Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial


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Information Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

Title : Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

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Frames Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

Description Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

Origami Five Pointed Star - Easy Origami Star Tutorial

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Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny 2 months ago

oğlum senin yapacağın işe de sana da Yıldız yapmayı öğreteceksin ki ya b** gibi bir şey oldu p vidyona this like atıyorum

MEGAMOST GAMING 2 months ago


ElleBell Blogger
ElleBell Blogger 2 months ago

Not easy!!!!! Really difficult actually!

Cristina Reverse
Cristina Reverse 2 months ago

You didn't but in the centimeters

norma risdianto
norma risdianto 2 months ago

that was hard, but i understand, you tried as much as possible to make it easier to understand. The almost last part was mindblown haha

Tracey Hartley
Tracey Hartley 2 months ago

This was so hard to follow, found this really difficult and didnt manage to make it in the end

N P H 2 months ago

Might be easier to follow if you used two-coloured paper, was hard to see to follow the steps at some points.

T S G gamer
T S G gamer 2 months ago


Андрей 2 months ago

F*ck the duck

Sanjay Fazila
Sanjay Fazila 2 months ago

How much cm we have take the paper

DKRH KING Patel 2 months ago


M.PUSHPA LATHA 2 months ago

Are anti ra na yedava yevanna machiga chuppinchinava ra 😫👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡

tess huot
tess huot 2 months ago

supposed to be "easy" the time lapse is impossible to keep up with

Rajneesh Dhaliwal
Rajneesh Dhaliwal 2 months ago

Last step of folding is confusing

Esakki Raj
Esakki Raj 2 months ago

Sir please make Godzilla easy please

Himani Rongona
Himani Rongona 2 months ago

I did it after 200 years😰😅.

InStyleWithNevi - Kids Educational and Fun Videos

little bit hard..video is nice

Disha Patil
Disha Patil 2 months ago

Tuzha aai che ky samjt ny aaa

Akseli Keisu
Akseli Keisu 2 months ago

Paska ohje

rubyinaaya 2 months ago

Horrible I hatr this

Margherita C
Margherita C 2 months ago

Who else ended up screwing up the paper at around 3min50? Started off so easy, ended in tragedy!

Zoriest Plays
Zoriest Plays 2 months ago

Bruh, your hands are so big i can't see what to do

Rica B
Rica B 2 months ago

this is a scam mannnnnnn absolute fuckery

JJ xx
JJ xx 2 months ago

alright i got sent to do this for homework and what i ended up with is completely different form what he got. I LITERALLY PUT IT ON HALF THE SPEED AND I STILL COULDNT KEEP UP. so now i give up. BYE.

Mandy 2 months ago

What paper size did you use?

Kleopatra 2 months ago

I think it is not the easiest origami to do, but I succeeded it :)

trtprime 2 months ago

this cant be called easy

someonelithuanian 2 months ago


Aldy Carrasco
Aldy Carrasco 2 months ago

So cool! Thank you very very much. ❤🤗

Hemlata Modani
Hemlata Modani 2 months ago

Salute sir, I'm a fan of yours from now... Totally recommend

Tilak Ramnarin
Tilak Ramnarin 2 months ago

I have a few complaints, sir. I followed this tutorial but demons are coming out the star. And the devil. Yeah, the devil is here. Are you shure this ain't any witchcraft? Another one of my complaints is that when I threw this at my brother to give him good luck, it hit him in the eye and now he's calling the cops in me. What do I do? My final complaint is that there is not 69,000 views, and I therefore must report you to YouTube. Thank you for your cooperation, and please get back to me immediately. The devils coming. BYE

-Demetrous Demarcus Bartholomew James the III Jr the Second

Goutam Naskar
Goutam Naskar 2 months ago

Awesome 👍😎

Yan Zong
Yan Zong 2 months ago

I have done,but not like yours so nice. Too quick,let sign

Mekashisuko UwU
Mekashisuko UwU 2 months ago

Una PTA hora y aún no lo he acabado! Me voy a una esquina a llorar bai.

