How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree


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Information How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

Title : How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

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Description How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

How to Add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

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Μιχαήλ Ρωμανός

Your decor is amazing. One of the most beautiful Christmas trees. Thank you for sharing with us.

Theresa Lara
Theresa Lara 2 months ago

I LOVE your ideas and creativity. Most importantly I adore the way you slow down to explain and give examples! I wish we were friends in real life. I would be over at your house everyday. hahah

Kini Tiko
Kini Tiko 2 months ago

This is so beautiful.

MK P 2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful!! You do such a great job of explaining what you're doing. Thank you!!

C Canterbury-Slater
C Canterbury-Slater 2 months ago

So so darling!

Lisa Lee-Lee
Lisa Lee-Lee 2 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial! 😍👍

Corie Buchanan
Corie Buchanan 2 months ago

Love this! Where did you get this tree. It would be perfect for my home bakery!

Cyndi Petray
Cyndi Petray 2 months ago


familiademers 2 months ago

Where can I find that kind of ribbons? The patterns I find are very ordinary...

Nataly G
Nataly G 2 months ago

Beautiful tree! How do you recommend tying the ribbon on a real tree? I won’t be able to twist the branches to secure the ribbon.

Claudia Canales
Claudia Canales 2 months ago

I think it all comes down to choosing the right color scheme and ribbon! Your tree is small but so beautiful!

Schultzie Smith
Schultzie Smith 2 months ago

Love this!! Simple but soooo cute. Thank you for sharing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Rosemary Vyslouzil
Rosemary Vyslouzil 2 months ago


Amanda Childers
Amanda Childers 2 months ago


Tanya Chewning
Tanya Chewning 2 months ago

I learned a lot was fun watching

Carolyn Bornhoft
Carolyn Bornhoft 2 months ago

Its beautiful!!! I wish I could do that!

Hanz Orgas
Hanz Orgas 2 months ago

You are so good! Very beautiful thank you!!

Lisa Welch
Lisa Welch 2 months ago

Where did you get that tree? I want one so bad.

L Solidum
L Solidum 2 months ago

That tree is so pretty!

Edith Rodriguez
Edith Rodriguez 2 months ago

It is so beautiful!

Marissa C
Marissa C 2 months ago

You made it look so easy! So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

olives koster
olives koster 2 months ago

Wow its lovely i love watching this fil i lestned a lot thank you very much for sharing your talent 👍lets exchange..

Brooke Ianuario
Brooke Ianuario 2 months ago

Great job decorating this tiny tree looks perfect

Mary Arp
Mary Arp 2 months ago

I noticed your wreath in your kitchen window. How did you hang your wreath?

virgoj88 2 months ago

I love this ideas! Thanks so much!

Jeannette Hyams
Jeannette Hyams 2 months ago

A d o r a b l e! Thank you for breaking it all down -

Anwar Alamrad
Anwar Alamrad 2 months ago

Your videos are so helpful! Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too!

westelevenlane 2 months ago

Really well done! Just shared with my sister and subscribed :)

Candace Sanchez
Candace Sanchez 2 months ago

Where did you get the black large sign on your wall?? I love that!

Olivia P. Vazquez
Olivia P. Vazquez 2 months ago

I see you have gorgeous little wreaths hanging in your kitchen... how did you hang them, please

Bridgett Horn
Bridgett Horn 2 months ago

I just finished putting ribbon on my tree, and I followed exactly how you described, so beautiful.

B M 2 months ago

I just started using ribbon last year and it makes a huge difference! It was always so intimidating before I found your channel

Tammy Cameron
Tammy Cameron 2 months ago

Beautiful! Love the colors. 🎄

Bruce and Daniela Nitzband


Chelaine Federko
Chelaine Federko 2 months ago

Love this tree its gorgeous

Amber K
Amber K 2 months ago

amazing decoration. love it!

Diane Lindor
Diane Lindor 2 months ago

Your Christmas tree is Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing.

Marlene Goho
Marlene Goho 2 months ago

Beautiful! Is the tree from Decorators warehouse?

Oxana Poroshina
Oxana Poroshina 2 months ago


KJULEESSS 2 months ago

I am obsessed with using ribbon to decorate my tree! I love how you were able to make the tree look so fabulous with only a few items! ❤️

Carina Yu
Carina Yu 2 months ago

Im glad you smile this time as you decorate your tree! Its nice,its uplifting. As usual you nailed it,its gorgeous tree. Merry Christmas!

