Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay



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Information Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

Title : Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

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Frames Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

Description Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

Christmas Lights (Live in Berlin, 21 Dec 2011) - Coldplay

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Zahia Meguebel
Zahia Meguebel 2 months ago

J aime trop cette si belle émouvante melodie poésie de Noël 🎄 🎅, que j ecoute en boucle tout le temps, et la voix du si beau Chris belle âme un amour chant de la beauté de la vie, Chris vecteur de l amour grand bonheur grand homme bienfait miracle de l humanité amour nous t aimons et aimons Coldplay, votre humilité, longue vie à vous les amours et vos familles et pleins de câlins 😍😍😍🤍🤍🤍

Pia Simona Cervello
Pia Simona Cervello 2 months ago

The Christmas lights can shine only with CHRISTMAS LIGHTS of COLDPLAY! ❤️

Pia Simona Cervello
Pia Simona Cervello 2 months ago

The best Christmas song! ❤️

Klaartje Leemans
Klaartje Leemans 2 months ago

This song touches your soul :)

J Y 2 months ago

Chris gradually contracts smallpox at 2:51 and gets cured at 2:58

Elisangela Carvalho
Elisangela Carvalho 2 months ago


Elisangela Carvalho
Elisangela Carvalho 2 months ago


Yvonne YW
Yvonne YW 2 months ago

LOVE this

Saumya 2 months ago

Those 91 are probably from mars and can't appreciate music

Ahmad Al H
Ahmad Al H 2 months ago

None Christian I even living in a country where we don't celebrate New year's eve,,, but man Coldplay can deliver you the emotions, and feelings in whatever they sing

Carlos Jaime A.
Carlos Jaime A. 2 months ago

Happy Christmas Everybody!

JoJo hanna
JoJo hanna 2 months ago

My favourite band as long as I live ♥

happy I care
happy I care 2 months ago

Just perfect😍

JoJo hanna
JoJo hanna 2 months ago

Coldplay in my dream came true ♥ god bless you Coldplay!!!

Ronsky nine09
Ronsky nine09 2 months ago

I'm soooo inlove to this guy..and we shared the same birth month only he celebrates 7days ahead of mine😍love you CM😙😙😙

Meghna Bhalla
Meghna Bhalla 2 months ago

Forever Christmas anthem!

deanna belle wingo
deanna belle wingo 2 months ago

hugs back :)

zaki zulfikar
zaki zulfikar 2 months ago


Romain Pierres
Romain Pierres 2 months ago

Quel pianiste et aussi quel chanteur... UNE MERVEILLEUSE CHANSON POUR UN MERVEILLEUX GROUPE!!!
Inégalable en tous cas!!!

Yvonne Barker
Yvonne Barker 2 months ago

love this coldplay xxx

Amelie Armadale
Amelie Armadale 2 months ago

I went to this concert with the only hope to listen this song. I think i was the only one who sings along! In some way, Chris and I sang a duo that night..hahaha. Magic moment!

Linda Fanny
Linda Fanny 2 months ago

when you're still waiting for the snow to fall..💖

Leo Amorim
Leo Amorim 2 months ago

melhor banda do mundo

Marcel Sewerin
Marcel Sewerin 2 months ago

merry christmas everyone! :)

christian alfaro
christian alfaro 2 months ago

It's Beautiful Song :D :)

Celestine Claros
Celestine Claros 2 months ago

Chris thank your for your music - love Coldplay so much

dani ribeiro
dani ribeiro 2 months ago

Não canso de ver esse video. <3

Silvana Bezerra
Silvana Bezerra 2 months ago

Coldplay e show amo😉😍🎧🎵🎶🎼🎸🎹🎆🎇

Camila T
Camila T 2 months ago

this song reminds me so much of what coldplay is really about

macromedia MS
macromedia MS 2 months ago

He can even play the piano without even looking. That's what you call the "TALENT".

Boswell Percy and Chandler

This song is about the fact that it doesn't feel like Christmas if it doesn't snow which makes sense because it was raining at Christmas Day (UK), shit english weather

Jasper Scheper
Jasper Scheper 2 months ago

he can sing and play the piano at the same time :) very good

Tanja Keiko
Tanja Keiko 2 months ago

i was there and after two years i still get goosebumps listening to it....

Celia 2 months ago

I listen to this song all the time, and a lot more in christmas... it's so magic! IT's chistmas itself

bruno t
bruno t 2 months ago

je m'en lasse pas................

gosial9393 2 months ago

i love you Coldplay

Vito Sardone
Vito Sardone 2 months ago

la miglior canzone di natale

Arne Klempin
Arne Klempin 2 months ago


Benjamin Pvr
Benjamin Pvr 2 months ago


SERGIO MAGNANI 2 months ago


andy andraos
andy andraos 2 months ago

Love this song..Coldplay is the best!

Mitchiri Bee bzzz
Mitchiri Bee bzzz 2 months ago

christmas waiting for me 1 month more

claire 2 months ago

Oct 5th xmas time!

Danna Munoz
Danna Munoz 2 months ago

This is perfec, the song is perfec and the band is the best in the world! :)

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 2 months ago

I don't know, it makes me cry in a good way.

hot chocolate
hot chocolate 2 months ago

he tried to sing out of tune but failed. ;)

Marti 2 months ago

Christmas or not, this song is perfection.

