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8 hour Charlie Brown Christmas Theme

8 hour Charlie Brown Christmas Theme

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Dwayne Gaither
Dwayne Gaither 2 months ago

I'm 49 years old every time I hear this song it starts up some memories of my childhood.. both of my parents have gone on to the next life but every time I hear this song I remember them introducing me to Charlie Brown at the age of five 😃😁 love you Mom and Dad forever..

HN22NL2 2 months ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! December 25, 2020. May you all be blessed and here's to a better 2021. God bless!

Piper Devi
Piper Devi 2 months ago

I love you uwu

Dyrl Douglas
Dyrl Douglas 2 months ago

I was 10 when this aired, I was a fan of the strip and loved cartoons so, for the next 55yrs I've looked forward to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

TYE rannical
TYE rannical 2 months ago

Wish I could play this at night as I fall asleep but stupid YouTube keeps playing ads

Zachary Vinis
Zachary Vinis 2 months ago

I haven’t seen this special in years. I didn’t grow up when the strip or show was relevant, but I have an intense amount of nostalgia towards the big 3 holiday specials.

AzureNox16 2 months ago

Finally a version i can just let play.

Alma Lozano
Alma Lozano 2 months ago

I like it

Aaron Mudd
Aaron Mudd 2 months ago

Does this make anyone else kind of...sad?

Eddie Lane
Eddie Lane 2 months ago

I love the Peanuts.

Lucky Rockmore
Lucky Rockmore 2 months ago

Thanks for the upload! 👍👍

DJ Migs Entertainment LLC

This song always makes my heart swell up three times its normal size

Pink Beans
Pink Beans 2 months ago

Warm memories of childhood for me and my sister. Our parents were still married and we all lived in the same home.
Baking with our mother, helping our father bring in firewood, etching pictures in the frozen window glass with our fingernails...we were safe, warm, well fed and there was LOVE❤

Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers 2 months ago

Unfortulately I was not gifted with a large family. All I’ve had growing up is my parents (I’m 16, and also an only child). So I’ve never experienced a true “family Christmas”. But having a small family has its perks, too. This song reminds me of baking cookies with my mom, and we still continue this tradition every year. We watch Charlie Brown while we do it, so this reminds me of those good times ❤️❤️❤️

aneesa shariff
aneesa shariff 2 months ago

I didn’t really grow up watching Charlie Brown. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there and every time I watch I enjoy it very much. There is something about the show, it’s characters, the music and even colour ways. It’s so peaceful even though the storylines can be chaotic. There’s some symbolism there, that even when life is turning upside down for some people everything looks fine to an outsider. Charlie Browns depression is quite clear in the show. He is never really happy especially in this Christmas special. He tries to get involved, get help from Lucy, talk to his best friend Linus, however nothing helps. I think Charlie Brown reminds me of myself but I never look for help anymore, similarly to him I’ve tried for many years yet no one has been able to help. I guess I could act like Lucy sometimes. She seems to be a bully however if one looked deeply enough they would see that she is very insecure about herself. Maybe she is the one who needs some therapy? However no one would think to offer her some help because she portrays herself to be quite stable and confident. Although this seems quite sad I don’t find it too depressing. It’s comforting to watch for me. To see so many people experiencing the same things as me, as us. Just teenagers trying get through life while our mental health eats at us. Just like in the Charlie Brown shows, no matter what they’re going through life keeps going and they can’t change too much about it. At least they have each other. Sometimes I find that they help each other a bit, without really trying to. I don’t think Linus purposely tries to help Charlie Brown but sometimes what he does makes him feel better. In this Christmas movie although the other kids plus snoopy are quite mean to Charlie Brown in the end they do something to cheer him up and make him feel loved. That was important to me as well. Children can uplift each other in the best ways possible but sometimes they just can’t understand what each other are going through. Anyways I’ve sat through my online Law class writing this. It’s December of 2020. We’ve been in quarantine for so long, it’s exhausting. I’ve lost many friends this year. My closest ones I met at camp a couple years back and they’re kind of scattered all over Canada and one of them lives in Cleveland. I really love those guys even though we’re not so close anymore. They were the only people who made me forget about my depression. It’s been a long 5 years dealing with it but I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’m trying to champ it out until this pandemic is over so I could maybe see them again and get reminded of how beautiful life is when you’re surrounded by beautiful people who care about you. But with this country and this government I have no idea when things will get better. But this movie, this soundtrack, this show and these characters some how make me feel like better times are ahead.

