Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)


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Information Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)

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Frames Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)

Description Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)

Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)

Chinese Food+Christmas+Jews = Yingl Belz (YidLife Crisis S2E2)

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JiubeiKibagami 2 months ago


Chelsea Wind
Chelsea Wind 2 months ago

My dad at Chinese restaurants my whole life

Michael Mindel
Michael Mindel 2 months ago

Just fabulous...very well done - very funny - Bravo.....

nanush inthetube
nanush inthetube 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing! Funny and clean and all that comedy should be. Yeh!!!!

Bryan W HARP
Bryan W HARP 2 months ago


Judy Tellerman
Judy Tellerman 2 months ago


Colleen Scott Carmello

You two gentlemen crack me up! =D

Fredrik Z
Fredrik Z 2 months ago

The only thing my Chinese dad and Jewish mum agree on is Chinese food on Xmas. Ikh hob faynt oyszuklaybn restaurants take mir geyn shtendik in a khinesem restaurant ))

Khalil Gibran
Khalil Gibran 2 months ago

I’m Lebanese and my husband is Jewish. Our cultures really are similar. Thanks for this video.

Mark Schwartz
Mark Schwartz 2 months ago

Jamie is so cute. He is definitely husband material. What a looker!

Gloria Pilo
Gloria Pilo 2 months ago

very, very funny... so nice to hear yiddish.

Samuel Robert Whitehill

You show Jews behaving badly screaming over how much money they need to pay -- another anti-Semitic stereotype--David Duke would be proud of you.

Sam S
Sam S 2 months ago

I'll have to read this later!

Michael Troster
Michael Troster 2 months ago

Very funny and indeed a machaya to hear some Yiddish being spoken. The ties between the Chinese and Jews are greater than one realizes. Both intelligent people. In Toronto, the Chinese in the food business used to take their vacation during pesach because the Jews wouldn’t patronize them during Passover.

Nestor Castro
Nestor Castro 2 months ago

Brilliant !!! Loved it!!!

Michael Valadez
Michael Valadez 2 months ago

Oy Vey...I loved this video.My longtime Jewish friend has been teaching me a Yiddish word a day.Great timing.The ending was great.loved it.If Jesus was aJew how come he has a Hispanic name.?

cufflink44 2 months ago

Cute. I liked the "It's Chinatown" ending.

I think the main reason Jews ate Chinese food on Christmas is simply that the Chinese restaurants were the only ones open on Christmas.

Jacob Scheer
Jacob Scheer 2 months ago

Jesus in Yiddish is יאָשקע

Michael Butchin
Michael Butchin 2 months ago

HAHAHAHAHA! Such an old joke!

Apex Timelines
Apex Timelines 2 months ago

#SeaMonkeys + #FireMonkeys + #Covid19 = #LittleLori & Fake Government Hollywood Bullshit 100%! #MormonsLie and #FloridaIsAGreatState

Meena la Regina
Meena la Regina 2 months ago

Hallo! Ich heiße Meena. Ich mag Ihren Witzen und ich verstehe Yiddish, viel ich Deutsch kann. Wünderbar!

Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle 2 months ago

It always seems like there is a latent hatred of white Christians in these videos...

mark rogowin
mark rogowin 2 months ago


Michael Mize
Michael Mize 2 months ago

Sorry the Jews did not build the Pyramids that like so many old tales are just that "Tales".

Nancy Lebovitz
Nancy Lebovitz 2 months ago

Much better acting than in a lot of videos.

Ellen Papernick
Ellen Papernick 2 months ago


brian kelly
brian kelly 2 months ago

so funny and so true...

Lucinda Love
Lucinda Love 2 months ago


Yiran 2 months ago

Brilliant. And Jewish people do have a lot in common with Chinese.

Professr Frank
Professr Frank 2 months ago

Come for the fantastic Jewish humour.
And stay for another slice of Montreal life.

hank 2 months ago

Hilarious and clearly dedicated to community outreach! Thank you!

Carmelo Pappalardo
Carmelo Pappalardo 2 months ago

I am so hungry.

supersovak 2 months ago

OMG how have I JUST found this??

adele rose
adele rose 2 months ago

no translation for yuck mir nisht kein chinick!

YoBlackCatYo 2 months ago

The auto-generated English subtitles are as amazing as the video content itself.

YESS1R 2 months ago

This is great show who didn't know.

Phyllis Tuttle
Phyllis Tuttle 2 months ago

its hysterical,  thanks

brian kelly
brian kelly 2 months ago

This is a fascinating and accurate documentary on the history of Judaism. I learned so much about the Jewish people. Thank you!

iremember la
iremember la 2 months ago

Aren't they speaking German?

Bronze 2 months ago

How come it sounds like they are speaking german, or at least I hear a lot of german words

Stidean 2 months ago


Naomi Burn
Naomi Burn 2 months ago


deavman 2 months ago

Beyond bar-mitsva, isn't it always yidlife crisis??

Harriette Kligman
Harriette Kligman 2 months ago

Funny - love these guys

artb3 2 months ago


DCFunBud 2 months ago

LOL! I liked the surprise endings. It always struck me how my Italian family acted so "Jewish." Then, I discovered we were Sephardic.

