66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time



Date of publication
Information 66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

Title : 66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

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Frames 66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

Description 66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

66 year old Bodybuilder William Reed sees color for first time

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Mihai Mihai Mihai Mihai

Loving family: Happy birthday dear...
Uncut Murican Badass: Yeah okay
Loving family: Do you like the balloons?
Giddy child: Yes

MiKey mc
MiKey mc 2 months ago

Your not in cansas anymore

Yudai Go
Yudai Go 2 months ago

This is so heartwarming :"(

azizi karim
azizi karim 2 months ago

His so happy 🥺

Tayron Spong
Tayron Spong 2 months ago

Holy shit, why I crying

Just Moi
Just Moi 2 months ago

Like a lil kid at Christmas. Bless this man. Love these glasses. Hopefully in the future they will be more affordable!

john williams
john williams 2 months ago

Well done. This video made me feel so good about people. Love it

David 2 months ago

Bro, "bodybuilder" could mean a lot of things at 66, whether it's former or current, but my man is THICC

christopher moise
christopher moise 2 months ago

Those glasses are a gift from god and so are the Tears of joy I'm able to get from watching things like this

Fallon Gonzalez
Fallon Gonzalez 2 months ago

His happiness just made my day

vikingnor h
vikingnor h 2 months ago

What does bodybuilding have to do with this🤔

Aaron James
Aaron James 2 months ago


Theo Shore
Theo Shore 2 months ago

Where can I buy this ? What's the name?

Get Bloonified
Get Bloonified 2 months ago

what does the fact that he is a bodybuilder have to do with his eyesight.

Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon 2 months ago

I had a Black & White TV for over 20 years even though color TV was always available........Wasn't really that bad.

Martin santana bazerque


FADZLI 2 months ago

Alright guys i don't really mean to say this things but imagine live for 66 years and you only can see black and white like you watching a sitcom from 70-80s era and then after 66 years you can see so many colors in this world like omg that's amazing so no wonder why this guy is so happy and very excited

Shovelhead 2 months ago

no one hugged him because they were too afraid of him being too strong and being killed by his embrace

A Goat
A Goat 2 months ago

Uhh sir you have a mouse on your lip.

i I
i I 2 months ago

Now hes 69

wirtualbb 2 months ago

In all those garbage YT videos.... I like videos like this one. +1

Know Apearl
Know Apearl 2 months ago

How didn’t they go run and hug him like right away?

S A 2 months ago

looks more like a bellybuilder to me....

just a joke, i'm happy for the guy.

OrangeAzzClown 2 months ago

Sees colour for the first time
Becomes racist

it's just a crappy joke, and I'm a clown. No need to panic.

NemeanLion 2 months ago

He never left that middle step.

orange 2 months ago

I actually cried seeing his reaction

Joy Henley
Joy Henley 2 months ago

How could anyone dislike this?! Insanity.
Congrats Dorothy ❤️

DaNZeN 2 months ago

Thats soooooooo Sweat Oh my god

-Oxyen- 2 months ago

hes trying to keep his composure so much

Oliver Kasza
Oliver Kasza 2 months ago

The Giver: am I a joke to you

LazyGamer 2 months ago

Ppl who disliked:
Karen 100%
Idiot sandwich 100%
Heartless 100%
Evil 100%
Bully 100%
B*tch 100%
Worse then satan 100%
And i wish for both sides of there pillow to be burning hot tonight

GamingWithRamy 2 months ago

Who else wants to be colour blind now just to have the glasses?

Common 2 months ago

God is very kind.. 🙏❤️

For take away this video from verified spammer.. ^_^

Jose Lorenzo D. JINGCO


MoronicMinds 2 months ago

Colorblind people don't usually see the world in monochrome, they most often only lack for example red, so they miss out on all the oranges, pinks, purples so the world looks washed out, and they can't tell the difference between green and red.

The glasses work great for these kinds of people, and that's why they have purple and orange balloons - because it's actually completely new, most of the rest is just a vibrant colorful explosion, but with colors he know.

VonHeider LOL
VonHeider LOL 2 months ago

3:38 yo intentando no quedar como imbécil después de que mi novia dejara

Tsinabis 2 months ago

he's reaction is so cute ngl

William Johnson
William Johnson 2 months ago

Its amazing something most of us take for granted everyday can mean the world to someone else. The world is truly beautiful.

Deepak Kr Gupta
Deepak Kr Gupta 2 months ago

No I m not crying
I m cutting onion 😫😫😫😫


Respect...that guy has a great soul.

Topper 9.7
Topper 9.7 2 months ago

Who are these 3.8k dislikes.......

ALPHA PLAYZ 2 months ago

3:10 that reaction dude. It is lovely

Peter Kim
Peter Kim 2 months ago

Who's cutting onions.

Golden Pineapple
Golden Pineapple 2 months ago

The way he never gets off the steps is making me very uneasy..

It’s Jay
It’s Jay 2 months ago

I am crying

Mr. Milk
Mr. Milk 2 months ago

(: wholesome

Laura A Hargreaves
Laura A Hargreaves 2 months ago

This is my favorite!

