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mr mr
mr mr 2 months ago

Tears in my eyes atm listening to whole album of my childhood and pre puberty ...i used to listen to this entire album every Christmas and nite when I had batteries that i stole from a remote or any other housely area I could find .... man it seemed so much easier then
.. I'm almost 40 now ... I'm reduced to tears hearing the album and reconciling my childish Hope's with grown REALITY.. father father is all i can muster in my true soul

Kozak Yuriy
Kozak Yuriy 2 months ago

Привет всем! Наболело!!! Где басы??? Нет! ГДЕ БАСЫ??? После массового перехода на андроиды идет профанация звучания! Take 6 одна из моих любимых коллективов, но слушать эту прекрасную музыку я начинал на FM радио с последующей записью на магнитофон. Недавно по причине ностальгического настроения включил альбом 1988, и был поражен глубиной и полнотой звучания!!! На простой кассете! Ведь без басов нет музыки, просто плоскость. С уважением,Ю.

Wiilliam Bill Grant
Wiilliam Bill Grant 2 months ago

Yup! She is going to turn around and share honestly with me cause
I am go.nna persist at doing all I can to win her back .

All I Continue to Exist
On is TRUST God Is Jesus says and The Holy SpIrit can and will make it TRUE.

I gotta have at least one clear chance to show her off because she has all I will ever need to experience JOY. Need Ya'll to include me in your Prayers OK?

YESOD YA`ASIY'EL 2 months ago

Mane I'm 42 and my mama played this religiously and commissioned, and Rance Allen, Bebe and Cece W. Etc. My brother's formed s gospel group singing in churches this took me all the way back to 12 yrs old. All praises to Abba Ahayah Ashar Ahayah

anyrocking 2 months ago

Great Album that I hadn’t listen to in years. Time after time is one of my favorite songs. Who song lead on this song?

xolani somaca
xolani somaca 2 months ago

Mervyn Warren..... That is all I'm going to say..... Vocal arranger- par excellence

DetroitSmooth 7
DetroitSmooth 7 2 months ago


DetroitSmooth 7
DetroitSmooth 7 2 months ago


Lawrence E. Bell
Lawrence E. Bell 2 months ago

It's hard to believe that I've been listening to this for over 30years.

Some Dude
Some Dude 2 months ago

I need my ass beat. I call myself an Audiophile and craved the harmonious sound. These brothers are on EVERY Audiophile recording known to man and they are HOMIES….dayummmmm Lola Mae Freeman is kicking my ass from the grave…

Aristemir Alencar
Aristemir Alencar 2 months ago

Take six é show. The best

Play Roulette Productions

Always used to bump this in the younger days. Still is.

Alisha Crutcher
Alisha Crutcher 2 months ago

This album help me get closer to God and streghten my faith!!!

mauricio brito
mauricio brito 2 months ago

Maurício Brito from Brasil, wonderful singers

Miss Nolver
Miss Nolver 2 months ago

Reliving my teenage years through the 90's all over again. These years we were extremely blessed with anointed Christian music 🎶🥰

Signe Markuson
Signe Markuson 2 months ago

Listening oh wow 6/21. Jesus is coming SOON!

Nozipho Shongwe
Nozipho Shongwe 2 months ago

My dad used to play take six during my teenage years. I would also listen to them during my late nights studying at varsity. The sound is out of this world. I love them so much❤️❤️❤️

Seth Rozanoff
Seth Rozanoff 2 months ago

Time after Time still has the dopest chord progression

jamie lunes
jamie lunes 2 months ago


Aaron Duhart
Aaron Duhart 2 months ago

My pops bumped this DAILY when I was little

Thando Reviews
Thando Reviews 2 months ago

i am praised up

Arthur Funaro
Arthur Funaro 2 months ago

Alvin's doing his synth note vibrato like a madman here. I fudgin' L-O-V-E it! He talks about it in his YT video

batlin 2 months ago

The arrangement of Come Unto Me is just beautiful...

15allnite 2 months ago

“I Believe” is an under appreciated track. The standout song on the album to me.

DetroitSmooth 7
DetroitSmooth 7 2 months ago

This is. 2020 12/13 so much 2 say.