Doogie Schmoogie
Doogie Schmoogie 2 months ago


BigGuyBoleslaw 2 months ago

In the 1980's, when I lived in an apartment up at YU -- I was at 186th and Amsterdam -- there was a widower in his 80's in the neighborhood who was fluent in Yiddish and Chinese, no English, although after decades in the Heights, he did speak "Spanglish". He was a Jewish man who grew up next to Chinatown and moved to Washington Heights after his Chinese wife died.

Jae 2 months ago

Guys, I'm trying to learn Yiddish and your videos have been very helpful so far. But is there any way you could show Yiddish subtitles as well?

helaine625 2 months ago

OMG -- this is hi-freakin-larious!!!! Love it, love it!
Noch amol, noch amol! :-)

Orly Klonsky
Orly Klonsky 2 months ago

I loved this very cute, entertaining video!!! I can't wait to share it with my friends! :) :)

Frum Reporter
Frum Reporter 2 months ago

I love watching it again from last year, and enjoying this years too

EVILxHEMI 2 months ago

That was awesome! :) <3

MrBoliao98 2 months ago

Chinese people really speaking Yiddish, 如果真的是這樣,可真的不可思議,想不到有人學返猶太語

Petra Mendow-Roth
Petra Mendow-Roth 2 months ago

Super ich liebe es

Idhrelinnor 2 months ago

This was great! I'm also an "outsider on Christmas." Unite! XD

Miriam Gonczarska
Miriam Gonczarska 2 months ago

loved it!!!!

Jonah S
Jonah S 2 months ago


לימור Limor
לימור Limor 2 months ago

Is the man with the rice pyramid Chaimie's father? there's a striking resemblance. Drishat shalom m'Israel

Salo Grabinsky
Salo Grabinsky 2 months ago

Great Jaimy .,Will try TO contact you with THE Kehile

miladragon 2 months ago

Christmas was actually originally from the Roman Saturnalia. The myth of the birth is from other stuff, true, but they moved the date to be about the same as an existing big holiday/festival so as not to ruffle any Roman feathers.

MrArtVendelay 2 months ago


VashaMashaS6elaKashu 2 months ago

absolutely hilarious! Sure many jokes are not exactly new, but the whole schtik got me rolling on the floor, k'ainenhoro.

ganeydn 2 months ago

Ikh hob nor vos gezen YidLife Crisis farn ershtn mol haynt. Ikh muz es vayzn tsu mayn Yidish studentn.

Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez 2 months ago

it's easier to just be a reform Jew

mushka angle
mushka angle 2 months ago

ze tov meod!!

milijan mihailov
milijan mihailov 2 months ago


ralphe14 2 months ago

Thanks to Student Bodies I found this!

Al Becker
Al Becker 2 months ago

Clever stuff. Nice to hear Yiddish spoken. good satire on lots of things. And clever tag line at the end via "Chinatown"

tlcode 2 months ago


Arlene Feuerman
Arlene Feuerman 2 months ago


Bearded Ste
Bearded Ste 2 months ago

Cool! Loved watching it.

Adina Cimet
Adina Cimet 2 months ago

Terrible language. Terrible pronunciation. Vulgar language  -- the old joke is passé.

alberto mizrahi
alberto mizrahi 2 months ago

When Jews speak Chinese, the world will be saved!
Ok, maybe not.

Mike Seltzer
Mike Seltzer 2 months ago

i understood bout 50% of the yiddish

Lisa M
Lisa M 2 months ago

Love it, we need more yidcom on TV... I mean interweb

Marilyn Michaels
Marilyn Michaels 2 months ago


Wilma S Pinstein,P.A.

very funny and true

Hilda Segal
Hilda Segal 2 months ago

wonderful wonderful...I would love to be abel to see episode 1...Hilda

Dan Levy
Dan Levy 2 months ago

This is hilarious, Jews on Christmas eating Chinese food ftw!

Gayle Freed
Gayle Freed 2 months ago

Yukkl yukkl

P. B. Olkin
P. B. Olkin 2 months ago

Hysterical. It's been a long time since i heard good Yiddish from young people. And on Shabbos yet? This is exactly where all the Jews go for Shabbos. Very funny!

Norman Zamcheck
Norman Zamcheck 2 months ago

brilliant!!! more please!!!

tamidbesimcha101 2 months ago


Preacher At Arrakeen
Preacher At Arrakeen 2 months ago

That restaurant isn't in Chinatown, lol.

Jacki Viles
Jacki Viles 2 months ago

Thank you! I needed that!

Angi Bloom
Angi Bloom 2 months ago


AngusTCat 2 months ago

Love it. Thanks very much!

irvrudy 2 months ago

Great humor, guys! Keep it up!

Jay 2 months ago

it's Chinatown. nice!

Freestyle Therapy
Freestyle Therapy 2 months ago

Wow, Thanks for this! It's brilliant, funny and so well made.

Eva Schweber
Eva Schweber 2 months ago

Once again, a great episode! And thank you for teaching me mazel kichel.