100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide


Erika Diane

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Information 100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

Title : 100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

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Frames 100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

Description 100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

100+ Christmas gift ideas for girls | teen gift guide

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Erika Diane
Erika Diane 2 months ago

ahhh Christmas is here!! (well kind of😝).
what you want to get for Christmas?🎄👇🏼

Ajah Washington
Ajah Washington 2 months ago

Thank you!! My birthday is in 5 months and by February I wanted to already have my birthday wishlist ready. 🥰

Olivia Vásquez
Olivia Vásquez 2 months ago

How old is she???

•Lilac Wølf•
•Lilac Wølf• 2 months ago

Everyone: 2020 anyone?

Me in 2030 even though the comment says that the comment was posted one week ago: 👁👄👁

Frederick Tagoe
Frederick Tagoe 2 months ago

She said Adidas so wrong 😑 OMG sounded like adedas

39kSkulls 2 months ago

how many likes this comment gets is how many times she said u can never go wrong

Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2 months ago

Why do she make my want dimmpels

AngelPlays 2 months ago

Merry Christmas guys! Like if your watching a week before Christmas!

Amy 2 months ago

9 more days until 2020 Christmas I cant believe time goes by sooo fast

Meggs Eggs
Meggs Eggs 2 months ago

when u said 2020 planer lol

its Zleetus
its Zleetus 2 months ago

Yeah try to convince my mom

renner borden
renner borden 2 months ago

I wonder if this girl is a teen yet, even after a year

Liv Wardxx
Liv Wardxx 2 months ago


• Shibamations •
• Shibamations • 2 months ago

I paused this video with my toe

Brooke Anderson
Brooke Anderson 2 months ago

It’s 15 days until Christmas

Rachelle Smith
Rachelle Smith 2 months ago

Michael Jackson!!!

Lucy Webb
Lucy Webb 2 months ago

Concert tickets 2020 says opp

The DIY Studio
The DIY Studio 2 months ago


The DIY Studio
The DIY Studio 2 months ago

omg I know this video is kinda old, but just look how far Erika has come!! Girl ur almost at 50k!!! Like that’s insane!!!!

Leanna McLean
Leanna McLean 2 months ago

Woah this helped so much omg

Seb.H 2 months ago

I whas trying to find a presond to my GF so ty for the help

-Maria .0. Edit'z-
-Maria .0. Edit'z- 2 months ago

a mask...

Baby Yider
Baby Yider 2 months ago

I’m getting an iPhone 11 for myself cause I’m lonely 😞

peppa 2 months ago

binging everyone’s Christmas vids because I have no idea what to ask for LOL

Skye LyteX
Skye LyteX 2 months ago

19 days til' ☃️࿌ིྀ྇⋆ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ⋆࿌ིྀ྇☃️

Skye LyteX
Skye LyteX 2 months ago

Erika: You can use these ideas for your girlfriend, sister, best friend or mom.
Me who is trying to get ideas for what I can beg my mom for: 👁👄👁

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Summmer Kilburn
Summmer Kilburn 2 months ago

Her:”you can never go wrong with bath bombs!” My skin:AAAAAHHHH NOPE NOO NOPE

Dress Well!
Dress Well! 2 months ago

You kinda look like 10 years old kid heheh lol😂😂

Gabby Thiffault-Gould

Is no one talking about how AMAZING her editing and confidence is
Keep doing what you love x

Lisa Maree Barrett
Lisa Maree Barrett 2 months ago

hi girl! i love your youtube channel even though i just started watching your vids 10 mins ago LOL. any way i would like to know how old are you and could u please give me a shoutout? thx

Alexa Goeres-Hill
Alexa Goeres-Hill 2 months ago

Im using this video to make my christmas list-

secret Guido
secret Guido 2 months ago

im cringing so hard she so werid bro do you know young plus im Russian and we dont talk about god or jeaus like that in our bio

Am0ngus_g1rl 2
Am0ngus_g1rl 2 2 months ago

Thx this helped me make my x-mas list

Deyssi Herrera
Deyssi Herrera 2 months ago

Pov: your watching this in 202 Corona year😥

Angelina Jennilia
Angelina Jennilia 2 months ago

I watched this video to find out what I wanted for Christmas 😂

Ellie Yorke
Ellie Yorke 2 months ago

Me watching in 2020 and in hurry of ideas as I haven’t done my list yet😂

Zoja Zakotnik
Zoja Zakotnik 2 months ago

How old is she?

HCEC Vote 2 months ago

thank you so much, I was lost on gifts for my granddauther this year this helps a lot. Meme Jo

Raven Juhmi
Raven Juhmi 2 months ago


Pastel Plays
Pastel Plays 2 months ago

The ppl that disliked are jealous of her chismas ideas.

c 2 months ago

"Concert tickets"

Me in 2020: chokes on air

Reyna Paquette
Reyna Paquette 2 months ago

when yall desire a lot Gift Cards then just try GrabCards.best
best to all^^ 📌

Adelaide Perales
Adelaide Perales 2 months ago

when you desire a bunch Gift Cards then just try 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬.𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭
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Cheryl Luke
Cheryl Luke 2 months ago

when you needed some Gift Cards then try GrabCards.best
cool to all devices() 🔥

Maritza Lila
Maritza Lila 2 months ago

when yall desire many Gift Cards then try 𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬.𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭
good on everyone... 📌

Kira Goldsmith
Kira Goldsmith 2 months ago

Erika: U can never go wrong with a bath bomb

Me being allergic to bath bombs: ......oh umm ok I’m on this girls hit list... 😌😂

Benji Discord
Benji Discord 2 months ago

yo wats up

PiinkyJade 2 months ago


Btw this is a joke we aren’t skipping thanksgiving :(

Lauren Janae
Lauren Janae 2 months ago

if you look up milk and honey, the images are kinda.....i just recommend this book for 14+

Lexi Grace
Lexi Grace 2 months ago

The intro was amazing

varnika reddy
varnika reddy 2 months ago

dosent she look like sophie fergi?? 2020 crew

Georgi Kalchev
Georgi Kalchev 2 months ago

She call her self a teen

vTrrustedAlex 2 months ago

ok ok we get it you're a rich brat 😹😹

Makenna Wall
Makenna Wall 2 months ago


The Adventures of York-Dog

Thank you so much!! This helped so much for writing my wishlist:)!!