Haters Gonna Love This

Dude. Your focus lense is so off. I could barely see your thick fingers.

Lubhawani 04
Lubhawani 04 2 months ago

Verry nice

ZennonPrism 2 months ago

the last step was far too confusing for me

Eva Williamson
Eva Williamson 2 months ago

Shite. That's it. It's shite.

Mitchell Maurer
Mitchell Maurer 2 months ago

If you could do this with paper that has different colors on each side, it would be a lot easier. This is so hard to follow.

kuldeep singh
kuldeep singh 2 months ago


#wolf Gachaxx
#wolf Gachaxx 2 months ago

The steps were really hard to follow

J C 2 months ago

**easy 🤔🤔🤔

Fabiola M Cortazar
Fabiola M Cortazar 2 months ago

I didn’t find this enjoyable to do with my child😕. why speed up the parts of it and there’s no explanation! Step by step for a 7 years old ? We’ll find another video instead

GEETA HEMBROM 2 months ago

I tried and it turned out very well thank you 🙂

JoeTrysYoutube 2 months ago

Or just a bender

Isaac Eaglesham
Isaac Eaglesham 2 months ago

You are the paper bender

JoeTrysYoutube 2 months ago

Also dislike the video

Euan Angus-Felton
Euan Angus-Felton 2 months ago

This bad I had to do this in maths

Ioan Hitchings
Ioan Hitchings 2 months ago

thanks fo fast forwading realy helpfull

John Caulfield
John Caulfield 2 months ago


Ivan Molina
Ivan Molina 2 months ago

I couldn't make the star 😕

Josie Mills
Josie Mills 2 months ago

You lost me at 2:50...I watched it over and over and still couldn’t do it. le sigh

Tobias Bohlin
Tobias Bohlin 2 months ago

are you very talent

roger martin
roger martin 2 months ago

vas muy rapido profe

Alif Muhammad Jundii
Alif Muhammad Jundii 2 months ago

you're saying it is easy but it is harder than make a shuriken

dancrayZ 2 months ago

I couldn't keep track of the steps because he keeps time-lapsing the hardest parts. Maybe if he spoke at all and didn't time-lapse, I might be able to do it.

cthethief 2 months ago

Thank you for fast forwarding though the origami 😁👍🏼

Melissa 2 months ago

Great!😍Thank you...BUT too fast, and not that easy😅...I wasnt able to finish it.


I could not follow the steps it too fast😦

Creatozone 2 months ago

Bro , what a nice and wonderful craft. Like 887 , Subscribed. Subscribe to my channel bro. 👍☺😇

Undiscovered Pugz
Undiscovered Pugz 2 months ago

Really struggled with this couldn’t follow the steps,

Duckster -FOS
Duckster -FOS 2 months ago

Kirigami tutorial**

The last lord
The last lord 2 months ago

The folding part at 2:44 just confused me
I’m really bad at origami

james w
james w 2 months ago


Jean Shemin Geronimo
Jean Shemin Geronimo 2 months ago


D'vini 2 months ago

This was really hard but I made it! Thanks for the tutorial

Mark carlo
Mark carlo 2 months ago

the esteps is super fast

Leon S
Leon S 2 months ago

i tried 50 times and still cant get it, i dont know where i am worng

°•¿Sizhukaneii- ♡

Omggg is so coool thanks again :)

Debbie C
Debbie C 2 months ago

The stars are lovely. My grandmother made them for her family’s trees and she passed many on to each of her ten daughters, one of whom was my mother. My mother gave hers to me and they’ve been on our Christmas trees for our 41 years of marriage. They are succumbing to the years of wear; they are well over one hundred years old now. I would love to be able to make a new generation of these Christmas Stars, beginning now so that next December I will hopefully have a good many to give to our 3 sons and their families for Christmas. I read on another site that I have about the type of wax to preserve them in and I will do that as well.
My grandmother preserved the stars she made-I can’t tell exactly how because much has worn off. They used to be very stiff. Hers were also more puffed out or less flat. I will wrap them in tissue paper and box them up because I cannot for the life of me throw them away. They are too precious to me. I’m really glad I decided to search out how to make these.
I would like to ask please if you have this video without the music and without the places where you sped it up? I did turn down the volume but if I forget about turning it back up sometimes it’s days before I realize it.
There’s no option for turning it off on here. Thank you for showing your great skill. I apologize for my longgg text.

