Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas


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Information Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

Title : Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

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Frames Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

Description Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

Easy Cricut Christmas Shaker Cards | Simple Personalized Christmas Card Ideas

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Vicki Vrbanek
Vicki Vrbanek 2 months ago

I am new to your videos. I think this is a great tutorial and also appreciate you not editing out the bloopers!

DONNA W 2 months ago

WHERE ARE YOU!!!! Come back!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!! :)

Paper Crane Wishes
Paper Crane Wishes 2 months ago

Love you JD! This is great!

Budiman Kamal
Budiman Kamal 2 months ago

YAY!!! finely a good card making vidio!

Elisa Montoya
Elisa Montoya 2 months ago

Thank you this is so helpful. I've had my cricut maker for a month now and haven't used it but once.
Now, I can start making my cards from Thanksgiving and Christmas YAY!

mazzastan 2 months ago

Thanks for showing these ideas. It makes me realise how little I know about using my cricut. Love watching you craft and really like that you don’t edit out the mistakes x

Karyn Siemering
Karyn Siemering 2 months ago

I don't have a cricut but it was fun to watch how you use one! I do like how you can customize with them

Sarah Johnston
Sarah Johnston 2 months ago

What’s this please? Never seen it before. What would I need to purchase? Everything & how much (roughly)

penny warren
penny warren 2 months ago

Thanks for making the video! I love making shaped cards. I have a tip for you. I make an extra top layer without slicing it so it doesn't distort the shape, and glue that one over the sliced shaped cards. It keeps the perfect shape & no one knows the difference!

M Kathryn Blacker
M Kathryn Blacker 2 months ago

This is so cute. 😊 I don't have the patience for an electronic machine, but that's just personal preference. You did a great job. I TOTALLY would have forgot to put the shakers in too! 😂

Kavita Roopnarinesingh

What program do you use to create these cards? Can it be used on a regular word program

Bev. Wilson
Bev. Wilson 2 months ago

Hey JD - Merry Christmas to you! Hi ! I'm enjoying your #christmas202020 group videos - and I loved the cards you made. I don't have a cricuit but it was fun to see what you did with it to make your cards. Thanks.

Sherrie D
Sherrie D 2 months ago

Love your cards. Christmas cards look beautiful with some shiny foil on them. You should do a collaboration video with Nancy Stamps she does some great foiling. I think you two could make some beautiful cards together.

cedasue 2 months ago

I love your video's because I feel like I can do these things the way you explain them. In regular talk. Thanks so much

mllecoline1961 2 months ago

Love your cards! Don’t have a fancy new cricut but would love to try it with what I have!!!

fvgonzales 2 months ago

Super cute card great ideas thank you JD

Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson 2 months ago

Thanks JD!

Rebecca Dunn
Rebecca Dunn 2 months ago

I think your cards are fantastic and I find your videos very informative and engaging. I saw another video a couple of days ago about some hurtful comments you received after one of your videos. I find it disgusting that people would do such a thing and be so personal. I don’t understand how another person can be so mean to someone else for absolutely no reason. I just wanted to let you know that I think your amazing and inspiring for opening up about it. You are talented, funny and beautiful! Please keep doing what you love and making your videos. I know it’s easy to hold on to the negative comments and take it to heart so I hope these kind words can bring a little bit of positivity and maybe a smile. Your fans will stand by you and support you and the Internet bullies will never win!

Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 2 months ago

Awesome video, tfs

Toni McGlasker
Toni McGlasker 2 months ago

I learned so much from you today. Thank you.

Dicksi Sutcliffe Folk

Cute ideas!

Patricia William
Patricia William 2 months ago

Love your cards tks for sharing

Tracey McNeely
Tracey McNeely 2 months ago

Beautiful cards and shaker for Christmas are always so special! Great hop!

Laura Gutierrez
Laura Gutierrez 2 months ago

Awesome cards! Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I never would’ve tried them on my cricut. I love the monogram one to send out as a family Christmas card. Thanks!

