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Dave Theknave
Dave Theknave 2 months ago

Why did you edit out the teasers?

zorod 2 months ago


tamika jones
tamika jones 2 months ago

I would love to see David and Victoria on the same team

Falk Hammermüller
Falk Hammermüller 2 months ago

For maths only:
20:00 and 26:30
You're welcome

adam 2 months ago

men dont perceive women getting less attractive, they do get less attractive.

Tiny Smalls
Tiny Smalls 2 months ago

Oddly enough my binging has helped my anxiety at night. I started with Big Fat Quiz, moved onto Would I Lie To You and now Countdown!

jonny xx
jonny xx 2 months ago

Is it just me or has Sam done the bad thoughts (reindeer hands, etc) already on a previous EOOTCDCD?

C Marq
C Marq 2 months ago

Peri peri is not a CIA conspiracy. I was raised eating it all the time ...🇵🇹

clippedwings 2 months ago

I thought that was Tate. :(

hsnieman 2 months ago

So much loveliness going on. Just a shame no one picked up on the arse pic, pointing out that breast pic was also in there.

Zett76 2 months ago

Not SHIT-shoe-loufn.
SCHLITTschuhlaufen. 😁
Like "slit", but with a "sh". 2 months ago

I've never seen so many high fives 2 months ago

I've never seen Rico have this much fun 2 months ago

"who likes Port?" I love Port 2 months ago

5:43 the people who in theory should have the most chemistry 2 months ago

5:10 "have you not?" Incredible storytelling

Tim Burlingame
Tim Burlingame 2 months ago

I would watch Mister and Mister every day.

Jed Low
Jed Low 2 months ago

Jimmy could do with a more colourful pocket square.

Let's be Honest Official

I think one of Jon's techniques is to firstly look for the letters ''-iest''. Then he'll automatically have 4 extra letters while looking for something that fits in front of them. Like might in mightiest in this case.

Sam_Hospy 2 months ago

Why did it start buffering at the Peri- Peri Chicken: A C.I.A Conspiracy???!!!

Harold Garrett
Harold Garrett 2 months ago

jon and russell make the best team lol

Fuzzy_Lumkins001 2 months ago

The romans and Byzantine did amputate slaves who were aggressive to non slaves but i don't think thats why waiters did the one arm thing maybe it started with slaves being afraid of touching a non slave and being accused of aggression or some other offense amputation as a form of punishment continues till today in some countries and was a form of punishment in Britain until the 17th century but became less popular in those days they did do it after but slowly got looked down upon

Rob Hodge
Rob Hodge 2 months ago

The clicky new pen song required more talent that pen pineapple apple pen.


Nobody's talking about how Jon is bloody good at this game. He always finds the best word and he's quick. Real talent there

Lu2na m8
Lu2na m8 2 months ago

@15:48 Hot damn. Up until now I didn't think of Suzie as having any sex appeal. But that look man. Honestly caught me off guard.

Aidan Healy
Aidan Healy 2 months ago

“Jason and the Technicolor Dreamcoat” 😂😂

Rothiman 2 months ago

For anyone interested what german word jimmy is referring to in the opening its "backpfeifengesicht" (probably)

Philip Wacker
Philip Wacker 2 months ago

This show has somehow become such a nice escapism - also cheering me up when my roomies run down the whole flat again shortly after I cleaned it up. But this time, ooooh, this time I even picked up the ultimate (?) strategy to make them look after the flat and my psyche: I'll charge them, minimum wage. Fair and square. Jon, you're a fucking genius.

ClintonKelly87 2 months ago

"Even though I can't add up, I can create life."
Should've said, "I can multiply."

Orange Gaming
Orange Gaming 2 months ago

This is how I did the 107 numbers round

50 / 5 = 10

10 * 10 = 100

8 / 4 = 2

9 - 2 = 7

100 + 7 = 107

Comment how you did it

David Parkinson
David Parkinson 2 months ago

29:40 is one of my favorite moments of all time

Endemo 2 months ago

Jesus, whats going on with Russell?

Travis Swentosky
Travis Swentosky 2 months ago

@15:57 so glad she knows... "noun 1. the best achievable or imaginable of its kind" That's what happens when you only read the first line of the dictionary and not the rest.

