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Fran Gowing
Fran Gowing 2 months ago

For anyone that has a spare couple of hours a week, you can volunteer as a befriender for Age UK and make a real impact on someone like John's life. I have been visiting someone for a couple of years now, and find it hugely rewarding. So if you have time just to chat, pop to the shops, or play a game with someone for as little as 2 hours per week please get in touch with Age UK.

Paradox Penguin
Paradox Penguin 2 months ago

I'm in my mid-20s and I already relate to this what John is experiencing. At this point I've had so many lonely holidays, for so many years, that they've lost all meaning to me. They're just another day, and I often forget they even exist.

Where Are My Avo0cad0s

I'm sobbing now

Sanni Mcgourty
Sanni Mcgourty 2 months ago


Heather Summerscales
Heather Summerscales 2 months ago

Why do people assume its just old people that suffer lonelyness and isolation, young people suffer as well some don't have supportive families or friends,

Janet Holzlohner
Janet Holzlohner 2 months ago

His face looks like paul mccartney

AwesomeRaptor14 2 months ago


Aaron Mills
Aaron Mills 2 months ago

This is a brilliant advert and it’s not only old people it young people to. Share this advert please

cosmic onion
cosmic onion 2 months ago

Its will soon be xmas! yey! last monday 3rd december i was asked to go and clean a carpet due to a small flood. i arrived to be met by a lovely elderly lady who lived alone in a ground floor flat. i cleaned the carpet and having done so she asked me if i would like a cup of tea, i said no as i was very busy and had other jobs to attend to. she looked a little falawn when i declined almost with a tear in her eye. i packed up my gear and was about to leave and just thought to my self how lonely it must be for her so i said i will have a cup of tea if you dont mind. she made the tea and asked me to sit with her and even put another bar on the fire to make me welcome. she brought some biscuits out ( that were soft ) We chatted. she told me she was 91 years old, she said she missed company now her husband son and daughter had passed away along with all here friends, she told me every day was the same. cross word and Tv. After 45 mins i had to go. Friday 7th dec i get a call to go back to the house from the council that had ordered the works. I asked if there was a problem with the job or a complaint maybe? they said no Mrs robson had died and they want us to clear the house to the tip. Life is not always kind so take a moment to think of the elderly people this xmas. Just thought i would share that with you.

Dario Ravelli
Dario Ravelli 2 months ago

Heart-breaking, anyways we must admit how this problem isn't only related to old people, actually it's directly connected to the entire society.

Andrew P
Andrew P 2 months ago

they came back for another advert, as was filmed in my road but do not know if it was a follow up to this one arabelladream will keep u posted

Kate King
Kate King 2 months ago

This honestly made me cry so sad :(

Autism Wizard
Autism Wizard 2 months ago

I am bawling my eyes out

Eddie Simpson
Eddie Simpson 2 months ago

I am 70 and have spent the last 12 Christmases on my own. Fortunately I live in Australia where it's warm...

Leah Ward
Leah Ward 2 months ago


Peggy Ghirardello
Peggy Ghirardello 2 months ago

So sad old people r not invisiable

Froggen88 2 months ago

lol this is me at uni

Nathan Garrard
Nathan Garrard 2 months ago

iv'e noticed that people in the comment section comment how sad they are and feel sorry for older people but why don't they do anything about it, like go to a care home or even just talk to them on the street, last week i helped a old women with a bad with her shopping and she was well funny so why don't we don't go out and help the elderly there all human after all.

Amy Hatto
Amy Hatto 2 months ago

Absolutely heart wrenching 😒

Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum 2 months ago

Very sad

It'sJustHarry 2 months ago

Whats the song called?

arabelladream 2 months ago

Could you please make a follow up video in which John makes a friend and finds some happiness so I can stop sobbing my heart out every time I think about this advert let alone watch it.

Kutha Aloo
Kutha Aloo 2 months ago

Awww when he went to the shops and it was closed I legit teared up. I feel bad for old people I lost someone close to my family to cancer he was abit like a grandpa to me but was such a good man. We should show all these old people love they’re people after all and have emotions like us and unfortunately unlike us they’ve lost too many people and for some all peopleπŸ˜”

Steven Wrigley
Steven Wrigley 2 months ago

No human being should be alone at Christmas or at anytime of the year 😒 Even a wave or a hello would make there day much easier.

Diane Campbell
Diane Campbell 2 months ago

Thamesmead ...

lily Pickstock
lily Pickstock 2 months ago

I was cring they should have peppol to go to 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒

Cameron Farroll
Cameron Farroll 2 months ago

This is heart-breaking.

DFandV 2 months ago

This makes me sad

Ratman 2 months ago

Touching advert and just how I feel sometimes.

Ravedaze 2 months ago

No one should be alone at Christmas , help the aged πŸ‘