Paul Gossett
Paul Gossett 2 months ago

61 year old retired preacher here....I cry quietly sometimes when listening to this song.....many years ago when both my parents were alive.....all the brothers were close...we were so poor...so simple....so happy. Now, I sit with my disabled wife of 40 years and my 4 dogs and 2 cats waiting for a Christmas in Heaven when all will be at peace.

zambot3 2 months ago

the commercials fuck it up

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 months ago

Everyone is talking about how they are all old and then there’s just me. A teen girl who just likes Charlie Brown.

Ikah Love
Ikah Love 2 months ago

💗Linus & Lucy remix, anyone? ▶️ youtu.be/7T0FtvPCLu0

DDLZ 2 months ago


Stewart Moran
Stewart Moran 2 months ago

Instant chill

Shawn Malone
Shawn Malone 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 2020! 🎄🎄🎅🎅🎁🎁

Zman Sway
Zman Sway 2 months ago

Just because there is a disease out there doesn't mean it can ruin Christmas. 👊

Renee Wilson
Renee Wilson 2 months ago

My eyes got all misty..... hearing this nostalgic music. When this came out in 1965, I was 7 years old and I've been hooked with Charlie Brown, ever since. Thank you for posting this wonderful video clip. Brings back memories of simpler times, when I was growing up. Now I am 62 years old. Where did the time go?

Benjamin Jarmon
Benjamin Jarmon 2 months ago

This is much appreciated. I was getting exasperated by hitting the replay button so many times!

natural observer
natural observer 2 months ago

I remember watching this when it first aired back in 1965, I was 12 years old, good times. Like they say, you don't know what you got until it's gone!👍

Dan Carrasco
Dan Carrasco 2 months ago

This shit makes me wanna cry.. good ol days man

Kevin McGiffin
Kevin McGiffin 2 months ago

Christmas time is here ...don't let govt spoil it for you. Visit your familes ,enjoy there company and always remember this...humanity has a big heart . You just have to let it in . It won't hurt it feels really warm. 😌

Yosthin's World
Yosthin's World 2 months ago

I wonder why modern day kids don't watch old christmas movies like i was born in 2009 & I watched grinch (1966) & this Tv spiceal also A charlie brown Christmas re aired on its original channel from 1965 to 1980 so that's why kids today won't watch it but I'm listening to this in bed but ahhh😌

rileycpo 2 months ago

Vince made snow flakes real even if you've never seen one before. Christmas time, God's time, when I was young always seem to slow down. Every kid anticipated Christmas and the specials that came on T.V. now sold by the millions on CD. They have taken that anticipation away from everything. At least w/ Vince's music, that will never end. Beautiful!

PsychoSoldier 2 months ago

i can't believe this exists. Thank you so much. I know I'll be back here when things get rough

Zola Arts Factory
Zola Arts Factory 2 months ago

This brings back so many beautiful childhood memories of Christmas. Early 90’s for me in south Jersey. I remember how magical Christmas was in our family. The decorations, mom making cookies for Christmas Eve night, Dad drinking all the eggnog (RIP daddy). My siblings and I watching Charlie Brown Christmas AND Home Alone! My dads favorite was “A Christmas Story” I miss childhood.

Joelle Cannon
Joelle Cannon 2 months ago

I love this but I got an add about period pain at 3am

Lord Bob
Lord Bob 2 months ago

This is the one thing that unites everyone on the planet.

Queen Zoe Blake
Queen Zoe Blake 2 months ago

if snow had a sound.

Tyah Macon
Tyah Macon 2 months ago

Ahhh shit it’s that time of the year ladies and gentlemen ....

bluescorpion21 2 months ago

I think there’s something wrong with the Video because it keeps saying there’s something g wrong. Can we please re post this video? Hopefully that resolves the issue?

Catie Brooks
Catie Brooks 2 months ago

I just want to be a carefree kid who was so excited to see Santa’s footprints on the fire place again 😫

Albâtre Rosse
Albâtre Rosse 2 months ago

Much needed to cover the sound of all the bad Christmas songs

Donald Leow
Donald Leow 2 months ago

This song and the movie itself opens the season for me. It would't be Christmas without Charlie Brown.

Mr. Brony // Vynle Dash

As I listened to this, I was imagining a day that would go by
A nice, cooling breeze, a lot of snow, its snowing, I'm in my house, sipping a nice, warm, hot chocolate, as I pull out an old VHS TV and rewatch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Its Christmas Again, Charlie Brown"
Ahhh... the good ol days...
I miss them

alexis fraser
alexis fraser 2 months ago

idgaf about what anybody says this song slaps because it makes you feel happy but sad.

