Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)


David Christophers

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Information Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

Title : Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

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Frames Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

Description Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

Wildly Elegant/Animal Print Christmas Tree: How To Decorate a Beautiful Christmas Tree (2020)

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David Christophers
David Christophers 2 months ago

We hope you love our Animal Print/Wildly Elegant themed tree. Let us know what questions you have. We are here to help! All of our products can be found at www.davidchristophers.com Thanks for watching!

rosalee pruett
rosalee pruett 2 months ago

It’s so pretty. Love the animal

rosalee pruett
rosalee pruett 2 months ago

How much is the 7 ft

rosalee pruett
rosalee pruett 2 months ago

What color is the tree

Kristie G
Kristie G 2 months ago

Wow just wow!!!

K Still
K Still 2 months ago

This tree has more personality than people I know.

Mary Beth Laratta
Mary Beth Laratta 2 months ago

This is gorgeous, great job

brandie hayes
brandie hayes 2 months ago

I think you could make a turd look delightful

Maria Rodríguez
Maria Rodríguez 2 months ago

Bello Bello Bello

Tom DeHaven
Tom DeHaven 2 months ago

I would add some feathers to. All you need now is a tiger king and it will be complete! Jk 🐅 😉😅
But really seriously, if you would add some champagne colored feathers or possibly copper or brown. With bit of sparkle..?

Geri Markobrada
Geri Markobrada 2 months ago

Wow! Gorgeous!

Privee Sure
Privee Sure 2 months ago

David Christophers, you are such a handsome and talented young man. Your videos are really enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring us through your videos.

Maria munoz
Maria munoz 2 months ago

😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙋🏻💐🤗🌀🌀🌀🙏🏻 Beautiful !!

Tony InLosAngeles
Tony InLosAngeles 2 months ago

Shocked 😳 yes I was! And then you pulled more and more leopard 🐆 print picks and ornaments out of your box, for a man not on board you took the task straight to heart 💖.
Like all your work it is outstanding!

linda lopez
linda lopez 2 months ago

So so cool! Love it! 🤩😍🥰

DONNA ROSHELL 2 months ago

Extraordinary! It’s just stunning.

Mile Nierva
Mile Nierva 2 months ago

Gorgeous 🤗

Johnnie Kuykendall
Johnnie Kuykendall 2 months ago


crystle hernandez
crystle hernandez 2 months ago

Another master piece ❤️❤️❤️

Claudia Duque
Claudia Duque 2 months ago

Hola mi nombre es Claudia , no sé hablar Inglés menos escribir. Pero lo que ustedes hacen es maravilloso ,es mi sueño tener un árbol de navidad así , los felicito y les doy gracias por mantener ese sueño tan hermoso que es la navidad. Bendiciones

Tammy Seawright
Tammy Seawright 2 months ago


Javier20 .Javier20
Javier20 .Javier20 2 months ago

And that's why you shouldn't let women get involved in decorating...

Cheryl Centenio/Blessed Virgin Mother

I love the wild theme tree very much. Your tree is very pretty.

I also love a woodland type tree that includes pheasant feather ball ornaments or mallard duck feather balls, pheasant tail feathers or mallard duck tail feathers, and stems representing nature, matte as well as shiny balls.

Years ago, I worked in a doctor's office. The doctor had professional decorators decorate the Christmas tree with the items above plus they added darker blue and green balls to break up the colors of the brown, gold and orange in the feathers. I am a hunter and I really like viewing the tree each day.

Thank you for sharing.

Mary Moulton
Mary Moulton 2 months ago

I love this tree. I love all things animal print.

Justin 2 months ago

Who comes up with the names of your themes?

This tree is WILD!

Kathy Penner
Kathy Penner 2 months ago

David your work is amazing. I use to work with a guy who decorates just like you. Love to watch you design. Picked up some great ideas. Question? What would it cost to buy that tree with everything on it? Just curious. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

Cindy Briggs
Cindy Briggs 2 months ago

I love watching his use of all the different picks and sprays. Thanks so much!

