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Information Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

Title : Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

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Frames Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

Description Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

Pagan Origins of Christmas \u0026 Tradition History - Full Documentary

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southside 2 months ago

I heard that when Christmas was first introduced in the UK if you got caught celebrating it you arrested and sent to jail

PEACE WORLD 2 months ago

What is funny is how most everyone goes in further debt spending money they don’t have and have Santa Claus everywhere but no baby Jesus or religious stuff , pagan bunnies etc crack me up

PEACE WORLD 2 months ago

So cutting down an evergreen and taking in the house to die was for what and why ?

Kassim Khan Khan
Kassim Khan Khan 2 months ago

Knowledge is power

Kelise Williams
Kelise Williams 2 months ago

This is also why church is Sunday instead of Saturday which is the sabbath day 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

xel el
xel el 2 months ago

Evergreen in russian is yolka...yule 👀

Joanne Chisholm
Joanne Chisholm 2 months ago

Typical stealing every thing

J-M's History Corner
J-M's History Corner 2 months ago

Not a very accurate documentary.

USA Channel 1
USA Channel 1 2 months ago

See, how Christmas was derived from. So unlikely that it is derived from such a bizarre festival in anciet Rome. It involves shocking or even scary rituals which us at odds with the modern Christmas celebrations which is more joyful, peaceful and meaningful.

Oriental Magi The art of NinKu

I say nay to your religion your idol and your false image!
P.s. i also say nay to your vaccine!

Oriental Magi The art of NinKu

May Yaldabaoths children be found out as liars and be destroyed completely!
Christ is born in August! He is the lion of Judah
And it does not matter if you block me satan i will speak no matter what!

Nick Wall
Nick Wall 2 months ago

This was just a terrible 40 min video of how Americans invented and perfected everything about xmas loosely based on older traditions.
If you go right back to pagan Germanic tradition that's were Christian holidays got there ideas.
You want to sell religion, you have to make it exciting and interesting.. So steal those ideas of holidays that people like to do.

Quinten Jackson
Quinten Jackson 2 months ago

Christmas is demonic period straight out distortion Christ was a melanated born in a warm climate period

Conway 2 months ago

Olu Olu
Olu Olu 2 months ago

Santa is rearranged as Satan y’all wake up! We need a tree that grows in the dark.... meanwhile Jesus died on a cross.... made from a tree and brought light...... bro..... The Holy Spirit is waking me up

Tall Guy
Tall Guy 2 months ago

I prefer not to celebrate pagan religious customs. If you research the real origin you'll know. I never saw anything in the Bible about Christmas. Just a bunch of money worshiping hypocrites. The rich manipulating the masses to buy crap they don't need. Islam is even worse

Joshua Marcano
Joshua Marcano 2 months ago


raed Ali
raed Ali 2 months ago

raed Ali
raed Ali 2 months ago

Jesus Birth mentioned clearly in Quran that mother Mary ordered by God's Angle to shake the Palm and dates will all so she can eat, and this is impossible to happen in December!
Jesus "peace be upon him" is a human and a prophet.

There is only one God.

Paganism still surviving by those who elevated humans to the degree of God,

There is only 1 God and 1 religion for all the prophets, it is called Islam.

Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues 2 months ago

Can somebody blackface Santa Claus to give some credit to Saint Nicholas?

Umit Dogan
Umit Dogan 2 months ago

Even earlier than this, about 2500 years ago, the ancient Turks celebrated on 21st December the birth of the Sun. This was known as Nardugan. They decoraded trees, they had a santa called Ayaz Ata who delivered presents and they celebrated with food and drink with relatives and friends in a festival spirit.

Pam Donaldson
Pam Donaldson 2 months ago

I hate this nonsense

Kevin Lashley
Kevin Lashley 2 months ago

"Merry Christmas 2020!"

John truth
John truth 2 months ago

The origin of that Christmas tree was from pagan Rome

Eric Silberstein
Eric Silberstein 2 months ago

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Not everyone believes in these stories.

And the giving and joyous attitudes are missing. Most people are selfish and even more selfish during this time of year.

The exploitation, abuse, destruction and consumption of natural or nonhuman animals are horrible.

The garbage from boxes, packages, wrapping paper pollutes the planet.

Those who care about the natural world find this and all other holidays to be hypocritical.

my spoter in the crock

Holy shit 😂

Kronos the Black
Kronos the Black 2 months ago

This information is only half truths... This is why history (facts) are forgotten. Ridiculous to spread half truths.

