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Title : Girls Night Christmas Party Tips \u0026 Ideas

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Girls Night Christmas Party Tips \u0026 Ideas

Girls Night Christmas Party Tips \u0026 Ideas

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Beautifully Blessed
Beautifully Blessed 2 months ago

Wish I had a few close friends

Neens gems
Neens gems 2 months ago

What a great idea!!

Sandra Hughey
Sandra Hughey 2 months ago

nice look back . will try once covid is over

Alina Angelescu
Alina Angelescu 2 months ago

I don' t like the plastic cups!

S B 2 months ago

Looks like so much fun

S B 2 months ago

My Girlfriends and I started our own Girls Day Holiday party a few yrs ago.. it’s so nice
We would meet at a restaurant and exchange gifts
So much fun
But this yr we can’t 😞😂

Samuel Lloyd-Kelly
Samuel Lloyd-Kelly 2 months ago

I'm a dude but thanks for the great ideas lol

Mercedes Young
Mercedes Young 2 months ago


Novian Cliff
Novian Cliff 2 months ago

What camera did u use?

Elisha Creekmur
Elisha Creekmur 2 months ago

Inspired!!!!! Wow just wow!

Melanie 2 months ago

That looked fun.I really enjoy watching your channel.. After the Holiday's I'm planning an afternoon Hot Tottie Tea Party with friends IT'S really cold up here in the North East.

savontra everett
savontra everett 2 months ago

Very nice

monica alk1234
monica alk1234 2 months ago

Love those aprons, beautiful ladies too!

Lady T Allen
Lady T Allen 2 months ago


Shugga Rae Creation
Shugga Rae Creation 2 months ago

I love the paintings

von reeves
von reeves 2 months ago

I do this with my mom and sisters and my sister in law excluding the liquor. We have so much fun joking on each others craft's!
BTW, those aprons are adorable! I love the idea!

Simple Me
Simple Me 2 months ago

Yessssssss, I luv all of it. You did Wonderful with the whole thing.

mamatosh05 2 months ago

That was really nice.

Smiles Behind Lupus
Smiles Behind Lupus 2 months ago

Awesome tips! I just hosted about 16 people for Christmas dinner . Know that we know our “comfortable “ number we’re ready to have friends over !

Katia L F
Katia L F 2 months ago

How lovely!

CoachGladys Cruz
CoachGladys Cruz 2 months ago

Awww so precious

Angelgurl2 2 months ago

Lovely party looks so fun..and the cocktails.

xoAngelicaF 2 months ago

I love those cocktail glasses❤️

Linda McGrory
Linda McGrory 2 months ago


Tameika McPhaul
Tameika McPhaul 2 months ago

Down to every little detail your holiday girls night was absolutely fabulous darling! My favorite was the gifts at the door. Happy Holidays

Tammy B. Jones
Tammy B. Jones 2 months ago

Looks like a lot of fun

GG FAISON / For The Love of Decor

Awesome way to enjoy friends, everything was so lovely.

Patricia Bond
Patricia Bond 2 months ago

I did a paint and sip night when I visited my son in Conecticut such a fun activity & you get a great painting too! Loving the crantinis xx

Ronla P
Ronla P 2 months ago

Awe, this was fun to watch. Hope you guys had a great time!

Heart Home Purpose With Angelia

That was a very nice party you hosted, and the gifts were thoughtful.

Kai Black
Kai Black 2 months ago

Great idea. I will have to remember that. Thanks for sharing

BetsyAnn Gonzalez
BetsyAnn Gonzalez 2 months ago

Omg what a beautiful inspiration event🎉🎉🎉 I loved it😍 Thank you for sharing 🤗🎄

Honey503 2 months ago


Honey503 2 months ago


Really Good Living
Really Good Living 2 months ago

loved your ootd!

