Definitely Don’t Do This at Your Office Christmas Party


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Definitely Don’t Do This at Your Office Christmas Party

Definitely Don’t Do This at Your Office Christmas Party

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Vesicular18 2 months ago

Michael Scott has entered the chat

Psyffee 2 months ago

"Dont show up first" well um somebody has to.

GivenLs 2 months ago

So happy they got a Christmas party expert

8am 2 months ago

Morgan freeman is innocent

EliyahDa Barbie
EliyahDa Barbie 2 months ago

She can’t tell nobody what not to say because she doesn’t control anyone’s mouth nor there voice box so🥱🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

Paradise So Channel
Paradise So Channel 2 months ago

The Elf Office Party

road runner
road runner 2 months ago

Then what's the point at all then even going if you can't hook up or date a co worker

Miss Sisco
Miss Sisco 2 months ago

Reporter cant keep her head still to save her life. What happened to Lisa? We want Lisa!

police fish
police fish 2 months ago

Inside edition basically said its illegal to show up to a work party

Mario Comparan
Mario Comparan 2 months ago

fail, not surprising, america has been failing since 1776

Robin 2 months ago

My mam came home drunk with my dad after an office party XD

saedin7k 2 months ago

its so hard to pretend im happy being around my boss

Richard V.
Richard V. 2 months ago

The thumbnail hints... Interacial Orgy!

Andre Wiest
Andre Wiest 2 months ago

Inside edition teaches us about being politically correct 2019 (colorized)

Amanda Huginkiss
Amanda Huginkiss 2 months ago

Yeah, I just wouldn't show up for the party!

david arms
david arms 2 months ago

Show up late and leave early but dont tell anyone your leaving . Nobody knows when you left .

david arms
david arms 2 months ago

Dont show up first and dont be the last to leave . ... WTF ?
if everyone follows that advice no one will show up.
Someone has to be first .

Kyle D
Kyle D 2 months ago

The less you do, the more you do. Don't do anything - Kunu

Liv A.
Liv A. 2 months ago

I know this isn't related to the #MeToo movement, but 1:39 lmao

meep 2 months ago

This video in a nutshell: don't have fun

shortyklee 2 months ago

Lol dont show up first... noone shows up..

craze dunny
craze dunny 2 months ago

Don’t show up first and don’t be the last to leave?i DONT get it

SHREK 2 months ago

I feel like this video is reverse psychologiy

VinnieBunnyBlue 2 months ago


bakxxc 2 months ago

Just stay home, tbh those parties aren't worth it

Daphne Proud
Daphne Proud 2 months ago

Then who will show up first

Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 months ago

Don't show up first

Everyone outside:
You go first
No you

3 hours later

No you go first

KittySnicker 2 months ago

How about just let your employees go home early?

julian 2 months ago

We need the party planning committee here

Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 months ago

Lame party. No thanks!

SleepyHollow 2 months ago

Isn't it basic knowledge to be cautious of what you're wearing? 😂

dsfgasdgqweq3456t534 2 months ago

This chick seemsike a total blast

M K 2 months ago

Mood Killer!!!

Philip Marlow
Philip Marlow 2 months ago

Don't be the first or last to
leave ??
Than don't show up at the party,
problem solved.

Giovanni Wedervoort
Giovanni Wedervoort 2 months ago

Next thing for women at partys. Chaperones. What a load of bull.

james shinobi
james shinobi 2 months ago

Keep! It! Personal!!!

Wolf WarMaster
Wolf WarMaster 2 months ago

"Don't show up first and don't be the last to leave"

Me: I think I won't show up at all


ES Hands McGee
ES Hands McGee 2 months ago

They turning a Christmas party to a board meeting, foh!

Anthony P
Anthony P 2 months ago

Here's a better idea: just don't go

Gavin Lybert
Gavin Lybert 2 months ago

Can we get advice from someone who’s NOT a feminist

Einheit 2 months ago

I thoughr it said dont be black

Thrillscape Vlogs
Thrillscape Vlogs 2 months ago

So.whos first

chuck tallior
chuck tallior 2 months ago

Don't show up first? Someone has to be first or it's not party🤔
If no one is last to leave then party never stops😏

ghost walk
ghost walk 2 months ago

So don't have fun, got it

lone wanderer76
lone wanderer76 2 months ago

So over simplefi act like a statue

Ja' Crispy
Ja' Crispy 2 months ago

Just don’t go

St u
St u 2 months ago

Just don’t go done

crazy cat lady
crazy cat lady 2 months ago

a party is post to be fun why can't people just chill its party! it shod not be so perfeshenil to the pint were its not fun sorry cant spell

Toby Brock
Toby Brock 2 months ago

I don’t consent to these rules

Harriz 2 months ago

How to be a boomer in a party

Arno 2 months ago

To be safe. Just don't go not worth it anymore

Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks 2 months ago

Thank you for the helpful tips Karen, I’ll make sure to never use them in the future.

Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks 2 months ago

Yay thank god we can live in a society where having fun isn’t allowed

Doh Joe Gringo
Doh Joe Gringo 2 months ago

Don't wear black face? Even if your black.

Cameron Huzinec
Cameron Huzinec 2 months ago

Ha.... I’m watching this while my dad is at an office Christmas party

CultureShock 99
CultureShock 99 2 months ago

I wont be going to mine.

the virgin thats hurtin lil tjay

you dont have to worry about an office christmas party if you dont work at an office 🧐

David Wilson
David Wilson 2 months ago

This is stupid...... if people get offended so easily its not your fault, just be yourself as long as your not hurting someone i dont see a problem

tito yama
tito yama 2 months ago

This people telling me what to do 😂😂

Hunter 2 months ago

Shut up karen

Billy Evans
Billy Evans 2 months ago

no one had any ethics, commonsense, morality anymore?

Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 months ago

Hehe we all do it

- jyqub
- jyqub 2 months ago

Liberals lol

Malaya Buena
Malaya Buena 2 months ago

1:40 I guess I’ll just have to go with someone and leave with someone?

Natnael Tezera
Natnael Tezera 2 months ago

This person makes me Wanne read the Manuel of a remote controller

Lynette Math Nerd
Lynette Math Nerd 2 months ago

Merry Christmas y'all
Please help me get Christmas gifts for my kids
Venmo me @Lynette-Mojica

Aaron Centeno
Aaron Centeno 2 months ago

What’s the point of a party

R188 7 Train Guy
R188 7 Train Guy 2 months ago

Great but idc except the dressing colors.

Anastasia Angelov
Anastasia Angelov 2 months ago

I’m not a feminist but i kinda feel like those rules she said set women back a couple of decades...

Dumb Movie Reviews
Dumb Movie Reviews 2 months ago

1:31 Michael Scott Didn’t listened
0:55 Meredith Didn’t listened


My company is flying out all the investors for a big party🤣

TheLosAngeles 2 months ago

Sorry not a fan of office show.

Gavin Lybert
Gavin Lybert 2 months ago


says no man at all

Jaxx Oceans
Jaxx Oceans 2 months ago

Free booze free food is all u need 👍😀

Yubi K.
Yubi K. 2 months ago

Too many rules. I just wanna have some fun. It’s Christmas, for goodness sake! 😂

Major 2 months ago

Why shouldn’t I come early?

Kari 2 months ago

is that a SHOULDER

SM Nation
SM Nation 2 months ago

So in a nutshell: Don’t look at anyone...don’t talk to anyone...don’t even breathe.

Big Man J
Big Man J 2 months ago

How is this news

Nick Steeves
Nick Steeves 2 months ago

That chick must of been a party animal in school

Please Enter a Name
Please Enter a Name 2 months ago

No clips from the Office?

nathan2smart 2 months ago

Is this “inside” edition or “match-making” edition 😂

Miss Amazon
Miss Amazon 2 months ago

Do have fun......

DON'T.....bring rohypnol!!
Simple!! 🤭

Psychotic Digitz
Psychotic Digitz 2 months ago


Jaki Baki
Jaki Baki 2 months ago

why the # MeToo tho?

Gotyourtags30 2 months ago

1:33 Did this and was call into HR the next day

Spaghetti Headz
Spaghetti Headz 2 months ago

I don’t like that they’re comparing at 0:15 Morgan Freeman to those other people Morgan Freeman didn’t do anything

ninja Xcore
ninja Xcore 2 months ago

inside edition on the rise to early grind!!!

Tdflky 2 months ago

Then, no one can show up at all. If everyone is told not to be there first, the place will be empty. And if somehow everyone got in, they'll be stuck inside.

Ayojosh 2 months ago

So don’t drag at a Christmas party😂

Tea Time
Tea Time 2 months ago

My only question is where do inside edition find all these experts

windy 2 months ago

Dont do cocaine or do im not gonna stop u

Perez 2 months ago

Splitz 2 months ago

Never bring Lays to your office party.

Ivan_ Smiless
Ivan_ Smiless 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 😂

Zaid Almzaian
Zaid Almzaian 2 months ago

10 minutes, still not first


Corona light
Corona light 2 months ago

If I’m not getting paid to attend i ain’t at work no more

Alex Dickens
Alex Dickens 2 months ago

Instructions unclear I am now doing this in my office

12inchpringlescan 2 months ago

Dont show up first? Then how is the party going to get started

ahnurmom_ 2 months ago

i got kicked out of the office party for dipping anal beads in the bathroom