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Naomi xxx
Naomi xxx 2 months ago

This video was so helpful at summarising all the ideas we learnt about in class so we can actually use them in the essay. I struggle with structure so the Because, But, so structure is really useful and helps you remember to include everything. Thank you so much for your help😊

Blessing Stevens
Blessing Stevens 2 months ago

would this question be about how he represents social responsibility or something

CalcPost 2 months ago

Sir i tried to use the because but so structure, if possible can you give me some feedback......

How are ideas of class presented in ‘An inspector Calls’

In ‘An Inspector Calls’ Priestley conveys his social message by challenging the need for social boundaries between classes, this is shown the Inspector as he is a proxy for Priestley’s socialistic views as “we are all members of one body”. This sense of unity presents how Priestley believes that social boundaries limit many in society to a very difficult life while the Upper class such as Mrs Birling become socially blind to the influential decisions, they make on all of society. This is shown through the actions of Mr Birling through his approach to Eva’s strike as a "pitiful affair” and Mrs Birlings approach to Eva’s suicide.

At the beginning Mr Birling represents Eva’s strike as a “pitiful affair”, this is shown by Priestley because he wants to show the corrupt and unfeeling approach that upper class men such as Arthur employ onto their lower class workers. The sense of pity eluded by “pitiful” is contrasted as Mr Birling feels almost contempt with his actions, oblivious to the devastating impact that it has on Eva herself. This is done by Priestley to show how power needs to be derived from the upper classes and how class should have less influence in a person’s life, this would be done by voting for a labour government in the 1945 elections. But a large proportion of Priestley’s contemporary audience ( mostly the upper and middle class ) would reject the idea of removing class boundaries as they would lose their privileges in the upper and middle classes. The extent of this reluctance is further shown as Mr Birling would “give thousands, yes thousands” to bring Eva back to prevent a public scandal that could threaten his knighthood. This is done to show how the implementation of a socialist government in the 1945 elections would remove the power that the upper class have unrightfully sustained in society.

Because Priestley is socialist, he uses the inspector as a proxy to put forward his socialist message of how we are all “intertwined” with one another and how “there are millions and millions of john smiths and Eva smiths still left with us. This sense of unity is shown by Priestley to ellude to how a society without class boundaries would benefit the lower classes and restore equality. This would therefore cause a large number of Priestley’s audience to be persuaded to vote for a socialist government in the 1945 elections. But a large proportion of Priestley’s audience would be of an upper class and Christian who would reject his socialistic ideas. However, Priestley directly references the language of the holy communion as we are all “members of one body”, the use of Christian language would be immediately understood by a primarily Christian audience and is done purposely by Priestley to show how any moral Christian would also be socialist, therefore this would result in more of the upper and middle class voting for labour in the 1945 elections.

Class is also shown by Priestley as an excuse of becoming socially blind to the influential decisions that an individual has, for example after hearing of Eva’s suicide Mrs birling lacks to feel any remorse as “I accept no blame for it at all”. The defensive and almost arrogant tone employed by Mrs Birling is purposely chosen by Priestly to shows the insignificance the death of Eva has on Mrs birling purely due to her upper-class nature. But also, a sense of social blindless is shown as “I don’t believe it, I won’t believe it”, this sense of social blindness shows how the upper-class lack to care of the effect that their actions have on society as a whole. But Priestley contrasts this sense of arrogance by presenting Mrs Birlings rejection of aid in her charity as logical, this is because out of desperation Eva lies about her name and being married so “I see no reason for one story to be truer than another”. This is purposely used by Priestley to show the need for a welfare state so people are able to get their aid they need no matter their situation. In this case Priestley becomes less critical of Mrs birling but shows how her upper-class prejudice results in aid being given unfairly as it is given purely on the moral judgements of others such as Mrs Birling .

CalcPost 2 months ago

Sir do we use the because but so structure for our thesis ?

CalcPost 2 months ago

Hi Sir, if possible could you give me areas of improvement to strengthen my thesis.

How does Priestley explore the importance of social class in An Inspector Calls?

Write about:
• some ideas about social class in the play
• how Priestley presents the importance of social class.