ROZZY ROZE 2 months ago


Osmani Noriega
Osmani Noriega 2 months ago

comic con 2019

Noelle M
Noelle M 2 months ago

I'm 12 and Charlie Brown Christmas is an all year thing for me... My parents get annoying because I play it all day and say that it will be boring when Christmas actually comes, but who cares enjoy the little things.

GARFILED lOvER 2 months ago

listend to this for about 20 hours in total so far! I LOVE IT!!!!

Al Cahallic
Al Cahallic 2 months ago

Now that I am much older I tend to look back on my childhood and remember the difficulties I had and the unhappy times, but hearing this helps me to also be grateful for the wonderful times of my youth, like when Christmas was around the corner, and I am thankful that in my early years we always had a house to live in and never went hungry. How many didn't have this?

one weak brain cell
one weak brain cell 2 months ago

it’s not Christmas time ..sad as shit rn listening to this bc it reminds me of my ex. We did the Charlie Brown musical around Christmas time and before the shows they would play this song. Just reminds me of cold weather, Charlie Brown music, and slowly starting to fall for her. I remember the feelings of getting close to her and holding her hand for the first time....damn I miss her

AlphaKenny1 2 months ago

I remember the times of Christmas... My family and I would go out of town to vacation, and we'd enjoy the time and scenery together. It's basically no more now since I've grown up, and this song really reminds me of the moments I wish I fulfilled to the fullest...

Why'd everything have to go wrong?

kingb youchoob
kingb youchoob 2 months ago

Hearing this is always takes me back to being a child again in the 70’s...such amazing great times. The best. Life was so simple unlike today’s world.

Kendall Williams
Kendall Williams 2 months ago

Anyone here just to relax and tune out all of Coronavirus and political drama?

I’m a Human
I’m a Human 2 months ago

I know this will probably get lost in the comments but I want to thank the creator for putting this together, it helps me fall asleep every night and just makes me happy

Elisa Hernandez
Elisa Hernandez 2 months ago

My heart hurts just listening to this...used to watch the Christmas special episode, Thanksgiving special episode on tv. I miss this ...

jerm wozny
jerm wozny 2 months ago

This song brings back all the memories during Christmas times when I was younger. When my family was all still together. Spending time with each other and just being happy. I’m gonna miss that so much. Never take any thing for granted. Be happy with what u have right now, with ur family and every thing.

ROZZY ROZE 2 months ago


Eleina Cautiverio
Eleina Cautiverio 2 months ago

It’s not even Christmas and I and my sister are listening to this. So calming

Isabella Benitez
Isabella Benitez 2 months ago

As a 2000's kid I'm so happy my parents let me grow up w/ the old Charlie brown and especially "A Charlie's Brown Christmas" holds a special place in my heart. I remember listening to Christmas Time is Here and always feeling a rush of joy through my body a rise the instant I heard the music. I'm getting older and have lost touch w/ the magic and joy that Christmas brings, but this song always manages to open up that side of me. Even listening to the song brought up memories and I started to cry a bit.

Gold Spurs
Gold Spurs 2 months ago

Back to when people said merry Christmas not happy holidays

Sahniyah Coggins
Sahniyah Coggins 2 months ago

2020 anyone?! Just cant wait for Christmas even tho it's in four more months

조유빈 2 months ago


onemorebonktonight 2 months ago

Its the middle of the summer but this song always gives me peace. Makes me remember the happy times with my family before things got bad

Luna Xxx
Luna Xxx 2 months ago

Who is listening in middle of Summer??

Linda Jones
Linda Jones 2 months ago

I love this sing. Charlie Brown Christmas is always part of my holidays. Simple times and family. The Best.❤❤🌲🌲

Tazz 2 months ago

Every year, I watch this special with my grandfather and he would always give me a cookie shaped as a Christmas tree, even though it was usually before dinner when I ate it, he made the cookies for specifically after dinner. He’s turning 74 this year, and I’m turning 18, and I want to keep this tradition up for as long as possible, and pass it along to my children.

Jason Ren
Jason Ren 2 months ago

Reminds me of when I was a kid and when my grandmother was alive when I was like 7 things seemed not better than they are now but simpler

kitty Marshmellow
kitty Marshmellow 2 months ago

I miss Christmas.

music fan
music fan 2 months ago

You're right...Divorce was almost unheard of when this first came out.

