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Title : Top 5 Geek Gifts 2013

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Top 5 Geek Gifts 2013

Top 5 Geek Gifts 2013

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neža šarlah
neža šarlah 2 months ago

First LOL :D

ThisIsARubbishName 2 months ago

the two things I want are the T shirt folder and that kettle. I'd love to have neat t-shirts and auto kettles!

Zjenett Barclay
Zjenett Barclay 2 months ago

Love that kettle pitty it's only available for iphe! :-(o

Cristian Chieregati
Cristian Chieregati 2 months ago

Wonderful gadgets for geeky people like us!!!

Darren Gator
Darren Gator 2 months ago

The t-shirt is fantastic!! Thanks for the ideas Dave, great video.

PeterOIT 2 months ago

ok so someone made the ikettle, now i want apple to make the itoaster

VaddooVideos 2 months ago

iKettle, sounds cool. What next...i-Iron?

greengrass494 2 months ago

Happy geekmas to you Dave.

Dominic London
Dominic London 2 months ago


MrGadget 2 months ago

Dave what can I say, excellent video. For me no 1, thumbs up, have a good GeekMas ;)

Jon Harrison
Jon Harrison 2 months ago

Awesome gifts Dave, nice choice, I really like the idea of the iKettle :)

perfectforehand 2 months ago

Geekmas? What an awesome phrase!

SM1963ification 2 months ago

This really helped thanks Dave :)

Raptor50aus 2 months ago

Guess the name of the IT firm I work for Dave :)

Hot Dog
Hot Dog 2 months ago

I need an elgato game capture