M Kathryn Blacker
M Kathryn Blacker 2 months ago

Merry Christmas JD. LOL 🤣

Surekha Galagoda
Surekha Galagoda 2 months ago

Tks JD.blessings

Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson 2 months ago

I made the first out-of-the-box card with my Maker, but haven’t really done any papercrafting since then. You’ve given me some things to think about! TFS

Nicole Simmons
Nicole Simmons 2 months ago

You can never go wrong with a shaker card. Great ideas!TFS

Jocelan Perry
Jocelan Perry 2 months ago

Loved your video.You always share such good ideas.

Chrystal’s Chreations Wycoff

I love your shaker cards. I wonder if I can do this with my ScanNCut.

Dawn Lewis
Dawn Lewis 2 months ago

Love these cards...can't wait to try it! 😍

Anna Sylvia
Anna Sylvia 2 months ago

I have been wanting to do shaker cards but just didn't know where to begin. Thanks for your video! Could you make a video of fall and Halloween shaker shaped cards? Thanks! Love your videos!

S Horton
S Horton 2 months ago

Glad to see you back! I missed your videos!!

Vaye S
Vaye S 2 months ago

Oh such great ideas....I need to play with my cricut more.....ty

myozbubble 2 months ago

I'm glad you didn't edit out the boo-boos. Learning how to do a save is part of the learning experience too.

McCrea Family Homestead

Love my Cricut. I have both the air 2 and the maker so I can bust out two cards at once lol

Shirley Desrochers
Shirley Desrochers 2 months ago

Really cool.

Marguerite Peaden
Marguerite Peaden 2 months ago

If you cut one more of the images with the cut out center, but whole as it was before your weld and glue it over the welded card, you will have the total image without the chopped off circle, or chopped off tree, or chopped off star. I know it’s one more cut and one more piece of paper, but you have the original whole shape. Also if you do the inside pieces just a fraction smaller than the outside pieces you won’t have as much bulk and the card will close a little better.

Heather Tallman
Heather Tallman 2 months ago

I think if you made the card base solid on both sides, and turn the extra piece into a frame, the crease wouldn't be so bulky and would fold easier. Love the idea of using my cricut for card making.

Barb Thompson
Barb Thompson 2 months ago

Cute ideas. Thanks for leaving in the boo boos. Makes us feel more normal.

Missy 2 months ago

Awesome ideas! TFS...

Andrea R.
Andrea R. 2 months ago

I love your humor. So you're funny and talented and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Kathya Kalinine
Kathya Kalinine 2 months ago

Super cute cards. 😊

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Woo fantastic

Ingrid Blackburn
Ingrid Blackburn 2 months ago

LOVE those - so super cute. Such cooil designs. You're making me want that electronic cutter.....lol. I was thinking the other day while making my cards, how awesome would it be to NOT have to hand cut out 70 sentiments.....LOL. Why didn't I think to take my hat off?....lol. 😄😄😄

Wendy Well
Wendy Well 2 months ago

I was trying to replicate a die using my Cricut this morning and it wouldn't "prepare the mat" when I tried to set up the cutting out of the inside of the circles. Was going for a random bubble look. Then you pop up with the slice step. On the video I couldn't see where you accessed it but am going back to the Cricut after I hit send to see if I can use your method. I am sure that your video is one that I will watch over and over again because you included so many neat steps that I hadn't known about. Thanks so much!!! Always look forward to your card videos.

GoDi on Demand
GoDi on Demand 2 months ago

There should be Christmas sweater-style shirts for crafters because we all start about now

Brenda Aplin
Brenda Aplin 2 months ago

I need to up grade my cricut.. i have the older version..the expression

Ardyth Percy-Robb
Ardyth Percy-Robb 2 months ago

These are super! I love how easy it is to customize shakers like this!

sandy visger
sandy visger 2 months ago

So happy to see you, great ideas THANKS 👍👍

Beth Macia
Beth Macia 2 months ago

Sure hope the end of the year ends up better than the beginning. Lol thank you for this. I appreciate how real you are.

DarylCreates 2 months ago

Hi JD💙

Justine Hovey
Justine Hovey 2 months ago

So much fun! Love all your cards, JD!