A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains


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Information A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

Title : A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

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Frames A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

Description A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

A Huge New Model Train Layout With 8 G-scale Trains

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Wolfie alternate account

Great video and fabulous trains. What brand of track do you use please?

SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 2 months ago

No body gonna notice how satisfying his voice is?

Jordans Entertainment

Hey Jim do you know that there’s a new Thomas and friends reboot

Bob Reynolds
Bob Reynolds 2 months ago

Cost a fortune.

Seven Welt
Seven Welt 2 months ago

cooles Video! 👍

Ethan The e2
Ethan The e2 2 months ago

You can get a snowplough for Thomas if it snows

powerandy 2020
powerandy 2020 2 months ago

It‘s great.Cool 👍👍👍🙋🏻‍♂️Greetings Andy

Metal 'N Munchies
Metal 'N Munchies 2 months ago

I think of all your trains that you have, the Santa Fe Super Chief is my favorite set of them all.
I only wish I had the money to have a nice big set up like yours.
Of course, I would only have the Santa Fe super chief and maybe a Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train set up. I would probably go so far as to add a lot more cars to the freight train set up that you have going, because I love those long freight trains.

not lolguy
not lolguy 2 months ago

How long did it take to make?

Julius Toth
Julius Toth 2 months ago

That's a lot of track.

Mike Em
Mike Em 2 months ago

That outro though... So awesome!

Christopher Houge
Christopher Houge 2 months ago

That is so cool how you set up your train set around your drive way. Can you setup your trains around your house and through your house. That would be awesome to see. O and my favorite one is the BNSF train. Thank you.

Ralph111417 2 months ago

Not being an American it took me a moment to realise White Pass Passenger train was not a stutter :D
1:47 How close do you want it? Thanks for the video!

Yumpin Yiminy
Yumpin Yiminy 2 months ago

Should have advertised. ☺

hobo spoonfed, railfanning fun

Loven it Jim. Sweet layout, awesome video. Toot toot

gvet47 2 months ago

The price of G gauge track is insane or I would have a layout in my back yard. Where is some Chinese manufacture cause then it would be $1 a foot! Well maybe it is made there and just how it is marked up.

Shawn Valiant
Shawn Valiant 2 months ago

this due has everthing wow !! nice stuff!!

Smudger the Soviet Right Hand

I think the best parts about this is A.) it’s cool watching a guy just play with his model trains B.) it’s very nice to let the neighbor hood kids watch

Michelle Bellamy
Michelle Bellamy 2 months ago

Hello. I loved this vid and the one with the Thomas. Was wondering how you got the trains to keep from crashing. I am trying to do the same with trains on one track circle with a switch to the outer circle

Jt plays
Jt plays 2 months ago

I really hope you do some cool Christmas layout or something

NorthPennSteam Productions

Oh wow that’s cool

Paul Hall
Paul Hall 2 months ago

This is way cool!!! Thanks for doing it and recording it!

Bob Juhasz
Bob Juhasz 2 months ago

Hi Jim! Is that Number 1 Gauge trains in your driveway? I was a garbage man for 8 years and I found about 20 train sets-Lionel, Marx and American Flyer. Most of them had missing wheels and no track but the engines ran just fine. My favorite was a Lionel Coke Train built in 1974. I have added more box cars-Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi and a Jack Frost Sugar hopper car. The train looks awesome. I also have the Blue Comet set with 12 coaches and the Marx trains will have 20 cars on both. I will set up all 4 trains in my living and dinning rooms once a year. Maybe you could be a garbage man too and find lots of trains!

Mark Chalupsky
Mark Chalupsky 2 months ago

WOW--so cool and so much fun Jim--what do you keep in your basement? ha ha ha

Johnny Bushman
Johnny Bushman 2 months ago

That was grate , thanks for the video Sir.
Good luck with the retirement . I got 1year and 2weeks before I’m done, can’t wait.

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 months ago

I'm Bob from Bristol Pennsylvania I like that Burlington North I mean the Burlington northern Santa Fe SD 4 0 or SD40 sd70 a c e that looks great I like the train it's I even got sound and I think that's a super thing when you can put it outside like that in your front your driveway but that's an awesome setup you have all right thank you for the having the video Bob Taylor

Danny Jones
Danny Jones 2 months ago

Poor Percy lol. Reminds me of the time when my son threw his Thomas out the window at 65 mph lol. He was pretty beat up after I found him.

The Merovingian
The Merovingian 2 months ago

I grew up watching and loving Thomas the tank engine, please tell me you also got Ringo in the states?