Jeannie Geiser
Jeannie Geiser 2 months ago

You are the best!

popcorn123466 2 months ago

Where did you get your tree from?

Esmeralda Rodriguez
Esmeralda Rodriguez 2 months ago

Where can I purchase this tree it’s so cute??

Sherry Dolen
Sherry Dolen 2 months ago


Diana Baxter
Diana Baxter 2 months ago

Love it!

Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee 2 months ago

Gorgeous tree, love the colors perfect for the kitchen!🎄😍

Behavior In Action
Behavior In Action 2 months ago

That was really helpful. I am a novice when it comes to using ribbon on my trees. Thank you! 🎀

Maggie Ferguson
Maggie Ferguson 2 months ago

That is the sweetest tree!

It's Kookie's Way
It's Kookie's Way 2 months ago

I’m sitting here obsessed! This is a beautiful tree. Thanks for the tutorial! I just subbed

Emmy P
Emmy P 2 months ago

What width of ribbon do you recommend?

Amy D
Amy D 2 months ago

Everything you touch turns to magic.

Verreece Squires
Verreece Squires 2 months ago


Daisee Gray
Daisee Gray 2 months ago


Destiny Hart-Brakebill

Soooooo happy I found your channel! You are a great inspiration and love love love your decor style! You have a great personality and easy to follow. Thank you and I look foward to checking out more awesome videos as well as the stores website.

Renee Simmons
Renee Simmons 2 months ago

Love it!!

Cathy Ridgdill
Cathy Ridgdill 2 months ago

New to the channel. That tree could not be more darling! Thanks.

Leeza Phillips
Leeza Phillips 2 months ago

Wow. I love it.

Susan Byers
Susan Byers 2 months ago

Love it. How did you hang the wreaths on you cabinet doors

3arrows 4Christ
3arrows 4Christ 2 months ago

This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I love everything about it. From the cute signs to the adorable picks! Thank you for sharing with us!😍🎄♥️🤍

LAV 2 months ago


Olga Lucia Duran
Olga Lucia Duran 2 months ago

Muy lindo

Tina Garry
Tina Garry 2 months ago

Oh my goodness, that tree is precious!!

Sandy Hoffner
Sandy Hoffner 2 months ago

Great video!

Gloria Talamantez
Gloria Talamantez 2 months ago

Did you say the name of tree? Is it from your store?

Gilberta Letteney
Gilberta Letteney 2 months ago

Awesome diy it.. tnx for sharing

Gilberta Letteney
Gilberta Letteney 2 months ago

Fantastic 👏 xmas tree..

Amber Wilson
Amber Wilson 2 months ago

It’s beautiful. How much ribbon do you need for a 6-1/2 foot tree?

Penny T
Penny T 2 months ago

That tree is so cute! You are amazing! Merry Christmas!!!

It's Just Prettier with Glitter

Thank you for showing us your technique and ribbon options. Your tree is beautiful! Are you going to do a tutorial on your table centerpiece I would love to see it. Thanks for sharing 😊.

Cesar Miniao
Cesar Miniao 2 months ago

So beautiful ❤️

Vickie keatley
Vickie keatley 2 months ago

You make it look so easy! Love it.

Brooke 2 months ago

It’s gorgeous. Would love a tour of your beautiful home once you’ve finished decorating.

Melissa Wolf
Melissa Wolf 2 months ago

I love that accent ribbon, I went to order it a couple days ago and was so bummed it was sold out. This tree is absolutely gorgeous!

bjohnson1149 2 months ago

I love this little tree with one exception. I could NOT have cut those gorgeous berry stem.

Diana Somova
Diana Somova 2 months ago


John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago


Laura Traxler
Laura Traxler 2 months ago

Super cute. I love the colors and the wooden tree base. It looks like a million dollars but you break it down and it was simple to put together. Great idea!

JerryRobin Pendleton
JerryRobin Pendleton 2 months ago

Loved this video! Ribbon is challenging to me! I need to come by the store to pick up some of your gorgeous ribbon! Thanks for sharing!

Peggy Sullivan
Peggy Sullivan 2 months ago

What colors of ribbon do you suggest with colored Christmas lights

Corrie Rush
Corrie Rush 2 months ago


Southern Sass
Southern Sass 2 months ago

Beautiful! ❤