How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards


Tony \u0026 Chelsea Northrup

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Information How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

Title : How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

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Frames How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

Description How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

How to take Christmas Pictures for Holiday Cards

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Tony & Chelsea Northrup

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Rob O
Rob O 2 months ago

Chi, I’m Helsea.

Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 2 months ago

What would you camera settings be on this?

REDLIONTV Conversate with Joe

She is beautiful...

Rolf Casparius
Rolf Casparius 2 months ago

Frickin riot Chelsea... Thanks, great pointers!

Capture The Cloud
Capture The Cloud 2 months ago

Chelsea, would you like to share your camerasettings in this shot, would be helpful as a baseline cause i was going to try and duplicate this now in the coming weekend..! :)
I have all the studio equipment that you use so give me all the tech talk mambo jumbo please...!! :) :) :)

Best regards. Henke

Crewchief 227
Crewchief 227 2 months ago

@Chelsea Northrup Hey Chelsea your video here made it onto SLR Lounges front page, good job!

Babieca Corriente
Babieca Corriente 2 months ago

NEVER CLICK ON SUBTITLE BUTTON!! it will ruin your day!! :p

ROBB SCHOLAR 2 months ago

Thanks guys good video

nawab azmi
nawab azmi 2 months ago

thanks sweetheart

dawuta 2 months ago

Thanks for the tip!

albert0St 2 months ago

That "subscribe! .. up above" was just perfect hahaha :-p loved it

Timon and Me
Timon and Me 2 months ago

Hi, Im new to photography and i was wondering since my first semi professional or professional camera is going to be a Canon T5i would that be a good choice?

Rob Nunn
Rob Nunn 2 months ago

If you're in the UK, to get a similar backdrop, get to a haberdashery and ask for Tulle. (They might get a little confused if you ask for sheer.) Fantastic video.

Fease Yough
Fease Yough 2 months ago

Pokemon snap remake

randomgeocacher 2 months ago

The outtakes in the end were a thousand times better than actual video! You should let that wonderful personality shine through thought the video Chealse!!!

leggz2di4 2 months ago

Love the bloopers and great advice!

Muhammad Yahia Tarabishy

at 2:00 Chelsea totally made me think of Lara Croft! the boots, the pose and that big Canon gun!!

matilda 2 months ago

Does anyone know of a way to change the colour of the wire on my led lights? They are green and I want to change them to white. Do u think covering all the green with electrical white tape woukd b safe?

Kue Vue
Kue Vue 2 months ago

Love it! Thanks for the tuts!

Henrik 2 months ago

This was a good idea ! Nice Christmas background !

Stuart 2 months ago

Loved the out takes. Well done

Jon Harker
Jon Harker 2 months ago

last 20 seconds are worth a watch, I knew that sincerity was a veneer! :)

CraftsAddict 2 months ago

I remember this title showed up in my timeline with a kid picture thumbnail.. I did not bother to watch it .. today it showed Chelsea I clicked right away xD!! I love her presence in the videos!! (not sure if your actually did change the thumbnail but am pretty sure it was not Chelsea)

Chris Hastings
Chris Hastings 2 months ago

I actually was LOL at a train station today watching the outtakes.... people thought I was weird, thanks for making me look insane @ChelseaNorthru 

Aron J Anderson
Aron J Anderson 2 months ago

Great Tut thanks Northrup's.

antony christopher
antony christopher 2 months ago

you guys rock and i am getting addicted to watching your videos both are dope ....

Owen Copson
Owen Copson 2 months ago

Could you add the lights in photoshop rather than going to the trouble of setting the light exact ?

VincentHannon 2 months ago

Where are you getting the Canadian tones in your voice.
It took a few hours before it dawned it's a Christmas card you are shooting. I was thinking wouldn't a flag be a better drop for the recent holiday.

GABRIELA_ CHAZ 2 months ago

Love your videos more videos like this short and I like the long ones too

Amy Doak
Amy Doak 2 months ago

What kind of strobe light would your recommended for beginning photographers? You're videos are so helpful!

Michael White
Michael White 2 months ago

Nice Tips! Thank you! BTW I have purchased the book! I am reading during my recovery from recent heart surgery! Be well and keep the tips coming!

Grave0714 2 months ago

Great tips, Thank You! Tony your a lucky man  ;)

bird271828 2 months ago

Thank you Chelsea :-)

Clam73 2 months ago

I would just roll around on the lamb fur instead of taking pictures.  

nukedkaltak 2 months ago

Watching this video made me smile. Thank you for making me smile and learn stuff :P

Spawn Brimstone
Spawn Brimstone 2 months ago

You were so kind and adorable back then...what happened?  JOKING!  :D 

Abdul Hussain
Abdul Hussain 2 months ago

Awesome as always.

Claude Saint
Claude Saint 2 months ago

Nice eyes.

Rough-Trader 2 months ago

Good stuff

Jai Shri Krishna
Jai Shri Krishna 2 months ago

Cool tips

arman gayatenia
arman gayatenia 2 months ago

Very helpful tips!!! 

Bob Machado
Bob Machado 2 months ago

Congrats!!! Very good tips!!! 

Darryl Schipper
Darryl Schipper 2 months ago


elbrigado 2 months ago