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The Christmas Songs
The Christmas Songs 2 months ago

The only thing to make 2020, better is Christmas??

Rafaelina Urena
Rafaelina Urena 2 months ago

Love your home and love, love your puppies!!!

Rose Schwiebert
Rose Schwiebert 2 months ago

Beautiful home! Sweet dogs! I absolutely love your fireplace. it looks a lot like mine. Did you paint your bricks white? Im actually thinking of painting ours.

megan jones
megan jones 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your lovely home. Your Christmas decor is pretty. What an awesome idea to keep your USB drive of your wedding on display.
Merry Christmas!

Sharon Gruener
Sharon Gruener 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing, you have a lovely Christmas home. Great Job...

Shelia Bowen
Shelia Bowen 2 months ago

Your babies are so sweet 🙀

Shelia Bowen
Shelia Bowen 2 months ago

Love your kitchen💕

Shelia Bowen
Shelia Bowen 2 months ago

Everything looks so beautiful Georgeous💕💕💕❤️

BarbDecor 2 months ago

Kaleigh, beautiful tour! Very warm and cozy!

Carla Owens
Carla Owens 2 months ago

Frosted berries them! Hobby Lobby fan.

Angelina's Paper And Apothecary

New subscriber, I love your home. Gorgeous!

Patricia Zellner
Patricia Zellner 2 months ago

So enjoyable! Kaleigh Stevens, you are an amazing energetic innovative inspiration!