Mikaël Salvatore
Mikaël Salvatore 2 months ago

If I were a teacher this is the kinda thing I would give as homework, I'd tell my students they don't need to watch the whole thing just like ten minutes at least and then the next class we talk about it and I would go more in depth about whatever part of history the curriculum expects to be talked about. Imagine how cool a homework assignment that is, "just watch part of this really cool video about x subject of history and we'll talk about it in class"

pritom dhar
pritom dhar 2 months ago

Watching in December 25th, 2020

xi nextmutation
xi nextmutation 2 months ago

christianity = world worse and most absurd religion ever

Child of the Most High

Christmas Eve ✨

Silent night,
Holy night;
All is well,
All is right;
Ye all Christians,
I'll give you a sign;
Your Morning Star is here,
Shining bright;
Angel of darkness,
Angel of light;
Deceiving the masses,
All day and night.
Reigning high,
Worship nigh;
Lucifer's here,
Arms open wide;
I am the christ,
Born on this night;
Celebrate joyfully,
I'm right by your side;
You're serving me well,
Observing my lies;
Teaching your children,
All my desires.
Sleep children,
sleep and believe.
Sleep children,
sleep children.

Written by Sharon Ellis
Thursday, December 24, 2020
Idolatry comes in many and various forms. Idolatry is a sin. Says God.

Sammy Mendoza
Sammy Mendoza 2 months ago

Tha devil not Jesus Christ on Christmas who invented all this lies ??? Is not hard to know !

NORTHeast NATIVE 2 months ago

women having children in 'hospitals' is satanic

King Katura
King Katura 2 months ago

1:00 Actually those are not the biblical origins of Christmas.. Christmas was in the bible and it was not a good thing, as saturnalia and other pagan rituals that where thrown in with it by the catholic church those roman/tyrians of old.10:47 What they are talking about is Saturnalia the roman celebration in which it wasn't a fool they picked it was slaves in which those slaves in which the roles where reversed for 3 days. They neglect to leave this out so i would say its more like propaganda.

MarieLaVeau 2 months ago

I been saying for years Christianity is a syncretic religion. Western Christians want like to criticize people in other countries for infusing their pagan religious practices into their Christians beliefs, but Europe and America does the exact same thing. And all those rituals done in the church, like communion sacraments of eating Jesus flesh and drinking his blood are no different than a lot of pagan rituals. It's all made up.

Psychedelic Casual
Psychedelic Casual 2 months ago

21st December = Winter Solstice. The day of the least number of daylight hours. The day the Sun “dies”. From this day on, the days get longer.
25th December = “Christmas” Day. The day when the Sun noticeably rises 1° higher in the sky after the Solstice. The “miracle birth” or “resurrection”... of the Sun.
31st December = New Year’s Eve. Despite the Solstice being the shortest day, the latest sunrise of the year happens on 31st December. The last day of the year.
1st January = New Year’s Day. The day from which the morning sunrise starts to occur earlier each day. The first day of the new year.
Throughout human history, these astronomical occurrences have been celebrated. Stone circles and henges in Great Britain show worship and celebration of the Solstice since the Neolithic. Over time occurrences will have had stories, personifications and gods attached them. Astronomy to astrology to religion. From Horus to Zoroastra to Krishna to Attis to Mithra, all personifying the miracle birth of... the Sun. Jesus is just another one of these personified Sun stories.
21st December - 1st January is 12 days. From the Solstice being the first day of celebrations to the day the sunrises start to get earlier, the twelfth day. Yule celebrations lasted 12 days. They’d burn the Yule log for 12 days.

windel12002 2 months ago

HE WAS BORN THE 3RD WEEK OF SEPTEMBER.....(This Truth will be revealed in due time)

Eris King
Eris King 2 months ago

What better way to start off Yule than to watch this? Blessed Yule!

Genki Feral
Genki Feral 2 months ago

11:00 The English partying, sounded like it came from the Romans' Saturnalia and didn't the Romans conquer England/Briton long ago?

Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson 2 months ago

I don’t think the giving the best to the lowest really became a thing more than a few yrs. No way I would not have not hunt down the person and beat him to the worth of what I was forced to yield to such a lazy low energy freeloathing freeloading ass hole!!

IRMA GELLER 2 months ago


Phoebe loveness
Phoebe loveness 2 months ago

I love the mix between pagans being like “ Christians will never admit that this is a pagan holiday blessed be” and Christians being like “ the Satan is among us we mustn’t fall for the evil tricks of the world god is among us we have been lied to ect” 😂😂

S. Allen
S. Allen 2 months ago

and why does Mithra look like the statue of liberty??