Stranger things
Stranger things 2 months ago

What colours you see?
This is real

Emmanuel Macedo
Emmanuel Macedo 2 months ago

Now I feel like I’m really missing something... I can’t say I hate being colorblind... cuz well I’ve never seen all the colors..

Viking Dogmanship
Viking Dogmanship 2 months ago

Must feel like a Trip

Royal Taee
Royal Taee 2 months ago

I cannot waitt till they find a cure fore people born with tinnitus. I want to know what absolute silence sounds like so bad!

rb82 2 months ago

I am sure it was a colorful dream he had that night and forever.

FuelFire HCR2
FuelFire HCR2 2 months ago

He tried so hard not to cry and thats heartwarming as hell to me

Gabriel Veiga
Gabriel Veiga 2 months ago

I love how we, men, don't have idea how to show emotions. That's why when I see this I can feel how happy this man must be.

Goshua Fisk
Goshua Fisk 2 months ago

I love watching these videos of people just so overjoyed it just sucks that people have to be colorblind...

TnTMan 2 months ago

I’m so happy

Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper 2 months ago

I was sweating so hard hoping he doesn’t drop them

Basil Botha
Basil Botha 2 months ago

Your nice people you guys made his day with the color blind glasses

Jurijs Kuharenko
Jurijs Kuharenko 2 months ago

God moves in mysterious ways...
Science: "Hold my beer..."

xBMPR 2 months ago

I love that
“The trees are *neat*”

HOOman BEEing
HOOman BEEing 2 months ago

Ok like seriously why would someone feel the need to dislike this???

Ewan Donachie
Ewan Donachie 2 months ago

shouldnt wear black or shades he was able to see but something bright

T1 2 months ago

We take seeing colour for granted man

Definitely not the Question

Hes like a baby.

gekke man
gekke man 2 months ago

I always like to watch this

Joel Lyons
Joel Lyons 2 months ago

Happy birthday.... yeah ok lmai

Jason Constantine
Jason Constantine 2 months ago

I don't get the over 3000 dislikes, I mean are they angry that an old man finally gets to see color???

bmarshy2303 2 months ago

4:24 watch your hand there grandpa

Joe Momma
Joe Momma 2 months ago

I'm colorblind. You can still see colors, just not the variety of them, and some look the same.

HarD To Grind
HarD To Grind 2 months ago

Im Almost fully convinced that there is a gruop of organised who dislike this video

Sai Satwik
Sai Satwik 2 months ago

His life must have been hell for 66 years.

UNKNOWN 2 months ago

3.8k people who disliked this video are all colour blind & they are hating him 😐

Radu Debu
Radu Debu 2 months ago

God bless him and his family

Matt 7thouxan
Matt 7thouxan 2 months ago

Dammit, you gotta love these videos. Makes everything better for a moment in times like these...

Dany_rulez 2 months ago

Long life to science

Zzs Zzs
Zzs Zzs 2 months ago

Dislikes are from private laser eye clinics

Jaeden Alft
Jaeden Alft 2 months ago

It’s neet how something so simple can become so meaningful in a matter of seconds.

Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

God bless this good gentleman and his good family!!! 👍👍

Pres M
Pres M 2 months ago

He was so happy

T̶R̶A̶S̶H̶ 2 months ago


Audrius G
Audrius G 2 months ago

-Happy birthday dear daddy!

-Yeah, okay...

Masterkill 2 months ago

I love scientists who make this glasses!!!

American Jedi
American Jedi 2 months ago

I've seen dozens of these videos. Nearly the same every time. Even the biggest toughest guys get so emotional. Such an amazing then most of us get to take for granted. Seeing color.

Ryan Tremper
Ryan Tremper 2 months ago

I can see fine and I've wondered how I or other people would react if we discovered some new beautiful color..... I guess we'd act like this 🤔

Pey Pey
Pey Pey 2 months ago

I watch a lot of these reactions, and this is my favorite. 🤗

E.M.G 2 months ago

цените что есть! а не т о что хочетьсяяя

Raghava Kumar Vanama
Raghava Kumar Vanama 2 months ago

Priceless reaction...

Sakis Sakis
Sakis Sakis 2 months ago

My younger brother is colourblind. I saw what the world looked like for him, I would cry too by looking at how we see it. I hope he can see like we do one day

navyblu79 2 months ago

Words can't express... Never take anything for granted. Never...

Jhose Pelipe El Peluka

So my theory of being kid is right... Being kids are part of the personality not part of the age or being kid is not truly exist

erikoo 2 months ago

Is it only me or he reminds me of the dad from chance of falling meatballs movie

Zacky Boi
Zacky Boi 2 months ago

Whether or not they rly work to help him see color, those sunglasses look pretty badass on him.

Joe Dazzz
Joe Dazzz 2 months ago

Turned him into the toughest guy you know to a little kid on Christmas unbelievable, thank you for this

David P
David P 2 months ago

Who that fuck hit dislike

Recuts 2 months ago

me: color blind
people: you see black and white only
me: nope

teja kaza
teja kaza 2 months ago


maka amaru
maka amaru 2 months ago

That's so beautiful

Burritoast 2 months ago

if you don't have raging goosebumps watching this the whole time youre dead inside.

xGorefieldx 2 months ago

I love these videos

Yougbd 3rd in command

W mustache