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Odee Dillon
Odee Dillon 2 months ago

I swear I saw Chris Farley bare chest dancing as a smelly Ogre in this.

Austin Mac
Austin Mac 2 months ago

i remember being in highschool always on the road traveling with my parents and oxhorn

Lironah 2 months ago

I will never not drop this link in discord whenever I join a new guild.

janaki pejov
janaki pejov 2 months ago

Man, I used to watch Oxhorn's stuff so much back in TBC. Today I remembered this gem.

faridzaiter 2 months ago

Pleeasee.. 2021!!!!!

Braydri 2 months ago

2020 and I'm back listening lmao

The True Konventare
The True Konventare 2 months ago

I'll never forget you, Oxhorn. I wish you well in whatever you do now.

Shifty Stab
Shifty Stab 2 months ago

2020 Christmas back again (: Hope everyone's having a wonderful Christmas !

Wolfnox 2 months ago

Happy xmas guys

ShivDatFool 2 months ago

2020 bois welcome to the shadowlands

Alex Waterworth
Alex Waterworth 2 months ago

Still here in 2020, old account got deleted had a bout 10 years of commenting on this vid every year (fungum2000) dunno if anyone remembers it. Either way new account, here's to another 10 years of this vid every xmas!

CraSSiou 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020 and see you all next year 👍🏻

Hermit 2 months ago

2020, Merry Christmas!

Maryalee Scarlet
Maryalee Scarlet 2 months ago

Soooo...2020 happened....

Ann Kristina Lund
Ann Kristina Lund 2 months ago

2020, and im still here❤

Jaquin 2 months ago

14 years.... my god. What even is time anymore

Elrion9 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020... go away covid

Stuart Hutzler
Stuart Hutzler 2 months ago

14 years and going strong!

Martine Web
Martine Web 2 months ago

Happy Holidays from 2020!

DonMiguel 2 months ago

2020 and rewatching this timeless piece of art

Taranea123456789 2 months ago

2020 anyone?

Dylan Lancaster
Dylan Lancaster 2 months ago

Kodos lay eggs!?!

Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

1:43 i died there

Isabella Litwin
Isabella Litwin 2 months ago

Still watching in 2020!! I need this so much this year! <3

Bridie Murphy
Bridie Murphy 2 months ago

1:07 what game show was this during the 7th 3 red snapper part?

Achilleas Toumazos
Achilleas Toumazos 2 months ago

2020 anyone? Best wow song ever!

Andrew D
Andrew D 2 months ago


Dartanius100 2 months ago

These videos are timeless! 2020 anyone?

Brew 'n' Renew
Brew 'n' Renew 2 months ago

Even in the Shadowlands i will hear you Oxhorn <3

J Sheppard
J Sheppard 2 months ago

Anyone else religiously come back to this every year? Always have a blast listening to this, it's become like a tradition 👌🏼

Peter Wilhelmsson
Peter Wilhelmsson 2 months ago

2020, baby!

Ivy Cutler
Ivy Cutler 2 months ago

2020 and watching this Hugs and Happy Holidays

Bill Bird
Bill Bird 2 months ago


Danu Core
Danu Core 2 months ago

2020. The tradition continues :3

Ricardo Rugamas
Ricardo Rugamas 2 months ago

12 years later and it's still Christmas xD

SrBenz 2 months ago

2020 and i'm still here...
14 years, holy shit!

Izzy Inkling
Izzy Inkling 2 months ago

2020 and I'm watching this.
Yes I know it was just Halloween but Christmas can never come to early!

30slak 2 months ago

Yea no Im beggining to think this is faked. Look at the fucking camera quality after the video its fucking crisp. this aint the 2006 potat cameras I know

Bertram Beenfeldt
Bertram Beenfeldt 2 months ago

2020 the nostalgia is strong <3

The Chaser Chronicles

13 years man this is OLD!!

Moonlightsweetener 2 months ago

love this ( also i didn't know this game went this far back)

Austyn Brown
Austyn Brown 2 months ago

I’m still here after 13 years

Lua 420 Hz
Lua 420 Hz 2 months ago

13 years... and im still here. damn, time flies.

Faxanadu 2 months ago

It's really been that long...gods...

Vasile 2 months ago

I come back to this every Christmas.

Pervertedguysweare 2 months ago

merry christrmas from 2019

Susan Beane
Susan Beane 2 months ago

That was great

Jaceric2 2 months ago

I work in a tech store in a big mall in a medium large city in northen europe. Most of us are going insane from all the christmas music 8h hours a day. So a colleague of mine snuck this on the playlist. Walking around the store and hear little giggles when this comes on is awesome.

Mandwarf 2 months ago

God damm 13 years

Oakpaw 2 months ago

It has almost become a tradition listening to it... beats "Last Christmas" any time. (Also Merry X-Mas everyone and For the Horde!)