Priestley presents how social class heavily influences a persons livelihood and standard of living as financial aid is based on the moral judgements of the upper class due to the lack of a welfare state. Furthermore victimising women of even an upper class nature due to the male dominated patriarchal society in 1912 .The significant control capitalistic men such as Mr Birling have is also apparent as they stimulate the world wars purely for their own financial gain, no matter the moral cost of their actions.However this sense of immorality is contrasted through the seemingly selfless actions of Eric towards Eva however even that may be in doubt.

CalcPost 2 months ago

Sir so for an essay would you recommend x3( because, but so ) paragraphs ?

potatoyama 2 months ago

my english teacher is very crappy and i have a test tomorrow on inspector calls so this video was so so helpful, thank you so much. I have a better idea on how to structure my essay now. Hopefully i can remember this all during the essay and actually apply my new found knowledge to it

Ellie X
Ellie X 2 months ago

So sir if I always use this structure and add In some extra analysis (obviously creditable and good analysis), it can get me from the 7 up through to 9?

Ellie X
Ellie X 2 months ago

Sir thank you so much got my mock on the 6th and this structure is perfect I have some really good ideas!!

Ali Rehman
Ali Rehman 2 months ago

How many paragraphs should we write following this structure

Zara 2 months ago

Video was amazing

Fahima Hakimzada
Fahima Hakimzada 2 months ago

If you wanna get a grade 9 in English GCSE due to the rout of Mr Salles English.

Zara 2 months ago

Compare how poets present the effects of conflict in war photographer and one other Poem. (Sir please can you read through my essay and give me a overall grade and areas of improvements )
Both war photographer and poppies present the effects of conflict of those who aren’t directly involved.

Both poets try to present this through their structure and that the effects of conflict are uncontrollable.The four stanzas of war photographer are uniform with each having six lines and a ABBCDD rhyme scheme.This tightly controlled structure can be seen as a reflection of the tight structure of war -but it could also reflect an attempt to put order on the chaos of war.This however is a juxtaposition as the effects of conflict are uncontrollable ,which is seen by the photographers “hands,which did not tremble then but seem to now”.Likewise Weir has used free verse to present how the mother is unable to control her inner emotions and lets them run free and overtake her as her son leaves.

Weir repeatedly infuses domestic language with military language to convey how the mothers grief has overtaken her life and is in everything that she sees “sellotape bandaged around my hand”instills to the audience how even simple tasks such as removing fluff are a reminder of conflict.The adjective “bandaged” has military connotations and reminds us of wounded soldiers but it also used to present the mother suffering.The poems ‘poppies’ is part of a collection entitled ‘exist wounds’ and the author effectively conveys to us how damaging the exist of her son from her life is through words that connote suffering such as “spasms” and “graze”.

Duffy however ,contrasts this idea and instead present how easily the public can isolate themselves form the effects.Her friends Don Mcullin and Philip Hobbes (respected war photographers)likely this inspired the idea.The internal rhyme used in “tears between the bath and pre-lunch beers”(which refers to readers of the newspaper)increase the pace of the line.This is emphasised but the preposition “between”-it conveys to the audience how the “tears” are momentary and the public quickly move on to something else.To further this the caesura used to isolate.”Rural England” conveys to the audience how the people can separate themselves for then “hundred agonies in black and white” because “they do not care”.

Despite the differences both poems present how the effects of conflict should be remembered.The simile “as though this were a church and he were a priest preparing to intone a mass” is used by Duffy to present how we should not forget the lives lost in conflict.”Mass” is a ceremony in the church that is used to remove Jesus Christ.The photographers used the “solutions” [that] stop in trays” and the “red” lights to perform his own mass.The images produced by his own “mass” suggest to the readers that the innocent lives lost in conflict will be remembered,even if only by him.

Similar idea are presented in Weirs poppies.”popies” is the symbol used in Armistice Sunday(a day to remember for those who lost their lives in the conflict of war)The noun is used in both as the title and the opening line which immediately forces the readers to consider their life’s lost in a battle of conflict.This juxtaposes the dramatic monologue form which takes away the sons voice so that only we can see the effects that conflict has on the mother.The use of juxtaposition causes the readers to rethink their connotations of poppies as typically we only remember those directly effected by conflict ,nor those indirectly involved.