S. Allen
S. Allen 2 months ago

5 min in and , what kind of place would a child have, in a adult's drunken festival?? A HISTORY of pedophilia

Jesus Diedforyou
Jesus Diedforyou 2 months ago

It's important to note that the Roman Catholic Church and it's derivatives, and The Church, as in the body of Christ, are not the same thing.

The Black Eagle
The Black Eagle 2 months ago

Cristmass doesn't have a pagan origin🤦🏼‍♂️. Delet this video now!!!

Maitreya S.
Maitreya S. 2 months ago

Mithra !!!!!!

Gerald O'Brien
Gerald O'Brien 2 months ago

Jesus never existed. He’s an amalgamation of Middle Eastern legends and pagan myth. So if Christmas is based on pagan traditions, big deal.

Rhonda Robinett
Rhonda Robinett 2 months ago


tyler cass
tyler cass 2 months ago

I wish you added dates more frequently while telling the story

JW KyGirl
JW KyGirl 2 months ago

🌹 Warm Christian Greetings! 🌹
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▪ Jesus did not flee to Egypt when he was a baby.
Jesus was circumcised when he was 8 days old
40 days after giving birth to Jesus, the Mosaic law required Mary to give 1 young lamb as her purification offering and 1 bird as her sin offering.
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Mary was VERY POOR and could not afford to buy a lamb, so the law allowed her to substitute a bird in place of the lamb.
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If Mary had been in possession of the gold, frankincense and myrrh, she would been obligated to buy the more expensive lamb, but instead, the 2 birds she offered met God’s approval. (Luke 2:24)
🌹 Joseph and Mary stayed in Bethlehem about 6 weeks before returning to Nazareth.
▪LUKE 2:39
When they had carried out all the things according to the Law of Jehovah, they went back into Galʹi·lee to their own city, Nazʹa·reth.
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Geoffrey Coghy
Geoffrey Coghy 2 months ago

love it, listen to this every yule, x-mas season.

achsah kaleb
achsah kaleb 2 months ago

the most shocking fact is that Yeshua was not born on 25 dec. All pagan gods were. Yeshua was born on Sukkot. In dec it snows in Israel. No shepards will leave their flock out in the cold.

a bookhoarder
a bookhoarder 2 months ago

We need to all stop being so gullible. That's how they control us.

AnnaKate 2 months ago

Awesome documentary, thanks for uploading. Why the blip in the recording when Charles Dickens is mentioned tho? 19:48

Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor 2 months ago

Winter Solstice, Celebrate the Seasons and change and of the Weather and in Gardens and plants and trees. Just my opinion and enjoy the music and the outdoors. 🌻🌻🌻🦋🦋🦋

5 Minute Psychology
5 Minute Psychology 2 months ago

It’s fascinating for a psychologists how Christians keep believing that all the Xmas traditions are deeply religious, where in fact there’s almost zero religion in Christmas celebrations. I love it!

littleghostythings 2 months ago

6 minutes in and I'm already seeing misconceptions and incorrect information in this documentary. Mithras was not celebrated by all Romans. Mithra (or Mithras) was a military cult figure worshipped and celebrated exclusively by men, mostly those who were part of the Roman military, sometimes by merchants and slaves and other low ranking individuals, but it was specifically a cult recognized on the roads through Europe and other parts outside of Rome itself. Yes those who followed Mithras did celebrate his birthday on Dec. 25th but it's not like it was something widely known. To this day we don't even know how Mithras was worshipped or why beyond context clues left behind in temples. And even those temples worked in a system of codes and symbolism. Mithras' connection to Christmas ends with the date of worship and the cult itself inspired very very little if anything at all outside it's own practice. It's kind of a red herring to even consider it here as part of the origin of Christmas traditions when literally nothing in Christmas uses anything from the Cult of Mithras.

Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Martin 2 months ago

Jeremiah 10:2-4

Vain Traditions Book
Vain Traditions Book 2 months ago

Thanks for your videos. We have been lied to - VAIN TRADITIONS BOOK IS A REAL SHOCKER - If you are interested in TRUTH you will want this book. The book has over 230 pages backed by Scripture and history. Visit the website at Vaintraditions dot com. This book has lifted the blinders off many eyes. and will shock you. Please Share.

azboldazalion 2 months ago

Jeremiah 10:2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

Patricia Whitehead
Patricia Whitehead 2 months ago

He says he hates our feast days. Jesus was not born December 25 , more like 911

Susan Wright
Susan Wright 2 months ago

Read the Bible. God is Love.

Susan Wright
Susan Wright 2 months ago

History would teach you that the Catholic Church chose the 25th of December. We are a Universal Church created by Jesus. Don't be led away by any sort of strange teaching.