Really Good Living
Really Good Living 2 months ago

Hi friend, loved this as all your lovely vids! Many Holiday Blessings! TFS 💕💕💕

Sandra Douglas
Sandra Douglas 2 months ago

This is a very nice night with the girlfriends👍🙄👏👏😍 it's a must-do

Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker 2 months ago

Great idea....everything is so thoughtful. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Juanita Brown
Juanita Brown 2 months ago

Mel... when I say, you put your foot in that party!!! Lol 🍸🍸🍸✨ I love Paint & Wine theme parties. I've been looking forward to your Holiday Girls' Night Party. 🎊🙋💁🍸🍹🎄🎁✨ It turned out PHENOMENAL!!! Happy Holidays & thank you so much for sharing... sooo worth the wait!!! 💖✨

LIFE Her Way
LIFE Her Way 2 months ago

Love this idea.

Morgan Nelson
Morgan Nelson 2 months ago

So great to celebrate your friendships this way. Everything was so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Crafty Girl DIY
Crafty Girl DIY 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing👸🏾 I love 💕 having girls night out, I also love the personalized aprons.

angela gann
angela gann 2 months ago

Love all your ideas and decorations you have been sharing ❤ you have amazing style !!! This is a great idea to spend time for the holidays with friends....enjoy ladies ❤🎄

Angelikaxoxox 2 months ago

Looks so lovely and warm🎄🎄🎄

Kimberly Natasha
Kimberly Natasha 2 months ago

Love it! Great tips!

Latisa Wooten, MSN, BSN, RN

Everything looks so festive!!! Nice video!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🤗🤗

Samone Cain
Samone Cain 2 months ago

That was nice❤️❤️❤️❤️

Art Queen
Art Queen 2 months ago

Red plastic cups!!! Not very classy, there are a lot of very cheap glasses at the dollar store instead.

Tonya Goncalves
Tonya Goncalves 2 months ago

What a great gift idea!! Classy all the way!

Diamond Diva
Diamond Diva 2 months ago

Hi very nice party i loved it, beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Alysia Edwards
Alysia Edwards 2 months ago

Great Party ideas. Looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing!!!

ElleXNC FKA sexyellex

Wonderful idea!!!!!

Chrissy Designs
Chrissy Designs 2 months ago

It just made me want to be invited lol

catrena sanders
catrena sanders 2 months ago

I love your life

Laguel Howell
Laguel Howell 2 months ago

What an awesome idea!

Bre's Project Book
Bre's Project Book 2 months ago

Oh Wow! That's just... You know Denise from Be My Guest With Denise is my sistah from another mister. I looooove her and she knows it. Now... I found another one. Girrrl! You are too much! I hope you don't mind, but there are not too many people who can knock me off my feet when it comes to decorating and entertaining on YouTube. Denise, Nikki, Tamela, just to name a few. Now I am adding you my sistah. I want an invitation next year. 😱😘 Just so happen, I also host a Girl's Christmas get together every year. This year, it's a Pajama Party that I purchased Christmas PJ's as gifts to the girls. A Wine Tasting Party will be the entertainment that evening. I just subbed to your channel and will be checking out, probably binging over the holidays, all your videos. Merry Christmas, my new sistah, to you and your family.

Nita Armstrong
Nita Armstrong 2 months ago

super cute... please tell your friend that I need that red;s hot!!

Athens M.
Athens M. 2 months ago

Beautiful party with the girls, smart idea!!!🎅🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄

Janice Vance
Janice Vance 2 months ago

I loved this video and such a great ideal for the activities. I love your home!

Naima Luxe
Naima Luxe 2 months ago

I want to give this video 2 thumbs up! Love the ideas, especially the aprons ☺️

Naturallyblingin 2 months ago

What a beautiful and thoughtful gathering of friends. Everything was gorgeous! ❤️❤️ Merry Christmas!!

BarbDecor 2 months ago

Mel, what a wonderful event! I love seeing the joy on all your friends faces! Your love for others is so apparent! God bless you and your family!

Mary Marks
Mary Marks 2 months ago

What an amazing and fabulous party. TFS and Merry Christmas everyone.