CS 780
CS 780 2 months ago

James body touch count on jon,568 and counting...

Bernd Beispielmensch
Bernd Beispielmensch 2 months ago

The most important thing to consider when acting as Angela Merkel is the form of the hands. She usually keeps them as a rhombus, the fingertips of the corresponding finger touch, while the thumbs (still touching each other) are spread away from the other fingers. Search for Merkelraute.

Ricardo Mercedes
Ricardo Mercedes 2 months ago

Rachel really lights up when she smiles and laughs. What a gorgeous woman.

mister kluge
mister kluge 2 months ago

Jimmy Carr is a good example of what he is.

Green Nights
Green Nights 2 months ago

Solution to rotten foot skin on the carpet is a simple rule. Eucalyptus oil goes on first, then the socks, then shoes. Wake up people, welcome to hell.

Vagabond Wastrel
Vagabond Wastrel 2 months ago

Roman slaves were treated well... mostly. Slaves from Greece on the other hand were treated horribly. The roman slaves had a path to freedom, they could earn their own money, they also had relatively few restrictions. If you think about it the socialist dream is everyone being treated as if they were roman slaves. Someone would take care of your housing and day to day needs as you did as you wanted.

This is an unlikely informative rabbithole to travel through. I suggest researching the topic.

Also the limb thing is totally wrong. If anything it would be related to that whole lack of toilet paper thing.

Tron Tech
Tron Tech 2 months ago

I feel embarrassed as an Australian with this dickhead Sam running around the UK

Top Scream
Top Scream 2 months ago

37:46 Hmm Rachel, what do you mean? Breast pic? naah, not on tele

Top Scream
Top Scream 2 months ago

28:05 my solution to this 1 is weird af, 10/5 = 2, 8/4 = 2, 2 x 50 = 100, 100 + (9-2) = 107

Jacob Goodyear
Jacob Goodyear 2 months ago

Dude Jon Richardson is a younger David Mitchell and David knows it and loves it

KABOOM 2 months ago

Jimmy's Aussie accent of 'have some f**king wine" was spot on. :)

Roger Davis
Roger Davis 2 months ago

I wonder how many ‘big ones’ Rachel has pulled out over the years!

Dale Stephanson
Dale Stephanson 2 months ago

28:55 I got 107 = (50(8/4))+((9+8)-10)

China Man
China Man 2 months ago

should've gotten mitchell's wife and let her lead.

Miec Z
Miec Z 2 months ago

wish all the episodes had subs

EvolutionHasEvidence Opinion_is_opinion

38:39 that's for invading our country yu fucking pommy cunts.

UniCat 2 months ago

I am confused by her solving the 107 math problem. Does she not need to use 50? Or did they just overlook it?
Went back like 5 times to see if I f-ed up

Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket 2 months ago

Actually.... “Ultimate” is listed a a Noun and An Adjective.

Ultimate as an ADJECTIVE means last, final.

*similar to word PENULTIMATE. Which means second to last. The one before the last one. Good vocab word for ya.
* similar to the word ULTIMATUM.
Which means “a final demand” -“your last hope/option” (like the movie Bourne Ultimatum)

But “Ultimate” as a NOUN means the best. The top. The pinnacle....

Suck on that Susie Dent.

Naomi R
Naomi R 2 months ago

Please never bring Sam back

Valerie Pallaoro
Valerie Pallaoro 2 months ago

I really wanted Cariad Lloyd to have the baby ....

Joyful Traitor
Joyful Traitor 2 months ago

Cariad it takes 2 to create life not just the female half of the creation

FormulaFish15 2 months ago

I never knew a song about a pen could be so good!

6lue Already Dead
6lue Already Dead 2 months ago

Is it just me or does the bald guy that sitting next to Suzy have on a anti Malcolm X hat?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣😂🤣😂😆😆😭😭😭😭jkjk

Sondre Grøneng
Sondre Grøneng 2 months ago

Sam Simmons is just a bit too awesome.

dielaughing73 2 months ago

Jimmy's Sam Simmons is very good. Aussie is hard to get right.