Michael Hutman
Michael Hutman 2 months ago

Mate I loved all of the set up.
I've dreamed of having just part of what you have.
I tried in the late70s to do it but brothers kept wrecking my stuf.
so tried again late 90s had a great little set up till i got robbed.
All I got left is a lot of old carriages passenger & frieght.
I put my dream on hold the train stuff here in Australia just seem to be Chinese knock offs.
Any way looks great and love the vid
Sydney Australa
P.s Now you know stick with Thomas he is the muscle says my grandson.

崔啟祥 2 months ago


John V. Cramer
John V. Cramer 2 months ago

I would love to do this with G scale but my wife would have a fit. At every turn she has a fit even with my HO.

Gildardo Hernandez
Gildardo Hernandez 2 months ago

Felicidades. Muy bonitos los trenes

FloridaRay sun
FloridaRay sun 2 months ago

Pretty cool man. I like the concept. fun to watch. thanks.

Bob longdickder
Bob longdickder 2 months ago

I'm surprised your neighbors didn't throw a fit and make you take it apart

Jens Handro
Jens Handro 2 months ago


Mark Cousins
Mark Cousins 2 months ago

Is that a DCC set-up I saw in the corner of your garage? I would imagine that the voltage drop-off for DC over that length of track would be severe and I didn't spot any additional wiring.

Elijah Stach
Elijah Stach 2 months ago

Ay Jim I live right next to you one of these times I’m going to come and say hi!! Hahahahhaha

TRANSMITTER GUY 2 months ago

Putting that track together was a lot of knee time! WOW!

Alonzo Thomas
Alonzo Thomas 2 months ago

I'm trying to plan the layout for my g scale train set. I got a Playmobil freight train 5258 RC I'm trying to get about 3000 sq feet and I wanted build garden train lay out. I wanted called Imaginext City different town like Tonka City, Hero Town, Fisher Price City, Little Tike City, Space Center, Playmobil City, and other things add to it.

Michael Kuck
Michael Kuck 2 months ago

Bravo Jim, beautiful trains. 😁😁 but i saw that you have a lot more of rails and waggons. 😁 my favourite is the White Pass.

Sean P.
Sean P. 2 months ago

That's the best .

Las Vegas Snowman
Las Vegas Snowman 2 months ago

Nice to have the money and time meanwhile I am in rehabilitation at crossroads. Cool thing though.

Patrick Brannan
Patrick Brannan 2 months ago

My four year old loves Thomas and Percy. I am partial to the BNSF freight. Sweet video. I am hoping to get started on my O-scale layout soon.

William Johnson
William Johnson 2 months ago

I love the bnsf freight train the best.

Ron Standridge
Ron Standridge 2 months ago

BNSF is my favorite.

Duane Stanton
Duane Stanton 2 months ago

Nice collection!… I’m jealous! It great to have so much space to layout track. I did notice you have a mow strip between the lawn and the planters… might think about a long haul train to utilize the that run. Congrats to you’re retirement. I’m jealous

Robert Cooney
Robert Cooney 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your talents and trains, I've been modeling for 60 years now...
Bob Cooney
Salt Lake City Utah 👌

Sport Cards Brass Trains VideoGames

what a pain laying all that track and then taking it up must have been

Chuck Kirkpatrick
Chuck Kirkpatrick 2 months ago

God I love where you live....clear skies....and you must have very nice neighbors.....because there's no way you're putting all that stuff away before nightfall unless you work thru the night....or your neighbors and kids are nice enough not to mess with all that!!

Curtis Isom
Curtis Isom 2 months ago

Excellent! Loved all the trains.

Marlies Yanke
Marlies Yanke 2 months ago

So wonderful and so much work. Thank you 🤗

Dirt,Grain & Steel
Dirt,Grain & Steel 2 months ago

This is so cool!!!! I love G scale!!

Eugene Vachon
Eugene Vachon 2 months ago

all trains !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squirt Daddy
Squirt Daddy 2 months ago

Ok, you win, your toys are cooler than mine!!

Raymond Mack
Raymond Mack 2 months ago

The LGB train company Has some interesting units too I belive the trainset that you are running can operate in the Rain& snow mine did until my father took the trainset that I was saving for my son and made it disappear I was very upset about it

Raymond Mack
Raymond Mack 2 months ago

Try the NYC subway cars &the Long Island passenger cars too

Titanium Man
Titanium Man 2 months ago

Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Lospereye 2 months ago

Super awesome video!!! I especially loved the Thomas trains, I'd love to see more of him and his friends! Also I live in Washington too so that's really cool!

bestamerica 2 months ago

aawww beautifully toy trains...
alot of fun

Sand Man
Sand Man 2 months ago

🤙🤙🤙🤙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸anytime you can make someone smile it’s good😁😁😁

Mik3 Watson
Mik3 Watson 2 months ago


David Oickle
David Oickle 2 months ago

What you've built is a Zin!

