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Information Lino Printing | Tutorial

Title : Lino Printing | Tutorial

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Frames Lino Printing | Tutorial

Description Lino Printing | Tutorial

Lino Printing | Tutorial

Lino Printing | Tutorial

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Edgar Sevilleno
Edgar Sevilleno 2 months ago

Thanks nakatulong sa project ko thanks talaga subscribe: done na

Rohit Srivastava
Rohit Srivastava 2 months ago

Fanesting process

Jill B
Jill B 2 months ago

Thanks very much - so seen how I should be doing it - I find it soooo hard but you make it look so lovely I will TRY again.

Smita Shirodkar
Smita Shirodkar 2 months ago

On what material you done carving. Please tell me. And what is the name of cutter

Carly Sivasankar
Carly Sivasankar 2 months ago

I had seen this video awhile ago but have just revisited it! I totally forgot about the tracing paper trick! Ive been using carbon transfer paper and its such a pain. Your work is gorgeous, as a fellow print maker; your hand seems so steady!

Jess Stone
Jess Stone 2 months ago

very inspiring!!!

Divina Garcia
Divina Garcia 2 months ago

Such an inspirational and educational video I am getting started with making stamps like that but I'm just a beginner so you trace carve out the outline of whatever it is that you're going to use as a stamp 👍👍👍

Iman Haliman
Iman Haliman 2 months ago

I like you. Thank you for helping me how :")))

H Arena
H Arena 2 months ago

I'm just now getting into lino cutting (age 42) after doing it once in middle school decades ago. Thank you for the tracing paper tip - that's huge.

Fearless Ali
Fearless Ali 2 months ago

Can Cuticle Remover be used if the Lino Cutting Tool is not available!?!

matt eo
matt eo 2 months ago

your son good

Fasha Rosli
Fasha Rosli 2 months ago

Hi Miss. May I know what kind of paper did you use?

Subha's Art Creation
Subha's Art Creation 2 months ago

Where I can get this stamps

Mimi The best
Mimi The best 2 months ago

I like it ❤️

AIDEN JOHN SAN JUAN 2 months ago

why stamps?

Olugbemi Moronfolu
Olugbemi Moronfolu 2 months ago

Hey so I have to learn about lino primtimg for work and this has been super useful so thanks sooooo much

Sandra P
Sandra P 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you!

Potting Green
Potting Green 2 months ago

Simple & easy to understand

21.Lisha. solanki
21.Lisha. solanki 2 months ago

Which sheet is used...can anyone tell me plzz

Landon Lovette
Landon Lovette 2 months ago

Please cut lino away from yourself. Lino carvers can go straight to bone.

سلطان / sr.n6
سلطان / sr.n6 2 months ago

مين جا من عند الاستاذ

Cindy Chen
Cindy Chen 2 months ago

I like the second one more. The background looks cool

goldfishgames 2 months ago

Yes interested in tutorials ty

deepak lama ,Nepal
deepak lama ,Nepal 2 months ago

Please give subtitles also 🙏🙏

erin 2 months ago

Hi! I really want to try lino printing, but I’m not totally sure what kit or supplies I need. Where did you buy your stamp base? And what carving tools did you use? It would really help by putting a link. Thank you so much!!

Hani Zeinedin
Hani Zeinedin 2 months ago

Hey Baby
What is the name of the thing you put on your paper and cut?

tHe HeAvY iS dEaD
tHe HeAvY iS dEaD 2 months ago


Riya kumari
Riya kumari 2 months ago

which paper is it

Linda Witherspoon
Linda Witherspoon 2 months ago

Beautiful. Well done.

Logo Bagus
Logo Bagus 2 months ago

amazing contents friend

Anthony Bryzgalski
Anthony Bryzgalski 2 months ago


Adan Melero
Adan Melero 2 months ago

free beat?

Adan Melero
Adan Melero 2 months ago


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Bernie at the bus stop Andrews

Oml stamps are so much neater 😍😍😍

Leonlegend Wang
Leonlegend Wang 2 months ago

Ty but god you are quiet

Libby Kimpson
Libby Kimpson 2 months ago

where did you get your ink from?

BOKYOTV 2 months ago

Great printing sir. Thank you for this nice idea. You may visit also my channel. I do Digital and Screen printing tutorials too.

Lucy Toseland-Bolton
Lucy Toseland-Bolton 2 months ago

I love this. You’ve inspired me to do some.

Maxine Viel
Maxine Viel 2 months ago

What paper do you Use?

Surdiansyah Iyan
Surdiansyah Iyan 2 months ago

What is tecnic?

Abel Duré Méndez
Abel Duré Méndez 2 months ago

Como se llama ese material?

Vicki Hillman
Vicki Hillman 2 months ago

this is really relaxing and help full thank you so much

Wolfgang Neuhaus
Wolfgang Neuhaus 2 months ago

great! And you have beautiful hands :-)

Anja Bojchevska
Anja Bojchevska 2 months ago

You really helped me with my next Art class. Thanks!❤

Toporas Rela
Toporas Rela 2 months ago

The drawing is very nice. You are very talented

Sonia Berglund
Sonia Berglund 2 months ago

What's the best type of lino to be used by children?

ingrid holborn
ingrid holborn 2 months ago

If you use a bryer you might get a better print. Great tutorial and thanks for sharing x

Elvira Tabong
Elvira Tabong 2 months ago

I saw this video in school but thank u ur the best!! :-)

Terry McGeary
Terry McGeary 2 months ago

Very relaxing, informative demo. Thank you. I want to give it a try at least once but don't want to spend a fortune on cutters for a one-off fad (perhaps!).

