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Densi Lover

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NCIS Los Angeles 7x11 - Santa Deeks

NCIS Los Angeles 7x11 - Santa Deeks

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Antonio Zapata
Antonio Zapata 2 months ago

2:04 Smell like salmon

Kiya Tidmore
Kiya Tidmore 2 months ago

What’s the episode where Kensi reads something in Spanish about 2 males for a case. And she heads outside crying and Hetty comes out there to talk to her

Project Lee
Project Lee 2 months ago

I loved when ll cool j showed up. My favorite part. Such a badass.

Michael Scott
Michael Scott 2 months ago

Remember, kids, be good or Santa Claus will tackle you with a flying arm bar.

Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin 2 months ago

Santa can fly

Sara Ahmed
Sara Ahmed 2 months ago

Densi Lover who is the guy at the end who Sam told to stay in the car ?

Łukasz Kamiński
Łukasz Kamiński 2 months ago

Why are people wearing only santa hats?

Thorn1174us _______
Thorn1174us _______ 2 months ago

I'm surprised that deeks didn't ask Kensi if she's been naughty or nice this year . lol

Myrthe 2 months ago

when are you gone post a new densi clip???

kinsonsaxo 2 months ago

When are you going to post the fetus Densi from season 2 and all that?

Stathis Georgakis
Stathis Georgakis 2 months ago

when is the next episode going to air???

Marie W
Marie W 2 months ago

when Come the next clip?
thank you for the clips.

Mari Os
Mari Os 2 months ago

it's still not the end scene, am I right? What happens in the end?

tia323araceli 2 months ago

Never has Santa given such a compelling reason to be nice

Shazling25 2 months ago

THANK YOU!! hugs