Overall whilst both war photographer and poppies instills to the reader that the effects of conflict are uncontrollable,Duffy presents the idea that people are able to separate themselves from the tragedy’s around by the effects of conflict.Both poems do however highlight the significance of remembering the effects that conflict has.

Stevesangels 2 months ago

Please can you do measure for measure :( x

Shining Dove
Shining Dove 2 months ago

If I do an essay without mentioning any SOAPAIMS, Can I still get a grade 9?

Ellen Donovan
Ellen Donovan 2 months ago

Sorry, slightly unrelated....bought your 100% AQA. Genius!! You are obviously the person for English & English Literature. Any suggestions for tutors with a similar approach for other subjects?

Ishy Uddin
Ishy Uddin 2 months ago

Thank you, for this Sir. You have just earned a new subscriber. My mock is tomorrow and I will be using this. Thank you!

Roker legend
Roker legend 2 months ago

Can make another video on embeding quotations, more detailed one i ve watched a lot of videos but can you make another one more detailed!

Cee Lilii
Cee Lilii 2 months ago

My year 11 mock is November the 25 and my first English exam is on inspector calls, thank you 😊 you're timing couldn't have been anymore perfect

sweet Bubbles
sweet Bubbles 2 months ago

OK thanks but can it link to any questions? Please can you answer my question I am a fan of you :)

Bec S
Bec S 2 months ago

My teacher tells us we have to develop our AO2 by “zooming in on the quote” even when we’ve already made a point and that if we put a quote in we have to analyse it in detail otherwise we won’t get into level 6 however you haven’t done that here but it’s still a top grade answer? I’m confused how to get my answers into level 6 if I’m already considering Priestleys message and morals and how it changes throughout the course of the play

Shining Dove
Shining Dove 2 months ago

I have a question. There is no language analysis like SOAPAIMS?

Jos T
Jos T 2 months ago

Sir could you mark this:

Due to the ubiquity of Priestley’s socialist agenda throughout ‘An Inspector Calls,’ it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that the Inspector is a dramatic foil for Priestley’s forward thinking views. Through purposely stressing his message that capitalist men like Arthur Birling have “responsibilities as well as privileges,” because “we are all of one body,” it is evident that he wants his audience to reject the archaic capitalist sentiments of pre World-War 2 society. However, Priestley heavily plays on the idea that his creation will be performed to an upper/ middle class society and therefore adjusts his persuasive techniques accordingly. Through mimicking the language of Christian communion, “we are all of one body,” Priestley appeals to the political side of his audience through the religious side that they share. He aligns Christian and Socialist values in such a manner that they become near synonymous. Furthermore, upon the Inspectors exit off stage, his “lesson,” implying his prophet-like nature, is shown to resonate with Eric and Sheila, but fly straight over the head Mr and Mrs Birling as they are immoral - just as those that disagree with Priestley’s rhetoric are too immoral. As a result of a reluctancy in 1912, Edwardian society to change, they are taught in the “fire and blood and anguish,” of WW2 and now it is the turn of a post-war society to prevent the repetition of the evil cycle of capitalism, war and death.

Jos T
Jos T 2 months ago

How about: Given that, however, furthermore.

This promotes a more sophisticated vocabulary and better essay writing habits in general.

PugDogGamer 2 months ago

does anyone know the question that came up in the november 2019 exam(aqa lit paper 2)? if so plz reply because i want to use it for practice

Parallel 2 months ago

Hi sir, this is a good idea. However my English teacher told me that if you're aiming for top grades (8 and 9), you shouldn't have formulaic answers that follow a set structure. If you wanted to get those higher grades, would you still use because/but/so or would you recommend something else?

Khadijah 2 months ago

your videos are so intersting that it really makes me enjoy english

Lee Larner
Lee Larner 2 months ago

i am struggling to understand how i could use for romeo and juliet how would you suggest i do this for R&J

Shining Dove
Shining Dove 2 months ago

Thank You for this video!

Khadijah 2 months ago

thank u so much sir u have saved my english with your vids