Amorjestic Home Decor with Annette Morris

Super 👍😊everyone seem to be enjoying themselves🌲for the Holidays🎄Happy Holidays 😊

TheEagleslover 2 months ago

Mel, this was just amazing and looks like so much fun. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but, I plan to do something similar for either my birthday or Christmas next year. Your friends are truly blessed to have you in their lives. We, your YT friends are as well.

Stacey C's Spot
Stacey C's Spot 2 months ago

Those aprons are adorable!

carla wilson
carla wilson 2 months ago

That looked so fun nice painting

naiyajahan 2 months ago

I loved the video. It was the perfect girls night.

Jackie Hammond
Jackie Hammond 2 months ago

That looked like so much fun, I love a good girl gathering. Everything was beautiful and festive.

ross shopaholic
ross shopaholic 2 months ago

So classy!

shermayne howard-riley

Great ideas. Planning a girls night myself. These tips will be helpful. Especially the drinks.

JVB2389 2 months ago

I absolutely love this! Looks so much fun!

Maritza Montalvo
Maritza Montalvo 2 months ago

Oh how wonderful, love this....

Gillian Foreman
Gillian Foreman 2 months ago

Very nice. I enjoyed it all. I love to decorate and entertain. I just wish I had friends to share it with

Claudia Vasquez-Smith

What a great idea.

2 months ago


Millionairescove Home

What an awesome event you had for your amazing friends... I'm sooo loving the beautiful aprons. Everything looks so festive and fun. I need to do something like this for my friends. Tfs

Charlotte Duran
Charlotte Duran 2 months ago

That was a nice gathering for your girlfriends! Tfs and Merry Christmas!

Elpis Scarvelis
Elpis Scarvelis 2 months ago

A party to remember!

Alizia Worsham
Alizia Worsham 2 months ago

Love it.

Ms Jackson
Ms Jackson 2 months ago

I love your videos...where did you get the glasses you put the salt on?...great idea i will be doing a girls event like that..😊😊

FanKay Life
FanKay Life 2 months ago

Very nice 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 thank you for the very appreciated tips, especially for the cocktails.

Jelice Shanelle
Jelice Shanelle 2 months ago

What a wonderful cute ideal.

Doris Mora
Doris Mora 2 months ago

Lovely get together, got great ideas!!

Sandy Harrell
Sandy Harrell 2 months ago

This was so nice, I know your friends loved it.😉

Barbara Phillips
Barbara Phillips 2 months ago

Love this video

Tiara Everyday
Tiara Everyday 2 months ago

Great job. The party looked so much fun and the aprons were all cute

Thea Hopson
Thea Hopson 2 months ago

I love this idea, getting together with friends and family having a paint n sip. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!

Linda White
Linda White 2 months ago

I just want to say I think you are awesome you have such a sweet spirit and your friends are blessed to have you in their lives God bless and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁😊💕

TaragayeNicole 2 months ago

That was such a well planned n thought out party loved everything.. great pro tip with the premise drinks

Mischelle Manuel
Mischelle Manuel 2 months ago

I can understand being busy like you said especially this time of year and not mention kids and a husband. Great video though. Looks like you guys had fun.

Mischelle Manuel
Mischelle Manuel 2 months ago

That was absolutely beautiful.

Mischelle Manuel
Mischelle Manuel 2 months ago

There you are. Been waiting on your beautiful videos.

Marbel 2 months ago

Awe how special - i wish i had a friend like you.

kaystarlo 2 months ago

Love love love this

Judy Torres
Judy Torres 2 months ago


Jeannette Taylor
Jeannette Taylor 2 months ago

Very nice Mel. I love your outfit ✨🎄🎅🏻🍾🍸

Angel anderson
Angel anderson 2 months ago

I had an absolute blast! Everything was amazing...I look forward to this party every year. I'm not just your hairstylist but your friend...Love ya hun😚😚😚

Officially Veéology
Officially Veéology 2 months ago

Beautiful!! You know I scream lol your top...I got the same one from Belks last week. When I post it on IG I will tag you. Love, love!!! 🎄🎄

Tameka S.
Tameka S. 2 months ago

Looks like you all had an excellent time. I love your events and ideas! Thanks for sharing!