 2 months ago

Whiskey reviewed, whiskey marked, scenery panned. Pretty country out there Ralfy. Thank you for sharing it.

Cheeseburger 2 months ago

You have a beautiful country ralfy

Rich F
Rich F 2 months ago

Beautiful video Ralfy. Happy new year and cheers!

Bakulak Baku
Bakulak Baku 2 months ago

Happy New Year 2015, Ralfy!

Ann Camp
Ann Camp 2 months ago

Happy New Year from Connecticut. I've learned a lot from your vlogs and look forward to learning more. Have found several new favorite malts in 2014 thanks to your vlogs. Just returned from Fife where I had an interesting tour of the new Kingsbarns distillery (Weymss) - I've been to quite a few, but this was the first one that was completely finished, but not yet open. 

TheMaze400 2 months ago

Happy new year from New York City. Thanks for the video, feels like home. Well done son....

John Henfrey
John Henfrey 2 months ago

Happy New year Ralfy to yourself and your Mother.

kalm 2 months ago

Thank you, it was wonderful!

Torben Larsen
Torben Larsen 2 months ago

Happy New Year  Ralfy from denmark

Daniel Labbé
Daniel Labbé 2 months ago

Cheers mate.

manometre2000 2 months ago

Happy new year Ralfy !!!

themaltbar 2 months ago

Fly fishing anyone?? Nice.
Such a serene scene Ralfy.
I imagine a daily morning walk on the pebble beach would do wonders for the soul.
HNY maltmate.

Alex Ds
Alex Ds 2 months ago

Happy new year Sir! Thank you for the lovely view!

McMike 2 months ago

Happy 2015 from Fairbanks, Alaska!

TheMotherfer 2 months ago

Scenic, Majestic, and Gorgeous.

Happy New Year Ralfy. You Malt Magistrate you.

goodriddance86 2 months ago

Beautiful video! Happy New Year Ralfy and thanks for everything. You're a wonderful person.

Antoine M
Antoine M 2 months ago

happy new year Ralf and everybody else.

Ralfy is that your bothy in the corner there?