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F. Norman
F. Norman 2 months ago

Apparently the general tour we are not allowed to go to the West Wing? Yet you said you could get them if you had a separate request? I have a date for May 7 at 11 AM so I suppose that does not include a West Wing tour?

StariAngelKake J
StariAngelKake J 2 months ago

White House down lied to me

Jules MICHENEAU 2 months ago

J’ai rien compris

Militzy Hernandez
Militzy Hernandez 2 months ago

are they still taking reservations?

Akuago220 2 months ago

Would love to have gone through this when I went to DC weeks ago... a shame they canceled everyone's reservations. Could have at least been told instead of being left in the dark.

Vincent Ngai
Vincent Ngai 2 months ago

I have not been in the White House 🏠

Vincent Ngai
Vincent Ngai 2 months ago


Cailie Betz
Cailie Betz 2 months ago

I'd love to do it

Riza 2 months ago

We Love White House from Iran 🇺🇲❤️🇮🇷

Martin Huang
Martin Huang 2 months ago

Hi, how about as a US resident alien? Do I need to contact my embassy or I can go to the member of congress as well? Thanks!

Lorenz Nehma
Lorenz Nehma 2 months ago

Is it allowed to take pictures inside the White House or how did u took pictures?

Patricia Andika
Patricia Andika 2 months ago

Is it possible if u are not US CItizen???

Greg Turley
Greg Turley 2 months ago

I'm a Canadian from BC would it be possible to get a tour threw a Washington state Rep because there my closet one?

José M. Bravo
José M. Bravo 2 months ago

Hello, I really want to visit the White House, already looked up how to contact my state congress member. I’m planning for next year but don’t know if they’re still doing tours. I’m really excited

Drake Burd
Drake Burd 2 months ago

How did you get a tour?

SomeRepublicanGirl 2 months ago

Do you get to see the president?? I want to get a tour !!

Steve Roginski
Steve Roginski 2 months ago

Back when Carter was President, I was fortunate to get an insider look of the White House through a family member. He was a high ranking Admiral and worked with the Joint Chiefs at the time. He got me cleared and Photo ID'd and went to the WH with him in a Defense Department car. The experience was surreal as I got to see and enter many off-limits rooms including the Oval Office.

Warren Rhinerson
Warren Rhinerson 2 months ago

The white house tours are very worth it, I am lucky enough to also manage to get a West Wing tour as well, but that generally is not open to the public. If you can get a tour, take it. I have been in the Roosevelt room, because the receptionist let us into it. The Oval Office was the highlight of the West Wing tour

Mark Perez
Mark Perez 2 months ago

What about if you’re a service member? Would it make it easier or quicker to get approved?

Drake Burd
Drake Burd 2 months ago

This'd be cool to do, not sure where I could do this in DC though?

budgetspiffybiscuits 2 months ago

We were lucky enough to get a tour for our group of 8, including 4 kids, in October. The secret service staff that we interacted with there were absolutely amazing, so great to our kiddos, and really engaging! Definitely a highlight of our DC trip!

Dabs G
Dabs G 2 months ago

Thanks for the video rob! Love the Channel and community

Berish Woolstein
Berish Woolstein 2 months ago

I was in the White House in July. Terribly overrated. More of a museum than an executive mansion.

Hiker Girl
Hiker Girl 2 months ago

I will be there this October, a week before the presidential election. Does anyone know if that could affect my chances of getting in?

Drake Burd
Drake Burd 2 months ago

Once your out, you can't go back in

Mark Capriotti
Mark Capriotti 2 months ago

The WH tour is great. Even with the limitations of the East Wing, it’s still very cool to be inside the WH. The best part for me was looking out the huge windows onto the Wash. Monument and Jefferson Memorial. No bags or purses allowed. Very strict with this rule. Highly recommend this tour and worth all of the preplanning.

Sarah L
Sarah L 2 months ago

Michelle’s change that allows photography inside is AWESOME

David Brown
David Brown 2 months ago

Thanks Rob this was great info. We were able to get reservations drove into town got a prepaid parking spot, arrived at the White House Visitor Center 1 hour early and was told our tour was CANCELD. The Resident had a change in schedule. looks like we'll need to try again.

Peter Hedberg
Peter Hedberg 2 months ago

I tried to request a tour through the Swedish Embassy, but it was a no go.

Anthony Michna
Anthony Michna 2 months ago

In the tour you get to see the famous presidential portraits (Washington, Lincoln, JFK, FDR etc.) and you can see some up close. I recommend requesting the earliest time possible. My tour started at 7:30 AM and the security check was fairly quick. The best part about the Whitehouse tour is that its self guided, so you can go back to a previous room in case you missed something (which there is a ton that you can miss), so remember to take your time.

Stephanie McMillin
Stephanie McMillin 2 months ago

Been following your videos in preparation for our DC trip. Would not have been able to see or do nearly as much without all the great insider advice. We were there in mid December. No lines anywhere. Temp was about 50°, give or take. Yes, it rained off and on, but we didn’t care. The Christmas decorations were beautiful and amazing and everywhere! Stayed at the Willard, which is so close to the White House. Used Uber for most of our getting around (Mom is a young 80). Rode the Metro for fun. Cannot wait to return! This is the best resource for DC trip planning.

Vivian Young
Vivian Young 2 months ago

I applied for a tour in the month of September and received the ticket very quickly. Video cameras are not allowed but phones are. I was able to bring in a disposable camera that had no flash feature. Next time, I will attempt to bring in my GoPro.

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