Susan Rose Art
Susan Rose Art 2 months ago

I think I'll buy them! But you used 2 sheets of paper? Wouldn't it be easier with one?

Togi Jay
Togi Jay 2 months ago

It's too hard to be easy, you should have emphasized the part where the star was going to form, if I were to continue making this it will look messy and it will probably take me two hours.

zwerg 5
zwerg 5 2 months ago

We tried but could not do it.

Jenny 2 months ago

I got lost at 3:08.... help!! Please slow down

Aashi Saxena
Aashi Saxena 2 months ago


FellBridge 2 months ago

It's not origami

Yeshee / Yeshna SHERPA

U r the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Aminath Sameera
Aminath Sameera 2 months ago


Jaevin Park
Jaevin Park 2 months ago

I did it correctly but I ended up with a origami swan

ANDREW DING 2 months ago

I don’t think this fricken thing is easy!

riverrcat 2 months ago

Literally fuck this shit dude I got confused while doing every step correctly ;-;

sweetea’ 2 months ago

you dont use scissors in origami!!

origami is the japanese art of PAPER FOLDING

Ritesh Khadse
Ritesh Khadse 2 months ago

My origami teachers at school are shit compared to this guy

iHursi kesh Badhia
iHursi kesh Badhia 2 months ago

How do you impossible

Roni Smith
Roni Smith 2 months ago

👎👎👎👎👎👎 the hard part is always glossed over. This is the second tutorial. The like and subscribe pops up during that part almost covering vid. Ugh.

Sinjin 2 months ago

I'm gonna watch a different tutorial to figure how to do this. I keep getting lost at the end, and the 2nd time you fast forwarded certainly didn't help (I had to reduce the speed of the video down to x0.25, and it was STILL hard to keep track of everything you where doing) That being said, I only had lined paper from a spiral note book to work with, and I think I made at least one mistake at some point, because it wasn't wuite coming out as well as yours. Thank you for the video anyways.

zon win
zon win 2 months ago

my did it but she did not get stuck

Tanvika Reddy
Tanvika Reddy 2 months ago

Finally after a long hardwork i completed it
Btw...nice video helped alot

Nathaniel Radu
Nathaniel Radu 2 months ago


Origami & Crafts
Origami & Crafts 2 months ago

Cool video! Please subscribe my channel !

Sanjeev Abhang
Sanjeev Abhang 2 months ago

Fast video

Cipi 2 months ago

ur the best, i do i perfect

Art studio
Art studio 2 months ago

best origami channel and that star is realy very very cute🎑🎑🎑🎑💮💮💮💮

Olly Brock
Olly Brock 2 months ago

I followed the steps exactly but when I cut it I somehow ended up with 2 half's of a pentagon and I don't know where I went wrong and I really want to know where I went wrong

Tanya Saxena
Tanya Saxena 2 months ago

Paper kon sa use kiya h apne???

Marten 561
Marten 561 2 months ago

Are u indian

SA Fadedツ
SA Fadedツ 2 months ago

thank u! u helped me with a christmas decoration!!

Mojos Bigstick
Mojos Bigstick 2 months ago


1fingers_crossed _Alice3

Your really good and talented however I got lost multiple times . Could you tell us what you where doing 😘 absolutely love your videos tho

វាន់ ដា
វាន់ ដា 2 months ago

Hi pro