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Julie Ramage
Julie Ramage 2 months ago

Replay. Love watching you ladies

valerie farley-yu
valerie farley-yu 2 months ago


Wanda Gassaway
Wanda Gassaway 2 months ago

Hi from Texas.

Nancy Messimore
Nancy Messimore 2 months ago

Lotus pods are the pods you have.

Kathy Bushy
Kathy Bushy 2 months ago


Barb Effinger
Barb Effinger 2 months ago

Can this be used on a brick mail box? If so, how do you wire it on? Thank you m

Leslie Cummings
Leslie Cummings 2 months ago

I'm watching the replay. What glue are you using to stick the pics in?

Vicki Copeland
Vicki Copeland 2 months ago

ReplayI love y’all

Terrie Watson
Terrie Watson 2 months ago

I love your mother - and you too;)!

Candice Okelley
Candice Okelley 2 months ago

Watching replay. I love you ladies. Y'alls relationship reminds me of my mom and I.😊

Francis McDaniel
Francis McDaniel 2 months ago

Where can you purchase the mailbox swag The Greenery part

Martha Burgess
Martha Burgess 2 months ago

Hi, new subscriber.
Love your videos and those swags are beautiful!❤

Thelma 2 months ago

First time viewer.

Kelly Gordon
Kelly Gordon 2 months ago

Where do you get the blank pine swag?

Eunice Robinson
Eunice Robinson 2 months ago

Hi first watching.... From Vicksburg Mississippi

Denise Vernon
Denise Vernon 2 months ago

First time viewer. Replay. Im gonna make this

Erica J.
Erica J. 2 months ago

This is absolutely beautiful!

Debra Alexande
Debra Alexande 2 months ago

REPLAY 1st time viewer subscribed!!

Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Hi from George reply

Helen Cirignano
Helen Cirignano 2 months ago

How does it attach to mailbox

Karen's Krafty Kitchen

Beautiful swags.. Where do you purchase the green swag?

Beverly Lones
Beverly Lones 2 months ago

Your mailbox swag is beautiful! I made a Christmas swag for my mailbox last year. ❤️😊

April Higginbotham
April Higginbotham 2 months ago

Cant wait to make one of these for my mailbox

April Higginbotham
April Higginbotham 2 months ago

Yall ain't to far from me I'm in jasper

Lola Lovins
Lola Lovins 2 months ago

what kind of glue are you using

Tameka Taylor
Tameka Taylor 2 months ago


sharyn lawler
sharyn lawler 2 months ago

Hello ladies, watching from smiths grove ky.

Happy Sunshine
Happy Sunshine 2 months ago

Love this, replay.

Shelly Fansler
Shelly Fansler 2 months ago

Where do yall get the pine swag? Replay from Alabama!

Patricia Godwin
Patricia Godwin 2 months ago

Replay . Pat in NC

Neva Green
Neva Green 2 months ago

Another wonderful video. I've been watching replays and benge watching lol. I love the swags and love to make these myself. They are so versatile.

Pamela Douglas
Pamela Douglas 2 months ago

Could you repurpose the swag for another holiday?

Stephanie Maya
Stephanie Maya 2 months ago

Hi Y'all I so enjoy watching your videos and you helped me make my first mailbox swag for our new home the Christmas season YAY!! I joined the waitlist for your club and I so hope you open it up again So I could be a member too! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and Holiday season xoxo Stephanie H.

Carol Slaton
Carol Slaton 2 months ago

where can i find the swages from

Angel 22
Angel 22 2 months ago

Watching replay, from Georgia

Ann Tye
Ann Tye 2 months ago

i certainly know acerns and winders!! I'm in LA....lower Alabama! So glad I found y'all! Love these swags and gonna make one for Christmas! Thank y'all for sharing!

Amanda White
Amanda White 2 months ago

New Member, 1st time view

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee 2 months ago

First time watching really enjoy seeing the beautiful work. Thank You Ladies

LamborghiniGal 2 months ago

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You ladies are so talented. Do you sell these? I could never make something so gorgeous. Please let me know if you sell these, and if so, how much. Thumbs up! Thank you.