Prettyas Youplease
Prettyas Youplease 2 months ago

`Lovely! I was especially taken with the poinsettias,

BARBARA CORBELL 2 months ago


Gayle Barrett
Gayle Barrett 2 months ago

Hi I didn't think those colors would work but you provided me wrong it looks so beautiful well done you guys know exactly what you are doing amazing wish I could get §ome of your picks and every thing you sale in New Zealand love it all xx

Alicia Hayes
Alicia Hayes 2 months ago

I love the inspiration ribbon. The tree is stunning

Vivette Wilson Brown
Vivette Wilson Brown 2 months ago

OMG... those ornaments/picks are BEAUTIFUL!!

Sara Barrier
Sara Barrier 2 months ago

Beautiful David!

J R 2 months ago

OMG, You are so talented 😁👍🏼👍🏼 David, I Love This Christmas Tree 🥰 Sooooo Beautiful 🙋🏻 Thank You For Sharing 🙏🏼

Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson 2 months ago

I love this tree! I especially love the pomegranate stems! They are so stunning! This tree was a really good idea.

Evangelia Daskalakis
Evangelia Daskalakis 2 months ago

Amazing!God bless you. Greetings from Greece.

Beverly Wilkinson
Beverly Wilkinson 2 months ago

Omg I am obsessed with this tree because I am obsessed with animal print , is wanted an animal print tree forever but it's difficult to get the decor in Trinidad where in live in the Caribbean, this tree is awesome so very lovely❤️😍👍🏽🎄👍🏽🎄❤️🎄

M Fuller
M Fuller 2 months ago

David, you have a good sense of humor!

Rosibel Garro Mora
Rosibel Garro Mora 2 months ago


Connie Hortick
Connie Hortick 2 months ago

Beautiful....love your son& wife...never seen a animal print tree just fabulous!

Sharon Snook
Sharon Snook 2 months ago

David, your decorating is awesome. There is one question that I would like to know, how do you secure your large ornaments on the tree? They appear very secure when placed on the tree.

Debra Hardy
Debra Hardy 2 months ago

Your son asked for us to comment below of what we think of the video, well, first of all, I think he is a cutie and does a good job. I love this tree. I bought some cheetah print ribbon years ago. The background of the ribbon is more of a copper color, which I just love. I found some cheetah print balls and some copper ones also, that I mixed with gold ornaments. You've given a good idea for using this theme for this year. I have enjoyed your videos. My next favorite tree, is the Celtic one, because of the colors. Thanks for the good ideas!

rosa delgado lopez
rosa delgado lopez 2 months ago

Congrat!! Yours tree are the most beatiful and original that I nave seen impressive !! I WISH YOU BOTH A LOT OF SUCCESS FOR YOUR STORE AND CHANEL

Ursula Dachowski
Ursula Dachowski 2 months ago

David puts a soul to decorating tree 🌲 stunning as always 🤎

Dawn Huff
Dawn Huff 2 months ago

You are amazing!

craig bryan
craig bryan 2 months ago

Absolutely stunning

Michelle Fox
Michelle Fox 2 months ago

Love, love, love!! I am so tired of farmhouse style.

Russell Davis
Russell Davis 2 months ago

You make Alabama Proud!!!!! Another MASTER PIECE BY THE MASTER, surpurbly designed, a walk on the WILD SIDE.Thanks for sharing n inspiring.

dEBORAH Colvin
dEBORAH Colvin 2 months ago

David and Jennifer this tree displays an unusually creative idea: however, it is absolutely gorgeous!

Razel’s Daily Routine

I love this Christmas tree 🎄.God blessings

Mirtha Elias
Mirtha Elias 2 months ago

No me canso de ver tu trabajo es muy bonito me encanta cada detalle,lo en mi selular y television felisidades por tu trabajo!!

Peggy C
Peggy C 2 months ago


Melissa Sue
Melissa Sue 2 months ago

Can you ball park the price of the entire tree that size? Decorations and all? Just curious. All of your creations are stunning.

Pamela Ripple
Pamela Ripple 2 months ago


ethansashasalzack 2 months ago

Really enjoying all the different themes & techniques used. Must say the young man at the end is the BEST!

Christine Robe
Christine Robe 2 months ago

I love this tree!! The picks & ornaments are so unusual & beautiful, a work of art!! 👌👌

Victoria Bourgeois
Victoria Bourgeois 2 months ago

Jennifer. I just started this vid, but in last two I watched David’s ladder skills makes me nervous, but the end results are absolutely beautiful. Now back to watching this vid. Tfs cheers

Sue Liles
Sue Liles 2 months ago

Amazing!! It is glorious. God bless.

