Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)


Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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Information Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

Title : Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

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Frames Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

Description Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - A Mad Russian's Christmas (Official Audio)

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Vicky Votta
Vicky Votta 2 months ago

ik it’s august but i don’t care

sf giants
sf giants 2 months ago

Love it even in summer!

Susie Cochran
Susie Cochran 2 months ago

I listen all year long....

The weissling chronicles

It doesn't matter what time of year it is these songs will be so good no matter what

The_Random_Bard 2 months ago

*Silently moves into boss music folder*

Dude On A Cow
Dude On A Cow 2 months ago

April 2021 anyone?

YouIsMe *-*
YouIsMe *-* 2 months ago

I’m listening to this in march

YouIsMe *-*
YouIsMe *-* 2 months ago

I can do you one better

Barnie Snyman
Barnie Snyman 2 months ago

Who's here because of Jarrod Radnich?

The coolest guy Studio

Russian: Do YoU KnoW We ARe maD in ChIstrMas. We EVEn HavE A SoNg abOut It HEHEH

Bass drops in and whole world die except russia

Russians: AY MatE We AliVe nOw LeT Be MaD

Marshal Ney - Mr_Hewders

Me when fighting my brother for ipad:

MauiKyle 2 months ago

I have finally found this version of music from that was playing in QSERF

Ice bro
Ice bro 2 months ago

This music kinda reminds me of dragon ball z music from the video games.

Patricia Lane
Patricia Lane 2 months ago

Love this orchestra


Tonight's the night.

Matthew Alfaro
Matthew Alfaro 2 months ago

Better than the original

Dax TheKing
Dax TheKing 2 months ago

2:18 sounds like it would be in the end credits of a really good sci-fi show, but that's just me-

PokeMich84 2 months ago

anyone see red and black nutcrackers marching around on large screens every time they hear this?

Jim Santos
Jim Santos 2 months ago

This is the one Christmas song that is most likely to give a speeding ticket if I was listening to this behind the steering wheel.

The Random Meme Cat
The Random Meme Cat 2 months ago

Guys, please don't comment "who is here for QSERF?". This will make the song artist harder to find his feedback on his song.

latrell llana
latrell llana 2 months ago

qserf brought me here

Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa 2 months ago

The countdown has started.

TheTrueStarMiner 2 months ago

Me when I blow up a research facility using pressure and science

Izabel Beeler
Izabel Beeler 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020!!!

Auzzie gamer
Auzzie gamer 2 months ago

who is here from QSERF?

How to draw a eqestria girl

I love this i don't know why 113 hate it!!!!!

cougar1561 2 months ago

Zoolights 2020 time stamps 0:10 0:42 1:46 2:31 2:58 3:35

Oscar Boni
Oscar Boni 2 months ago

My Christmas favorite instrumental. 👌

Zoras88 2 months ago

So much better than Mariah Carey

Shane Spotton
Shane Spotton 2 months ago

1:39 Me fighting evil shopping bots to get the Xbox Series X

Wafflez theSquid
Wafflez theSquid 2 months ago

I would have expected more comments

Ioann Afanasyev
Ioann Afanasyev 2 months ago

Chaikovsky plays heavy metall. Beautifull.

Richie Fialkovic
Richie Fialkovic 2 months ago

I cracked, this, Wizards, and Carol on the day before Halloween

Ferocity 2 months ago

This was in my recommendations. I went to one of the shows before. They were amazing!

keper crabs
keper crabs 2 months ago

Only 13 comments

Danganronpa Girl
Danganronpa Girl 2 months ago

Yes yes I am listening to this in august

Никита Родин

From what it?

Никита Родин

J G = Brazil female that loves idiotic decade

SV_SIBONEY 2 months ago

Sounds like Joe Satriani on Guitar!

Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson 2 months ago

That's Metallica in the background with the guitar riffs

Magno Galdino
Magno Galdino 2 months ago

The 2019 Christmas brought me here

RHINO 2 months ago

Celebrate the holiday season in style with this timeless playlist of Christmas favorites old and new: 100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever

Wonderful Cats
Wonderful Cats 2 months ago


A Flying Meme
A Flying Meme 2 months ago

2:20 When you're doing Christmas shopping around town on Christmas Eve

bmichael103 2 months ago

Their ticket prices have gone through the roof though. My salary sure hasn't doubled...but their tickets have. $88 for a bad seat. Guess I'll be watching it on Youtube instead!!

Kris Kaelin
Kris Kaelin 2 months ago

I remember seeing this live... IT WAS FUCKING FANTABULOUS.