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MyJessicaJ 2 months ago

I appreciate you guys so so much! Please stay safe out there and practice social distancing. I plan on showing more items from small businesses, items you can order online, and repurposing items you already own.

Yvette Maldonado
Yvette Maldonado 2 months ago

I bought a total of 24 of these RL glasses and the wine glasses combined, I didn’t know about the lead until I got home too and searched them online. They’re beautiful but it’s such a bummer to not be able to use them to the fullest.

memegbutterfly 2 months ago

Your Home Goods is always on point 😍. The one near me is always hit and miss 😒. Thanks for taking use with you.

Sherran Sukhra
Sherran Sukhra 2 months ago

Great gifts ideas, love the horse head❤️

Mercedezzz007 Her
Mercedezzz007 Her 2 months ago

Where is this home goods

Debra Greene
Debra Greene 2 months ago

What is the name of the song in the video

Beau Alexander
Beau Alexander 2 months ago

Love the glasses, Jessica! I bought a set of 12 short and 12 tall glasses in the Ettrick collection by Ralph Lauren a couple years ago (let’s laugh because I don’t even know 12 people 😆 they were just so reasonable I couldn’t pass them up). Thankfully, I use them all the time. Such a classic 👏🏼

Derron Gooden: Garden and Lifestyle.

Thanks for the shopping fix. Our Homesense/Homegoods up here in Canada is under lockdown. You have great taste, My Friend. Cheers.

Naturally Nadia
Naturally Nadia 2 months ago

Homegoods is coming out with some great art! About time! Lol
Loved your horse find 🤍🤍🤍

Raquel Estrada-Smith
Raquel Estrada-Smith 2 months ago

Thanks for adding the disclaimer about the lead crystal. I did a quick search on some of my drinking glasses from the Home Essentials brand to see if they have lead. My glasses have that cute air bubble at the bottom too like your other set you featured. I didn't find out anything.. yet in my research but I'll check YT as you suggested. Oh and that horse head/bust is beautiful. Are you going to spray paint it? ;)

Louise Mincey
Louise Mincey 2 months ago

The horse statue is very nice and sleek I saw that today when I was in HG waiting to see how you style it with your decor

Cl0Wk 2 months ago

I have that same honey pot I love it, it makes your honey look so luxurious 😆

Cl0Wk 2 months ago

How do you know if the glass has lead?

Tracey's Outlook
Tracey's Outlook 2 months ago

great gifts Jessica!

Woosah G
Woosah G 2 months ago

Love everything! ❤️ Would love to see how you put together those gift boxes.

Norma Does it all
Norma Does it all 2 months ago

Enjoyed watching! I would some of those glasses! 🤗 I’ll have to go find some!

Hanging with Dee
Hanging with Dee 2 months ago

You have such good self control when you shop!! This is definitely something that I am trying to do better with. Thanks for another great video.

Kristy Rios
Kristy Rios 2 months ago

Love the horse statue! So beautiful

dvoted4life 2 months ago

beautiful ideas xx

Shayla La'Cor
Shayla La'Cor 2 months ago

Uhh I’ve been searching high and low for the art work. I absolutely love the shop with me videos. Now I need to make another run to HG.

Tonia F
Tonia F 2 months ago

Great finds! On the Lead Crystal: I have several antique pieces that belonged to my Great Grandparents. You can safely drink out of the glasses because the liquid isn’t in the glass long enough to leach out any lead but NOT store any liquids in the Decanters or glasses as lead can leach out in stored water, wine, Scotch, Brandy and Liquors.