9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty



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Information 9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

Title : 9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

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Frames 9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

Description 9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

9 Quick And Easy Recipes To Pack For A Picnic • Tasty

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KazumiRiachi _
KazumiRiachi _ 2 months ago

Tasty: here are some recipes for a lovely picnic
Covid-19: hah you thought

Dan Crumpton
Dan Crumpton 2 months ago

Literally none of this is suitable for a picnic, unless you take a stove. I totally deep fry things on a picnic. SMH.

monika goyal
monika goyal 2 months ago

What is with the music! What do you want us to say- Whoooo, that corndog's so scary??

ANJALISIA 2 months ago

Tasty: playing background music like corndogs are going to murder hotdogs

Alex Rai
Alex Rai 2 months ago

3:19 why dont u just be normal

Alex Rai
Alex Rai 2 months ago

Bruh i have to do some picnic homework for school , this is so boring

Roxanne Wright
Roxanne Wright 2 months ago

The music sounds haunted why would you play this for a food video?

Maven_zw 2 months ago

What’s wrong with your music

Hannah 2 months ago

The music started getting weird and I went to the comments to see if anyone felt the same, and yes. They do

Amie A
Amie A 2 months ago

Where is everyone having these picnics that all this food doesn't get cold by the time you've even put down a blanket

Charli 2 months ago

Yo, who chose the music for this video? 😂

Kayleigh. 2 months ago

Wtf even is this music I ... KSHSKS

Trinity Jones
Trinity Jones 2 months ago

So cute! Mother & Daughter cooking 3:01

Rory Alanna
Rory Alanna 2 months ago

for the most part this is all hot food, have you every actually gone on a picnic?

cherrie e
cherrie e 2 months ago


{*Lillian_ Kawaiifoo*}

I loved how she didn’t peel the orange for the other lunchbox 😂 shows who’s the favorite

Drewskii 2 months ago

Is someone playing silent hill in the back

Alexander Rappos
Alexander Rappos 2 months ago

Thw music makes me want to pubch somone

The 4 weird ones
The 4 weird ones 2 months ago

This song that they played is spy music because tasty is actually a spy agency...

Jesse Foster
Jesse Foster 2 months ago


Jesse Foster
Jesse Foster 2 months ago


Sun6 V
Sun6 V 2 months ago

That eeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz just fennnnnnnnnnnnnnntasticccccccccccccc Mite. 3 Cheers to you Mite..... :)

Nguyen Dang
Nguyen Dang 2 months ago

The music sounds like horror movies’ music

Roqayyah Daloul
Roqayyah Daloul 2 months ago

Its unique music vedio 😆😆😆😆

TWEETY 2 months ago

Not quick and not easy 👍

mikro 2 months ago

why is tasty making greasy food for a picnic, picnic food is supposed to be light and refreshing

Dat gamer gurl
Dat gamer gurl 2 months ago

Smell-o-vision : great!
Putting the food in a picnic basket: not great

Αρης Κατι
Αρης Κατι 2 months ago

You know what I came for.. I saw the comments so I ain't gon talk bout the music

Namiko 2 months ago

whats with the music

Bobs & Vagana
Bobs & Vagana 2 months ago

Going picnic in pandemic

In my dreams 🙁

Isabella S
Isabella S 2 months ago

I'm going to a picnic in 2 days, i'm going to ask my mum for these ^^

Agro Playz
Agro Playz 2 months ago

too much cheese....make some options without cheese also. Too fattening...

Erenxjäegerx 2 months ago

The food is good but the music is making my heart beat to slow ( I'm that scared ) :0

Jenniffer Peña
Jenniffer Peña 2 months ago

Thanks ❤

Shahida Yasmin Hussain

Why is this music from some intense horror movie? As if we're going on a picnic to be murdered?

My Daily Life
My Daily Life 2 months ago

That music sounds like the kung fu movie lmao.😁😂

Sniper 2 months ago

Tasty go to other audio sites for BETTER background music

Sniper 2 months ago

You just made picnics ten times haunted

Iisis Shepheard
Iisis Shepheard 2 months ago

Alrite now

VAISHNAVI xoxo 2 months ago

The music is just horrible!

F3AR 2 months ago

(2:55) Cheerios: doesn’t sponsor tasty

Tasty: toasted oat cereal

Noname 2 months ago

Everything here, would be cold by the time the picnic started

Bahammou Aicha
Bahammou Aicha 2 months ago

The music is annoying

Laura Hahn
Laura Hahn 2 months ago

Why is the music so creepy

Sire Neo
Sire Neo 2 months ago


Srsly tho it doesn’t fit the video

blupink flame
blupink flame 2 months ago

Y is the music so haunting

Gretch.Builds 2 months ago

What’s this creepy music -

myajanette 2 months ago

These comments😭😭😭😭

ollie 2 months ago

why is every comment about the music lmfao

Monisha Wilson
Monisha Wilson 2 months ago

This music makes me not want to go on a picnic

ashyun 2 months ago

honestly the comment sections in these videos are the funniest things ever

PJ fairweather
PJ fairweather 2 months ago

Is this a threat

Walter Wiggins
Walter Wiggins 2 months ago

Good but a lot of these should be served hot. Nobody wants a cold corndog.