Kana- chan
Kana- chan 2 months ago

Do you remember LOVE AND PEACE
We wish we could PEACE AND LOVE

CosmicCoil1961Music @handmade_steeringwheelcovers

#grownfolkjokes Subscribe to ALL my art forms. You wanna be a billionaire don't you?

Bryan justice
Bryan justice 2 months ago

108 people couldnt spread... their fingers

Comedian Mo Green
Comedian Mo Green 2 months ago

Here 2020!!! Plandemic

Zalmega Foy
Zalmega Foy 2 months ago


Danyell Sanders
Danyell Sanders 2 months ago

I grew up in Huntsville, Al , I got the pleasure to see all these guys every SATURDAY at Oakwood..😇😇

Julie Colquitt
Julie Colquitt 2 months ago


Heat 2 months ago

I love them!!!

Cory Rowe-Kitchings-White-Baugh

Awesome amen I love this group

Andres Holdo
Andres Holdo 2 months ago

2020 already... But I don't know why I am here... I have the Album!

Dehia Carter
Dehia Carter 2 months ago

Here in 2020

It's Time to FITE
It's Time to FITE 2 months ago

105 dislikes is absolutely insane. Who are these people? 🤦🏽‍♂️

obaroya 2 months ago

Who's listening to this in 2020?

disgurluvsmuzik 2 months ago

1st tape I ever bought and it was blue

Karen Edmond
Karen Edmond 2 months ago


Dee Rich
Dee Rich 2 months ago

Still a timeless album from beginning to end. One of my favorite Take 6 pieces of art. This album taught me how to harmonize in high def! They were so ahead of their time!

Kiko do Brasil
Kiko do Brasil 2 months ago

sente a vibe

sanshouo77 2 months ago


Takashi Matsumoto
Takashi Matsumoto 2 months ago

So beautiful

Neophyte Bokor
Neophyte Bokor 2 months ago

I remember seeing them live in concert at six flags magic mountain CA.

Ric Parnell
Ric Parnell 2 months ago

PURE LOVE!!!......

Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 2 months ago

I'm on my Way still gives me chills. The arrangement on the song is out of this world

theoriginal68niou1 2 months ago

Saw them live at a Green River Community College Jazz contest in 1990 and have loved them ever since.

PeekaPeep 2 months ago

My mother originally had the audio cassette of this album and that's how I first became aware of 'em. Unfortunately, I was way too young back then to really get what they were doing vocally until I finally came of age years later and listened to the whole thing again with a fresh perspective. Ended up buying their first two albums on CD afterward and still have 'em in my collection to this very day. NEVER get tired of their harmonizing, absolute masters of their craft right alongside the equally-brilliant Manhattan Transfer...

ivan gutierrez
ivan gutierrez 2 months ago

Suena como Jacob Collier en algunas partes

Maurice Mobley
Maurice Mobley 2 months ago

I saw Take 6 open for The Winans years ago. Maybe like 88 or 89ish... One of the best shows I ever seen... The only other show better than this was The Winans Family Concert!!!! #imgettingold

Estacia Nikesasa
Estacia Nikesasa 2 months ago

As a college student, to say I had limited funds is an overstatement. I was broke! But, there were two albums I spent my money on. This one and Take 6. I needed this "soul food."

Adia Smith
Adia Smith 2 months ago

If you like them listen to Jacob Collier also! Grew up on Take 6! ....Ah, the 90s

Songberd74 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful after all these it’s so refreshing to hear this kind quality musicianship! I used to every word and sound effect and try to mimic every song! ...key word try!😂

Ali Walk
Ali Walk 2 months ago

Thank you brothers for being yielded vessel's to God☝ and I Thank God for being inside Me 👋👼👼👼💨💞

tinaexe 2 months ago

Who's here in 2019?...😍

Atman Jones
Atman Jones 2 months ago

Used to listen to this on tape cassette back in the day.

Vanessa Bello Tovar
Vanessa Bello Tovar 2 months ago

the best of the best!

Stephan Harris
Stephan Harris 2 months ago

This album should make every group step their game up vocally... These guys set the bar real high. I'm humbled.

