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Rowan Williams: The Gift of Christmas

Rowan Williams: The Gift of Christmas

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frank whelan
frank whelan 2 months ago

For eons, before Jesus, people lived and died ,without believing in Jesus,(because he hadn't arrived),and even after his time, because of primitive comunications, generations lived and died without hearing about him,what happened to them,and if they are worse off it doesn't seem fair, and if we are worse off if we find it impossible to believe,(what other humans have written) it doesn't seem fair.

Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt

Hi Brethren,

In Jesus, we have One Fold, Church of God headed by One Shepherd, Christ Jesus. But this man belongs to Church of England headed by Queen, the head of Mammon in the defence of this Faith in Mammon soldiers who died during fighting for secular kingdom of Queen were said to have glorified God.

Such a person, who heads this Church of Satan cannot know loving God as displayed by Brother William Both who declared the soldiers died for King and country. They hated him as the Temple Priests hated Jesus. More in my Videos.

Ricardo Toots
Ricardo Toots 2 months ago

As  B C Butler said human language is hardly competent to deal with absolute mystery.Stopped listening when this man ordained gay people then changed his mind and then changed it again .He sounds so much like Christopher Lee in Lord of the rings who was the wizard of darkness  .

pbc1946 2 months ago

Thank you !

Rebecca Nichol
Rebecca Nichol 2 months ago

I've never heard so much pseudo-spiritual mumbo jumbo. What a deeply disturbed man.

Yoly Aumentado
Yoly Aumentado 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and a very Blessed Happy New Year 2015 ...
thanks for sharing with us this recording. I missed the date I registered for this...   I met Dr. Rowan Williams at the courtyard of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, September 12, 2008 after VESPERS by then Pope Benedict XVI and I did not know how to get back to  Eymard Pensione [ near Arch du Triomphe ] where I was staying as a tourist from California. It was then Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams who helped me and I will never forget that encounter and his kindness!  Merci!
Yolanda Aumentado, Santa Barbara, CA

David Stankiewicz
David Stankiewicz 2 months ago

Am so glad this has been recorded, I was very sad to have been unable to join you all for this remarkable man pouring out his profound wisdom for us. Wishing you all a very blessed and peaceful Christmas!  

Kathleen Weller
Kathleen Weller 2 months ago

I experienced listening to this homily as an act of worship. So much holy wisdom, that I had to pause it... and come back to finish it.  What a wonderful gift this Christmas. Bless you folks of Meditatio for bringing this to us.  Merry Christmas to each of you.