Marilyn Scarberry
Marilyn Scarberry 2 months ago

i got a swag at a yard sale to make a mailbox swag

April Sharpe
April Sharpe 2 months ago

First time watching, are you using all wired ribbon?

kathy everage
kathy everage 2 months ago

I love watching your video's.a lot of good ideas.and advice.the mail box swag is wonderful

nunnr205 2 months ago

Hello first time viewer Im excited to see your video

2020 2 months ago

Beautiful! I am going to be doing one this year and I'm looking for ideas. Thanks for sharing! ❤

Melinda Read
Melinda Read 2 months ago

Replay from Olive Branch Ms

Melinda Read
Melinda Read 2 months ago

OMG! Beautiful I love it! First time viewer! Not the last time! Thanks for tips!

Sandie Yule
Sandie Yule 2 months ago

would a regular swag work if I don't have this style?

Sandie Yule
Sandie Yule 2 months ago

First time watching your channel! Watching your replay. Thanks for sharing. Sandie

kate conrad
kate conrad 2 months ago

These are beautiful - I think I would like to make one, but use it as a mantle decoration. I would hate to spend the time and money to make one for a single season.

deborah nail
deborah nail 2 months ago

Replay. Hello from Sweet Home Alabama ‼️👏🏼👍🏼❤️😍

Kim LaMarr
Kim LaMarr 2 months ago

Love it. Thank you.

Cecile Morgan
Cecile Morgan 2 months ago

Very beautiful!

Christie Gann
Christie Gann 2 months ago

Watching as a replay from Alabama. New subscriber and I absolutely love the DIY tutorials y'all do. Ty for sharing.

Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith 2 months ago

Wow, they turned out gorgeous!!! So pretty!! ( I may just have you do mine, because mine just don’t seem to turn out as pretty as yours do!!!😉😄😄😄. ). Come join our group you will love it!! ❤️😊

Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith 2 months ago

Replay! Ha ha ha! 😂. Sherry you are super smart! Teenagers go through that stage where they don’t think your mother is smart! We’ve all been through that haven’t we?!!

Carlee Carter
Carlee Carter 2 months ago

Carlee from Ohio. I love these. I’ve been wanting to make one. You have inspired me to make a fall one. Thank you ladies. I love watching you and watching you create. Beautiful mailbox swags. Thank you so much

Lori Andersen
Lori Andersen 2 months ago

Replay from Michigan

Terri Giauque
Terri Giauque 2 months ago

replay. Hi Ladies.

marie flynn
marie flynn 2 months ago

that is so beautiful, have been doing wreaths for family and my home and i have learned so much from this , i did put my name on the waiting list

Melanie Orrison
Melanie Orrison 2 months ago

So beautiful

Melanie Orrison
Melanie Orrison 2 months ago

Replay I'm a first time viewer from NC.

Carlene Williams
Carlene Williams 2 months ago

Watching for the first time and it’s a replay I’m from central ca

amy thompson
amy thompson 2 months ago

I’m going to try one. Akerns, my boss told me he was going to pick up some akerns! I work for Georgia Forestry and we have to collect so many “seeds” per year.

Teresa Galbreath
Teresa Galbreath 2 months ago

These are gorgeous ladies! I just made an AL and AU mesh wreath with tons of ribbon! I also made a fall mesh wreath with Dollar Tree materials.

Sandy AllDay
Sandy AllDay 2 months ago

Love it!❤️

Erik Sean Wolff
Erik Sean Wolff 2 months ago

Watching this as a replay and I am LOVING your channel ladies ❤❤

Sally Duvall
Sally Duvall 2 months ago

Hello I just want to say I love love watching y'all on u tube . And how can I catch you're lives ? I saw you on pinintrest and love
love the the swag sign u was showing it was a snowman hat in the black and red buffalo check . I was wondering where you ordered the hat and ribbon from . Enjoy you ladies so much . And love you're acorn and winder story lol my grandparents said it that way and miss them so so much . I want to make a garland around my door could I use a garland to do that and cover with decore ? And you're mailbox wreaths are just stunning .Hugs from Arkansas. Melissa

Teddy Smith
Teddy Smith 2 months ago

Love Love watching y'all . I'm learning so much by watching and I really would like to join your group on September 1 .So happy that found y'all on YouTube ❤️❤️🌹🌹

grammyn2 2 months ago

Replay!!! I don't remember hearing or reading where to find an undecorated pine mailbox swag? Both so beautiful!!! Can't wait for next Flower Friday! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Massey
Lisa Massey 2 months ago

First time watching, loved it! Watched on repeat from Georgia.