Wow Wow
Wow Wow 2 months ago

Wth with the song im scared

Sherilyn Chua
Sherilyn Chua 2 months ago

I was hoping for a japanese styled picnic 🤣 but thanks anyways, Tasty!

Nishant Agarwal
Nishant Agarwal 2 months ago

what the heck is this music? and why would someone think that these are good picnic foods?

Anoushka Chatterjee
Anoushka Chatterjee 2 months ago


Hobi Piknik
Hobi Piknik 2 months ago


Amad Khan
Amad Khan 2 months ago


itsizzy. 2 months ago

Please fire the person who chose this music, it’s utterly disturbing 😒😤😩

burntmocha 2 months ago

1:26 when mom enters kitchen while cooking is in session

Xx AillieXx
Xx AillieXx 2 months ago

Tasty: try these lovely picnic ideas

me:omg who’s Dying

Xx AillieXx
Xx AillieXx 2 months ago

Is it not me or does something not sit right with the cheese sausage thing

leslie garcia
leslie garcia 2 months ago

This music is very eerie for this vid

Brandon Beachoo
Brandon Beachoo 2 months ago

Everyone's talking about the music, but I'm talking about them snacks

Alex Alex
Alex Alex 2 months ago

If this is quick then im Queen of world,they just speed up😑

vasundara kumarihami
vasundara kumarihami 2 months ago

Can i freeze the pizza onion rings overnight? would that be too long?

Vivek Akre
Vivek Akre 2 months ago

serial killer bagroundscore

eclinor 2 months ago

Now I feel hungry and with a lot of anxiety after listening to that background music. At least no body were screaming by getting murdered

Phantom Cat
Phantom Cat 2 months ago

This music is kinda sinister, if this is the music that comes to mind when you think of picnics what kind of picnics are you having

Chandrima Chatterjee
Chandrima Chatterjee 2 months ago

Whats with the music? 😂😂😂

James Lee
James Lee 2 months ago

The most half assed recipe video I’ve ever seen. They definitely slapped this together in mere minutes because none of these recipes are picnic appropriate and the music is totally out of place

floren bloch
floren bloch 2 months ago

isn't this the music from vegan but lazy?

shuruq 2 months ago

i was gonna comment about the song but turns out almost everyone already did 😂😂😂

Larimar Henriquez
Larimar Henriquez 2 months ago

Must of this recipes are not ideal for a picnic... they are going to get cold and soggy by the time to eat it!

Jawad Hamade
Jawad Hamade 2 months ago

Me chilling with the sound off:😌🤤
Literally everyone:😶🤧💀🦻🏻🦻🏻🦻🏻

Jawad Hamade
Jawad Hamade 2 months ago

Am I the only one who had the sound off and didn’t hear the music but turned the volume up when I saw the comments

Recky Rose
Recky Rose 2 months ago

No one

Music: lazergun noises

CcherryNjx 2 months ago

Song is making me nervous

a a
a a 2 months ago

What is he /she mixing at 2:50 ? Honey and Peanut butter ? ( not sure )

J K 2 months ago

Very nice👍👍👌

Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 2 months ago

Y’all need to chill like its not like you take hoursss to find a picnick place or something 😂

SaminSays 2 months ago

This music makes me feel like I’m about to go on an intergalactic battle, not a picnic

Sara TM
Sara TM 2 months ago


Aditi Ravuri
Aditi Ravuri 2 months ago

All the comments: about the music

Me at 3am: i WoNdEr WhAt ThE mUsIc SoUnDs LiKe

Food Craze
Food Craze 2 months ago

Unusual preparation becomes amazing here with a thought leaving behind after seeing the last outcome, how did I not think of these before I see here.

Chris Boylan
Chris Boylan 2 months ago

This song sounds like 100% cancer and this will sound like hell.

Yash Patole
Yash Patole 2 months ago

What's with music are we watching suspense movie lol

Kazera Bowen
Kazera Bowen 2 months ago

What is the lil kids name? The hands r sooooooo cute

Max H
Max H 2 months ago

Worst tasty video I’ve seen. Who would bring corn dogs to a picnic?

Ashin Shaji
Ashin Shaji 2 months ago

NOT A GOOD SONG for a cooking vedio!! not picnic food!!!! oh come on!!

Nalin Beckman
Nalin Beckman 2 months ago

Who on earth chose this music

BIG T is cool
BIG T is cool 2 months ago

Let me just waste 8 eggs on picnic food when i could just make a grilled cheese and it would be just as fine.

mari lloyd
mari lloyd 2 months ago

I would like to speak to whoever picks the music on these videos please.

Demi Olugbamila
Demi Olugbamila 2 months ago

Tasty is obsessed with cheese

Promi 2 months ago

They always add cheese in their every recipe 😒

Ru I
Ru I 2 months ago

For a picnic at a haunted mansion?

salma ysr
salma ysr 2 months ago

the music makes me feel like someone is waiting for me to finish watching the video to smack me in the head with a teapot

T-Bone Holmes
T-Bone Holmes 2 months ago

What's with the fucken music? Who are you having picnics with? James Bond?

ramsis Ali
ramsis Ali 2 months ago


😏😏😏 you know what

Bois you know hehehehe