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Title : Gifts for coworkers for under $5

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Gifts for coworkers for under $5

Gifts for coworkers for under $5

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Abdul Raheem Kitchen vlog

Wow amazing idea for the gift 🎁

Organic Gardening in North Carolina

You are so creative! Thanks

Donna Berrios
Donna Berrios 2 months ago

How much is the cello bag

Timey Lives
Timey Lives 2 months ago

You are one of the sweetest most thoughtful people I know. I am so glad to be able to call you Friend.

Floraljungle 2 months ago

Brilliantly clever Susan....Twitter and Facebook out to share. Love DeeDeex

Happy Trails Hiking
Happy Trails Hiking 2 months ago

Happy to watch this one again! Love these gifts!

Living Coast 2 Coast
Living Coast 2 Coast 2 months ago

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

MyDIYLife 2 months ago

These are very cute! Great idea!

Sambita’s Art & Craft

Very nice video dear... stay connected

Brenda Hikes
Brenda Hikes 2 months ago

Great craft idea 💡 love it. I’m new to your channel I supported it to learn some cool crafts. Please check out my channel and hope you like it enough to also support me. It’s about my three doggies 😁

Cordel Music
Cordel Music 2 months ago

This really helped me out, thanks!! Would you mind checking my music?

The Happy Canadian
The Happy Canadian 2 months ago

That's such a great idea. Enjoyed watching this sorry haven't been getting notifications & have been fighting a sinus infection. Hope things are well 🙂

crafty living
crafty living 2 months ago

Great idea and beautiful presentation.

Twisted Tattoo
Twisted Tattoo 2 months ago

Very interesting video my friend 😁😁 you think of some brilliant ideas left u a like 😁👍👍👍👍👍

Ahlan-Waa-Sahlan 2 months ago

Well done

Not your average JoJo

Love this idea .. who doesn't love chocolates and cookies!!! So many options as well!!

The Looming Morrow
The Looming Morrow 2 months ago

Susan, do you ever run out of ideas? :) Just kidding. Brilliant gift ideas, especially for a tea or coffee lover.

Budget BushKraft & RV Life

Awe...I'm honored to have been part of this a great trip!!!

Ian Y Gath
Ian Y Gath 2 months ago

Great gift idea. Now I just need some co-workers. lol
Thanks Susan. 😃👍🏻👍🏻💖

Timber Hill Redbones
Timber Hill Redbones 2 months ago

This fantastic ❤🖒great gift idea..

Jocey Potts
Jocey Potts 2 months ago

These are really cute!!

Ask Questions, Try Things

I see the "play pack grab and go" activity book in the corner...

If it fitz it bakes
If it fitz it bakes 2 months ago

Nice! And people in your life that don't drink coffee (or hot chocolate I guess), shouldn't be in your life anyway right? haha

ATJH Travels
ATJH Travels 2 months ago

Very cool ideas for under 5 bucks great share

Idiot Of The Day
Idiot Of The Day 2 months ago

Wonderful video my friend. Have a great day!

Violet Bird
Violet Bird 2 months ago

very very useful. thank you, coworkers are so difficult to buy for!

chrissycanvasart 2 months ago

Fabulous Susan 💗 I love watching you make stuff, hugs my friend 👍 ❤️🇬🇧☮️

knightrandom 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing have a bless day

Happy Trails Hiking
Happy Trails Hiking 2 months ago

Those are really great, Susan! Good presentation for the"extra" ones! Love that! Good gifts for co-workers!

Rick J Berube Art Studio

I love how you made up those personalized coffee mugs using the porcelain paints and stencil. And as you suggested, who wouldn't like cookies and chocolate inside. Your very thoughtful as well as very good at thinking up ideas for any occasion. I'm glad I met you here on YouTube Susan! 👌👍😃

Cherry Shrimp
Cherry Shrimp 2 months ago

That is a really cool idea. I'll definately be making a few of these as Christmas gifts. Tfs.

Colorado Martini
Colorado Martini 2 months ago

Hey Susan, what a great idea. I am always looking for little gifts for friends. Well done. Keep up the amazing work my friend. Oxoxoxo CM

Bojan Djulejic
Bojan Djulejic 2 months ago

Great video.All the best.

NMS Small Channel Showcase

I cherish my mug very much coworker. I did not realize we were intended to take the sticker off prior to washing I was working on figuring out what to cover it with to preserve it.

Desmond's Donders
Desmond's Donders 2 months ago

Great idea and something even I could manage :-)

Serving From My Home
Serving From My Home 2 months ago

Really wonderful gift idea! I’m going to put this into my “Handmade Christmas” playlist!

GG Adamss
GG Adamss 2 months ago

Nice Video Susan really creative

Inspired John
Inspired John 2 months ago

Susan that’s really creative! I have had a bad experience with the letters coming off, while washing. What would be washing instructions (my son makes on every year)?

Giulio Z.
Giulio Z. 2 months ago

Very nice!