Sonia Akther
Sonia Akther 2 months ago

Sam such poor quality comedy absolutely annoying

YuniQ9 Gaming
YuniQ9 Gaming 2 months ago

Sam should just buy a red hat with a big M on it, & get it over with

Truella 2 months ago

How much foundation is Russel wearing.

Morten Rollsen
Morten Rollsen 2 months ago

Susie's nod after "replacing worn out equipment in her sex dungeon". oO

asterix811 2 months ago

The Countdown spray tan kit? They should have had that a couple weeks earlier when Claudia Winkleman was on the show.

Benjamin Brewer
Benjamin Brewer 2 months ago

At 37:46 the ever clever Rachel Riley literally flashes a breast pic... mildly amusing anyone who noticed. Spoiler, no nudity at all.

thepoet82 2 months ago


Kenneth Carnie
Kenneth Carnie 2 months ago

Port n Pooh..

Iwonttellmy nametoamachine

"Schwangerschaft" is more like 'pregnancy' and "schwanger" would be 'pregnant'.

"SchLittschuhlaufen" is spelt with an l.

rscobe1021 2 months ago

the flash mob orchestra for the 30 second countdown might be one of my favorites

RehanRC 2 months ago

Is Russel,
Jon's stalker?

Betty Swollocks
Betty Swollocks 2 months ago

Rachel’s dress 🤩

ian lee
ian lee 2 months ago

Rachel’s so lovely

Duderobi Patschie
Duderobi Patschie 2 months ago

1:16 a watschngsicht yes.

Alex Baldwin
Alex Baldwin 2 months ago

Every time I see Rachel Riley in the thumbnail of my recommended videos my heart absolutely melts

Maximilian Schrörs
Maximilian Schrörs 2 months ago

what do the brits mean, when they say "dogging"?

shikeridoo 2 months ago

18:08 "yep, i'd absolutely fuck you"

Marianne Ainscough
Marianne Ainscough 2 months ago

Note to self: show my sister this whole episode 😂

Hamid Shibata Bennett

Russel is proof that Jon Richardson has at least one friend.

Stan Johns
Stan Johns 2 months ago

Now have to find a "Nando's"

Hamasake Gagf
Hamasake Gagf 2 months ago

25:00 duno askign an unknown woman are you moist is prety treathening

Brent Elisens
Brent Elisens 2 months ago

russell heard jon's answers

rolandet 2 months ago

That laugh-o-matic needs a new tune.

Christopher 2 months ago

Cariad is a beautiful name, never heard it before

Paul Kenny
Paul Kenny 2 months ago

Rachel is the very breast!

Lesminster 2 months ago

What a skill, isn't it ? Getting pregnant xD

Kronk 2 months ago

Ultimate definition: the best achievable of imaginable of its kind. Google it.

Melvin Pepperdash
Melvin Pepperdash 2 months ago

The clock beats at about 133 bpm, which is fucking frustrating.

Dusty 2 months ago

13:51 did Jimmy just ask "what have you learned about us pricks?" or "us Brits?"

William Grant
William Grant 2 months ago

Sam Simmons killing it @29:09

Xanderulz 2 months ago

Every time I get the maths problem or a word over 6 I wasn’t to scream it so loud to them... I’m trapped in a hell of my own creation

Atti der kleine
Atti der kleine 2 months ago

43:52 fourth letter onward.
what jon and russel definitely are

Coldstreamer19 2 months ago

37:36 No one else see Cabriet?

Stan Johns
Stan Johns 2 months ago

Peri Peri Chicken? I want some.

Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup 2 months ago

Only 3 mins 30 secs in and Mitchell is already beginning the first rant.

Damn, I love him when he does that!

avinotion 2 months ago

The genius is going for "arsepic" but not "breastpic"? pffft

ThisOne 2 months ago

Both the German words where wrong, but hilarious

The Knitting Elephant

😂😂😂 Russell tells a joke about messing w/ his ocd roommate "John" 😂😂😂 I just realized that Jon want that roommate

Temeculous 2 months ago

For some reason I picture David in a LARPing costume extremely vividly in my head...

EricsArchive 2 months ago

As much as I enjoy Sean Lock, this episode had me in stitches.

no peace
no peace 2 months ago

Russell makes me love Jon even more

Rin Jagger
Rin Jagger 2 months ago

Sean isn’t in this