The Levellers_Unofficial_Fan page

Or, if you know any carpenters then they usually have loads of spare lino so always ask if they have any you can have.

Scoob Groove
Scoob Groove 2 months ago

Anis Norjihan
Anis Norjihan 2 months ago

What brand the colour you used..

Trinidad Garcia
Trinidad Garcia 2 months ago

Hola! Hermoso video! Consulta: que tipo de tinta usa para realizar las impresiones?

INĆØGÑÎTŒ 2 months ago

This video made my day tomorrow is my art class and I have to make this😉 "THANKS ELIOTT.”

Jason Blake
Jason Blake 2 months ago

How deap do you cut into the lino?

Cerys Pearce
Cerys Pearce 2 months ago

Hi! Do you have to go over the stamps with ink every time you’re using them to print or just once? Sorry if that’s a stupid question lol x

Cathy Tseng
Cathy Tseng 2 months ago

What board did you use for making stamps?

Paullee Wheatley-Rutner

So helpful. Thanks!

Susan Tunbridge
Susan Tunbridge 2 months ago

What kind of inks are those?

jazzraspberry 2 months ago

Stop saying 'like'. It's meaningless! Nice vid though x

Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar 2 months ago

How do you do Lino printing at such a fast speed🤔

joanna 2 months ago

cool ! love it , thanks !

chilka kanika
chilka kanika 2 months ago

This was great help! Can this be done on fabric

Meta Imagery
Meta Imagery 2 months ago

Never cut towards your hand, the tool can slip and then you would not be a happy bunny!

Steve Priest
Steve Priest 2 months ago

Cool vid! I just did a rambling video about my attempts at lino printing if anybody is interested :)

Dawn Gallop of #9 Farms

Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing ❤️

Sophie Caron
Sophie Caron 2 months ago

What kind/brand of lino do you use?

LeTs DRaW!!!!!!!!
LeTs DRaW!!!!!!!! 2 months ago

I did this at school it’s super fun but your way better at it then me :<

Lidija Bitz
Lidija Bitz 2 months ago

Dear Elliot you are beautiful and this video is perfect. Thank you :)

Penny 2 months ago

I really enjoy this video is soo beautiful and calm, the music is so beautiful <3

Neda Bogdan
Neda Bogdan 2 months ago

Thank You sooo much,I learn This at School.

Heather Orr
Heather Orr 2 months ago

Try using a bit of foam under your stamping area to help with your impressions. Would also recommend a product called ez mount. You can back them and use an old cd case to print them with. Nice video! Thanks! Hope that tip helps!

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Shailu's Choice
Shailu's Choice 2 months ago

nice 👌👌😊

Александр Бойко

what material do you cut out? is it linoleum?

Martina Anderson
Martina Anderson 2 months ago

Superb video!! I love the stuff that you have shown in the video. Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative video!!

Ayan Kz
Ayan Kz 2 months ago


lillie norman
lillie norman 2 months ago

Wow this is really helpful for me as were doing this in school, thanks.

Martina Anderson
Martina Anderson 2 months ago

Awesome video...Learn a lot of new things....Thanks for sharing such a nice video.

P Blair
P Blair 2 months ago

please speak more clearly!

Sue Allen
Sue Allen 2 months ago

They are not stamps they are ink pads, great video though

manjari oswal
manjari oswal 2 months ago

Can u tell us Wat material did u use for this ????

carrie Inspired
carrie Inspired 2 months ago

This is neat! TFS

ConstanceMarkiewicz 2 months ago

Thank you! I have wanted to try this for a while :)

Daniel Castelo
Daniel Castelo 2 months ago

Hello! great video. Where can I buy the same Lino you used in this video?

Pamela Fontenot
Pamela Fontenot 2 months ago

Do more. Easy & well commented

Toby Bowling
Toby Bowling 2 months ago

a tip i learned is it is easier to turn the tile than turning with your hand. love this! have a good day !

Chris Osborn
Chris Osborn 2 months ago

Super video. I'd never thought of using stamps to ink the lino. Just one thing though, please don't cut towards your fingers. Those cutters are really sharp and can do serious damage to fingers. Best to use a cutting board with a stop on one edge and push the lino to the stop and cut in that direction; you can always turn the lino round as you need to.

Judy Vt
Judy Vt 2 months ago

Please tell me what you are using to carve on. That dark tile??

Dave Walker
Dave Walker 2 months ago

Excellent video-very informative.cant wait to get started!

Dorothy cripplewing
Dorothy cripplewing 2 months ago

The paper would work for wrapping gifts...its wonderful

Clara de Luca
Clara de Luca 2 months ago

looooooooooooooooooooove it <3 keep doing stuff like this!

nam niz
nam niz 2 months ago

Can we use any kind of paints to print? Like acrylic or maybe ink?

dylan blake
dylan blake 2 months ago

thank you for this, i have gained knowledge from this l feel more confident with Lino Printing now :)

Miguelz Artz
Miguelz Artz 2 months ago

doing a print making class, this video was fun to watch while working on my own

Anca Pora Illustration

so cool :D where do you get the lino? i find it really helpful to have the inside of it in another color

Zia Il Vino
Zia Il Vino 2 months ago

hi there! love your video :) What is the kind of lino you use?
I am new to this
thank you

A Mysterious Stranger