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Laurie 2 months ago

I wonder of rubber caulking would work instead of glue...

Lo Lo
Lo Lo 2 months ago

Hi is there a way I can email you to get information on where you got the peppermint cut out from since you can’t say the company name? We would really appreciate it

Becky C
Becky C 2 months ago

Did you use liquid nails for the design also?? How about the all glitter ball?

Pamela Nelson
Pamela Nelson 2 months ago

Liquid Nails comes in sets of 4. They are very small. Perfect for small projects.
Thank you for sharing!!

JulieAnkha N.
JulieAnkha N. 2 months ago

You are like the best grandma ever! Wow what fun projects

Megan Torres
Megan Torres 2 months ago

i love your videos keep them coming in doing the same theme this year and your videos are easier to understand

Candida Barros
Candida Barros 2 months ago

Simple wonderful....😍 Thanks a lot!!!!

Dolcevita_bakes 2 months ago

Or you can buy sticky glitter paper and cut out a bunch of swirls and just stick them on your ball? 🤷‍♀️

Annette Harrison
Annette Harrison 2 months ago


Nans Sanchez
Nans Sanchez 2 months ago

Hi..great idea 💡
well all the info....100% Like.

Brittany Fuller
Brittany Fuller 2 months ago

Love this 🥰can’t wait to see your next Christmas creation!

Laken Ramey
Laken Ramey 2 months ago

Did you try e6000 glue? I use it for everything! It holds glass together and pretty much anything.

E C 2 months ago

From Blue ball to Red ball. Brilliant!

Denise De Jesus
Denise De Jesus 2 months ago

Martha where did you get those balls?? Thank you so much for your time and sharing and for answer me..

Debbie Motley
Debbie Motley 2 months ago

Love them. Where did you find the balls with the swirls please?

Patricia Eberlein
Patricia Eberlein 2 months ago

Love it. New sub

E C 2 months ago

Nice idea for balls.

Rhonda Harrington
Rhonda Harrington 2 months ago

Once again you nailed it. You're projects are so beautiful and creative ❤

Ernesto Betancourt
Ernesto Betancourt 2 months ago


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