Tisha’s Creations
Tisha’s Creations 2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous again!!

Price Design
Price Design 2 months ago


Emily Groover
Emily Groover 2 months ago

Beautiful !

Angel Friend
Angel Friend 2 months ago

How many of each singular type of ornaments do you typically use? Example the 6” balls or the finial style ornament? How many different varieties of ornaments? I notice you use way more stems than ornaments.

Kim Gurley
Kim Gurley 2 months ago

This tree couldn't be more fun & unique! So cool!!

Elena Darjoanca
Elena Darjoanca 2 months ago

Super! 👍👏

enrico santos
enrico santos 2 months ago

Beautifully Stunning 😍

Daniel J.Glowny
Daniel J.Glowny 2 months ago

Great talent and eye for beauty !

Gaetsy S.
Gaetsy S. 2 months ago


Gumbo19141 2 months ago

Beautiful and elegant. Any lady of the house would be grateful to have this tree in her home

Helen has
Helen has 2 months ago

Love,Love,Love! I'm so inspired.

Faye Craghead
Faye Craghead 2 months ago

David I love this tree and you make it look so easy! Truly a work of art! Please do more videos!🙏🌈🙏

BR Williams
BR Williams 2 months ago

I love this animal print tree! It’s great, I’ll try to recreate this look. Thanks

Rikita Mccoy
Rikita Mccoy 2 months ago

I love the cheetah print very pretty.

Jill Kaiser
Jill Kaiser 2 months ago

Moving too fast getting sea sick girl slow down

Santi Flores
Santi Flores 2 months ago

you are so so so cute david...i love your works its so beautiful and very elegant...love lots from the Philippines❤️❤️❤️

Schultzie Smith
Schultzie Smith 2 months ago

So pretty I am WILD about this tree😁

Sharon Baughman
Sharon Baughman 2 months ago


Nicqui LARTIGUE 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree, lovely family. 🙏

S Kabage
S Kabage 2 months ago

WOW DAVID truly an inspiration to me . I just discovered your videos and now your store getting my first order together. P.S LOVED SEEING YOUR SON.

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree!

Debbie Persaud
Debbie Persaud 2 months ago

OMG !!!! Guys it’s truly amazing !!! I was thinking it was gonna be nice because you guys are doing it......but it turned out sooo beautiful David I absolutely love it !!!!!!!😍😍👍👍

Ronnie Walker
Ronnie Walker 2 months ago

Okay, you have just killed me with the beauty of that tree! Oh my goodness, I love it! If you could be arrested for creating such beautiful things, you would be locked up for life 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

Robyn Gray
Robyn Gray 2 months ago

Wait a minute... I wasnt ready for how this one turned out, just stunning 💚💚🌲🌲🥰🥰😍😍

Sharon Dallum
Sharon Dallum 2 months ago

Your trees are beautiful works of art. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, truly!

Rob Ailey
Rob Ailey 2 months ago

Love it!

Claudia Mungaray
Claudia Mungaray 2 months ago


Mary Williams
Mary Williams 2 months ago

I didn’t think this animal theme would work but I was wrong it turned out beautifully! Thank you for the inspiration to do things unexpected!!!!!

nancy cotney
nancy cotney 2 months ago

Love the ribbon(s)! Great idea, do u have this ribbon on ur website?


is fabulous yas forgot a couple of monkies or tigers or lions in there but it was a great idea.

Cecile Morgan
Cecile Morgan 2 months ago

Forgot to say I love love love the wildly elegant tree!

Cecile Morgan
Cecile Morgan 2 months ago

Jennifer, you do a fabulous job! You both are amazing. David God has blessed you with such talent, as only he can do. I appreciate your talent, and y'all loving Jesus as I do. Precious children!!!! I'm coming to your store ASAP! I'm in South Mississippi

Ramon - at HOME
Ramon - at HOME 2 months ago

What a stunner! love the wild yet elegant theme. the pomegranate stems were absolutely gorgeous.

Nina Kvantaliani
Nina Kvantaliani 2 months ago

I never thought of such a theme ! Looks very beautiful and unusual !!!