Mica Baumgertner
Mica Baumgertner 2 months ago

TE AMO!!!!!

philipph 2 months ago

Best Chrismas Song

Isaac.G59 2 months ago

Love his electric piano

Ricardo Lopes
Ricardo Lopes 2 months ago


Michail Angelos Iatrakis

love this coldplay..from greece!

ChrisMartin0007 2 months ago

Happy New Year Coldplay and to all Coldplayers worldwide

Sandrine Julia
Sandrine Julia 2 months ago

Happy Christmas Coldplay ♥

Fernando Marinho
Fernando Marinho 2 months ago

This is the best song of Christmas !!

aafenlared 2 months ago

Merry christmas, Feliz Navidad.

yerpherp 2 months ago

a true Christmas song

mrcathy21 2 months ago

Noël , c'est demain soir mais je vous remercie pour toutes vos belles musiques...joyeuses fêtes et meilleurs voeux ...

mar3k 2 months ago

I looking on it one year later and its still amazing!

Jennifer Li
Jennifer Li 2 months ago

Thank you for your amazing music

Brian Poythress
Brian Poythress 2 months ago

Performing this song tonight at a talent show with only a piano and an acoustic guitar. Merry Christmas!

Botså DK
Botså DK 2 months ago


BoredErica 2 months ago

Aww :) Good for you man!

Szymon W
Szymon W 2 months ago

soon Christmas. In poland we have snow by yesterday. Lovely atmosphere ♥

igenkol 2 months ago

I was there! All memories are back!

Johan Mesak
Johan Mesak 2 months ago


scottishgiggirl 2 months ago

never hear this beforwe it is beautiful - reminds me of forest gump a little

Kataffi Rage
Kataffi Rage 2 months ago


yommex 2 months ago

the snow button must be always in this video

George williams
George williams 2 months ago

when your stil waiting for the snow to fall... i love that part

IoArMa 2 months ago


Connie Senk
Connie Senk 2 months ago

I just really LOVE this song , It lights my heart up and makes me smile, like a strong bridge with lights at night . Beautiful !!!

Giada Galvano
Giada Galvano 2 months ago

Everyday is a new day with you, Coldplay! <3 And my thoughts fade away...

Josiah Kemp
Josiah Kemp 2 months ago

Put it on iTunes so I can by it :)

Madeline Cichocki
Madeline Cichocki 2 months ago

Oh the feels

beno0007 2 months ago

not even xmas haha : )

beno0007 2 months ago


chocolatemuffin221 2 months ago

:) xox

theidiotman 2 months ago

What can I say? I love coldplay? YES, a little more than that! if there were no religions, only good music like this, the world would be much better! we'd be more united. COLDPLAY in our minds forever! :)

Diane Petersen
Diane Petersen 2 months ago

Coldplay rocks......they are the greatest band alive right now. There is no one like original!!! They are musical geniuses!!!!!

Leo Messi
Leo Messi 2 months ago

no snow in philippines!

Johnathan Losada Diaz

57 people don't like the Christmas, lights and gifts xD Coldplay the best ! A 57 personas no les gusta la navidad, ni las luces y los regalos xD Coldplay eres lo mejor ♥

Viet Dau
Viet Dau 2 months ago


CATEcolamina 2 months ago

i don't care if it's not christmas!!I love tis song(:

Jeffrey DS
Jeffrey DS 2 months ago


Reyi Torres
Reyi Torres 2 months ago

I want them HERE IN PUERTO RICO!!!!!!! And I want them to pley this song! :') Coldplay is out of this world! :')

Reni Löwenherz
Reni Löwenherz 2 months ago

I was on the Concert in Berlin,it was awsome!!!

Nicolaus Savendra
Nicolaus Savendra 2 months ago

Don't listen to him , ignore him

Ananda Putra
Ananda Putra 2 months ago

OMG CHRIS.. I can listen to this all day!!

Emily Car
Emily Car 2 months ago

Coldplay always be the best!! Thank you for all

ilya17isbest 2 months ago

@leduckster345 it's the only Christmas song I will listen to year round.

Doop 2 months ago

Why are you here then?

Ashim Sharma
Ashim Sharma 2 months ago

i ve listen this song over 1000+ but i am never tired of this song

Vinzent Bao Le
Vinzent Bao Le 2 months ago

And like some drunken in this city I am go singing out of tune Singing how I always loved you darling And how I always will

leduckster345 2 months ago

This is one of the few christmas songs that you can listen to throughout the entire year.

bambaroou 2 months ago

lol mi esposo!!

ninjanuttsack 2 months ago

@Anygodwilldo what music do you like?

milly smith
milly smith 2 months ago

my fave christmas song ever <3 <3 <3

Durrell Dee
Durrell Dee 2 months ago

Luv you guys!

Derek Yisrayl
Derek Yisrayl 2 months ago

Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the church ... the first evidence of the feast is from Egypt." (Catholic Encyclopaedia 1911 edition) There is no authoritative tradition as to the day or month of Christ's birth ... The winter solstice was regarded as the birthday of the sun and at Rome a pagan festival of the nativity of 'sol invictus' was introduced by the Emperor Aurelian on 25th December (Chambers Encyclopaedia 1970)