How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word


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Information How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

Title : How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

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Frames How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

Description How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

How to make a foldable birthday card with MS Word

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Adrienne Bal
Adrienne Bal 2 months ago

This was a very helpful video and I haven’t finished it yet 😀. You explained things along the way such as translucent background, reason for png, keyboard shortcuts, etc. A well done tutorial in my opinion. I cannot give enough thumbs up. Thank you very much.

John Green
John Green 2 months ago

Please slow down on your talking, too fast for me, especially with a transatlantic accent.

Ron Scott
Ron Scott 2 months ago

Your clarity was masterful!!!!!

Helena Greenwood
Helena Greenwood 2 months ago

My grandson Noah is one on December 29th I'm definitely going to have a go at this thankyou 🥰

Alex :D
Alex :D 2 months ago

is ist werid that I find this video satisfying?


BillsFanATL 2 months ago

Thank you, this helped me out A LOT with making a card for the wife's birthday tomorrow. With the Covid stuff, and going through chemo for cancer, I do not go anywhere, so this is a Godsend. Thanks again!!!

Julie Leasure
Julie Leasure 2 months ago

So helpful thank u

Hiruni Nesansala
Hiruni Nesansala 2 months ago

It’s so helpful.. thank you so much

upanjana paul
upanjana paul 2 months ago

Did you use A4 Size?

Home School
Home School 2 months ago

When printing, do we put the paper back in the printer in the blank side or just leave it as it and it’ll print automatically

D. N.
D. N. 2 months ago

So that’s what the checkered background is. On mobile devices it sucks, but I didn’t realize there was a reason for it

Nova Chap
Nova Chap 2 months ago

Excellent video, a massive help! Many Thanks.. I've subscribed and liked..

Donnah Cederna
Donnah Cederna 2 months ago

Thank you so much! super easy to follow along and with your help I was able to create a lovely birthday invitation.

Kaylyn Truter
Kaylyn Truter 2 months ago

This is so helpful, and so well articulated and guided. Thank you! I learned SO much!!

garymark100 2 months ago

Hi Tracey, thanks for this excellent tutorial, it's really helped me. I followed your instructions to the letter, but I'm getting a white margin on the right hand side of both pages that cuts off part of the text. Any idea how I might fix this please? Thanks

Advanced GamerZ
Advanced GamerZ 2 months ago

This helped a lot but I can't seem to get the printing part right it doesn't print on the opposite side properly does anyone know why?

AKIELIE DZUDO 2 months ago

TOTALLY helpful thank you

dynawmn 2 months ago

Thank you for the great tutorial. I was able to make a cute birthday card for my grandson. I am using Microsoft Office 360 and the only thing I couldn't find was how to transform the font to curve down. Otherwise, it was really helpful to be able to follow along with your instructions.

Kit Murphy
Kit Murphy 2 months ago

Way too fast for a beginner.!

Giselle Rivera
Giselle Rivera 2 months ago

This is fantastic! So straight forward and I was able to make a Covid birthday card

Ebi Johnson Thuruthel

Thanks for this👍🏾👍🏾

Renee Linwood
Renee Linwood 2 months ago

can you tell me which version of microsoft word are you using

Marcus Bricks
Marcus Bricks 2 months ago

That’s great super helpful thanks

Elizabeth Macpherson
Elizabeth Macpherson 2 months ago

Wow what an in depth video! Thank you

Anabel Megan
Anabel Megan 2 months ago

This really helped me, thank you!


MY card turned out very well, thank you very much. I will recommend this to others in future.

doubts 2 months ago

Thank you for this, it really helped me out!

Liviee Christine
Liviee Christine 2 months ago

Is possible for you to make a video on how to make a foldable on google docs? I use Word online, they don't have certain things I need to make a foldable card such as the blank page or to add in the shape

John Ian
John Ian 2 months ago

thank you!

CactusNaga 2 months ago

That section about color combinations was brilliant! I too struggle with color aesthetics, and I thank you for that tip.

tinkrb3lle 2 months ago

I couldn’t get the .png image to display w transparent background like the video. It still shows the checkered squares on Word. What did I do wrong?

cousinJoJo1 2 months ago

This video was perfect for me. I was able to make a card that was very difficult to find in stores. I was able to make a personal card from our dog to my husband for fathers day. thank you very much. I am now searching to find how to make an envelope for the card.

Kevin Nair
Kevin Nair 2 months ago

Best video on the topic thus far ... thank you ....

Tiana Sharp
Tiana Sharp 2 months ago

Very Helpful, Thanks!

Marsha Hill
Marsha Hill 2 months ago

Great info "I just had to slow the playback down

Un known
Un known 2 months ago

Please mail me this MS Word file to
I'll do the further editing.
Please .

OfCant 2 months ago

Good info, but the areas you need to be slow on your to damn fast. Slow down and explain the important parts verses explain how to use google, I think we all have that down.....

Gladys Perrin
Gladys Perrin 2 months ago

Thank you! I really learned a lot of ways to manipulate boxes in Word. I am an advanced user but I was so happy to find this video. You inspired me to use it to create an Anniversary card for my Sunday School Teacher and her husband. The younger students will color in and write their names. I was looking many places but you really inspired me. I made it happen because of your tutorial. Much success in all of your endeavors!

Pam Woods
Pam Woods 2 months ago

What version of Word is this? I have office 365 and can't find the commands for alignment. Thanks

BeatlesFanSonia 2 months ago

This is way too fast. I tried and tried to keep up but I got so confused.

IZA MONTOYA 2 months ago

I really liked your videos. It’s very helpful making diy’s in MS Word. Hope you also make a watercolor invitations.

Amira Briggs
Amira Briggs 2 months ago

Woah that’s crazy like I did this and it worked,, thank you so much

Mafer Gonzales
Mafer Gonzales 2 months ago

Thank you so much!! My beautiful card it’s printed now 🤗.. thanks again !

Moon Goon
Moon Goon 2 months ago

Straight to the point and I loved how fast you went, i usually have to skip through all this useless blather and I didn't have to do that with your video. Simply paused when needed.

Moon Goon
Moon Goon 2 months ago

VERY HELPFUL! Thank you!

Shreeti Das
Shreeti Das 2 months ago

Thank you so much 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Anisah Soberi
Anisah Soberi 2 months ago

whats the difference if i set it up to print on both sides?

Tjiarrika Payne
Tjiarrika Payne 2 months ago

The video was great you just went so fast I couldn’t keep up so unfortunately I had to find a much slower video

w104ssc 2 months ago

how do i make this into a 3x5 note card size?

Schwarzenegger 2 months ago

Good video, but there is one thing I do not understand: what is “feed” and why do we need it? Can’t we just print it double sided with a flip on the short edge?

Ashu anshu
Ashu anshu 2 months ago

Tq so much

Pamela Eikleberry
Pamela Eikleberry 2 months ago

I like your video but you are talking to fast for these old ears

Tash D
Tash D 2 months ago

This is so very helpful!  My only feedback is that you do give instructions quickly....when you are going through the steps it would be helpful if you slow down.  Thanks

sunil kumari
sunil kumari 2 months ago

it really helped me.
thank you

Isabella Abruzzi
Isabella Abruzzi 2 months ago

I've been patiently waiting for another video from  you.  Thanks for sharing this and your talent!  :)

Farris Media & Marketing

Awesome!!! Thank you