The Cherish Perrywinkle Case (USA - 2013)


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The Cherish Perrywinkle Case (USA - 2013)

The Cherish Perrywinkle Case (USA - 2013)

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Jacqueline Watt
Jacqueline Watt 2 months ago

I hope you take this as a compliment, you remind me of Martina Cole, without the fiction of course, Great channel x

A Monroe
A Monroe 2 months ago

These men ALWAYS know how to find the right deadbeat Mothers.

A Monroe
A Monroe 2 months ago

What a Mum!!!?! And why did she follow him?? Is she slow?

India 1
India 1 2 months ago

In a way I understand that her mother didn’t want to appear to be rude. As women we are brought up to be people pleasers . However, that doesn’t stop me being rude when required

India 1
India 1 2 months ago

I’m so suspicious. Hell if someone I know approaches me I don’t like it;0). About 23 years ago my car broke down at a roundabout. I was going to walk to a garage at the other end of the dual carriageway. This “ really nice” man pulled over and asked if he could give us a lift. I very politely thanked him and refused. Well he went off his head, swearing at me, I had insulted him etc. did he really think that was going to change my mind? I am absolutely convinced that had my son and I got in his car we would have been found in a shallow grave

Caroline Rowles
Caroline Rowles 2 months ago

Best listened at 1.25 or 1.5 playback speed as many sentences are spoken with a full stop between every word. I think it's because she's filed by the content......rightly so. Excellent content and very detailed as always! You can tell this lady is a professional in what she talks of.

Kristina Lynn
Kristina Lynn 2 months ago

I live in America, if you ever need help obtaining court documents for any case I'd be more than happy to assist you in obtaining them and getting them to you.

Sonia wicks
Sonia wicks 2 months ago

The trial was so difficult to watch... also alot of backlash on the mother. As an ex court usher I am a trial watcher. This one was heartbreaking.

LeeLee141 2 months ago

Hi Christina I’ve found your YouTube and Instagram I have just subbed to them too!!

Channel is great, just information no sensationalism or unnecessary gimmicks. How refreshing 💯🌹💕

w c
w c 2 months ago

Mother was stupid to trust any stranger!! RIP Cherish 🌹

Kay Paton
Kay Paton 2 months ago

Why why would you allow this strange man to go to a change toom with your 8 year old daughter. Omg stupid woman this is appalling. The poor little innocence girl. This is tragic and could have been avoided. Shame on this mother

AJ Bee
AJ Bee 2 months ago

What was the mother thinking, my god.

Valentine 2 months ago

Fantastic work as usual!

Tracie Day
Tracie Day 2 months ago

I can't believe this mother. She's a neglegent idiot at the least.

Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards 2 months ago

Thanks Christine! Just subscribed to your fantastic channel!👍👍❤️

Britta Riesner
Britta Riesner 2 months ago

I Really like the new background 👍🏻 thanks for this video. Maybe you could do a video about cults or about „paradise lost“?

Anna Godsave
Anna Godsave 2 months ago

Another terrible case, Cherish’s mother has an awful burden to live with, knowing it was her decision that left her daughter to be horribly murdered.

Donna Borland
Donna Borland 2 months ago

What is your background, where you in the police?! Xx

Frank Strident
Frank Strident 2 months ago

Thank You for a well presented upload

James Devine
James Devine 2 months ago

I just watched Dear Peter ,letters to the Yorks hire ripper...I have never been so confused in my life...totally bewildered ....

Audrey Dempsey
Audrey Dempsey 2 months ago

How How ,,,, stuped is the mum ,l know this man this man did this

Neos Gaming
Neos Gaming 2 months ago

This case again highlights ‘stranger danger’ even with an older grey haired man,don’t trust anyone that you don’t know with your children.

Julie Morris
Julie Morris 2 months ago

I think we should have the death penalty in this country 😡

Lynne M
Lynne M 2 months ago

This was so so sad. I feel very sorry for her sisters. They’ve lost everything. I hope they’re ok xxx

Drema Whitman
Drema Whitman 2 months ago

So sad, that we have people in this world who do this to our children, or to anyone. He should rot in prison.

punkybrewstar83 2 months ago

If it is too much to show the jury photos of the crime scene, then it is too much for that person to ever be released. It should be as simple as that.

Missy Moo
Missy Moo 2 months ago

I love the respect you have for the victims

karen cap
karen cap 2 months ago

See my comment below, when he argues not to have in evidence, well that is preposterous it’s his crime!!!! Of course the jury need to see or hear it

karen cap
karen cap 2 months ago

Smith's attorneys had argued that the autopsy pictures are too shocking and unnecessary, adding that they would make it difficult for Smith to have a fair trial because they would inflame the jury's emotions.

Chief medical examiner Dr. Valerie Rao testified that the photos would help the jury understand what Cherish experienced, which included blunt impact to her head that caused hemorrhaging and “tremendous injury" and bruising to her private area.

karen cap
karen cap 2 months ago

I would argue this is exactly the information the jury needed! It’s horrific but a major part of the case and about the monster he is

Jeanette Hinds
Jeanette Hinds 2 months ago

I followed this case from beginning to end and I still can't believe it.

Kimberly Sisk
Kimberly Sisk 2 months ago

So sad😭

Nana Slug
Nana Slug 2 months ago

I'm so glad the algorithm is working in your favor! You have such a soothing voice, and I love the insight you bring from having had experience in this sort of "industry" before. Plus, most of these are cases I wasn't previously aware of--so you're bringing awareness where it's needed. Keep it up!

Beth Kilner
Beth Kilner 2 months ago

Thank beut!! Can't sleep and needed something to watch!!👍💖

Jacquelynn Adams
Jacquelynn Adams 2 months ago

Really disturbing case x he really is a monster 👹x watched the trial and it was confronting to say the least x

kes 78
kes 78 2 months ago

Your channel is getting me through a rubbish start to 2021 so thank you. This case horrified me that man makes my skin crawl!