Henry 2 months ago

You suck charlie

Esther Wilde
Esther Wilde 2 months ago

I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁❤😁❤❤❤❤❤❤🐱🐱🐱🐱 IT!!!!!!!!!

KLEFUS MCDONALD 2 months ago

Running out of ideas on what to listen during this quarantine, Charlie Brown take the wheel.

Tim Price
Tim Price 2 months ago

I'm 55 and I listen to this when I'm doing so many things. It makes everything a feel good event. Have always loved Charlie Brown Christmas. Very glad it's here.

Tim Price
Tim Price 2 months ago

Please don't take this off. Absolutely enjoy it and I listen to it all the time. I've always been a peanuts fan. This song brings so much feel good healing

Paul Chester
Paul Chester 2 months ago

I listen to this throughout the year. If I’m feeling down this picks me up. An amazing piece!

Boxysuperior 2 months ago

This was my favorite movie ever when I was young, it still is! Don’t get me wrong, I like this movie but I don’t really watch this a lot anymore sadly but I try too though, merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!!

Muñeca De cristal
Muñeca De cristal 2 months ago

Im Mexican and my dad he always put me this song in Christmas

Eight hour videos
Eight hour videos 2 months ago

RIP Lee Mendelson.

Brockhampton 2 months ago

This song really be hitting different.

Wyd Lotion
Wyd Lotion 2 months ago

Merry Christmas Eve love u guys ❤️

Wammy Pickens
Wammy Pickens 2 months ago

Don't really celebrate Christmas I like this song tho 😙😙😚🎀🎀🎁🎁 the 8 hour version. 🙏 thinking about people who lost loved one's 😞 🙏 is this a happy or sad song 🤷

eyo cabbage
eyo cabbage 2 months ago

add one where they skate for 8 hours with this song

frizza241 2 months ago

My favorite. Always makes me cry..a grown ass man... THANKS.

maha 2 months ago

I hate this song. it played at Manny's funeral

Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 2 months ago

The kids singing sound 🤒x3 😂

Matthew Castro
Matthew Castro 2 months ago

6 days were almost there
oh and if you're reading this merry christmas!

FirstNationsMovies 2 months ago

Christmas song with ads (within the video)= Thats like 9 hours.

Frank King
Frank King 2 months ago

The thing that makes this song so memorable is the hint of melancholy. Grabs me every time.

CV Griff
CV Griff 2 months ago

I always watch this every year. This is my favorite Christmas movie

• mia •
• mia • 2 months ago

i don't get why people are complaining about it being 8 hours.. you know you don't HAVE to listen to all of it. also, for people asking why it is that long, some people listen to it while they sleep or on a car ride.

mahan lol
mahan lol 2 months ago

i lov this song

Jan Emily
Jan Emily 2 months ago

Christmas is not Christmas until you watch A Charlie Brown Christmas <3 Merry Christmas 2019 all!

AC Stinnette Country Music

This brings back childhood memories with my family and friends. Even though I’m all grown up I’m not ashamed of telling y’all I watch them with my children so they hopefully will have the same great memories of Christmas I do still today. Merry Merry Christmas and build memories with your family

Greg G.
Greg G. 2 months ago

thank you

William Applegate
William Applegate 2 months ago

I love Charlie Brown and this usually came on on my birthday. With the little drummer boy. The music brings back good memories.

Ryan Eppert
Ryan Eppert 2 months ago

Im jelous of snow. I live in Ohio, and IT STILL HASNT SNOWED!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGG ITS JUST RAINing everyDAY!!!!!!!!!. (Sorry for cap abuse)Have a fun non-snowy day in ohio!

Syd Spoak
Syd Spoak 2 months ago

I listened to this for almost an hour before I realized it's the same song, LOL. And I was ok with it!

Richard P Tison
Richard P Tison 2 months ago

I have been listening to this 8 hour loop in increments over the past couple of weeks whenever I have work to do on my lap top, and I have just now played through all of it. The funny thing is, I still want to hear more of this song - along with the rest of the Guaraldi soundtrack! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Op_shishio 2 months ago

God bless all of you
Merry Christmas
And many more😊

Princess Pink Heart
Princess Pink Heart 2 months ago


Life & Times of a MultipleMediaManager™

I'm not into celebrating Christmas in the least, but this is just a magical transportation to childhood, Charlie Brown, and the idea of Christmas... Very emotional WOW!