Rosaisela Sanchez
Rosaisela Sanchez 2 months ago

I decided to raise my children with the truth about Christmas and santa. My family oh so angry at me. My children are now grown and they thank me for it. They are able to see beyond what society tells. When they recieved their gifts they knew it was from me from my work. And God was who made this possible.

Alexander Chance
Alexander Chance 2 months ago

Jesus is King man.. King

Marcos Salcedo
Marcos Salcedo 2 months ago

They used to party huh

Renee Henderson
Renee Henderson 2 months ago

I'm a Christian, and Christmas has been my favorite holiday for the last 39 years. Most of my earliest and most fond memories I have as a child and young adult are of christmas.
Long story short.... After being led stronger then ever before, by the Holy Spirit over the last few years, I've been led down one rabbit hole after another. Swimming in a sea of theology philosophy dogmas paganism denominations doctrines Gnosticism ancient hebrew/ Judean history and scriptural interpretations 😶 I've realised I wasn't prepared for how much I was going to have to UNlearn!
With that said... My #1 reason for no longer participating in Christs-mas in the very simple but very HUGE fact, that nowhere is it said in His Word to celebrate our Lord Jesus' birthday! But strongly emphasises on remembering His DEATH and RESURRECTION!!!!! As well as the Sabbath. Which is not on Sunday either! Personally, I believe that Christians need to be doing more learning from the Jewish people and the Jewish people need to be doing more learning from Christians. We belong together as one. One House of Israel. I believe that we Christians are merely the lost scattered northern tribes. JESUS is probably more interested in us bringing this 2000 year division of "religions" full circle and made only His people. Like I believe was intended, but for our generation. Oh so much I could go into, so deep it goes.

Qino Qino
Qino Qino 2 months ago

👁️✝️👁️🌋👀👂🙏pagan rituals traditions jack-o-bit s

Qino Qino
Qino Qino 2 months ago

antichrist jesuit papacy system made christ-mass for they hate CHRIST JESUS Saturday SABBATH, at mass everytime everyday they kill ÇHRIST JESUS and keep HIM cruified everyday everywhere on their crooked cross. How could people follow the largest paedophile ring sunday sungoddess idol images secret cult clubs in every realm of money and power throughout world worshipers.

Qino Qino
Qino Qino 2 months ago

👁️✝️👁️🌋👀👂🙏 youtube where did christmas originate via Apologeet
The Whole Truth series via Walter Veith at Amazing Discoveries

Ropes and Dragon Eggs

So basically, Christians back then wanted to be “cool” and they knew people weren’t buying their bullshit, so they just changed the names of preexisting traditions, called them Christian, and forced people to celebrate them or else they can’t celebrate at all, lest they be punished. I was born and raised in the Christian church and what I’ve felt since I was a child is consistent with everything I’ve been shown. If you want to be Christian, fine, but know the history of what you’re practicing. Christmas is fun, but it’s based on a sweetened lie 😂

Adam Shannon
Adam Shannon 2 months ago

Wow this Christmas is going to suck knowing this. This means my life is even more of a lie. Turnin to Jesus is the only answer

Mitchell Golston
Mitchell Golston 2 months ago

I don’t celebrate Christmas of Hebrew decent but I don’t interfere with those that do

Asad lion
Asad lion 2 months ago

Blasphemy! In the land of the blind the one Eyed is the King! Blind leading the blind! Our Lord is not one Eyed! Christ will reject most Christians in his return!

Mark Spurgeon
Mark Spurgeon 2 months ago

The Jesus character was born on September 11th.

Check out "Age Of The Storm" YouTube channel 👍

Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 2 months ago

Loved the information on Santa claus....

Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 2 months ago

There was never a actual human birth of a jesus christ, jesus is the Greek deity named serapis, constructed by ptolemy 1 soter. The image is still the same and the cult of serapis is known historically as Christians today.

Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 2 months ago

I thought December 27th was the original birthday of christ because of the hagia Sophia being completed in 537 ad? Then it changed to December 25th after the calendar was changed to the gregorian calendar when they lost 2 days.

Alfie Divine
Alfie Divine 2 months ago

Wisdom Land may i upload your documentary to my channel please? i'll credit your channel and send your way

Olu O
Olu O 2 months ago

Funny how the bible show Jesus as a so called black man (Revelation 1:14-15) but the video shows him as a pale/red so called (white man) 🤔

Niall Flynn
Niall Flynn 2 months ago

Rudolph's red nose comes from the magic mushrooms the reindeer eat.

zap Branigan
zap Branigan 2 months ago

Christmas is saturnalia

Gadski B. Diaz.
Gadski B. Diaz. 2 months ago

I don't celebrate This Big Lies. Read and Investigate. The Jesus its not born in December. Covid19 more people, new plage destroy Planet. Yeah.

