✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY



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Information ✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

Title : ✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

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Frames ✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

Description ✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

✨aesthetic diy gifts 🎁 (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

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mylifeasjessio 2 months ago

at first i was like, why are they so big? but the baking does the trick! What a fun idea, thanks!

Lyndsay’s Reborn Nursery of Sunshine & Disney

I love the mugs & candle ideas!

thesilkymango 2 months ago

just the intro lol
dead plant and she called herself egirl

Shalini Bhandari
Shalini Bhandari 2 months ago

Can we shrink in microwave

shimmer s
shimmer s 2 months ago

Is no one gonna talk about her accent switch or that she calls colored pencils pEnCiL cRaYoNs

Charlie Hogan
Charlie Hogan 2 months ago

2:15 my jaw dropped

mishacolins 2 months ago

I bought these necklaces for my mom and sister for mother's day and they both loved itttt. I think the most gracious and beautiful gift is necklace for special days like this.

Ojas Jain
Ojas Jain 2 months ago

Another video made with coffee
Easy diy

wing it now
wing it now 2 months ago

Thank you

butter_biscuit owo
butter_biscuit owo 2 months ago

me watching this in 2021: oh hunny you have no idea

itsmemar 2 months ago

Hiii Jen please ansewrrrrrrrrr

sunshine felix
sunshine felix 2 months ago

Can I know what pen you used for the butterfly?

Dayna Zastawny
Dayna Zastawny 2 months ago

I was here when the first of quarantine when she was starting to rise

kanan parekh
kanan parekh 2 months ago

Are you an Army ?

Genius lwin
Genius lwin 2 months ago


Emmaline Carson
Emmaline Carson 2 months ago

do the codes actually work when u scan them like that?

Azrea may
Azrea may 2 months ago

When they did the accents she sounded the Rebel Wilson 💀

Tiffany Louann
Tiffany Louann 2 months ago

You also showed another idea! Hang keychains on your Christmas tree! I know its not Christmas now but when Christmas rolls around and people are watching this, there you go!

QUILL 2 months ago

Hey sis! I am your new subscriber.
I love your videos 💜🌹
#💚from Sri Lanka 🌷

Giulia Styles
Giulia Styles 2 months ago

2:40: trees
My brain: paynoooo

Eleanor 2 months ago

4:49 - you can buy dishwasher safe mod podge and it works great! just paint it on and it can be washed 50 times :)

Amy Munro
Amy Munro 2 months ago

0202 💪🤭

Katrina McCarthy
Katrina McCarthy 2 months ago

Anyone else here because they don’t want to pay for Christmas presents lol

Strawbexry Twin
Strawbexry Twin 2 months ago

Where can you find the plastic for the keychains?

Shannon Thorpe
Shannon Thorpe 2 months ago

Thanks for the video! All her DIYs turned out so aesthetic and pretty! 🖤Her British accent is sooo bad😂 its not the worst but no one actually speaks like that here😂

Elisa 2 months ago

Hi, I don't understand your video (because I'm French) but I love it❤

* Looky *
* Looky * 2 months ago

Jen: Baking Mugs

Abhimanyu Bulan
Abhimanyu Bulan 2 months ago

Payal kahiki

Britannia Barlow
Britannia Barlow 2 months ago

my brother and i played with matches to so dont be to worryed all kids like fire its cool.

Britannia Barlow
Britannia Barlow 2 months ago

my brother and i played with matches to so dont be to worryed all kids like fire its cool.

Britannia Barlow
Britannia Barlow 2 months ago

why do all my fave youtubers live in canada

Among Haileys’s Life

Im going to make a never gonna give you up spotify bar code keychain!

RoyalerDerr 2 months ago

Look for TheBlingName :) A customized necklace like this is a great surprise idea.

GalaxyUnicorn Girl
GalaxyUnicorn Girl 2 months ago

ooh ok i have an idea for the spotify keychain one- you could put christmas carol barcodes on them and us them as a decorations for ur christmas tree

Manisha Kale
Manisha Kale 2 months ago

YASSS finally who never blurs the pics

•Aesthetic Roblox Intros•

Her accents- omg love it

Juls 2 months ago

Video starts at 1:02 Thank me later

Juellianne Mae Ong
Juellianne Mae Ong 2 months ago

Heey can the Keychain work on toaster oven?

astxrism 2 months ago

Why am I watching this in march? 👁👄👁

ENID ENID 2 months ago

your have a good friend

Klaudia Richards
Klaudia Richards 2 months ago

I can't be the only person who went back and tried to pause on the part to see her crying photos.

Taara Raza
Taara Raza 2 months ago

Oh gifts who said gifts there for my self

Muskan Bodh
Muskan Bodh 2 months ago

Sorry but I was distracted by her hands. They're so beautiful

Zaynab_ Musa
Zaynab_ Musa 2 months ago

Omg litterally me I change accents all the time 😂🤚🏽

AlexaVibes 2 months ago

Omg you look like Nina Lu

Lisa LipStixs
Lisa LipStixs 2 months ago

Loved these!! 😍😍

Spreading Joy
Spreading Joy 2 months ago

I used to play with matches too!

Jaiyden Machelle ღ
Jaiyden Machelle ღ 2 months ago

omg the shrink plastic thing i did in kindergarten i made one for my mom n i still have it

Phoebe Yambao
Phoebe Yambao 2 months ago


Easha Ujjainwal
Easha Ujjainwal 2 months ago

I dont have microwave so can any help suggesting me the other of making the keychains?