Lady_ink 2 months ago

I'm more alt but I need ideas rn I only got Nintendo switch

hannah :D
hannah :D 2 months ago

I re-watched the intro SO MANY TIMES lol

Zoey Gibbons
Zoey Gibbons 2 months ago

your face reminds me of sofie fergie .... (good way shes so pretty lmao)

Cam Lee
Cam Lee 2 months ago

she looks 7

Maiya West
Maiya West 2 months ago

Tysm this was really helpful!

Natalie Wallin
Natalie Wallin 2 months ago

Thank you so much!!! This really helped me! I'm only 10 but I enjoyed watching it and thinking of more good ideas to add to my list!

Aryanna Chandler
Aryanna Chandler 2 months ago

it’s november 2020 and my dad was asking about my christmas list in july!!

Denise Hudson
Denise Hudson 2 months ago

me using this for my bday list bc its in a few days

Avery McGraw
Avery McGraw 2 months ago

her: you can never go wrong with a bath bomb
me: im allergic

Epic-Jess_YT 2 months ago

U helped Evan tho it’s 2020

「angelic eve」
「angelic eve」 2 months ago

THANK YOUUUU however i’m not here for christmas gift ideas i’m just here for things to add to my wish list ;)

Lucy Donlon
Lucy Donlon 2 months ago

I want a phone but idk how to tell my mam that I want one

Chloe Kokes
Chloe Kokes 2 months ago

what computer do you have?

nachocheesefries •
nachocheesefries • 2 months ago

idk if it said this in the video but if you can’t find really cute ones or the exact teddy bear coats you want i got mine from old navy and omg it’s the perfecttt color and i also recommend them for people that wanna stay warm but hate the look of those black puffy jackets

Salamimoi :3
Salamimoi :3 2 months ago

Me:november 8 2020: 👁👄👁✍🏻✍🏻👁👄👄✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻👀👀👀✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻

TP Gamer
TP Gamer 2 months ago

6:47 "Face masks"

Me in 2020: cool idea

Darienne Russell
Darienne Russell 2 months ago

Led lights

·D R A G G I E
·D R A G G I E 2 months ago

“Experiences are great gifts” hold up lemme go run my liar of an ex over by a car. That’ll be a great experience for him just like me made me experience being cheated on 9 times 😒


Helped a lot 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thanksssss

Ella Weber
Ella Weber 2 months ago

thank you!!! lol

Melanie Madrid
Melanie Madrid 2 months ago

I’m allergic to bath boms 😐

Matayah H
Matayah H 2 months ago

loved it

Georgia Holland
Georgia Holland 2 months ago

I love how this girl wants a planner for 2020. Y’all who are watching this in 2020 know what I mean!

Lizzy Art's
Lizzy Art's 2 months ago

I kinda made a similar intro to yours so sorry...

Alexine I.
Alexine I. 2 months ago

I have the same record player as the picture

v toowwn
v toowwn 2 months ago

This was November 28th that is late to start thinking about Christmas. I start November 1st

「 Charlie the weeaboo 」

Can we take a second to talk about the fact that this kid is like 11???

attilia Agnesi
attilia Agnesi 2 months ago

wait gurlll why do you look like me

Oof_thats_harsh Teehee

everyone in 2020: sureeee......

Izzy Edits
Izzy Edits 2 months ago

Did I add half of the video on my wish list? Yes, yes I did.

Lovely Clxudss
Lovely Clxudss 2 months ago

Her: says face masks

Us watching in 2020:

I- sigh* 👁👄👁

Sarah _GachaRoblox
Sarah _GachaRoblox 2 months ago

I’m half way in the video I don’t know if you said it but idea! You could get fairy lights and fluffy pillow

Madelyn Johnson
Madelyn Johnson 2 months ago

Omg I just found you Chanel and I am loooooving your content!!! Keep up the great work!

Alyssa Nichter
Alyssa Nichter 2 months ago

Yo thank you! I needed both birthday and Christmas gift ideas and I was able to make a bounce list! I had to watch about 12 YouTube videos to get a decent list and your video helped a lot.

kenzie Ann
kenzie Ann 2 months ago

It's november for me

anitaa 2 months ago

you look like the world aesthetic... 😍

Shayla Lowery
Shayla Lowery 2 months ago

Anybody here in November 2020!?

Addisyn’s Life
Addisyn’s Life 2 months ago

Who’s here In Nov 2020😝😝😝😝😝???

Jasmine Luh
Jasmine Luh 2 months ago

Is is soooooo cute!

Violettaa. 2 months ago


Nathan Starr
Nathan Starr 2 months ago

I keep hearing bathtub tray but first I need a bathtub!

Alilyana Young
Alilyana Young 2 months ago

Man if covid wasnt here i would like some concert tickets