Dane Turner
Dane Turner 2 months ago

This is why in the scriptures(Jeremiah 10:1-5) tells us not to celebrate it. It's all vain, made up and bullsht for retail. They even know that the Messiah was not born on that day, it's really the celebration of a false pagan god but since they control the narrative they deceived and lied to the whole world and said December 25 was the Messiahs born day. The Bible explains that he wasn't born in the winter months, that's why the Most High is shutting all of this sht down and bringing the pain. It's him that's bringing all of these plagues and tribulations (Isaiah 45: 7-9) Because people are proud in their folly and wickedness because people refuse to believe and these fake pastors which he calls them "Greedy dogs" (Isaiah 56: 10-12) will not bring out the real truth to their congregation continuing to lead them astray so he's humbling everybody! We are truly in the last of the last days, it's obvious because they're about to do away with greenback currency and bring in the digital currency through the RFID MICROCHIP. Where we will not be able to buy or sell or work or anything without it; they will place it in your hand like scripture(Revelations 13:17) described. Shortly after that is the Great and Dreadful day of the LORD(Joel 2: 28-32).

raymond942 2 months ago

Christians profess to follow from the judaic tradition. But jesus never fulfilled ANY of the criteria of the messiah. Plus Jews are told NOT TO follow pagan idolatry, such as decorating trees indoors with gold/silver honoring pagan gods. Odd that the christianity of paul (the heretic) goes against all the teachings of the jesus character & the early (judaic) apostles.. who all point to follow the law (torah), and not follow other gods (trinity).. Paul's romanoPagan cult won the long war...

Christopher Heinig
Christopher Heinig 2 months ago

Great documentary why is part about Dickens' A Christmas Carol edited out ?

Chic VintageGirl
Chic VintageGirl 2 months ago

Happy Yule! It's heart sickening to realize the Puritans were so butt hurt from the rejection.. that they got on a little boat and stole land we now call home. Then eventually started reforming the Natives with their extreme beliefs. Ugh makes me so incredibly dishonored to think I have any correlation with those extremists. 🤢🤮

Sanctus Gaming
Sanctus Gaming 2 months ago

Christmas is not pagan stop putting Christmas and Pagan winter celebrations together smh they are different

Angel Israel
Angel Israel 2 months ago

Wisdom of Solomon 14:16
“Thus in process of time an ungodly custom grown strong was kept as a law, and graven images were worshipped by the commandments of kings.”

Edwin Street
Edwin Street 2 months ago

And why do they keep making him look light skinned when it clearly states in revelations that he had skin as bronze and his hair was if wool . This is sad they keep showing Jesus as White straight haired man and even looking italian

BoomDiggy 2 months ago

Where are the shaman's with the shrooms?

A G 2 months ago

Man, I wish we could go back to the more pagan wild celebration of Christmas. At least back to the way the English celebrated Christmas before the rise of the Puritans. They ruined everything.

Tero 2 months ago

moved me to tears

Janabrandi Alibrandi
Janabrandi Alibrandi 2 months ago

There is not enough time in the world to reply to every morons comment below. It's called celebrating the old with the new. Cheerio.

Kee Kl
Kee Kl 2 months ago

God born, God died, Trinity, Christmas, Easter, contradictions & errors in the Bible. I can imagine why more & more people become athiests or switched.

Gerry Tremblay
Gerry Tremblay 2 months ago

Christmas comes from Yule!! A Norse holiday that celebrated the persistence of live through the dark! The romans called it Saturnalia,and celebrated the God Mithra son of the unconconquerable sun..

SOLID HATCHET 2 months ago

Odin is not a pagan God he is a Norse God the true pagan God would be Caelus. please correct your ignorance before ferther spreading false christian-based propaganda

Child of the Most High

Jesus warns us in the Bible that MANY false prophets and christs have gone out into the world and they wear sheep's clothing. That Satan deceives THE WHOLE WORLD, even the Elect if possible! Let that sink in! He appears as an angel of light! HE obviously wasn't referring to the Pagans because they're already deceived! Wake up folks!!

wim van meirvenne
wim van meirvenne 2 months ago

The fact is actually a Nord mythologies pagan holiday, You normally have to make a tribute to Odin and the elven king Oberon. the truth was that the Christians could not murder, slaughter, and dominate the pagan religion, they adapted it to replace the pagan ceremonies with Christian names, that how they invented the birth of Jesus. Coca-cola made fader Christmas.