Vernon Matthews
Vernon Matthews 2 months ago

Thanks Jim for an entertaining experience, loved how we got to four simultaneous trains in a single camera shot ( nearly 5 ) and the drone shot.
You have gone to some trouble putting this together, thanks for sharing on Youtube.😎👍👌😁

Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross 2 months ago

Another great layout Jim. I'm always intrigued by the complexity of these layouts and how you are able to run the trains so close together. Your narration is always a plus to the videos and your camera skills including with the drone make for very professional videos. Congratulations again.

Bennet Fox
Bennet Fox 2 months ago

That's awesome how you have an A and a B unit on your Super Chief!

Ricardo Kutz
Ricardo Kutz 2 months ago

Well, I guess this kind of setup works when you really don't want to to tear up your entire backyard, or have no basement to build in, or a large yard to build a layout shack :)

TransitBiker 2 months ago


Monkey B
Monkey B 2 months ago


John Cox
John Cox 2 months ago

AWESOME!!! I’m 72 and I’d be right there with the kids in your neighborhood. I’ve always loved model railroads. Great job!

WORKS4 ME 2 months ago


Rodney Duran
Rodney Duran 2 months ago

Did you setup DCS on your layout or converted to battery power TIU

Richard Donalds
Richard Donalds 2 months ago

This layout of model trains is so marvelous. I would to have to have a setup like this.

Frank Joyce
Frank Joyce 2 months ago

Hi. I know im asking a lot but by any chance do you have a green stainz passenger set? I had o e as a kid and would love to see you run one. I could watch that for hours

hawwab 2 months ago

Love that 0-4-0 with the 2 ore cars.

Kevin Guthrie
Kevin Guthrie 2 months ago

In the summertime this is what I do with my HO scale track and trains, it's a lot of fun to see them outside

steve double u
steve double u 2 months ago

What's not to like? Great fun!! The excellent flat concrete no doubt helped a lot. I am in UK, but never realized that Thomas is big in the US as well. Enjoy your retirement sir.

Peter Whitear
Peter Whitear 2 months ago

love the white pass train mind you i'm more that era . from uk

Dennys Guild
Dennys Guild 2 months ago

Loved the sound effects best, and the fact that you were obviously living the dream

Andrzej Andkatow
Andrzej Andkatow 2 months ago


JELLYBEAN 2 months ago

Aye yes that BNSF SD70ACE with that K5LLA horn sheeeesh great video man

saladin hamza
saladin hamza 2 months ago

Pffff incredible engine sound and horn

Storming Coasters
Storming Coasters 2 months ago

Yay! The model railroading is back!

Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson 2 months ago

Hey jim! There is a train set I'd bet you'd love it is the mota train set and I promise you it's g scale

stormvogel6 2 months ago

Het is PRACHTIG MOOI.....en toen ging het regenen...en dan????

John S
John S 2 months ago

That's so awesome!
I just hope his buddy doesn't drop by and whip up in the driveway!

Cayo Harksen
Cayo Harksen 2 months ago


William schlenger
William schlenger 2 months ago

How do you handle bad weather?

Stephen Gooch
Stephen Gooch 2 months ago

Brilliant! What fun.

David Nielson
David Nielson 2 months ago

That is very neat

Vid Krt
Vid Krt 2 months ago

Where is this very good Model Train Layout?

Welly 2 months ago

Wow!! Mighty lay out, very impressive indeed. Hello from Great Britain 😁😁🇬🇧🇬🇧!!

Isaac M NYCTransit&vlog

Amazing great job 👏 you did with the train layout. I totally love these train setups. I wonder if someday they’re would be a layout just as big as the NYC Subway system. My passion for trains and buses are on the top especially public transit systems. Excellent work to create this wonderful project of dedication with trains.

Fly Only
Fly Only 2 months ago

Hahaha cool

Carlavision 2 months ago

Really loved and enjoyed your video! Where did you get your Coca Cola train? I'd love to get one!

Larry Davis
Larry Davis 2 months ago

Loved it.... thanks for sharing!!

Mark Fryer
Mark Fryer 2 months ago

Living the Dream, Jim!
I liked the Coca-Cola Train and The Super Chief.
Mark from Melbourne Australia

chuck yeager
chuck yeager 2 months ago

It appears that’s LGB track? That had to cost a small fortune🚂

Robert Rouse
Robert Rouse 2 months ago

How much track did that take?

Troy Simpson
Troy Simpson 2 months ago

WOW that is an impressive collection of trains! And DAM that's the cleanest garage i have even seen. Fancy Floors and all. =)