Wendy U
Wendy U 2 months ago

ofcourse you are normal because when i was a kid i remember i used to have competitions with my friends that how many matches can we lit up in one go 😂

Vivianne Richter
Vivianne Richter 2 months ago

𝙾𝚛 𝚝𝚘 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚔𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚏.....🤫🤫🤫

julius mano
julius mano 2 months ago

WAIT DO YOU LIVE IN CANADA???? because if you are I am so surprised almost all the YouTubers i watch are from America but FINALLY watched a person from the country I am from!!

LILY MEYER 2 months ago

Im such a huge fan!! I love art and these crafts! THHANK YOU!

Shanie Faller
Shanie Faller 2 months ago

I love Yakult too

Shanie Faller
Shanie Faller 2 months ago

same i also play with macthes

eudximoniia 2 months ago

When is was a kid I would find a way up on my garage roof then make out ways to other people’s roof keep in mind these houses were pretty tall and we think we’re the cause of one of its fires. 🤧

Makda Woldemedhin
Makda Woldemedhin 2 months ago


Henry Varnum
Henry Varnum 2 months ago

Everyone: snow glob

Jen with accent : Snou gloub

Shadha M.K
Shadha M.K 2 months ago

When I was a kid, my friends and I burnt uncooked pasta on the stove, we just held it in our hands and then put them in the fire.......

Iben Kjær Hansen
Iben Kjær Hansen 2 months ago

No one:

Me: hehe lets make some gifts for myself >:D

SirAng 2 months ago

How can you be this creative, like-

Alina Gaming
Alina Gaming 2 months ago

I love her 🥺🥺

•s h v r o•
•s h v r o• 2 months ago

✨p i n t e r e s t q u e e n✨

Lena Stevens
Lena Stevens 2 months ago

if you wanted the mugs to be more permanet try adding clear mod podge on the top xx

Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki 2 months ago

Me yelling at my brother to pick up the phone when the sound of a phone call came on:
Me then realising what happened: 👁👄👁

Haya Plays!
Haya Plays! 2 months ago

Fun fact... IM COOL

JDdrizzle 2 months ago

I love when she gets a call and says “NoPe No noOPe NoOppEE NooOoO” and still keeps that part in the video 🤣. I love love looooovvveee your videos, they really inspire me to try new things. Keep up the amazing work!!! 😍

Bossy Human
Bossy Human 2 months ago

The make up looks great btw, you are gorgeous in both personality and looks, I love your videos

Emerson da Silva
Emerson da Silva 2 months ago

I love this! so creative, fun and very inspiring <3 great work!!
Could you make a video from The book of love: An interactive book for couples?
It is like Wreck this journal, but for couples <3
It would be fun to see you and your loved one or best friend filling out the book!

Bhavana maharaja
Bhavana maharaja 2 months ago

Lmao jk......superb

Strxxy_Nights 2 months ago

When you just want these for yourself

Zaira Grover
Zaira Grover 2 months ago


Its Me T
Its Me T 2 months ago

Imagine if you made a “Never Gonna Give You Up” Spotify thing and just rickroll your friends

Matchatea 2 months ago

I am obsessed with your DIYs

spill the tae
spill the tae 2 months ago

at one point i thought she was British cause how good her accent was

Holly-Anne Morgan
Holly-Anne Morgan 2 months ago

i love her humor

fun fact actually really sad fact

김재홍 2 months ago

А вы знаете русский язык?
Она не смоется?

Dominika Karaś
Dominika Karaś 2 months ago

Omg im in love with your diy

i n d i e b e a n
i n d i e b e a n 2 months ago

The candle DIY is so pretty <3

SoftMelody 2 months ago

Intro : 0:00
DIY #1 : 0:59
DIY #2 : 5:18
DIY #3 : 7:32
Outro : 13:18
Sorry I tried to get them all!! It was really hard.

Hyungenius 2 months ago

It's Valentine's in a few days and I finally have a valentine!

Kadeeja Puttur
Kadeeja Puttur 2 months ago

The butterfly 🦋 was soo nice I liked it

Liz Flores
Liz Flores 2 months ago

So cool ^^

Tran Quan
Tran Quan 2 months ago

Me being like I wonder what kind of iPad she’s using me realizing I’m using the same thing to watch

naya 2 months ago

Thank you for this video! Giving gifts is not really my love language but this really makes me want to DIY gifts for my loved ones

naya 2 months ago

I used to light candle and let the hot wax drip on my fingers, fully cover it, let it dry then peel it all off 😭

Runii 2 months ago

That "Retro" pattern is called "memphis" i also love it so much so i had to find out the name of it haha :) love these diys!!

Nҽƙσ-Kαƚყ 2 months ago

12:39 i will use It for decorate my bag.

Juliana Quirino
Juliana Quirino 2 months ago

Ohhh wow😍 you are a lifesaver
Thank you sooo much!! I love the candle idea, so going to do for my friend’s birthday 🥺✨✨

simply Josieee
simply Josieee 2 months ago

Call from sugar daddy

simply Josieee
simply Josieee 2 months ago

The 80s

Ela Blum
Ela Blum 2 months ago

Wait is she american or Australian

urvashi goyal
urvashi goyal 2 months ago

I luv uh lady pls give me these keychain🤩🤩🤩

AIRA HALEEMAH 2 months ago

Gorgeous ❤️ excpecially the candles! They look aesthetic btw (all of them are pretty great)

CocoNut’s Calligraphy

Me with no friends: THEY ARE ALL FOR MEEEEEE!

Lynni Li
Lynni Li 2 months ago

whos watching in 2021?

Nurul Nadiah Bt. Shukor

Can we bake them using an air fryer ?

Kayla N Charlize
Kayla N Charlize 2 months ago

I used to play with matches too 0.0 The sound of it scrapping and lighting up is satisfying.

Sharmene D'souza
Sharmene D'souza 2 months ago

Ok so for the keychains do I need to sand both sides of the plastic???