Jennifer Foxhoven
Jennifer Foxhoven 2 months ago

Love these guys ❤😊🎶🎤🕇

Ennio Cortuso
Ennio Cortuso 2 months ago


Ruby Tulips
Ruby Tulips 2 months ago

I really like this group

Groovy SteroidsStudios


Groovy SteroidsStudios

"Put your lust in me" WDJ

Henry Przepiorka
Henry Przepiorka 2 months ago

How to make one syllable into fifteen. Technically skilled singing, but it does nothing for me

Letrice 2 months ago

I'm on my way love it love it

Ms Shalom Matthews
Ms Shalom Matthews 2 months ago

yes, take 6 is the best ever since back in the day. Love

Aristemir Alencar
Aristemir Alencar 2 months ago

Amo esse álbum. Das antigas. Sou fã demais do take six.

Tywanda Quinn
Tywanda Quinn 2 months ago


The 1 AJ 39
The 1 AJ 39 2 months ago

Time after Time is so relaxing

Ian Benedict
Ian Benedict 2 months ago

Cedric Dent is a god-like vocal arranger

Blue Orange
Blue Orange 2 months ago


Reginald Finley
Reginald Finley 2 months ago

I remember when this album came out. My group Forte' sang "Something within me" quite often. Fun days.

Timothy Duckett
Timothy Duckett 2 months ago

I love Sunday is on the way song

Timothy Duckett
Timothy Duckett 2 months ago

I was raised on this in the seventh day adventist church mission possible sabbath keeps my dad was a pastor use to play them

Ms. Roma Matthews
Ms. Roma Matthews 2 months ago

When I heard Take 6 in a minute I was hooked on their style and voices. Alcappella is that speaks to me.

Игорь Русаков RUSAK


Paa Hawkins
Paa Hawkins 2 months ago

Mervyn Warren was a beast!

Mavsfan817 2 months ago

come on to me is soul touching..tears every time.. no lie I listen to that song everyday

Mavsfan817 2 months ago

me and momma use to make road trips from Colorado to FT Worth,TX and jam this from front to back.. Thanks for the post..

Angelia Handley
Angelia Handley 2 months ago

Thanks for posting!!

Potato Batman
Potato Batman 2 months ago

its awesome

Fábio Eça
Fábio Eça 2 months ago

1. Not Again!? 0:00
2. So Much 2 Say 00:23
3. Human Body 1:25
4. I L-O-V-E U 1:40
5. Something Within Me 5:59
6. Time After Time (The Savior Is Waiting) 9:38
7. Come Unto Me 13:49
8. I'm On My Way 17:00
9. I Believe 17:37
10. Sunday's On The Way 21:42
11. I'm On My Way 27:55
12. That's The Law 32:07
13. Where Do The Children Play?32:46

Joseph Risenhoover
Joseph Risenhoover 2 months ago

My favorite group of all time

melvin melton
melvin melton 2 months ago

my Sunday jams

Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller 2 months ago


Monique Newkirk
Monique Newkirk 2 months ago

awesome group love them

David Maslow
David Maslow 2 months ago

These guys are Great!

OMG I’M OVER 40 2 months ago

I L-O-V-E U, is my jam!

Harry Carter
Harry Carter 2 months ago

Boys to men are better

Harry Carter
Harry Carter 2 months ago

Church people can be wack

Juan el Parque II
Juan el Parque II 2 months ago

The 5th track, "Something Within Me", I find is the most uplifting esp. during these dark times where hope seems to be fleeting. Furthermore, we have an eternal hope that can't be stolen or taken away for those who belong to the family of believers.

Lunga Gideon Nofemele

One of my favourite album's of take 6

S . M. Day
S . M. Day 2 months ago

No better way for me to enjoy music and A cappella is my favorite style

Jerry Washington
Jerry Washington 2 months ago

My favorite group, then again there's boys to men Manhattan Transfer, Eagles foreigner, Steely Dan, the Manhattans the spinners the temptations the list goes on

Berto Reid
Berto Reid 2 months ago

Love these brothers. And, pray they and their families are blessed with a double portion as, they have blessed me over these years!

DJ STOoSTOo 2 months ago

I became a singer because these guys. I use to practice singing these songs for hours learning every ones parts by heart...EVERYDAY!! Hearing now almost 25yrs later. I still know every song and every part like it was yesterday. Thank You!!!!

Catherine thompkins
Catherine thompkins 2 months ago

Thank YOU LORD for TAKE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuel Carneiro
Manuel Carneiro 2 months ago

Great masters and teachers!!!!!!!!!