Stripez 2 months ago

absolute CLASSIC

Tnecniw 2 months ago

Thirteen years...
Thirteen years... O_O

ChocolateDonut Dog
ChocolateDonut Dog 2 months ago

Almost 2020 I remember this game and song I used to play it with my grandpa <3 when I see him agian I’m going to play World Of War Craft with him I used to love going to the festival and leveling up. We played for HOURS and my grandma also played with us. They live in a diff state though. In fact today his is b day :3

Barschgesicht 2 months ago

Here we go again. Christmas mood is rising.

Charlotte Svensgaard
Charlotte Svensgaard 2 months ago

Merry merry christmas 2019 - and let's make it WoW again

David M
David M 2 months ago

thats hilarious! specially him at the end trying to get his turtle to drink lol

ahmed toya
ahmed toya 2 months ago

omg im back here lol! , such a long time

Miasimon 2 months ago

It's become a tradition to watch this every morning, so long as Christmas songs haunt me during the day.

Mikale Cross
Mikale Cross 2 months ago

Anyone rewatching this in 2019?

SrBenz 2 months ago

2019 and i still come here every Christmas.

Mihai Krieger
Mihai Krieger 2 months ago

This song comes back this Christmas :)

Sergio Reis
Sergio Reis 2 months ago

12 years ladies and gentlemen. Almost 13 really...
I was 15....

Basih 2 months ago

I miss the old days when all quality wow songs where made

Ádám Tamasics
Ádám Tamasics 2 months ago

I quit wow ages ago but i keep coming back to this song cuz its fucking awesome 🤣

Kane Landes
Kane Landes 2 months ago

I wish he still made videos like this. I watch this every year it’s been more than 13. That’s quality content

Vulpex 2 months ago


Minimeister317 2 months ago

13 years ago, I feel old as hell

{DDLC} Model
{DDLC} Model 2 months ago

2019 anyone? I missed this

123 Cold
123 Cold 2 months ago

This is the only festive song I listen to every Christmas!
Merry Christmas 2018 and a happy new year!

cc666phoenix 2 months ago

12 years and still loveing it :)

WarthG 2 months ago

2018 anyone?

ScreaM 2 months ago

ive watched this each year for 12 years, there is no christmas without you oxhorn! thank you for all your epic movies.

SrBenz 2 months ago

This can't be 12 years old... For Odin's Shake!!

Reko Kovero
Reko Kovero 2 months ago

12 years? Wtf

heySupremacey 2 months ago

I made it my tradition since 2008 to watch this video when Christmas come. Good times, very good times...

APEX REAP3RZ 2 months ago

12 years old, can't believe I still come back every year.

Khaosgurl 2 months ago

This song is pretty much a traditional Christmas song in my family. Even though we don’t play wow anymore.

James Cox
James Cox 2 months ago

On the 12th year. And here's to 12 more.

Achilleas Toumazos
Achilleas Toumazos 2 months ago

2018 <3 <3

nepitolk0 2 months ago

12 years already... where did it all go?

danielsjohnson 2 months ago

11 years ago?! It was fun while it lasted. The Burning Crusade was great.

Paul Belanger
Paul Belanger 2 months ago

11 years old, still monetized 🤣

Ok, ok, almost 12 years old.

Stasian_Games 2 months ago

This can't be 12 years old... OMG!

Shane Brannon
Shane Brannon 2 months ago

Nearly 12 years? Cheers!

HeelTurn 2 months ago

Holy fuck i started watching oxhorn recently for his fallout videos and i swear his voice was always familiar to me. I came across this channel and realized he made popular wow videos back in the day and this was the l seen from him. Nostalgia just hit me

biggycheese HD
biggycheese HD 2 months ago

11 years and I'm here still

RubyPiec 2 months ago

12 years old...
12 in the title...
12 months in a year...
21 oxford music videos...
12,12,12,12; coincidence?

Tnecniw 2 months ago

11 years... 11 whole years...
I feel way way wayyy too old ;(

Niles 2 months ago

I listen to this song every Christmas.

Captain Bloodsail
Captain Bloodsail 2 months ago

This video is 12 years old, holy shit

Bogdan V
Bogdan V 2 months ago

It just CANNOT be 11 years old

wildefice1 2 months ago

is ... is it bad

that I cant sing the original 12 days of Christmas thanks to this song???

Alien 2 months ago

2017 and I'm still coming here every Christmas :)

draig wolf
draig wolf 2 months ago

Kodo eggs really.

Zeke Spears
Zeke Spears 2 months ago

Merry Christmas y'all!

blackhoofs 2 months ago

24th December 2017

Tech-Priest 2 months ago

11 Years what, how is time moving so fast?

OmfGamesGermany 2 months ago

This has been playing every christmas for the past 11 years :D oxhorn is THE MAN

vMufasa 2 months ago

well shit... 11 years later... I need a life...

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