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Sophia Rodriquez
Sophia Rodriquez 2 months ago


crazycameracro 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!

michela styles
michela styles 2 months ago

I envy your voice. .' if there was one thing I wanted it would be a good singing voice.

GiuLui 2 months ago

Favorite Christmas song besides Silent Night. Thanks for warming my heart today ;) -Helaman

David M Wood
David M Wood 2 months ago

With a lot of work and a lot of polishing and dedication - this young lady could be very good.

Peanut Powers
Peanut Powers 2 months ago

You are simply amazing

Enraged Gaming
Enraged Gaming 2 months ago

Unbelievable! You are amazing! You sing with such emotion. It comes through in your facial expressions and voice. Simply beautiful!

Dai Lewis
Dai Lewis 2 months ago

Your voice is awesome:))

Holly Roberts
Holly Roberts 2 months ago

Your so good at singing, I wish that I could sing like you !!! Xxx

Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 2 months ago

Molly you're another insperation to me

Liam Gegenheimer
Liam Gegenheimer 2 months ago

This song made me feel like it was actually Christmas. All I could do was smile as I remember all my other Christmases. Decorating the tree, walking/driving around the neighborhood looking at all the lights, playing in the snow, and waking up on Christmas with excitement as I walked downstairs to find all the presents under the tree. Even though it's April, this song made my whole week feel like Christmas every day. I love it so much.

tessa conway
tessa conway 2 months ago

you are actually such an amazing singer. and I love love love listening to you. it makes me smile listening to you, and you have the warmest heart which brings me such joy.

Katie Chalker
Katie Chalker 2 months ago

Your heart and passion for the Lord shines through your music! Beautifully sung! :) 

Darcy Schulz
Darcy Schulz 2 months ago

u r so amazing literally if i sang like you i would just die <3

Andrew Hemphill
Andrew Hemphill 2 months ago

Your Christmas sweater collection is on point haha 

Matthew Gioiosi
Matthew Gioiosi 2 months ago

You made my heart melt. hmu bb ;)

marek kora
marek kora 2 months ago

its a november 2014, but you brought me there:)

Frannie feretich
Frannie feretich 2 months ago

your voice is so beautiful it's unreal.

Reginald Wilson
Reginald Wilson 2 months ago


Danka Music
Danka Music 2 months ago

This is INCREDIBLE!!! Love you :)

Mu14rox 2 months ago

Excellent singing! Perfect voice for this song :)

Alisha Nicole
Alisha Nicole 2 months ago

It feels like Christmas <3

mmmyeahh 2 months ago

I like you. will you go to prom with me?

Romy Marie
Romy Marie 2 months ago

please make a christmas album!

Nicole Moss
Nicole Moss 2 months ago

i love your voice as always but i relly want your sweater

Jimmy Goodman
Jimmy Goodman 2 months ago

God Jesus I FELT LIKE IT WAS CHRISTMAS IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sang that so wonderfully :D :D :D
I closed my eyes & I swear it felt like the Tree was up & decorated, stockings were Hung, presents were wrapped & the kids were asleep waiting on Santa!!! I love love love this video!!!

Kirsten Plunkett
Kirsten Plunkett 2 months ago

You're amazing. Flat out amazing.

erica 2 months ago

I've been trying to find the perfect cover for this song. and i think i just found it:-)

Alexandrea Lopez
Alexandrea Lopez 2 months ago

you should sing titanium 

Emily 2 months ago

You make me wish it was Christmas and I'm just getting pumped for summer! Beautiful! <3

Tec31kid 2 months ago

I'm watching this in late May! Nice voice for The Lord! Thanks for your videos.

HeHoHasMommy 2 months ago

Beautiful! You'd be able to do a wonderful Christmas album too!

John Bulactial
John Bulactial 2 months ago

Like if youre alone watching this on christmas....crying.

Lindsey Hooley
Lindsey Hooley 2 months ago

Oh, what I would do to have a Christmas album from you!

Lauren Kots
Lauren Kots 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Best version of this song I've heard in years! Like many I found your channel after seeing you on Facebook. Keep it up and live your dreams :)

J G 2 months ago

Awesome voice, just get someone to tune your piano :-)

mountainwoif 2 months ago

Great Niece, you are so great.  Love this song, sounds awesome

DarkSide Gaming
DarkSide Gaming 2 months ago

You should sing silent night

Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Molly. I know it is too late. Just take it for next year in case I am not around anymore (;-)

broccolifish 2 months ago

I got a guitar for Christmas.

MrLazybumm 2 months ago

Get to the Voice, win the next season, and get your recording contract .. Cannot wait to buy your album !!

happygoessmokey 2 months ago

I could listen to you for the rest of my days. And yes, that is a proposal☺️

Francis Vita
Francis Vita 2 months ago

It's not even Christmas-time, and I enjoyed this.

Leopoldo Oliver
Leopoldo Oliver 2 months ago

I would love to hear you sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'.

Rizza Dawn Andrea Quinonez

You are a really a stunner!!! xxxx

Tom H
Tom H 2 months ago

I don't think I've ever been more captivated by someone's voice. Just stunning.

fiddiesfolife 2 months ago

Hurry up and get signed already so I can buy your album! You have such a wonderful voice! Thanks for not keeping it to yourself =)

Victoria Drake
Victoria Drake 2 months ago

Now that I've seen a few of your videos, I'm convinced.  You're going to be a huge success in the music business.  Such emotion and soul in your singing.  Fabulous!