Tisha’s Creations
Tisha’s Creations 2 months ago

Replay..Both are absolutely gorgeous!! I would have to keep both & switch them out each week of!! Btw, I’ve used a product called Never Wet on some of my outside flowers, bows & pillow covers, it was recommended by another lady that I watch on YouTube, & I’ve had good results with it. Hope y’all had a great weekend!! Have a great week, & I look forward to your next video!!

Emma Strausbaugh
Emma Strausbaugh 2 months ago

How many pumpkins picks did you use in all? I’m watching you on replay!

Paulette Eby
Paulette Eby 2 months ago

Replay, first time viewer

Paulette Eby
Paulette Eby 2 months ago


Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore 2 months ago


Barbara Demarco
Barbara Demarco 2 months ago

Replay from NJ

Elizabeth Hollingworth

Hello watch a replay

Marie V. Saint Fleur
Marie V. Saint Fleur 2 months ago

Please please mother and daughter can you let me no when you go live thank you 🙏🏻

Lynda Soar
Lynda Soar 2 months ago

I'm in UK, haven't even got a mailbox... Watching you both creating these I now kno I nEEd a mailbox :)) great results, ladies!

Lydia Vejar
Lydia Vejar 2 months ago

I'm watching a replay and I think it's adorable what you to make y'all are so good at what you do thank you for sharing that with us. Very very beautiful

Royanna Fritschmann
Royanna Fritschmann 2 months ago

Replay - Laguna Beach, California - Your Design’s make me miss our time that we lived in the south. I love to use Christmas greenery in all my floral designs to bump up the height of my florals. I so wish I had a mailbox but here in Southern California we have a lot of planned communities that have shared mailbox blocks :(. But beautiful work ladies! TFS!❤️

Sherry Harmon
Sherry Harmon 2 months ago

i love these! Y'all are so upbeat and have such a wonderful, loving mother/daughter relationship!!

Clara Tarver
Clara Tarver 2 months ago

Ladies I can't decide which one is the prettiest. They both are gorgeous!!! I love them!! Tks ladies

Cindy Rogers
Cindy Rogers 2 months ago

Replay, first time listener, from Texas, I love both of y'all swags, so pretty. I subscribed, so looking forward to future videos. Ty for sharing your talent, with all of us❤

sharyn lawler
sharyn lawler 2 months ago

Hello, enjoy watching you'all. How much do you charge for your fall mailbox swag?

Marilyn Scarberry
Marilyn Scarberry 2 months ago

i love it

Bonnie B
Bonnie B 2 months ago

#Replay Love your show! Your designs are awesome!

Yvonne TUCKER 2 months ago

Hi from ga

- Rachel -
- Rachel - 2 months ago

Replay:) from New Orleans! Hey y’all 💜

Teddy Smith
Teddy Smith 2 months ago

Watching replay 🌹

MELANIE BRADLEY 2 months ago

Hi from West Virginia! Just wondering where y'all purchase your big 1.5" rolls of ribbon? If you don't mind sharing!😊 Both mailbox swags turned out sooo beautiful! Y'all are sooo sweet to watch! Thank you for always sharing your talents! Have a sweet weekend! Hugs!

Susan Himmaugh
Susan Himmaugh 2 months ago

About how much would you charge for this beautiful spray....and I like the idea of having it for a table runner...would be nice to bring for the host of Thanksgiving and then they could use it on their mailbox after!

Annie Fleener
Annie Fleener 2 months ago

Replay hi

Susan Himmaugh
Susan Himmaugh 2 months ago

Hi ladies....first time sweet to see Mom daughter guys are St. Rose, LA...question: how weather proof do you think they are with all the rain we have been having?

Brenda Power so
Brenda Power so 2 months ago

I so enjoy watching y’all! I get so many great ideas from y’all!